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Chapter 8

Bella's instincts were flaring as she looked at the redhead in front of her. The last time she had seen her, she was trying to kill her. Bella was shocked to see her, since she had seen Edward rip her head off and light her ass on fire. So, seeing her alive, whole and protected by her brother was confounding and infuriating. Bella wanted to hate her but at the same time, she couldn't help but like her because of the look of extreme happiness on Jasper's face. Bella had never seen him like this, which told her that he was telling the truth about him and Victoria being mates.

Alistair came up behind Bella and said, "Beloved, hear her out. She doesn't seem to be a threat to any of us. Listen and make your judgement after." His presence behind her was soothing Bella's protective instincts and Bella realized that he was right. If she was alive, then things might not be as they thought. Suddenly Alistair growled as Carlisle came near Bella and she remembered that she was just wearing Alistair's shirt. Bella turned to the rest of them and said, "I'll listen to what she has to say, after I change clothes." She went up the stairs to their room, followed closely by Alistair, who she thought was trying to keep the others from getting a glimpse at her naked ass. Overprotective pervert.

Bella walked quickly into their room, grabbed some clothes from the dresser and went into the bathroom. The hot water from the shower had always soothed her nerves and right now she needed it badly. Edward's call topped with Victoria's return from the undead had drained her mentally and to be honest, Bella was in no mood for any more crap. As she washed the dried blood and venom from her body, she sensed that Alistair was standing outside the shower staring at her wet form in the shower. He seemed to be giving Bella her space, which she would normally want. But right now, Bella needed him.

Bella opened the door of the shower and said, "Get the fuck in here." He quickly stripped and joined her under the hot water. He didn't do anything, merely stood behind her as she soaked under the water, trying to calm her nerves and instincts. After a few moments though, he started rubbing Bella's shoulders and back and it was more soothing than the water. He pulled her back into his chest and asked, "What is worrying you the most?" "The fact that she's alive. Her being Jasper's mate doesn't bug me. I've never seen or felt so much happiness coming from him. But the fact that I saw her getting her head ripped off and then burned by my asshole of an ex-husband worries me. What else has he lied about or fucked up in our lives? Alistair, she shouldn't be here."

He nodded and said, "All we can do is talk to her and figure out how she survived. If she survived what you saw, then the mind reader's treachery goes further than we think." Bella nodded and turned to face him. She wrapped my arms around him and said, "Thank you." He pulled her closer and said, "You don't have to thank me for anything beloved. Ever." They quickly showered and changed. Bella quickly put on the new blood red lingerie she had purchased and slipped her black yoga pants and red tank top on over it. Zipping up a jacket over her shirt, she followed Alistair, who had changed into some clean jeans and a t-shirt, downstairs.

Victoria and Jasper were still standing next to each other as were all the other couples of the house, minus Carlisle. Bella saw the sadness in her eyes and decided to give her a chance. She sat on the couch right next to her and asked, "How did you survive? I saw HIM rip your head off and then light you on fire." She leaned against Jasper and said, "He didn't. I had gotten a mysterious text shortly before Riley lead the newborns to Forks. It told me that if I went with them, I'd never find my real mate." Bella's eyes went wide as she asked, "So you knew that James wasn't your mate?" "I've always known. The only reason I came after you was to get you away from Edward. You see, I have a couple of gifts. The first is evasiveness. The second is the ability to see bonds. Marcus of the Volturi was my creator and it seems I got a portion or variation of his gift."

She seemed to take a deep breath and Bella could see that she was thirsty. She looked at Carlisle and he quickly ran to the kitchen and brought back a jug of blood. We had them just in case Charlie, Sue, Renesmee or Jacob visited and someone got thirsty and couldn't get out to hunt. She took the jug and after a couple of swallows she seemed to feel better. Placing the jug at her feet she said, "I saw that your connection to Edward wasn't healthy or real. James could see it too. Anyway, I believed the text and didn't go. I sent one of the newborns who had a rather interesting gift. She had the ability to become anyone she had ever met. So, she became me."

Bella said, "I remember. When Eddie started taunting 'you', it didn't seem to work at first. It was like you didn't know what he was talking about." Victoria nodded and said, "I gave her some information to get through the battle, but it's hard being someone else without losing yourself." Jasper looked at Bella and said, "She's the final thing we really need to get the Volturi here." Bella snorted and said, "As if. You need to give Jenks a call because some asshole decided to call and try to order me home. Any guesses as to who?" Jasper's eyes went black with fury and he said, "I'll be right back. Carlisle, call Caius and Marcus. Let them know." Carlisle followed him to the office and we could hear some shouting going on. Rose took Victoria to her room to talk and get her settled in.

Meanwhile, Bella was in turmoil. She didn't want the Volturi here, no matter what the situation. The last time she had seen them, Aro had stared at her with the oddest and creepiest look on his face. Not to mention that he had tried to kill her whole family and her precious daughter. She needed to think and think alone. She stood and said, "I'll be outside, alone." This seemed to hurt Alistair, but a quick word from Emmett changed the look on his face and he said, "Take your time beloved. I'll be here." Bella nodded and went up to the roof.

The silence was somewhat calming for Bella and she took it to think. Bringing in the Volturi seemed to be ridiculous, but since he and Alice had conspired to keep her and Alistair apart, they had to be notified. It seemed stupid and pointless. Edward and Alice wouldn't bow to anything the Volturi did. They probably believed that Aro would wave their crimes aside due to their gifts. After all, he'd been trying to get the both on the guard for decades.

All of this was because of her. If she had just ignored the Cullens and gone about with her life, none of this would be happening. Her heart clenched in pain at the thought because if it wasn't for all of this, she wouldn't have Renesmee or Alistair. The thought of losing Renesmee was painful but the thought of not having Alistair in her life was crippling. She fell to her knees on the hard stone floor and began dry sobbing. The fact that she couldn't cry didn't matter, all that mattered was that if she lost Alistair, she would lose everything.

The pain in her chest was excruciating and she could barely move because of it. She didn't want to even think what this was doing to her bond with Alistair. It seemed as if they could feel everything with each other. If she was thirsty or in pain, he was the same way. She tried to ease the pain, but her thoughts of just going to Edward and ending all of this were more powerful. She was gasping for breath when a rush of calm and serenity entered her body and the smell of candied almonds and cinnamon floated into her nostrils. She lifted her head to find Jasper and Alistair standing in front of her.

Alistair knelt down beside her and gathered her in his arms. Jasper kept pumping serenity and calm into her, but it was Alistair who was calming her the most. He asked, "What caused this beloved? Your pain was excruciating." Leaning back against him she said, "Just bad thoughts. None of this would be happening if I had just ignored Edward and gone on with my life. But then I wouldn't have Nessie or you Alistair, and Jasper would still be with that controlling bitch Alice. Mostly though, it was the thought of losing you Alistair. For a second I thought that I should just give up and do what he wants, but losing you would kill me. I love you too much Alistair."

He was calm as Bella told him what had caused the pain that pulled him to her. A pained look came upon his face when she mentioned leaving, but it disappeared when Bella confessed that she loved him and that she would never leave. He pulled her close and said, "Jasper, leave us." Jasper nodded after checking their emotions and left the roof saying, "We'll talk in the morning." Alistair lifted Bella in his arms and placed her on the railed ledge. He asked, "Would you really have left beloved?"

Bella shook her head no and said, "Never. I just want this over and done with without the Volturi getting involved. Aro wants me on the guard and he tried to kill Nessie. I trust Marcus only because he hasn't done anything to me. Caius was the one that tried the most to kill Nessie, but I think it was just because he didn't know what she was. He doesn't desire to possess me, only Aro does." Bella began to slowly rock against the railing and that's when Alistair noticed how hard it was raining.

He picked her up and carried Bella inside. Everyone had moved into their rooms, so the way to their own was uninterrupted. He set her on her feet and asked, "Do you want to change?" Bella nodded and grabbing a few things, she went into the bathroom and closed the door. Alistair pulled the blankets down and quickly changed into a pair of pajama pants. He sat on the bed and put his head in his hands. He knew that it was the stress of the day that had made his beloved think of leaving, but now he was worried that she would.

The bathroom door opening alerted him that Bella had returned and when he lifted his head, he couldn't help but growl and he knew his eyes were black once more as Bella walked over and stood in front of him. She wore the black heels she had bought earlier that day and as he gazed up from her legs, her body was covered in the shortest red silk robe he had ever seen. His eyes reached her face and the sadness held in her eyes cooled his desire. He gathered her in his arms and held her as she began to dry sob once more. He could hear her asking for forgiveness and promising never to leave. He knew that his own doubt just a few moments ago had fed through to her through their bond and he felt guilty. Lifting her head to meet her eyes he said, "You are my beloved and no one will take you from me ever again."

The he attacked her mouth. Pulling her to straddle his waist, Alistair practically ripped the robe from her body and gazed upon her form. The blood red satin and lace underwear was snug on her body, hugging every curve. The bra pushed her breast up while the panties revealed the curves of her naked ass. Pulling the panties to the side and lowering his pajama pants he said, "No noise beloved, just feel." Lining himself up with her entrance, he thrust deep and fast within her. The movement made Bella throw her head back in ecstasy, but she made no noise, his command obeyed.

Alistair leaned back and moved her hips, watching as she rode him hard and fast. He placed her hands on the headboard and said, "Try not to break it Isabella." He knew that their bed would not withstand their passion and he was looking forward to buying a new bed with her, but he wanted to see the immortal wanton creature his mate was. He wanted to see her lose control. According to Jasper, she never went through a newborn phase, coming into immortality with super control and almost nonexistent thirst. She needed to break that control and he wanted to be there when it happened.

Bella could hear the frame of the bed groan as she and Alistair fucked hard and fast. She was trying to keep the animal inside her away, not having seen it since she was a newborn. It was getting harder and harder to do so as the stresses from the day and the emotions she was feeling pounded on the 'cage' of sorts she had kept it in. She opened her now black as night eyes to see Alistair beneath her, his eyes the exact same color. The images of leaving him or losing him because of Edward or the Volturi became too much and she just finally snapped.

The headboard broke as she pushed back from it and pulled Alistair over her shaking form. There was no stopping her and she ripped both her underwear and the bedding to shreds as Alistair fucked her even harder and faster at her command. Neither of them felt the bed collapse to the ground or the posters of the bed fall to their sides. Luckily neither of them were human because the scratches and bites marks they were leaving on each other would have drawn a shit ton of blood.

Alistair could feel she was so fucking close to orgasm and he pushed her to that point of no return. Once he heard her scream, either from pleasure or pain, he would know that she was his once again. He thrust harder and faster into her body, their fucking would seem like a blur if anyone was watching. She was almost there, he could feel it...

A few moments later Bella screamed, "ALISTAIR!" and they both climaxed. Collapsing next to her, Alistair gathered his shaking and somewhat calmer mate in his arms. Their bond was electrifying and so solid, Alistair and Bella were left wondering what the hell was happening. He kissed her head and said, "He dies for what he has done to us both. No mercy, no matter what Aro and his cronies decide."

Bella nodded and said, "Carlisle called them. We'll see what they had to say in the morning. I just want to stay holed up in here for a while. No interruptions and no outside world, at least for now." Alistair nodded and grabbed his cell from the nightstand. He sent a quick text to the rest of the house, telling them that he and Bella were not to be disturbed for the rest of the evening. Bella rose from their broken bed and after tossing the remains of the frame and their nightclothes in the garbage and to the side of the room, she and Alistair collapsed back onto the mattress and seemingly went to sleep. Well, as much as you can as a vampire.

Little did they know, allies and enemies were already headed their way...