Ryoga 1/2

Good day, all. I know I said I would have a fanfic called Some Like Their Water Hot, but I found that too difficult to write. Therefore I'm writing this one. It takes place at the beginning of canon. Give me a ring and tell me how it is, mates.

Chapter One

"How much longer, Pops?!" Ranma asks his father as the two keep walking to their unknown destination.

"We'll get there when we get there, Ranma. Now quit your beefing!" "Bollocks!" Genma contemplates to himself. "I have no idea where we are. Wait." The old gent puts a hand over his eyes to see further away, noticing some springs and pointing at them. "There it is, lad. Come on."

Genma leaps cliff over cliff towards the springs with Ranma right behind him. But before the two martial artists get to their destination there's a strong limbed lass standing on one of the cliffs, looking left, right and centre. She has shoulder length, light brown hair with a bandana on the top of her head. While she's lovely young lass, she has prominent fangs in her teeth that become prominent whenever she gets excited or angry. "Where is that Ranma? If he thinks he can get out of our duel just because I'm a girl, he can go stuff it! I'm so bloody strong I'm stronger than most men!" Ryoko Hibiki thinks on what happened earlier.

Is there anybody else here who wants to take me on? Come on!" Ranma shouts to everyone around in the schoolyard. It's a hot, humid day and Ranma's drenched with sweat despite his rather easy fights. There are several blokes on the ground layed out unconscious around the arrogant martial artist who is puffed up with pride.

"I'll take that challenge!"

Ranma turns towards the beautiful young lass. "Who are you, luv?"

"I'm Ryoko Hibiki, I am!" the lass states, pointing her thumb at her chest with pride.

Ranma takes a good look at the busty young lass with doleful, beautiful eyes. Admiring her from her head to her toes, he zeroes in on her breasts. "What a nice set. I can see the shape of her tips! And that bum. What a great pair of gams! She really is too big for her britches. Crikey! She must be wearing a strong sweater even if it's a bit too tight. That thing will cling to her like a wet t-shirt if the fight lasts long enough in this humid weather."

Ranma views the vision of loveliness with hungry eyes as he happily takes stock of the lass who walks over to him with a slight switch of her derriere. The boy is so caught up in his thoughts over what he is seeing that his guard is down when the girl taps his chin upward. "What are you staring at?!" She shoves Ranma back and gets herself ready for a donnybrook. "Let's get this fight started. Come on!"

As the lass comes running towards him, Ranma easily evades all of her attacks from punches to kicks. "Crikey, she's pretty good! Looks good too."

"Don't just leap around like an artful dodger! Fight back!"

Ranma maneuvers himself in a stealth-like manner, getting behind her. "The legs on this bird!"

Sensing him, Ryoko turns around in a 180 fashion, gliding on the ground to face him with her fists balled up at the ready.

"Listen, luv. You have a good body, so I..."

"What does that have to do with anything?!" Ryoko screams angrily.

Ranma keeps smiling while he gives Ryoko another once over. "I don't normally fight with girls. And since none of the blokes around here want to fight me, I'll go on ahead and have the fight you want so badly."

"Let's do it then!" Ryoko screams with a come hither motion, her clothes shrinking and getting tighter due to her perspiration.

"I'd love to," Ranma replies, regarding the blouse's body. "I can't wait until I can get my hands on this bird," Ranma thinks, getting in a stance.

The lass leaps towards Ranma, practically flying towards him with long range kicks that Ranma dodges with some effort. "Crikey! Her kicks are bang on. And her body moves with such grace and finesse even though I can see her coming from a mile away. But wait, there's a good opening."

"He's so fast," Ryoko thinks as she sees Ranma fly towards her. She instinctively ducks but is surprised when Ranma continues to leap over her until Ryoko finds that she's grabbed from behind, thrown into the air, and flipped over on her back with Ranma on top of her, holding her wrists down before she knows what's happening.

"You gave me a nice fight, luv, but there's no beating me." Ranma looks down on the girl, taking more than a good look at her torso.

"What are you staring at?!" Ryoko screams in protest, unable to break out of Ranma's joint lock maneuver.

"Give it up, luv." "This bird's body doesn't quit!" Ranma thinks to himself.

"Let go!" Ryoko demands despite her compromised position. Her frustration increases as her sweat soaked body shifts back and forth helplessly. Despite her efforts Ryoko simply can't break Ranma's iron clad grip.

"If you don't surrender, I'll have to get rough," Ranma said with a wolfish grin.

"What are you bloody talking about?! You don't scare me! As soon as you let me go I'm going to beat the stuffing out of you!" Ryoko states defiantly.

"Really? Let's see how you like this, luv?" Ranma's fingers stroll down to Ryoko's underarms, poking them.

"Stop that! You're tickling me!" the girl giggled.

"You want to surrender, luv?"

"No fair!" The hapless lass continues to laugh her head off, kicking her legs in the air while Ranma pokes her, regarding the sweat soaked sweater with an even more wet T-Shirt underneath. Then he stops.

Ranma ogles the exhausted girl as she breathes heavily, looking up at him with a pouting glare. Her sweat soaked clothes cling to her like the skin on a grape, almost strangling her.

After a few minutes of looking on the helpless girl and her heaving breasts with a wolfish grin, Ranma gets bored and gets up. "It's been nice, luv, but it's time for me to go off. Cheerio!" With speed and grace, Ranma leaps upward high into the sky until he is no longer seeable.

Regaining her grip, Ryoko gets up a little bit later. "Hey!" she screams with her fist shaking in the air. "You can't win a fight like that! Come back here!" The buxom lass leaps into the air after Ranma but just isn't quick enough to catch up to him.

"You haven't seen the last of me!"

Ryoko sighs for a moment upon her reflection. "I'm going to prove to everyone that a woman can be just as strong as a man. What's that noise?!" Her thoughts are interrupted when she notices Ranma and an old gent leaping over cliffs. "Ranma! You won't get away this time!"

The lass takes off after the duo, leaping over cliffs herself, but despite her determination, Ryoko lags behind, Ranma and his father being too fast for her.

"There they are!" Ryoko finally catches up to them. Then she notices each of them skillfully balancing themselves on wooden spikes that are well over 50 feet above the ground.

"So what do we do now, Pop?" the youth asks, standing on one leg like a crane on one of the wooden pikes with shameless ease.

"We fight! Hwaaa!" Genma comes, screaming at Ranma who leaps upwards a few meters, letting his father pass under him.

Landing on his pike once again, he shouts at his father. "Is that it, Pop? You made such a big deal out of this. It's all been easy peasy for me! Why don't you just cock up like you've been telling me to do for so long?"

Falling to the earth below, Genma glides to the side of another pike and leaps upwards another pike, then another, bit by bit coming up.

Seeing all this, Ryoko decides to make her move and jumps off the cliff on which she resides and attacks. "Ranmaa! It's time for our rematch and you won't make embarrass me like you did last time!"

Surprised, Ranma turns around and sees the girl from a few weeks ago fly towards him. Before the girl could do anything, he leaps upwards and kicks her into one of the springs, knocking the wind out of her causing her mouth to open wide and swallow some of the water. "I'll deal with you later, luv! Now where's that old codger?"

"Here! Pay attention, Ranma! You just got caught with your knickers in a twist!" Genma shouts, leaping right in front of his son and drop kicking him into another spring.

"No fair, you sneaky, old buzzard!" Ranma screams, taking a header into the nearest spring with his mouth wide open, swallowing some of the water.

Bubbles come up from one of the springs, being a harbinger of a teenage boy who comes out. "Whew! Crikey!" Ryoko's eyes widen, as he realizes something is amiss. The Jusenkyo victim looks downward and notices deep chiseled pecks instead of the breasts he had previously. Reeling back in astonishment, he feels something in between his legs that wasn't there before. "Crikey! It's like I have male organs!" Looking down again, he gulps and takes more stock of his new body. "And it's like I've turned into Arnold Schwartzennegger with this physique. I thought guys with huge muscles were normally small down there. For the nonce, I'm bursting out of my clothes from my shoulders down. I'm bloody dreaming. That's what this is."

At that time, the Jusenkyo guide makes his way near the foot of the spring. "You fall into Nanniichaun. Is very tragic story of young boy that drown in pool 2000 year ago," the Jusenkyo guide announces, appearing right in front of the brand new bloke and breaking him out of his malaise. "You now take body of young boy."

"No bloody way!" Ryoko screams, pounding the ground in front of him and splashing water all around him. The new chap now has the body of a Chip and Dale's dancer with muscles and strength that far outstrip his previous feminine form and most men in general. His now shorter shoulder length, wavy black hair is tugged by the wind as he coughs up some water and finally climbs out of the spring.

Several metres away in another spring, out comes Ranma. "Glub, glub!"

"And you," the guide announces, pointing at Ranma. "You fall into Nyanniichuan. Is very tragic story of young girl that drowned in pool over 1,000 year ago. Now you take body of young girl."

Ranma looks downward. With a sense of shock and dismay, she gulps and notices two large mounds on her chest escaping out of her karate gi. "I don't believe it! This can't be happening. It's given me breasts." The girl's eyes go wide when she realizes the bollocks down there that she had previously been so proud of were gone.

A little bit later Ryoga, Ranma, and her father are sitting inside the hut of the Jusenkyo guide who explains to them how the curses work.

"You mean I won't have to be a dame forever?" Ranma asks hopefully, her eyes brightening. "Why didn't you say this sooner? I was all worried for nothing. What's the cure?"

"Yeah. What do we have to do to get changed back?" Ryoko broke in hotly, giving Ranma a glare.

"The cure is no permanent," the guide explained. "Here, let me show you." Taking a kettle full of hot water, he pours some of it on Ranma's head. Then he pours it on Ryoko's head.

"Well?" Both Jusenkyo victims look up at the guide expectantly, but nothing happens.

"This only happen if…"

"If what?" Ranma says impatiently with a worried look on his face.

"Did you drink any spring water?" The guide takes a gander at Ranma then Ryoko.

"I might have swallowed a lil bit of it as I came up. What does that mean?" Ryoko's deep, manly voice answers.

"That mean it take hotter water to make you change back. Here, I go make water hotter."

After a couple of minutes, the guide came back with the kettle. "This water as hot as I can make. Hope it works." He pours it on both Ranma and Ryoko.

"Crikey, that's hot!" Ranma and Ryoko yell loudly under the pain of the boiling water.

"It work!" Guide exclaims.

"All right!" Ranma yells, raising his hands up in victory.

"Oh, that's a relief." Turning to Ranma, Ryoko speaks. "Now we can get back to our fight."

"I'm not done talking yet. Let me show again." Then the guide brings a bucket of cold water and dumps it on Ranma and Ryoko both who are shocked to be in their different genders again.

"No!" Ryoko screams.

"What'd you do that for?!"

"Cure is no permanent. You need too too hot water in order to change back. So sorry, but that is how things are."

"I don't bloody believe this!" Ryoko exclaims, getting up out of her seat in a huff.

"Here. I give you too too hot water to change you back. Be glad you no turn into animal or something like that," the guide explains as he douses the two with more boiling water.


"Yargh!" Ranma screams in a huff. "Whew. It's not so bad. The water just has to be really hot. Alright, where do we go from here?" Ranma turns towards his father who is still sitting down with his arms folded, speculating on how the current circumstances will have an effect on his plans.

"I don't know where this girl is going, but we have to return to Japan. Our training trip is over," Genma states harshly. "Let's go, Ranma!"

"Alright. I'm coming." Getting up, Ranma walks to the door and goes outside, following his father.

Morosely, Ryoko gets up and follows suit.

"You might want to stay inside, Ryoko!" A feminine voice calls from outside.

"Don't tell me what to do, Ranma. I'll…" As soon as the lass walks outside, she turns into a bloke as it is raining. "Ranmaa! This is all your fault!"

"I tried to warn you, Ryoko," Ranma answers calmly. "Where will you go from here?"

"I'm not leaving you yet, Ranma. I still want a rematch after that ridiculous way you defeated me before," Ryoko states vigorously.

"Maybe some time later, luv," Ranma responds as she walks off after her father with a prominent switch of her hips that Ryoko doesn't fail to notice.

"What a nice bum!" Ryoko thinks to himself. "Crikey! What's wrong with me?"

Then Ranma gingerly looks over her shoulder. "You might as well come with us, Ryoko. Hmm."


"The name Ryoko doesn't fit you right now, luv. How's say we call you Ryoga while in your masculine form, eh?"

"What?! That's a guy's name!" Ryoko stammers.

"What are you right now, luv? Besides, you look rather comely as a guy. With all the muscles you got I'm rather jealous."

"Is that so? How about we call you Ranko when you're a girl, Ranma? You look mighty tasty as a girl right now."

"Alright, luv." Ranko gets cheeky and looks downwards at Ryoga. Then she looks back up at him, raising an eyebrow.

"What is it now, Ranko?" Ryoga asks with a smirk and a strong emphasis on the girl's new name.

"Can't get over how good you look, Ryoga."

Ryoga is a perturbed with a grimace filled face. Then he takes another gander at the girl in front of him. "I have reason to be jealous too." For the nonce, Ryoga speculates to himself. "Crikey! Those cursed springs turned both Ranma and me into extremely ideal versions of the opposite sex. We need to find cures speedily before there's trouble of some kind."

Then Ranko turns to her father. "We might as well have Ryoga come along with us, Daddy."

Genma bristles at the new Ranma, horrified at the way she's been acting. "You're sounding too much like a girl for my taste, Ranma," her father answers. "I've been raising you to be a man of among men for ten years now and I won't have it!"

Ranko demurely turns to the old gent. "Sorry, Pop. This body's affecting me in ways that I could have never imagined. Guess Jusenkyo curses happen that way. Oooh! The rain and air feel so good! The sensations I'm feeling in this new body are so exhilarating."

Genma's even more upset to see his son turned daughter deeply taking in the air as if it was the first time, twirling around and letting loose her pigtail, thus letting loose long, thick tresses of hair which are longer than usual.

Ryoga looks over at the lass and sighs. Then he catches himself. "What's bloody wrong with me? Am I turning into a dike? If I didn't know better I'd think I was getting turned on by Ranma or Ranko. But I have to admit; she really does put page 3's to shame. Crikey, she puts what I used to look like to shame."

Ryoga tries to think about other subjects, but Ryoga's current thoughts continue. "I know what Ranko's talking about. My senses seem to have dulled since becoming a bloke. Is this what being a man means?"

Genma growls under his breath in Ranko's direction. Turning towards Ryoga with a snort, he speaks up. "And why should we bring this bloke along? What good is he or she?"

"Ryoga's bigger and stronger than I ever was. He'll make a wonderful sparring partner for me, I assure you."

"So what if he's big and strong right now? As it is he's too slow. I can see it from here. I find it hard to believe this girlie man could give you any kind of trouble." Genma regards Ryoga again. "And even if he has muscles, she's still a girl inside. There's no way this person can do much. The only reason she got the drop on you before was due to you not paying attention, Ranma. Her fighting ability is nothing to be impressed with."

"Not bleeding likely!" Ryoga screams. I wouldn't have to be a bloke to take you on, old man!"

"No one's talking to you, girlie man. Now run along. We don't need you."

"What?! I'll show you!" Surprising the middle aged man, Ryoga speeds up to him, striking him with a fierce uppercut that sends him on a trip to the sky miles up and over the cliffs and hills around them.

Then he turns towards Ranko with an angry gleam in his eyes.

Author's notes: For the purposes of this fanfic, both Ranma and Ryoko's cursed forms are more attractive than in canon. Here's hoping you'll all enjoy this fanfic. Their minds change a little along with their bodies too. Now give us a review. Come on.