XaioLan here this is another one of my English Vocab stories except I plan on writing more for it. Please review! ^-^

"Alright class, "said Professor Min, "Your homework is to write an analogy about two subjects of your choice and read the expert of our new novel."

At the anterior of the class Feng Lan sat by Lu Jing who said, "I'm having a prophetic vision that we will not be playing Second Life this weekend.

"Yeah." Feng Lan replied. "I really wanted to see Yu Lian and Doll's version of the play The Princess and the Pauper."

"Sis!" Shouted Yang Ming obnoxiously, "Is this the novel about the posthumous* heresy of a wealthy family?"

Feng Lan gave her brother a smoldering look and said, "No stupid! The novel is about a man who hates children yet shows a paternal side to a young child who saved his life."

"Ooookaaay?" Yang Ming replied carefully.

"Hey! Did you hear the student electorate decide to create petition for more 'ethical' school dress." Said Yun in disgust, "They really think that are school rules aren't bad enough?!"

"What!" screamed Jing, "How could they?!"

Yun soon started explaining what had happened. Apparently some of the students had started dressing as their characters from Second Life. It wasn't bad at first just colored hair and contacts, but it soon became full out cosplay. They decide if they didn't do something soon the cosplaying would get out of hand. Everyone looked at Yun speechlessly until, "Actually the real reason is….."

Bum bum buuuuuum...Well tell next time!

*posthumous-occurring or continuing after someone's death