I will probably edit this because it's done kinda quickly but I hope you all liked it! ^-^ I wanted to leave you all hanging some more but…..the plot bunnies kept telling me to write something so here it is I give Chapter 2 of School rules! ^o^

"Actually the real reason is….."

Everyone spun around quickly facing the voice they heard.

"…..a lot of people are also dressing and acting like the characters from the Odd Squad." Said Professor Min.

The room suddenly went eerily quiet as if all the life had been drained out of they stared at Gui.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! C'mon Professor like we'd really fall for that," said Yang Ming exasperatedly. "You really had us fooled for a minute."

Gui glared at Yang Ming and gritting his teeth said, "Oh really Yang Ming then please explain why I met a cosplayer of my Second Life character today at lunch."

Yang Ming looked at Gui and opening his mouth, "Oooph!"

The air was suddenly knocked out of Yang Ming by Lu Jing! She had elbowed him in the stomach! "You shouldn't argue with the teacher!" she snapped at him while turning to face Gui. "How are they getting costumes of the Odd Squad? Is the Second Life Corporation selling them?"

Gui drew a deep breath and gave a long low melancholy sigh, "No they're not…."

Feng Lan looked at Gui, "Gu-Professor Min than how could they be selling those costumes? Don't all merchandise rights for Prince and The Odd Squad belong to the Second Life Corporation?"

"Yes they do!" piped in Yun, "Which means somebody else is making money of Prince and the Odd Squad!"

I think you can all guess who would market the Odd Squad for their own gain…..he he he…..