Chapter One

Robb followed his best friend Theon into the cafeteria, swinging his lunch bag. He was one of the few high school students who still brought cold lunch; he thought that the food from home was much healthier than the school's food. He sat down at his friend group's designated table while Theon went to get his lunch.

There were many different groups at King's Landing High School and they all had certain places they sat in the cafeteria. If you were in a group you stayed in that group, meaning you only hung out with those people and you only sat at your table at lunch. It was almost like the unofficial number one rule at KLHS.

Robb ate his sandwich in silence and, while waiting for his friends to finish buying their lunches, looked around at all the cliques in the lunchroom. First, there were the "lions" who were lead by Cersei Lannister, who was known by everyone as a total bitch, which, strangely, she actually liked to be called. All of them were arrogant, stuck-up snobs of the school who were surprisingly witty and sarcastic at times.

Then there were the "wolves". This was Robb's group at school. Robb was kind of the unofficial leader of this group until Theon took over when he moved to King's Landing in ninth grade. They were all very honest and trustful people-most students went to them if they ever had a problem. But they were also all very different in their own ways. Theon was the least like everyone, for he hadn't been friends with them as long. He was volatile and went with his gut rather than his heart most of the time. Sansa was very girly and into clothes and fashion but she was also a total fangirl at heart and developed a crush on some new celebrity almost every week. Arya was like one of the guys; she wasn't girly like Sansa and she preferred to spend time with Robb or Theon rather than hang out with her. Bran was quiet and kept to himself most of the time, but he was also very intelligent. And last was Rickon, odd quirky Rickon. He was a freshman but somehow found his way into Robb's friend group but, like Theon, he was very different from the rest of them.

The third most important group at KLHS were the "flowers". These were the only kids who really mingled or talked to people outside of their own group. They were friendly people and they all had a lot of friends but they were definitely closest with each other. This group didn't have a leader at all and it included Margaery and Loras Tyrell (who were twins), their older brother Willas, and Renly Baratheon, who was Loras' best friend.

Theon set his tray down and sat across from Robb, snapping him back to reality.

"Hey, do you think I could borrow your chem notes?" Theon asked before taking a bite of his pizza.

"Yeah of course," Robb said as he got out his notes and handed them over to Theon. "Where were you today?"

"I had a dentist appointment." Theon took the paper and put it into his folder to copy later. "Do you know what you're doing tomorrow?"

Robb shook his head. "Why?"

"I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

"Oh my God, you guys will never believe what just happened," Sansa said excitedly as she sat down next to Robb. "Okay so I was in the ala carte line and Loras was in front of me-" Loras was the guy Sansa had a crush on. "-and he's talking to Cersei. And so I'm listening to them and Loras is talking about this girl he has a crush on and he said that she was 'really cute and sweet' but- this is the best part- she's in a different friend group than he is!" She smiled and looked from Robb to Theon, expecting them to be as excited as her. Instead they gave her indifferent looks. She sighed. "You guys could at least pretend to care; this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!"

Arya came by and sat next to Theon. "What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?"

"Loras Tyrell might have a crush on me."

Arya rolled her eyes. "You need to get over him, Sansa. It's starting to get really annoying."

"Starting?" Theon joked. "It was always really annoying." Robb and Arya laughed while Sansa made a face and focused on eating. About a half an hour later, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, and they all dispersed and went to class.

The next day in chemistry Mr. Baelish announced that they were doing a lab.

He explained what they had to do then said to Robb, "Theon is gone today so you can join Jon because his partner is gone as well." Robb turned around and looked at Jon who was already standing by a lab table and getting ready to go. Robb went over to him.

"Hey." Jon looked up startled.

"Where's Theon? Shouldn't you be working with him?" he asked confused.

"Theon has a doctor's appointment today," Robb explained. "Where's Sam?" Sam was Jon's best friend, and they were part of another group called the "crows". They were very smart but quiet and shy kids who tended to wear all black.

"Sam is sick- again." Jon went back to setting up the Bunsen burner. Sam was always getting sick; he sick practically every day. It was wonder how he got such good grades for not even being at school half the time.

"Will you hand me that beaker please?" Jon gestured to a beaker near Robb. He grabbed it and passed it over to Jon. As Jon took it from Robb their hands brushed against each other. Jon flinched at the physical contact and pulled his hand away.

"Sorry," Robb said noticing Jon's discomfort. He set the beaker down in front of Jon and he quickly grabbed it. They did the rest of the experiment mostly in silence, only talking when they had to. They finished early and sat in their seats for the remaining ten minutes. While he waited for the bell to ring Robb thought of what had happened with the beaker. Why did Jon act in such a way toward the contact? Robb was still trying to think of a rational reason when the bell rang and he began to walk toward his next class. He couldn't find any reason for Jon's response but he couldn't help but think that, when he felt Jon's hand on his, there was something there.