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Chapter one: See you soon.

Patty was carrying Piper in her arms as Victor had Prue. Both parents were holding hands, walking to the airport after parking the car. Victor had bought a ticket to Detroit as soon as Patty had told him go two days ago.

"I don't want to leave you here" he said again.

"We are going to be fine," she insisted, caressing his cheek, "You'll go there, hug your sister for me and the girls and you'll be back soon".

"I hate the idea of missing Prue's birthday," he said, trying to rest importance to what had happened with Molly, just to be less anxious.

"Victor" smiled Patty, standing in her toes to reach his mouth and kiss his lips, "You have to board," she said, trying to make it easier for him by pushing him away just a little.

Victor nodded, his eyes were pure sadness. They had never been apart for more than five minutes for the last three years and the thought of having her away scared him a bit. For Patty wasn't more simple, she didn't want to wake up alone and have to wait for him to come back, but at least, she had the girls by her side.

"I love you so much," he said, hugging her tight.

Patty joined the hug, they tried not to crush baby Piper, and Prue pulled her father's shirt to call his attention.

"I love you with my life," he told her, including her in the embrace, "Promise you'll take care of Piper and Mommy?"

Prue nodded, smiling with a toothy smile. Victor took Piper in his free arm and kissed her forehead. He felt so bad for leaving her so young, but he'd come back soon.

Patty sighed as she held Piper back, then, he left Prue on the floor and her mother took her little hand in hers.

"No goodbyes, see you soon" stated Patty, smiling to him.

Their eyes watered immediately, they thought that, after a year dating in a long distance relationship before Prue's birth, things weren't going to be so hard, but they had thought wrong.

"See you soon", he replied, taking his bag and crossing the door to board.

Patty waited with the girls until they lost his sight. She didn't cry, she stayed strong so the girls didn't get nervous too. Víctor turned back all the times he could while he could still see them, but at certain point, that wasn't possible anymore.

"Where is daddy going?" asked Prue with a finger in her mouth.

"He is going to see grandma Dorothy and aunt Molly," she explained to her, for the tenth time, walking slowly so her little legs didn't have to rush.

"Ah..." she said, not sure about what that really meant.

Once they got into the car, Patty made sure her daughter were safe in the seats and then drove back to the Manor. She was really worried about Molly and her health, and she was sure that all the accidental overdose wasn't accidental at all, and that scared her so much.

Back in the Manor, Prue ran to the house to hug her grandmother.

"Are you ok, darling?" asked Penny when she saw Patty entering the house with Piper in her arms.

"Just tired mom," she replied, leaving the baby in a little crib in the conservatory, now known as the place where all the toys and baby stuff was.

"Dinner is ready".

Patty just waved her hand.

"I'm not really hungry tonight, I think I'm just going to feed Piper and Prue, make them sleep and then go to bed too".

Penny nodded and hugged her daughter.

"I know it's hard for you, but he's going to come back before you notice".

Piper nodded and kissed her in the cheek before taking the girls to the kitchen. A few hours later, Piper was sound asleep on the left arm of Patty and Prue on her pajamas, ready to spend that night with her mother.

"Mommy," she asked, yawning as Patty placed her head on her chest, "When is daddy going to come back?"

Patty pursed her lips, she wasn't sure about that and the questions broke her heart a little bit.

"Soon. You will see that in a blink, he's going to be playing with you".

Prue nodded and fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes. Patty sighed, thinking about Victor. She turned off the lights and hugged her daughters, she loved them more than herself and for them, she was going to smile.

On the plane, Victor stared at the pictures of his family inside his wallet the whole trip. He already missed his daughters and wife, but he also knew that Molly's life was practically in his hands. He had only one chance and that was this one, and if he didn't take it, he'd regret it forever.

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