Chapter Two:

When they arrived at Alfea, they gasped. It was a beautiful pink castle with towers. It seemed like an extremely girly Hogwarts. They were shocked to see fairies flying around, acting like it was completely normal. Maybe for them, it was.

Hermione felt out of place immediately. All of the girls here were beautiful and light-hearted. They were even more beautiful in their fairy forms.

What I would give to be like them, she thought.

In the castle, they entered the office of Miss Faragonda.

"Miss Faragonda, we have returned," Flora said.

"That was quite quick. You Winx are getting better and better at missions," an ancient looking woman said.

They grinned in pride. Bloom introduced, "Miss Faragonda, these are the famous wizards and witch, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Last year they defeated the dark lord called Voldemort."

The trio said, "Nice to meet you."

"And the same to you," Faragonda said, her warm eyes shining, "I hope, with each other's help, you all can defeat Tritanus and the Trix.

In an empty classroom, the Winx explained to the three about Tritanus and the Trix's powers.

"Tritanus uses toxic waste to increase his power. But he's nothing without his trident. The leader of the Trix is Icy. She's the witch of ice, obviously…"

Hermione stopped listening to a lecture for once in her life and thought about how beautiful the fairies were. They also had a lot of power. She wondered what it would take to become one of them. Fairies seemed so good natured and pleasant. But witches were ill tempered and annoying. At least some of the witches she knew were. She decided she would ask bloom about it after they destroyed the evil. They had done it before so she assumed it wouldn't be that hard.

"It'll be harder than you think," Aisha said when Hermione voiced this opinion.

Later that day, the group got on a yacht. These fairies sure know how to live. For some reason, the fairies changed outfits for the yacht trip.

"Stella wants to be a fashion designer, so she practices on us," Bloom explained when she saw their confused expression.

"Yeah, and you, Hermione, need a new outfit too," Stella said. She snapped her fingers. A light surrounded her and when it disappeared, she was dressed in a cute sailor outfit. The boys stared at her exposed stomach and legs. Hermione blushed.

"Nice, Stella," Musa said with appreciation.

On the way to the Infinite Oceans, they all got to know each other. Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned that all of the girls except for Musa and Tecna were the princesses of their realms. They also learned that Bloom was the most powerful fairy in the universe.

"That's funny," Hermione said, "Harry's the most powerful wizard in the universe."

Harry sheepishly smiled. Finally, they arrived. The Winx shouted, "Magic Winx, Sirenix!" and they transformed. The fairies walked to the edge of the yacht and dove into the waters.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at each other. What were they supposed to do?

Suddenly, Aisha popped up to the surface and yelled, "Are you guys coming or what?"

"Well, we would," Ron said, "but we have an issue."

"Which is?" she said impatiently.

"We can't breathe under water."

"Is that all?"

"Pretty much."

She rolled her eyes and held her palms out to us. Blue aura's surrounded us.

"That will make you able to breathe and swim faster under water. Now come on!" she urged.

Harry jumped in, followed by Ron and last but not least, Hermione jumped in.