Dreams Should Be Called Nightmares

June 15, 2024 12:00 A.M.

I opened the door and … CRACK!

Screaming I woke up. Mrs. Fielding, my mentor, came running into my room.

"What's wrong Crystal?" she asked me.

"I ... it ...I," I was unable to talk. She shushed me and said it was going to be ok.

"It was just a dream Crystal. It's going to be fine," she said soothingly. "Now tell me, what scared you so?"

I was scared I couldn't do anything more than whimper and shake. She started to hum my favorite song. I slowed my breathing and calmed down enough to talk. "I … I had a bad dream. We were running you told me to never turn back and to keep running. So I did I wanted turn and see you behind me but I remembered what you said and kept going." I stopped and sobbed for a little bit before continuing, "I ran and hid in a cabinet waiting for some noise to tell me you hid too. There was nothing so I slowly opened the door and ..." I was unable to speak I lost it I cried and cried 'til I couldn't breathe.

"Shh ... it's okay you can tell me in the morning. Good night I'll light this candle by your bed," I was crying so hard I didn't notice the tall red candle she had taken out of her satchel. I sniffed, wiped my eyes, and took some deep breathes.

"Okay, thank you ma," I said. She smiled when I called her ma. She was the only person who was interested enough to hear what my story was and I loved her for that.

"You're welcome sweetie," she said, "Do you want me to get Sadie and Jane?" I nodded I remembered when she told me I could keep my last happy memory from back home ... Sadie my wonderful, beautiful dog. I met Jane my first day which was her first day too. We were both new and scared coming to this school.

"You won't have to wake her would you?" I asked not wanting to disturb my friend. She shook her head, lit the candle and left for a few minutes. When she came back I saw her lead Sadie and Jane {who was dressed up in a blue dress with matching heels} into my room.

"Well, look at you," I said trying to keep myself from laughing hysterically. She rolled her eyes at me and walked over to my closet."Seriously though why are dressed like that?" not able to stop myself any more I began laughing. Mrs. Fielding cleared her throat and we looked up at her as I tried to calm down. She sighed and said,

"I love that we have a nice little moment that reminds of when you were little. Then Jane walks in and you act like you're 15." I rolled my eyes and walked over to hug her.

"Ma you know I love you right? I will always cherish the times, no matter how small, I spend with you." She held me in her arms for a while and looking back on it I remember hearing her crying softly. When we finally let go she had tears in her eyes and a tear on her face that I wiped away with my thumb. I kissed her cheek and walked over to Jane. Mrs. Fielding left Jane and me to talk ourselves to sleep.

Cliffhanger! I know what you're thinking 'it's her first story and chapter and she puts a cliffhanger at the end, god' well guess what I'm a little devil and proud of it.