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"Hey"- human speech

'Hey'- human thought

"Hey"- jutsu/demon speech

'Hey'- demon thought

Let's begin.

Today was a dark day. In Konohagakure no Sato, they were attacked by a demon, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Their retaliation did nothing to hold back the beast; they only prolonged what could have been the inevitable. But they were saved by their Yondaime, Namikaze Minato. He fought valiantly, and sealed the demon within his own son, Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. Curiously, the boy's blonde hair and cerulean eyes turned white-silver and red, respectively. The newly reinstated Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, merely shrugged this off, thinking it was a side effect of the sealing. He ruled that no one speak of the boy's heritage or fate to anyone that didn't know, in hopes the boy would live a normal life.

He never would realize how wrong he was, until it would be too late.

(Five years later)

Naruto was running down the street, once again being chased by a mob of civilians and even some shinobi joined in. This was the worse birthday ever.

"What did I do?! I'm just a kid!" He yelled back at them, not daring to slow at all.

"Liar! You killed everyone we loved!"

"You killed the Yondaime!"

"You're a demon!"



They yelled back as they chased him. He could only try to wonder why they said these things, while he turned into an alley, in hopes of losing them, only to find it was a dead-end. 'How aptly named.' He thought to himself grimly, turning around to find the mob blocking the only exit. Closing his eyes and standing still, he awaited the ensuing beating that followed this situation every year.

The mob fell upon him, and beat him with their fists and any blunt weapons they could find, as well as cut him with pocketknives, broken bottles, and kunai in the cases of the shinobi.

Once he suffered a blow to the head, he was rendered unconscious, letting his prone form continue to be beat by the hateful mob.


Naruto awoke within what seemed to be a sewer. "Ugh, they threw me in the sewer again?" He grumbled, rubbing his forehead as he stood. He had been here too many times to be surprised, but the other times he only stayed for a few seconds, hearing a bunch of voices calling to him. After about 20 seconds of thinking about it, he realized he seemed to be staying here, so he decided to wander around, maybe to find an exit or something to do down here.

Subconsciously, he seemed to be following the vague whispers down the hall, their voices tickling the edge of his range of hearing, egging him on. He soon found himself in front of giant bars of some sort of cage, the top unseen as it grew into the darkness above. He looked around in confusion. "Hello? Anyone here?" He asked to seemingly no one.

"Hello, Naruto." Six voices answered, surprising the boy as he jumped and spun around to face the voices.

The first man he saw was a tall man who seemed relaxed about everything, his hair white like Naruto's. He wore a long red trench coat that reached just below the knees over a red leather zip-up shirt with three golden buckles keeping the coat around the shirt, its sleeves showing under the rolled up red sleeves as he wore gloves missing the index fingers and thumbs. He wore red jeans with black chaps that led to zip-up red boots with gold tribal symbols down them and black boots. On his back was a huge sword with a skull and stylized ribcage around the base of the blade that just seemed to stick to his back, no harness visible.

"'Sup, kid?" The man greeted with an upwards jerk of his head.

The second man had the same color hair, but it was swept back, as if to look dignified, and his icy blue eyes stared into Naruto's. He wore what seemed to be a copy of the first man's trench coat, but in blue with gold designs around the collar, his undershirt looking like some sort of segmented armor with the ridges pointing downwards. He wore brown fingerless gloves, his left hand hold an o-katana in its sheath, his dark blue jeans tucked into his equally brown boots, the coattails of his coat showing an orange interior.

"Hello." The man greeted simply.

The third man wore a black trench coat with the sleeves rolled up, the cups of the undershirt showing their dark red color, his shirt looking extremely odd, being zip-up and looking like it was made of parallel pieces of ribbon, his dark blue jeans with odd holsters strapped to his hips and brown boots. The main draw, however, was the man's right arm; it looked to be made of some red armor with a vein of blue light cracking down from the elbow and under his arms to his palm, the main source of the blue light branching out to make the tips of the fingers blue and clawed.

"Hey." The man greeted with a wave of his demonic arm.

Naruto nervously waved back, staring at the arm, finding it extremely awesome.

The man next to this devil-armed wielding person was a tall man, with hair slicked back like the second man before him. He wore a monocle over his left eye and a purple trench coat with a red and black shirt with the colors in odd, slightly demonic designs, with the same designs around his collar and at the ends of his sleeves, the chest of the shirt frilled out with a red gem in the center. He wore purple pants with black dress shoes and held a demon sword in front of him like a cane, a spiked notch with the faint outlines of a skull on the bottom of its twisting handle, the guard a bat-shaped piece of some sort of black metal, a golden arrow-like symbol in the center, a spade-shaped notch about an inch up the blade, his gloved hands resting upon it and his gaze boring into Naruto.

"Hello, young Uzumaki." The man greeted, his voice surprisingly deep and somewhat echoing, surprising Naruto on how this mysterious man knew his name.

Next to him was the only female of the group, and she was exceedingly beautiful. Her fiery red hair cascading down her back and framing her heart-shaped face, herred slitted eyes looking at him with something like happiness and… love? She wore a serene smile as her caramel skin shined with the invisible light the shone on the group of people, showing her hourglass figure held in a red kimono with black trim, her hands resting together just under her stomach, a pose of a noble, if slightly shy, woman. Finally, she had nine fox tails swaying behind her and a pair of fox ears on her head.

"Hi, Naruto-kun!" She greeted rather zealously, eliciting a sweat drop from the silver-haired boy and a wave of the hand in greeting.

The last person shocked him to the core. It was basically an older version of him, blonde spiky hair, only slightly longer with two bangs framing the face, the same cerulean eyes he was born with, only for them to change with the sealing. He wore a jounin outfit under a white trench coat with orange flames licking at the bottom, the kanji for 'Yellow Flash' on his back.

"Y-Yondaime…" Naruto whispered, but the man heard him.

Before anyone could say anything, the man was already in front of Naruto, grabbing him in a hug as tears fell from his eyes. "My son…"

Naruto was shocked out of his mind; the Yondaime that died 5 years ago was here, hugging him, crying, and calling him his son. Were he to remember how he was born, with the same hair and eyes, he would have realized he was the spitting image of the Yondaime, minus the whisker marks. Alas, due to the sealing, any similarities were destroyed with the ritual, his hair silver and his eyes red. He was completely confused at the events transpiring. "Who are all of you? Where am I? Why is the Yondaime calling me his son?" He asked, oblivious to the tears that were falling from his own eyes.

The first to answer was said Hokage as he pulled back from his hug. "Why else? You, Uzumaki Naruto, are my son. You are Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto." He said, shocking Naruto.

"I'm the son of the Yondaime…" Naruto whispered to himself.

"And our descendants." The first three men said in unison.

"Huh?" Naruto questioned.

Instead of either one of them, the man in purple answered. "You are the descendant of me, Sparda, and by proxy, them. As such, you are Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Sparda." The man answered.

"Quite a mouthful." The man in red chuckled.

"Seeing as how in a marriage, the son keeps the fathers surname, how about Namikaze Sparda Naruto?" Minato asked, smiling at Naruto's shocked face.

Naruto just stood there but his eyes slowly rolled back into his head.

"Wait, someone catch him before he-!" The woman yelled until she was interrupted by a thud. "Nevermind…" She sighed.

Everyone, even Sparda, chuckled at the boy's reaction. It would be a handful to find out you were the son of the strongest shinobi in all the Elemental Nations, as well as the descendant of some strangers who seemed to exude power.

"I suggest we take advantage of this opportunity and administer the changes while he is unconscious." The man in blue queried.

"Wait." The man with the demonic arm interjected, raising said arm as if he were in school. "How is he unconscious in his own mind?" He asked.

No one seemed to answer.

"Well… this is awkward…" The man in red finally said. "Let's just do it before he wakes up." The men in blue, purple, and wielder of the demonic arm just nodded and aimed their rights hands at the unconscious boy and beams of their power shot out, hitting the boy who thrashed as if he were in pain as his body absorbed the power. His body seemed to grow as he did so, while he stayed unconscious.

His body and muscles grew to accommodate the power he would one day hold, as his clothes changed as well. His horrid bright orange jumpsuit darkened until it was black and lengthened to a trench coat like the men before him, the interior red as its collar was folded down and the sleeves were rolled up as his arms seemed to pulse with a heartbeat as the power from the man with a demonic arm formed an overshadow of the arms over his own, but it quickly disappeared. He wore a muscle shirt underneath, the dark bronze buckles crossing it to hold his coat together. He wore black jeans with chaps like the man in red wore, leading down to dark grey 'boots' with tribal kanji down the sides and he wore black boots. Overall, he looked pretty badass. The strangest thing was he now held all four swords the men that imbued him with power had, the blades of the man in red and man with the demonic arm making an X on his back as he held the sword in his left hand like the man in blue, by the sheath, and held the demonic sword of the man in purple.

"…You'd think he'd wake up with all that happening." Minato mumbled, seeing his son still unconscious.

"I know how to wake him up." The woman said, smirking, as she sauntered over to the unconscious boy and sat on his stomach lightly, leaning down and captured his lips in hers, invading his open mouth with her tongue. The boy immediately woke up, eliciting sweat drops from everyone, including the Dark Knight, as the boy seemed to struggle, only to give up and fall into the kiss, dropping his swords and wrapping his powerful arms around the woman's waist. Said woman's tails wagged in the ear excitedly as she purred into the kiss and pulled back, a heavy blush on her face and that of Naruto's. "How's that for a wakeup call?" She asked, smirking at the boy underneath her.

"I could get used to that." He answered, smirking back, realizing she was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, as the flood of power from the four demonic men gave him the knowledge he needed. He was indeed the son of the Yondaime, and the descendant of the men, Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Sparda. He also understood that during the sealing process, his father was sealed inside him as well. "Nice to meet you, Benihime-chan." Naruto greeted with his foxy grin, smirking as her blush darkened just a bit.

They both stood up, Naruto realizing he was a few inches taller, especially for a five-year old. Naruto then realized something. "Wait, I'm five! How the hell am I supposed to explain this to everyone?!" He yelled in exasperation, realizing this would only add kindle to the fire that was the village's hatred of him.

"Go to Sarutobi and explain that you know who your father is, who you hold inside you and that you are the descendant of Sparda and met him and his other descendants and they imbued you with their power, rapidly aging your body to that of a fifteen year old." Minato answered, receiving a nod from his son. "Then, leave the village." He finished.

"What?!" Naruto exploded. "I can't leave Konoha! This is my home! All my frie-" He started, only to stop as he realized a sad truth; he had no friends here. Only Jii-san and the nice Ichiraku family. "Okay… But let me say my goodbyes." Naruto pleaded, receiving a sad nod from Minato.

"But first, when you leave, I'll be teaching you shinobi and sage arts that I learned from Jiraiya-sensei." Minato offered, smiling at a chance to spend time with his son, if only it were in his mind.

"And we'll be teaching you how to use our swords and any Devil Arms you'll come across." Dante offered.

"Devil Arms?" Naruto questioned with a raised brow.

"We'll explain later." Vergil replied, receiving a nod.

"Looking forward to seeing you again, Naruto-kuuuun." Benihime cooed, smirking at Naruto's reddening face.

"B-bye, Benihime-chan. Bye Oji-Sparda!" Naruto waved goodbye as he faded away, missing everyone he met, excluding Sparda, bursting out in laughter.

Naruto awoke in his bed, finding he was in his new body and clothes and flipped off his bed with unknown dexterity. "Oh yeah, I could get used to this." Naruto chuckled as he ran out his apartment, looking back at it for the last time, and heading towards the Hokage Tower.

(Hokage Tower)

"Oh my student, you truly are a genius..." Sarutobi muttered as he was reading a certain little orange book with a blush.

He was startled when a black blur shot through his window, finding that a somewhat familiar figure busting through his window with a disturbingly similar way that reminded him of Maito Gai. He quickly hid the small book away and watched as the black-clad teenager landed, sitting, in one of the chairs, kicking his leg up on his desk. Realizing who this might be, Hiruzen merely sighed as a tic mark formed on his head. "Naruto-kun, get your feet off my desk! Now why did you burst through my window? I just fixed that from the last time you jumped in." The Hokage complained.

"Good to see you too, Jii-san. Look, I'm not gonna mince words with you; I know who my father is, I know I have the Kyuubi sealed in me, and due to circumstances that led to me aquiring the knowledge, this form you see me in is my current form" Naruto said, seeing the Hokage pale so many shades of white.

"Wh-what? Y-you know?!" He almost yelled, quickly forming handsigns as the room glowed blue, signifying a privacy technique. "How." He said, it wasn't a question.

Naruto merely sighed and explained what he went through, seeing Sarutobi wince when he started with the mob attacking him. He smiled slightly when the Hokage vowed he would execute the people who did this, but he waved him off, saying they'll get what they deserve soon enough. After he finished his story, he just sat back as he watched the Hokage smoke his pipe, digesting what he was told, until he suddenly chuckled, muttering something about 'Minato, you crazy bastard.' "Okay, Naruto-kun, from what you tell me, Minato-kun is incredibly disappointed with the people he saved. I would be also, but you cannot change the past. I will allow you to leave Konoha tonight, but first let me give you your inheritance." Hiruzen offered, standing up from his seat and going over to the portrait of Minato and sliding it over, forming hand signs as the patch of wall that was under the picture glowed, then disappeared, showing a hole in the wall that held three scrolls. He took them out and resealed the hole and gave them to Naruto.

"These scrolls having your father's techniques, your mother's letter to you, and your entire inheritance from the Namikaze-Uzumaki account. Good luck out there, Naruto-kun. I know you'll make this old man proud." Sarutobi said his goodbyes as he hugged the boy, surely for the last time in a long while, or ever, as some tears fell from his aged eyes.

Naruto hugged back, his own tears spilling out. "You were always like a grandfather to me, old man. I won't forget you; I'll make you proud." Naruto choked out and stepped back as he said his farewells and left the tower, heading to Ichiraku Ramen for his final goodbyes to the only nice people in the entire village. "Teuchi-oji-san, Ayame-nee-chan, you here?" He asked as he raised one of the ribbons at the entrance.

"Who the hell do you think you are, calling me old man?!" Teuchi yelled as he waved his ladle around until he got a good look at Naruto. "Naruto, is that you?!" He yelled in surprise as he looked the boy over.

"Naruto-kun's here?" A voice called out from the kitchen as Ayame walked to stand beside her father and got a good look at the new Naruto. "Naruto-kun?" she questioned, her eyes wide and her face red at the new handsome Naruto.

"Hi guys. Just wanted to come by and tell you I'll be gone for a while. But I have something for you." Naruto said as he reached into the scroll that held his inheritance and slapped his chakra-laden hand on a seal, making a rolled up paper appear. He took the document and gave it to Teuchi. He had made a surprise for the Ichiraku family.

Teuchi, confused, took the document and rolled it open, reading it. Once he was finished, his eyes were wide and his mouth was agape. Ayame took the paper from his paralyzed hands and read it, her expression slowly matching his.

"I won't need this, so I'm giving you guys the estate I inherited; the Namikaze compound." He offered, smiling at their shocked faces.

Ayame was the first to snap out of their stupor. "Naruto-kun, we can't accept this; you deserve a better home than your apartment, please take it back." She said as she tried to return the deed, but in vain.

"I'll be gone for a few years, so I won't need such a big house going to waste; you guys deserve it. You were like the family I wish I had." Naruto offered, capturing Ayame in a hug as some more tears fell from Naruto and Ayame soon followed, realizing this was indeed goodbye for a long time and she would miss the boy she saw as a little brother.

When she finally left his embrace, Naruto hugged Teuchi, the old man snapping out of his stupor at Naruto's explanation. "Make us proud, kid. I know you will, but just don't forget. We'll miss you here..." Teuchi said as some tears fell from his own squinted eyes.

"I love you guys and I'll never forget you. Goodbye... for a long time..." Naruto waved as he left, tears still falling from his eyes as he made his way to the unguarded gate; the guards must be cycling now, so no one is here. He ran through the gate, taking one last look at Konoha, and started his journey.

'I'm sorry you had to do that, Naruto-kun, but better to leave them sad but knowing instead of oblivious and worrying.' Minato chimed in his head.

'I understand, tou-san. So what do we do first?' He asked the group inside his mind.

'Give me control for a second.' Sparda asked. Nodding, Naruto relinquished control to the demon. He raised his hand to the air, as power collected in his palm, and he felt Dante chip in to the power he was forming, as saw as the light shot into the sky and separated into many branches, as they shot across the Elemental Nations. He felt control return to him.

'What the heck was that?' He asked to the pair that seemed to have shared control over him for those few seconds.

'We have unsealed our Devil Arms and cast them across the land for you to find; we would not simply give you them, you must work for them.' Sparda answered.

'I never expected you to. Nothing worth doing is easy. Thank you for doing that in advanced.' Naruto replied, Sparda's high respect for the boy that suffered through all that hate with a smile growing ever more.

'I did the same thing; I collected a few Arms in my time.' Dante answered his part.

'And I'll be teaching you how to use my youkai.' Benihime interjected.

'And I'll help you use the Devil Bringers and Red Queen.' Nero said.

'And I, Rebellion.' 'And I, Yamato.' 'And I, the Force Edge.' Dante, Nero, and Sparda added, respectively.

'Thanks everyone.' Naruto replied, smiling to himself.

Naruto would be the first to show the shinobi world the power of a devil, and they wouldn't see it coming.

End Ch. 1

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