This was just a rampant idea I had recently. Been doing chapter 14 of The Living Shinigami, and I can't say I'm doing too good with the preliminary fights... I may just give an overview of each fight, but do know that canon fights will remain relatively the same. Anyways... This would be a Pure Naruto fic, just time travel. Had this idea when I read my first time travel fic called "What If?", not sure who was the author but unfortunately it was taken down. Show some love if you know who the author is!



"Demon/God/Summon speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon thinking"

Jutsu names

Prologue - Turning Back the Pendulum

"Damn that Madara-teme..." Were the thoughts occupying a blonde ninja plummeted to the ground defeated. Surrounding him was an utterly devastated landscape, one person on a very menacing figure in front of him.

He was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, son of the famed Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato and the Red Death Uzumaki Kushina. Genin of Konohagakure no Sato, Current holder of the Toad Summoning Contract, Toad Sage, Child of the Prophecy, Ninja of the United Nations Shinobi Alliance, Konoha's Number One Unpredictable Shinobi, and sadly as of now, Konoha's only Shinobi. More importantly, Naruto was the jinchuuriki of Kurama, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

The blonde smashed into the ground making a crater, his sword, a daito classed weapon, layed beside him. The sword was a bit of an oddity, as the blade had a red tint, and a fox-tail like appendage flowing from the end of the crimson hilt. No one knows this, but this was said to have been forged from the fang of the Kyuubi himself, how it happened was still unknown to everyone but Naruto and Kurama himself.

"You have done well, Kyuubi. Not only to combat me on even ground but against the very Juubi as well. Very well indeed." Madara called out from his position.

"Grr... Damn it! I can't do anything! I have no chakra left, and everyone else is gone! Everyone and everything, Kurama!" Naruto frantically thought in his mind as his friend's voice came.

"Kit, there is practically nothing you can do at this point. But if Madara-teme is still the same as before, than I may have something. Get some of your blood for this kit, it's aseal." Kurama said as Naruto stopped in confusion, even though Madara was still slowly approaching on top of the Juubi.

"Kurama, what kind of seal is this?! I'm out of chakra if you hadn't realized yet." Naruto replied.

"Do you not think I know that?! I've been trying to keep you conscious so we can at least have the last laugh! Anyways, it's a time based seal. Madara is still arrogant, and believes we are done. However, this seal is rather... destructive upon activation. Time and space based techniques are usually forbidden for good reason... You should know this with your experiments with that Hiraishin jutsu..."The fox answered as the picture of the seal projected into Naruto's mind.

"So we pour all of our chakra into it just as he gets to us and then a very big kaboom?! Sounds nice." Naruto said as he pulled out a very large sealing tag, all while the roars of the Juubi were heard.

"WELL GET TO IT! MADARA'S GONNA BE HERE IN LESS THAN A MINUTE!" The Kyuubi's voice boomed in Naruto's head. Naruto jumped as the Kyuubi was much louder than ever, but Naruto assumed it was the frustration of being sealed for a fourth time as he completed the seal, giving it all not to pass out yet.

"Tsk tsk tsk... What have we here? A seal? You should know better, Child of the Prophecy." Madara spoke the title with venom as he walked towards Naruto. From his eyes, Naruto was the greatest opponent he had ever had the 'pleasure' of fighting. Not even Hashirama gave him this much trouble. Then just as he grabbed Naruto's ruined sage cloak, the blonde smirked and mouthed something.

"Not this time, not ever Madara-teme!"

"What?!" Was all Madara could say as a bright light engulfed the land, originating from a small section of the sealing tag that Naruto held a firm grip on.

"Is this the end? Kurama, you there?!" Naruto thought as he drifted in the empty void.

"Yeah yeah I'm here. And before you even ask NO I don't know where we are. It's the first time I had to use such a technique." Kurama grumbled as he woke up.

"And the teme?"

"Heh, he was probably ripped into atoms and destroyed completely in the rift. Only the user will go through time. Though we don't seem that far from death either."Kurama said, slightly happy that he would no longer be a slave to the ancient Uchiha. Clearly the thought of the death of a being as powerful as himself did not entice him.

"Good... At last he's finally gone. It seems as I'll be seeing you all sooner than you think." Naruto mused to himself as he thought of all his precious people.

"Jiraiya-sensei, Tsunade-baa-chan, Old Man Saru-ji, Tou-san, Kaa-san, Shizune-nee-chan, Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Bee..." Naruto turned to his memories, but was interrupted by his long time partner.

"Far too many to count huh..." Kurama added.

"Mhmm... By the way, how far back in the past are we going?" Naruto asked the real question, but received nothing but silence before Kurama replied.

"About that... This technique doesn't really have an exact you go t-" "WHAT?! YOU MEAN WE COULD BE BLASTED TO THE TIME OF RIKUDO-JIJI?!"

"No, I was gonna explain that. It sends you anywhere from 10 to 50 years back to the past. If we're really lucky, it'll be when one of the 'Great Shinobi Wars' happen." The Kyuubi explained as Naruto quickly calmed down.

"We'll have our bodies and our memories will be intact, but I'm not too sure what happens when we get to the time you were born. For all we know, you could simply cease to exist at that point. Now shut up and let me sleep, you'll be near death when you get back to your world kit..."And with that the Great Kyuubi went to sleep in its forest mindscape which Naruto had remodeled.

*Sigh* "I'll see you later, Kurama. Everyone, this time, I will NOT fail!" Naruto mentally declared as unconsciousness finally took him. It was a miracle that he was still conscious up to this point.

-Unknown Point of Time, Unknown Place-

A jonin of Konoha was crouched down in a trench as he unrolled two scrolls containing odd looking, tri-pronged kunai. The jonin had spiky blonde hair, and blue eyes.

"Everyone, please take some of these kunai, then on my mark throw them anywhere in the direction of the enemy." The jonin commanded as people nodded and went to prepare before another sandstorm hits.

"Tori-san, you should come as well." A veteran from the Second Shinobi War said to a newer chunin.

"Huh?" Was Tori's intelligent reply.

"*Sigh* just watch and make sure you don't blink. You'll be getting to see the Kiroii Senkou in action first hand." The veteran said as he grabbed some of the kunai. Tori nodded and began to focus and try not to bring his head to high above the ground.

"Three, Two, One. Mark!" The Yellow Flash shouted as people stood up and threw the kunai in the enemies general direction. As soon as they were tossed, the Konoha ninja quickly fell back to the ground. And with that the Yellow Flash disappeared.

To the enemy, it would seem as a wave of Yellow Flashes came and destroyed everything it passed. With one flash, at least three fell in place. Shortly after, the enemy trench was reduced to a pit of freshly dead bodies. Most of the dead were killed by a kunai to the head, throat, and even chest. The unlucky ones had appeared to have a drill pass through their chest, courtesy to the Rasengan by the lone Konoha jonin that decimated all of these Iwa shinobi.

The Konoha Shinobi had cold, calculating eyes as he finished, letting out a sigh as he dared not to face the mayhem he had created. Creating a Kage Bunshin, he began recollecting the tri-pronged Kunai before reporting back to his teammates.

"I take it that the enemy has been eliminated Minato-san?" The war veteran of the Second Shinobi war asked the blonde jonin.

"Hai, all Iwa shinobi have been eliminated. Let's go back to base, we leave in five minutes!" Minato shouted to his group who nodded as they tended to the wounded. Minato sighed again and turned back to the other side of the desert, only to widen his eyes in shock as he saw a person fall from what seemed to be a black hole from the sky. Again, he was surprised as he saw the Konoha hitae-ate and immediately tossed one of his special kunai to catch the falling man.

"Minato!" Was the veteran's shout as he saw the blonde jonin disappear with his signature technique, and reappear holding a cloaked man.

"He has a Konoha hitae-ate on. I don't recognize him, but perhaps Sandaime-sama will. Just get a medical team here!" Minato shouted as a medical team quickly came while the Yellow Flash and the other commanding officer of the team went through some of the man's belongings.

"He looks quite young, around your age even Minato." The veteran commented.

"Indeed he does Hideki-san. He's supposedly a Konoha shinobi but I don't recognize him. Regardless, whoever did this to him really wanted him dead." Minato said as he picked up the sheathed katana. He then felt something was inscribed on the sheathe.

"Fight, so others may not. Shed blood, so others will not." Minato read out, and then he unsheathed the weapon as Hideki gasped.

"Amazing! This sword is beautifully crafted! Hm? What's this? "I bow before no one, I fight for everyone." Interesting choice of words." Hideki said as Minato nodded.

If only he knew...


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