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"Demon/God/Summon speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon thinking"

Jutsu names

Ch. 3 Tests and Surprises

-Hokage's Office-

"Hokage-sama, Kazama-san has arrived along with Team 7 and Kushina-san." Mai said as she peeked her head into the office.

"Thank you Mai-san, send them in." The village leader said as Mai nodded. Shortly after, Naruto along with Minato's team and Kushina walked in.

"What is it Saru-jii?" Naruto said casually as everyone save the Hokage himself looked at him gobsmacked.

"Nothing much Naruto. As a returning shinobi, I would like for your skills to be tested." Hiruzen replied. Once again, Minato's team and Kushina stared at the two in pure shock. First a blonde Uzumaki arrives from Kami knows where, but then goes and calls the Sandaime Hokage an old man. What made it weirder, was that the Hokage shrugged it off as if it was a common occurrence. Of course Obito burst out laughing.

"Oh man... that was too funny!" Obito said as he took off his goggles and wiped a tear away.

"Would you like to test him Obito-kun?" The leader said, but saw that the exuberant Uchiha stopped laughing, taking it as a no.

"Why are we here Hokage-sama?" Minato asked on behalf of the rest of the group.

"Well since he is going to be joining your team on occasions, I thought that you would like to know his skills." Hiruzen replied with a smile.


"No disrespect but we have two jonins and two chunins already on a four man cell. I think we will be fine Hokage-sama." Kakashi replied.

"I said on occasions Chunin." The Hokage said sharply as Kakashi immediately backed down.

"Anyw-" Hiruzen stopped as he turned to the window to find a white haired man sitting on the windowsill.

"Yo Sarutobi-sensei!" The white haired man said.

"How many times must I remind you, use the door!" The God of Shinobi reminded his pupil.

"Calm down I'm here already. So wh-" Jiraiya stopped himself as he saw a blonde he did not recognize. "Who's Goldilocks 2-point-0?" Jiraiya asked, while Naruto was successful in keeping himself from shouting 'Ero-sennin' and showing his annoyance to his new nickname.

"He is Kazama Uzumaki Naruto. I called you here to test his abilities." Sarutobi said as everyone looked at the Hokage as if he grew a second head, well everyone but Naruto.

"Sarutobi-sensei... Are you kidding me?! Fishcake looks like he hasn't seen the horrors of a shinobi life. He's gotta be like 16!" Jiraiya exclaimed, voicing most peoples' thoughts.

"I'm 19, but what does 3 years make?" Naruto asked rather casually.

"Fine, but don't blame me if you end up in the hospital after. So when and where sensei?" The sage said looking at the Sandaime Hokage.

"The Arena in three hours. I expect you not to be injured by any, "accidents in research", when you arrive." Hiruzen reminded his pupil who nodded before leaving.

"Well that is all. Naruto, please stay for a moment. As for you three jonins, please make sure to be at the meeting in an hour." The Hokage ordered as everyone but Naruto bowed and left. A moment went by before the older of the two spoke.

"Now tell me. What is your assessment of your abilities?" Naruto paused to think.

"Well, in terms of Ninjutsu, I was Kage level. Taijutsu, I want to say around High Anbu. I am also a seal master." Naruto said as Hiruzen coughed in surprise.

"And Genjutsu?" The older man inquired.

"Near nonexistent alone. I do not have anywhere near the chakra control to cast a decent genjutsu, but I can pull some low level ones. But I am able to use Fuinjutsu to use some genjutsu, takes too long to make the actual seal though. However, I can dispel most illusions." Naruto explained after seeing the Hokage frown slightly.

"I see... Are there any other fields I should know of?" Hiruzen added.

"Hmm... Kenjutsu is around High Anbu, maybe Kage level. I am, at least was, the Toad Sage. I think that's all you should know." Naruto said, making sure not to reveal his abilities using Kurama's chakra. That can come at a later time.

"Alright then... I believe you should have enough money, so do what you need to do in order to prepare for your evaluation."

"Okay, and I'm assuming you'll be watching, so you may be in for a surprise." Naruto said cryptically as he left the office, leaving an intrigued Kage. Just as Sarutobi was about to pick up his pen, three knocks on the door were heard as the Hokage allowed the visitors to enter.

And of course, said visitors were Homura, Koharu, and Danzo...

-Konoha Streets-

With his hands behind his head, Naruto casually roamed the peaceful streets of Konoha while searching for a weapons shop. Of course Kushina, Minato and Team 7 were with him as well.

"You know, for someone who's going to be fighting one of the Sannin, you seem awfully calm and nonchalant about it." Minato said.

"Meh, what can you do about it? Hokage-sama still needs to test my abilities, and I'm kind of glad not to be fighting the Kiiroi Senkou or the Akai Shi." Naruto commented. "Anyways, do you guys happen to know a good weapons shop?" Naruto added.

"Higurashi Dan's shop, it's actually pretty close!" Rin chirped.

"Neh Naruto! What kind of weapons do you use?!" Obito asked with great curiosity as he began to list the names of various weapons, before being cut off.

"You shall see Obito, you shall see..." Naruto replied ominously as his face was shadowed by his blonde and red locks. "Neh Rin-san, where is the shop?" Naruto asked as his face was no longer shadowed.

"You know... it's right here..." Rin said as Naruto turned to his right and saw it.

Ten Points Wolf

Higurashi Dan's Leaf Armoury

"Damn, I guess business slowed down a lot after the third war..." Naruto thought to himself with a chuckle. "I think I'll have enough for the equipment..." Naruto said to himself as the group walked in.

The shop was very well managed, and a lot better looking than the one in Naruto's time. Weapons hung from the walls, and not a single speck of rust on any of them. They seemed to have everything you would possibly need.

"Hey Minato, Kushina! It's been a while. I can see you brought your team as well Minato, but who's blondie beside ya?" A man said as Naruto recognized the younger Dan, who looked pretty much the same, just without a visible scar.

"Kazama Uzumaki Naruto. A pleasure to meet you Dan-san." Naruto said.

"Enough of the formalities, just Dan. So what can I help you with?" The man said.

"Just looking for equipment for Naruto." Minato replied as Naruto browsed the store.

"Hmm... Dan, think you can get me four sets of Kunai, Shuriken and Senbon, 20 Fuma Shuriken, 200ft of wire, 2 chakra blades (The ones from Naruto: The Lost Tower movie), 25 smoke bombs, 25 explosive tags and two sets of sealing supplies. Oh and two sealing scrolls. I'm gonna get some clothes." Naruto mused to himself as he listed the things he might need. The younger members of Team 7 looked absolutely gobsmacked, while the others looked surprised.

"Why in the name of Kami do you need that much?!" Obito shouted.

"You shall see Obito... you shall see..." Naruto replied in the same mysterious voice.

-40 Minutes Later-

"You sure you don't need more kid?" Dan asked, dripping with sarcasm.

"Hmm... Nope I think I'll have enough for now. So how much is all of this?" Naruto said as he placed all of the weapons and clothes at the counter.

"Let's see... 12 sets of weapons, 2 packs of fuma, one pack of wire, 2 knives, 50 bombs, 2 sealing sets, 2 sealing scrolls and the clothes... Alright then, 40000 ryo." Dan said as Naruto dropped the specified amount and began sealing the clothes and equipment in the sealing scrolls.

"Thanks kid!" Dan shouted as Naruto saw that the others were almost asleep.

"Get up..." Naruto said as he smacked Obito awake, who in turn shouted and woke everyone else up.

"HEY! What was that for?!" Obito shouted as he rubbed his cheek.

"You were the fastest way to wake everyone up... Isn't there a meeting for jonin in 20 minutes?" Naruto replied as Minato, Kushina and Kakashi remembered that last fact. The group then walked out of the shop.

"Well thanks helping me out. Anyways, I'm gonna get some dango and drop some of this at my apartment." Naruto said as he parted from the group, while the jonin walked towards the Hokage's tower again.

-Time Skip, Konoha Arena-

It was rather empty for the most part. Many people were aware of the fact that some returning shinobi was being tested for jonin. The Hokage had notified the jonin of this at the meeting not too long ago, and the word spread quickly. Shinobi of all ranks filled the spectator seats, and even civilians came.

Above in the Kage's Box, sat one Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage of Konoha. The wise leader was surprised of the number of people who came to watch, but shoved that thought aside. It wasn't everyday a ninja returns from a long term period, and returned near death.

In the middle of the arena stood Jiraiya the Toad Sage, an ANBU member with a Wolf mask and a short sword. Then the wind picked up, swirling in a small circle in front of the two as Naruto appeared.

"Kazama Uzumaki Naruto. As a returning nin, you have been summoned here today to be tested on the aspects of the Shinobi Arts, so I can safely grade your abilities and rank you." The Sandaime declared, receiving a nod from Naruto.

"Your opponents for today will be ANBU Captain Wolf for both Genjutsu and Kenjutsu, and Jiraiya the Toad Sage for the Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Any objections?" The Hokage inquired as silence followed.

"Very well then, you may begin."


"Kushina-chan! You didn't tell me you had a cousin here!" A woman with long, black hair and black eyes said to Kushina.

"Sorry Mikoto-chan! I didn't know until today! He got out of the hospital earlier and I couldn't find you!" Kushina explained to her long time friend.

"*Sigh* It's just like you to do that Kushina-chan... Still, he's fighting two of our best nin! How old is he?!" Mikoto half yelled at her friend.

"19, just a few years younger than us." Kushina replied.

"And you don't care that he's fighting two S-Ranked Ninja?! He might die out there! And wasn't he in the hospital two weeks ago?!" Mikoto shouted back.

"He's supposed to be really strong, I think he'll be okay..." Kushina said to herself.

-Arena Floor-

Another Shunshin in front of the three ninja revealed one Namikaze Minato.

"As you can guess, I will be your proctor for this. It'll be one on one battles, and when I tell you to stop you stop. Understood?" Minato asked as he received nods.

"Good, Jiraiya-sensei, stand back for now." Minato said as Jiraiya shunshin'd away, leaving Naruto and Wolf.

"Kurama, think you can stay awake for this?" Naruto mentally asked a certain big, orange fox.

"Fine fine... I'll stay up so you don't get yourself caught in some stupid genjutsu without knowing it... Next time, don't interrupt my sleep unless it's something interesting." Kurama replied lazily.

"Ready?" Minato asked the two. Naruto unsheathed his katana, letting the orange-red fox tail blow in the wind, while Wolf pulled out a plain wakizashi. Naruto also noted that the onyx eyes behind the wolf mask morphed into a 3 tomoe Sharingan.

"Thank Kami I reapplied that Anti-Sharingan Seal, can't have him stealing my kenjutsu style... Kinda like old times Kurama." Naruto mentally chuckled, as did Kurama.

"Just hope he doesn't have the Mangekyo Sharingan..." Was Kurama's reply.

"Person to draw first blood wins. Hajime!" Minato said as he jumped back.

The wind blew, yet neither of them moved. Suddenly, Wolf darted towards Naruto, almost instantly appearing before the blonde to attack.


With one block, Naruto countered and quickly slashed the ANBU across the chest, not enough to bisect him, but enough for Wolf to stumble and retreat. Instead of retreating, Wolf continued his assault with quick stabs. Just as Wolf went for a diagonal slash, Naruto intercepted the attack. The two swordsmen had continued this for barely a minute. To the spectators, it seemed like much longer as many shinobi were mesmerized by the grace of the two kenjutsu users.

"You're quite good." Wolf commented during the struggle. "But not good enough!" Wolf shouted as his Sharingan began to spin wildly and kicked Naruto in the gut, sending the blonde away.

Naruto tried to get up quickly, but failed as he noticed his movements were off.

"Genjutsu..." Naruto said as he somehow stood up and tried to move, only to realize his movements were opposite of his goals. "Inversion? Shit, never expected this though, I don't think Itachi or Madara ever used something like this... Ugh I fell like my chakra control is gone again too... Kurama!" Naruto said as he somehow dodged another sword strike from Wolf.

"Just shut up kit I'm on it..." Kurama grumbled. Just as Wolf's blade nearly reached Naruto, his movements returned to normal. Quickly channeling chakra to his feet, Naruto darted away from the blade and retook his stance.

"Out of it already? Truly impressive." Wolf said as he clashed once more with Naruto.

"It was an interesting genjustu I'll give you that." Naruto said as he overpowered the ANBU and began his offensive. Naruto's kenjutsu style surrounded rapid, but precise strikes to overwhelm the enemy, at least the style he's currently using. It was a good thing that he was a jinchuuriki with practically endless energy and stamina too.

After a barrage of strikes, Naruto channeled chakra into his feet and circled around the ANBU captain at very high speeds, enough to start leaving after images. Wolf on the other hand, was trying not to be frustrated as he realized the number of afterimages. Wolf quickly brought his sword to shoulder height and parallel to the ground.

"Sword Technique: Ecliptic Strike!"

Wolf then slashed horizontally as he cut through each afterimage, stopping as his blade hit Naruto's sword, directly behind him.

"Jeez this guy's got a good arm." Naruto thought as he gripped his katana tighter.

Wolf quickly turned around and began pushing chakra into his sword. However, only Naruto noticed the slight cracks on the ANBU's weapon.

"This is a pretty good match so far I will admit." Naruto said. "I'll give it to you for trying to block him, but Kurama isn't so kind to allow you to block him with just any weapon." Naruto began as he felt his sword pulse. "So if you think you can, think again!" Naruto shouted as the sword made from the fang of the Great Kyuubi, sliced through the chakra-coated wakizashi like a hot knife through butter. Taking the momentary shock produced by this, Naruto kicked Wolf away and pulled out a tag with a complex seal.

"Kokuangyo no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as an overwhelming amount of chakra was felt in the stadium. The spectators were surprised by the sheer power coming from the seal, and the fact that this returning shinobi had known the Nidaime's genjutsu. In Wolf's perspective, darkness spread from the sealing tag, and in moments, the ANBU could no longer see the surrounding world, or his opponents chakra signature with his Sharingan, much to the ANBU's surprise.

Naruto on the other hand, pulled out a Chakra Blade in his left hand while channeling wind chakra into it, and stopping the flow to his sword. Using one of his more experimental techniques with wind chakra, Naruto channeled it to his feet and near instantly appeared behind the ANBU. Just then Wolf had felt a light sting on his right shoulder.

"Surrender Wolf-san." Naruto said as he brought his katana to the masked Uchiha's neck.

"You won already, it was first blood remember?" Wolf replied as he pointed to the shallow cut. The two then turned to Minato, who was busy reading a book, as if telling him to do his job. Minato noticed the stares as he hid his book, and it wasn't even smut.

"Winner is Kazama Uzumaki Naruto!" Minato declared as both ninja sheathed their weapons. "Just how strong is this kid?"

"Nice job kid. I'd love to spare with you again, keep this a secret but if you need a spar, look for an Uchiha Daiki." The masked ninja whispered to Naruto who smirked.

"An Uchiha? Who would've thought." Naruto quietly spoke to himself, but received a smack to the back.

"Good luck with Jiraiya-sama, you'll need it." Wolf said as Naruto nodded.


"Dear Kami! That was... amazing!" Kushina gasped at the display. It might have been short, but was definitely incredible.

"Unbelievable! I wouldn't have thought Naruto-san could beat Wolf! Wolf's easily an S-Rank ninja!" Mikoto added.

"Doesn't seem like Naruto-kun is much of a genjutsu user -ttebane!" Kushina added, slightly happy since one of her remaining relatives also had issues with genjutsu.

"Probably doesn't have a giant fuzzball inside of him either..." Kushina thought to herself.

"You should take him to meet with some of your friends. He probably doesn't know anyone here." Mikoto suggested.

Most peoples' thoughts were quite similar to this.

"Leave it to Kushina's cousin to be so troublesome..." One lazy Nara thought to himself.

"Incredible. I shouldn't have doubted his assessment of his own abilities. His potential is simply astonishing! However, there is something peculiar about that blade that I can't point at..." The Sandaime thought to himself.

-Back to the Arena-

A plum of smoke appeared in front of Naruto and revealed Jiraiya standing on an orange toad, in a ridiculous Kabuki pose.

"Behold! From the west to the east, the north to the south! My very name makes men tremble in fear, and wome-" Jiraiya was cut of as Naruto appeared in front of him and smacked him fairly hard.

"Alright alright, you're Jiraiya toad sage of Mount Myobokuzan. Can we start this?" Naruto said to Minato, as most people in the crowd sweatdropped at the young blonde's reaction to the Sage's introduction.

"Err... Yeah. Remember, this is only an evaluation. And do try not to destroy the arena. Hajime!" Minato said as he flashed away to the crowd.

Jiraiya decided to start with Taijutsu, and began with the Goken. Naruto on the other hand, settled in a modified Taekwondo stance (It's the only fighting style I have any experience with...) which allowed him to use elemental chakra to augment his taijutsu. Seconds later both shinobi darted towards the center and began a vicious battle.

Naruto entered with a feint towards the Sage's face, and smirked as Jiraiya raised an arm to block, allowing Naruto to elbow the Toad Sage in the abs. Jiraiya had retaliated with a knee to the solar plexus, and a side kick to create some distance.

"Damn what is this kid? That elbow was as strong as Tsunade's punch!" Jiraiya thought to himself.

"Leave it to Jiraiya... Kami it feels like I got hit by one of those trains from the Snow Country." Naruto thought to himself as he quickly stood up while Jiraiya rushed in.

Naruto blocked a hook to his face and countered with a quick jab at Jiraiya, but missed. However, Jiraiya did not expect to feel a cut from the fist unknowingly covered in wind chakra. Taking the moment of surprise, Naruto performed a low and then middle reverse heel kick, followed by a jumping back kick. Jiraiya was sent in the air and sailing across the arena ground.

"Using wind chakra in your taijutsu, impressive blondie." Jiraiya said as he stood up.

"Why thank you." Naruto mock bowed as the two then resumed the fight. For minutes they stayed in a stalemate in taijutsu, each punch blocked, each kick dodged. Most were anyways, as both had sported a few more bruises and cuts. What bugged Jiraiya the most was that even when he changed to using the Frog Kata, the blonde before him was still able to counter with a different taijutsu stye.

"I think we've had enough taijutsu, looks like the crowd wants to see something else." Naruto offhandedly commented as Jiraiya agreed.

"Katon: Gokyaku no Jutsu!" Jiraiya shouted as he blew a large ball of fire, and tossed some shuriken into the flames for extra damage. Naruto channeled chakra into his feet to jump in the air and threw a single kunai, which soon multiplied to dozens.

"Kunai Kage Bunshin no Justu!" The kunai rained upon Jiraiya, and with quick thinking flashed through some hand seals.

"Hari Jizo!" The sage's hair quickly wrapped around him and hardened, deflecting the kunai that would've hit him. Just as he was about to release the technique, Jiraiya felt one lone kunai bounce of of his shield of hair. Peaking out of his barrier as his hair retracted, he saw Naruto on the ground flashing through some hand signs.

"Lightning Release: Chain Lightning!" Naruto shouted as a blot of lightning shot from his palm at one of the kunai and quickly jumped to another, all while covering the entire arena ground.

"Shit! Doton: Yomi Numa!" Jiraiya shouted as every kunai sank into the ground, being completely swallowed just before the lightning could reach him.

"Katon: Karyu Endan!" The Sage shouted as he blew a large flame in the shape of a dragon's head directly at the blonde in front of him.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" Naruto said as he blew out a stream of water to intercept the fire dragon, and with much ease. The fire dragon disappeared into the water as steam quickly took its place.

"Perfect." Naruto mentally grinned as he silently did the hand seal for the Kirigakure no Jutsu. Of course, it wasn't just a normal version of it. Naruto, with his expertise in elemental chakra manipulation (And his apparent bloodline), had managed to use Hyoton as well. So not only did the mist conceal most of the battleground, it was cold enough to give frostbites and freeze things over if exposed for too long.

"The Hidden Mist Jutsu... Joy, but why in the name of Kami is it so cold?!" Jiraiya mentally screamed as he made a single Shadow Clone.


"Mist?" "No way!" "What's going on? I can't see anything!" Many people murmured as the freezing mist quickly covered their sights of the arena.

"Mikoto-chan, isn't that the Kirigakure no Jutsu?" Kushina asked as the Uchiha princess wordlessly activated her Sharingan.

"I, I can't see anything. All of that mist has Naruto-san's chakra, but it seems a little... off..." Mikoto replied to the Uzumaki. Just before she turned off her Sharingan, she took one more glance around the battlegrounds, and saw something that caught her eye.

"Kushi-chan! Look over at the edge of the floor, by the wall." The raven haired woman instructed as Kushina did as told.

"Is that... ICE?!" The redhead screamed as everyone around her stared at her for a moment, before turning their gazes to where Kushina was look and gasped.

"Wow!" "I would hate to fight him." "He isn't from Kiri right?" Soon, rumors had formed and were beginning to spread.

"Ice... truly incredible, though something tells me there is more to this." The Sandaime Hokage thought to himself.

-Arena Floor-

"Doton: Dochu Eigyo no Jutsu." Jiraiya silently sank into the ground, leaving no trace and his clone above ground. The sage already felt some ice begin to form, but it didn't matter with this technique.

"Ice Release: Blade of Ice." Naruto silently said as ice covered his right hand, making a sharp blade. "Knowing Jiraiya, he already knows how the Silent Killing works. He probably used a clone to lure me and ambush me. That or using himself as bait and having a clone sneak up on me. Smart pervert." Naruto thought to himself. Before his 3 year training trip, Naruto probably would've rushed in and lost an arm by now, but Jiraiya had taught him how to think in battle.

To the spectators, it would seem as nothing is happening, and the suspense was quickly building up. The apparent lack of action, stayed like this for several minutes. Nothing seen, and nothing heard.

Naruto had wordlessly had his clone go towards the Jiraiya above ground, but mentally frowned he faintly heard the underground Jiraiya follow the clone's path, regardless of where it went. So, Naruto had the clone distract Jiraiya long enough for him to deal with the Jiraiya currently above ground. Just before he got to the above ground Jiraiya, he felt that the other one had re-emerged behind the blonde clone.

"I better conserve my chakra, the mist still takes a lot out of me." Naruto thought to himself as he stopped channeling chakra into the mist, which slowly began to disappear.

"It's my lucky break, kid's finally stopping the mist." Jiraiya mused.

Just when both of them had lightly cut the back of the clones, they looked slightly surprised.

"A clone, behind!" Both opponents quickly spun around and pointed their weapons at each others' neck.

"Surrender." Both nin said to each other. Soon, the remnants of the mist had fully disappeared, revealing Naruto with a blade of ice at Jiraiya and the Toad sage with a chakra infused kunai at the blonde.

"Err..." Jiraiya and Naruto turned to Minato who was chuckling sheepishly. "It's a Draw!" Minato shouted to the crowd.

"HUH?!" Both the sage and the time traveler exclaimed at the Yellow Flash.

"You have each other at your necks, quite literally. And neither of you would've backed down." Minato explained with a smile.

"But seriously, HYOTON?!" Minato screamed at Naruto who grinned sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"Well sure why not? We Uzumaki specialize in surprising people, you should know this by know if you know Kushina-nee as well as you say." Naruto said slyly.

"HELL YEAH DATTEBANE!" A certain Uzumaki redhead screamed.

Before anything else happened, the Sandaime Hokage appeared on the battlegrounds.

"Naruto, I would like for you to come to my office afterwards. You have much explaining to do." The Hokage said seriously as Naruto nodded slightly.

Translations: Custom Technique descriptions will be in my profile just to let you know.

Kokuangyo no Jutsu: Bringer-of-Darkness Technique

Goken: Strong Fist

Katon: Gokyaku no Jutsu: Great Fireball Technique

Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Kunai Shadow Clone

Hari Jizo: Needle Jizo

Doton: Yomi Numa: Swamp of the Underworld

Katon: Karyu Endan: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

Suiton: Mizurappa: Water Trumpet

Kirigakure no Jutsu: Hidden Mist Technique

Doton: Dochu Eigyo no Jutsu: Underground Projection Fish Technique


I think I'll leave things off there, I'm feeling a little lazy. And yes I gave Naruto Hyoton, it will be explained in the next chapter.

However, some of you may be wondering why Naruto's sword was able to cut through Wolf's sword coated in chakra. Naruto's sword was made from the Kyuubi's fang (Noted in the Prologue). The way I see things, demonic chakra/energy/yokai/whatever you want to call it is more potent and condensed than chakra, and remember that Kyuubi is made of this, so the fang would be made of it as well.

So what did you think of it? Drop a review to let me know or give me suggestions!