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"Demon/God/Summon speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon thinking"

Jutsu names

Ch. 6 A Moment of Peace

After the mission at Kannabi Bridge, the war seemed to slow down slightly. However, tension only seemed to rise back in the Village. After Obito had sufficiently recovered, he was demanded to see the Uchiha Council. The Uchiha council was small, consisting of four elders, and the clan head.

"WHAT?!" The shouts of angry Uchiha were heard as they saw Obito's lack of a left eye.

"You mean to tell me, you, the foolish disgrace of our clan, had finally unlocked the Sharingan in your mission. But you gave one to an outsider?!" The current clan head, Uchiha Fugaku shouted in fury at the Uchiha standing in front of him and the clan council, Obito.

"Yes." Was all Obito could say. He was not ashamed of his decision. His friendship with Kakashi meant more than the opinions of some old farts on the Clan council. However, he couldn't help but feel small under the clan head's wrath. The elders shouted punishments as Fugaku only closed his eyes and growled quietly. A short minute passed, and the leader heard enough.

"ENOUGH! All of you!" Fugaku barked towards the council as Obito only shifted nervously, looking down at his feet.

"We cannot afford to look weak, especially at a time as now. Obito, you have always been weak, a disgrace to our clan. With your Sharingan, you should be much stronger. Prove us, that you are not weak. You will fight one of our clan's best, your punishment will be decided afterwards." Fugaku said sternly as Obito looked up, eyes widened. He had expected something immediate, it surprised him.

An Uchiha appeared beside the clan head, who whispered orders.

"Send Inabi to the Clan Sparring grounds. Tell him it's my order." Fugaku whispered to the Uchiha, who nodded before leaving.

"Obito, you will fight Inabi. Should we deem you strong enough, you will be forced under training away from that bastard sensei of yours. However, if you are deemed unfit to continue under the Uchiha name, you will be exiled, permanently." Fugaku said with utmost seriousness as the council stood up before leaving. Obito could only gulp before trailing after the council towards the Clan's Sparring Grounds.

-Later, Uchiha Training Grounds-

"Oof!" Obito could only groan in pain as he fell to the ground once again, his lone Sharingan of two tomoe fixed on his opponent, Uchiha Inabi, one of the clan's most promising, with a fully matured Sharingan.

"Pathetic." Inabi mumbled as he began walking away. The Uchiha elders only shook their heads as Fugaku let out a sigh.

"Even with the Sharingan, he does not meet our expectations." Fugaku quietly said to the other elders who nodded. One of the elders whispered into Fugaku's ear as he nodded, his face grimacing before pulling away with a 'tch'.

"Uch-, no. Obito. In any other situation, I would exile you for your weakness. However, we cannot afford to lose our image in the village any further. From this day on, you can no longer bear the mark of the Uchiha Clan, nor will you be considered our kinsman. You will only live with shame within the compound. By the war's end, you will either meet our expectations, or remove yourself from our land. " Fugaku said with much disappointment, and venom laced in his words before leaving with the elders and Inabi.

From his position on the ground, Obito could only growl at the clan head. If anyone bothered to turn and look back, they would see Obito's Sharingan spin and form a third tomoe. Tired, aching, and defeated, Obito set off to go to the hospital and get patched up for tomorrow's training.

Mikoto, who had overheard her husband's judgement, couldn't help but felt pity for Obito. She liked him, he wasn't stuck up like majority of her clansmen were. She quickly ran over to the injured Obito and help bring him to the hospital.

"Thank you, Mikoto-sama." Obito said as the woman smiled back at him.

-The Next Day, 5:00 AM-

Obito could only sigh as he walked towards his team's training grounds with almost no signs of injuries from the day before.

"Late as usual Obito." Kakashi said, but without the disdain he normally had. Obito noted that like himself, Kakashi had his hitae-ate covering one of his eyes, well the Sharingan eye that was transplanted.

"Alright, today we'll be doing teamwork exercises for the most part, and maybe a bit of ninjutsu practice. You guys know the drill, so get to your warmups." Minato said as the three pupils nodded and went off to do their warmups.

-With Naruto-

The blonde sighed as he held his head in frustration. He was still in his apartment room, attempting to create a counter seal for when the Madara of this timeline would summon the Kyuubi. Sure he was maybe on par with his dad in terms of sealing, but not being able to get any help was another thing. The Biju Seal Release that his dad had originally used was amazing. Trying to recreate it was much more difficult.

"Kami damn it!" Naruto gave an exasperated sigh as he dropped his sealing equipment.

"Fool. Did you truly think that creating any sort of Biju Contract Remover is a joke? While you are a high level fuinjutsu master, creating counter seals for an enemy such as that damned Uchiha is beyond your skills."

"Just you watch Kurama. You should know that I'll make the impossible possible by now." Naruto said as he went to get a cup of instant ramen to eat as a break, before deciding against it.

"True." The fox said no more before going back to sleep.

Glancing at his calender, Naruto relaxed slightly. He still had a few good months to do it. However, he quickly facepalmed as he had forgot to summon any Kage Bunshins to help. Wordlessly, he created 6 clones to work on the seal as he left his apartment. He needed to train anyways, he hadn't had too much time for it lately. But first, a bowl of ramen sounded quite nice for the moment.


Once again, Naruto entered Ichiraku Ramen and met his "cousin" Kushina.

"Hey Naruto!" Kushina said as Teuchi came from the kitchen with a large bowl of ramen for the red haired woman.

"And what will it be for you?" Teuchi asked as Naruto replied without missing a beat.

"A large pork ramen will do Teuchi." Naruto said as he sat down beside Kushina.

"So, what have you been up to?" Kushina asked in between slurps of the delicious ramen.

"You know how it is, training, sleeping, missions. I'm gonna go train after." Naruto commented offhandedly.

"Anyways, how are you able to use the Hyoton? You never answered me last time." Kushina said as she dropped her chopsticks before turning to stare at the blonde Uzumaki.

"Well you see, hime, unlike you I wasn't a part of the Royal Family." Naruto began as Kushina tensed, but blushed slightly at the way he referred to her. "My mother was an Uzumaki, but my father was not. But one of them, and I don't know which, had a bloodline for high elemental manipulation, and I seemed to have gotten it, if a bit stronger." Naruto finished as Kushina was staring at him intently. The blonde shuffled uncomfortably as he turned and saw Teuchi bringing out his own ramen.

"Anyway, lets eat!" Naruto said as he broke a pair of chopsticks and began eating. Kushina pouted, wanting to know more, but turned to her ramen and continued eating.

"You said you were going to train." Kushina said before taking a slurp of ramen. "I want to come and train with you." The redhead Uzumaki said, her stubbornness showing as she refused to take no for an answer.

Naruto stared at her for a bit, before realizing that she wasn't going to back down. "Fine then. I just don't want Minato to be jealous that you're training with me." Naruto said as Kushina's face lit up before she settled down and finished her ramen. Once the two of them finished eating, Kushina quickly ran to get her katana before they started heading over to Training Ground 3. It was the closest one with a water source, and Kushina also insisted on going to visit Minato's team, as the older blonde was also curious about the extent of Naruto's skills.

-Later, Training Ground 3-

It was well into the afternoon at this point, as Naruto and Kushina both strolled into the training ground to see Minato's team just finishing up their spars and beginning to cool down.

"Oh? Hey there Naruto, Kushina-chan. What brings you here?" Minato asked the two.

"Nothing much. Was coming to train for the afternoon, but Kushina wanted to train with me and apparently you were curious as well." Naruto said as he waved to the redhead Uzumaki who only grinned sheepishly.

"Well, we're just about finished our team training, so you two might as well start." Minato said. Normally, most jonin senseis would have their genin train from early morning to around the evening. Minato on the other hand, trained from early morning to later in the afternoon, but not quite the evening. It gave his students time to do some training of their own because really, they're chunin and jonin so Minato felt that they were responsible enough to train on their own when needed, and he liked surprises.

While Naruto and Kushina started their warm ups, they were talking while Minato was giving advice to his three students.

"So, are you thinking of a spar or what?" Naruto asked Kushina.

"Sure! I wanna see more of what your capable of!" She replied back as the two then focused on their warm ups. Minato just sat on the sidelines watching the two Uzumaki warm up before their spar.

"So, anything goes bar killing?" Naruto asked as Kushina nodded, her mouth twitching into a smile as she settled in a ready position, and Naruto doing the same.

"Minato-kun?" Kushina asked Minato the silent question as the older blonde got up and went in between the two.

"Alright, keep it clean you two. Hajime!" Minato brought his hand down and jumped back as both Naruto and Kushina backed away from the other.

"HA!" Kushina shouted as she thrusted her hand forward, and five golden chains shot from her palm and arced towards Naruto. The first one came as smoke exploded from it and Naruto just barely dodged it. The blonde jumped and dodged another chain midair as he spin himself upside down and ran underneath the chain. The other three chains converged towards Naruto who jumped again onto another chain while making handseals.

Naruto finished his jutsu just as the chains disappeared and in midair shouted "Suiton: Mizurappa!" Naruto blew a jet of water over Kushina as he descended to the ground. Kushina on the other hand, jumped as she sent another volley of chains at Naruto as he landed. The blonde twisted his body as he dodged each chain before landing on one. His eyes widened as he saw Kushina flailing more chakra chains at him with deadly speed and precision.

"I knew she had a unique style but damn!" The blonde thought as he tried his best to stay on the chain while dodging the other flailing chains.

"What?!" The blonde cursed as he felt a small chain snake around his leg before dragging him very quickly towards Kushina, who unsheathed her sword in her right hand and prepared to strike. Naruto cursed again as he unsheathed his own katana to block the attack.

Naruto felt the chain disappear as Kushina tried to slash diagonally with an unexpected amount of power. Naruto quickly brought his sword up to parry the strike. The blonde spun around for his counter attack as Kushina was able to block, their blades clashing against the other.

"Not bad Kushina." Naruto said as he pressed his blade against Kushina's.

"You're pretty good yourself, Naruto." Kushina replied as Naruto was able to overpower Kushina and kick her in the gut and away from him.

Naruto immediately stabbed his katana into the ground and began a chain of hand-seals. "Fūton: Daitoppa!"

Kushina jumped away and towards the river before beginning her own hand-seals. Naruto, recognizing the technique, immediately began seals to defend. Just before the blonde can finish, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and nausea as Kushina shot her technique.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!" A water dragon, after being formed, darted and spiralled towards the blonde.

"Kushina stop!" Minato shouted as he saw the younger blonde's obvious pain. Kushina looked at him questionably before seeing him flash towards her target, before making assumptions and stopping the technique as Minato flashed out of the way while holding Naruto. The water exploded in impact at their previous position, before leaving Naruto's katana completely unscathed.

"Hey Naruto, you alright?" Minato asked him as he laid Naruto down against the boulder. The blonde only coughed but did not say anything.

"Naruto!" Kushina rushed over to the blonde, very worried for her fellow Uzumaki and surrogate little brother. Naruto seemed to calm down after a few moments and slowly started to breathe normally.

"You better now?" Minato questioned as Naruto nodded.

"I... I should be fine now. I'm not quite sure what happened." Naruto said as he regained his breath. The pain was gone, but he still felt the nausea.

"Kurama, what the hell was that?!"

"A warning. I am surprised that it's started this early."

"Warning for what?!"

"That you shouldn't be here. Humans were never meant to travel against the flow of time. My power has been helping you keep these moments at bay, but it can only do so much. It's like a sickness that comes and goes, but only gets worse."

"Is there anything I can do about it then?"

"No. But be glad that these moments will occur very rarely, perhaps once every month or two I'm guessing. If any doctor were to check your organs, you would appear completely healthy."

"So I'm supposed to deal with it and just die?" Naruto scowled slightly.

"Remember kit, you can't die because you don't exist at this point of time."

Naruto mentally sighed. "We'll continue later."

"Good idea, the other two are still watching you."

Minato and Kushina were both very confused as they saw Naruto's expression change from annoyance to shock, then to what seemed to be some kind of resignation. Minato however, was much more confused as Kushina would often do the same, usually her expression changing from annoyance to anger when she would be contacted by the Kyuubi.

"It can't just be an Uzumaki thing can it? No, it's too much of a coincidence to be just that. But Naruto can't actually be a jinchuuriki... can he?" Minato was trying to figure out the situation as Kushina said something to Naruto, breaking his train of thought.

"Come on then Naruto, we're bringing you to the hospital. Or at least to Tsunade-sama to get you checked up." Kushina said as Naruto stared at her.

"Huh?" Was the younger blonde's intelligent reply.

"You heard me right. Minato-kun, help me drag Naruto over to the hospital. Something's up." Kushina said as she swung an arm over her shoulder, and Minato doing the same.

"Oi! I can walk you know!" Naruto grumbled in annoyance, though the two of them weren't having any of it."

-Later at Konoha's Hospital-

"All of his vitals are fine, and so is everything else. Are you sure you're not lying Kushina-chan?" Tsunade said as she finished her inspection of the blonde Uzumaki.

"Why would we lie about this?" Minato asked her in return.

"You said that you felt chest pain and nausea. Nothing else?" Tsunade asked Naruto who nodded. "Well, you're perfectly fine. If you're still having doubts, just take it easy for a bit. If this happens again stop whatever your doing and get over here somehow or get someone to call me over." Tsunade said as the other three nodded as they thanked the sannin and left.

"Well, that was an interesting day." Naruto said to the other two who only stared at him funnily for a moment.

"Well, I'm gonna head home for now, later you two. Wait 'til I'm gone before you start making out please?" Naruto said without looking back, already smirking as he knew that the two would light up like a Christmas tree.

-At Naruto's room-

"Okay Kurama, go on with what you were saying before." Naruto asked his tenant.

"Alright then kit. As you know, you don't exist in this time period, or at least you're not supposed to. That being said, you'll be forcing yourself into a paradox when you are actually born. At that point, these episodes will worsen much quickly."

"Noted. Is there anything else I should know?" Naruto asked his fuzzy tenant.

"Well, I believe that I will be merging with my counterpart in this timeline soon." Kurama said.

"I see... But you'll remember, right?" Naruto questioned the biju.

"HAH! You think I'm weaker than this timeline's counterpart of me? We biju grow more powerful overtime. It isn't noticeable to us, but it's there. I'm almost certain that I'll be the dominant side when the merge happens, but at the worst, my counterpart will have my memories." Kurama explained as Naruto laid on his bed before drifting off into sleep. "Well, it was nice knowing ya Kurama. I'll see you in what, 7 months or so?"

"Huh?" Once again, his tenant had baffled him, if much less.

"Just in case it happens overnight."


Suiton: Mizurappa - Water Release: Water Trumpet

Fūton: Daitoppa - Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique


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