Moon: Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long but I finally got a new story up. 'Pure Wishes' will focus a little more on my own character for a couple of background-ish reasons, but Fine and Rein still get the main show time. With that being said, I don't own anything. Enjoy~

Fine's POV

"No, no, we didn't mean to do it!" But even as Rein and I said those words, the darkness surrounded us, taking away everyone. An endless darkness... No, it's not our fault, we didn't know anything, we didn't know about him! Words of cursing and hatred... I don't want to hear it! Stop it! IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!

"Fine, Rein, if you two keep sleeping, I'll have you scrub every centimeter of this building until I can be blinded by it... Also, no sweets or going into my closet for 2 months." I blinked to adjust my eyes to the light, seeing the room that Rein and I have been sleeping in for 11 years. Oh, it was just a dream... Then I noticed that I was sweating. Gross. "Did you two have a nightmare again?" a white haired girl asked us.

"I had a dream about...what had happened before," Rein said as she got up on her side of the bed.

"So did I..." I really didn't want to remember that. That time were Rein and I were marked as traitors and almost lead the world into destruction, but it's not like we did that on purpose. We were only 4, how were we suppose to know any better? We were just told to obey our elders and that man was older than us. There's nothing wrong with just following what we were told...

"I see, now get rid of all those feelings and let's go eat. Pumo's making a pancake assortment for breakfast and since the weather's nice today, why not go outside to eat for a change?"

"That sounds like a good idea, Moon," Rein said as I nodded in agreement. Moon's the one who found us after we were banished from our kingdom and let's us stay in her store where she grants wishes. She's taught us how to use magic and helps us with a lot of things.

"Good, now get dressed. There's going to be customers today. Pumo and I will be waiting outside for you two," she said, cheerfully.

"I hope that we get happiness fragments today," Rein said as she got up. She patted a large jar that was filled with rainbow colored gems. Happiness fragments... if we gather a lot of them, then we get our wish granted. To be able to live with Mother and Father again in peace, that is the goal that Rein and I are aiming for and the only way to get happiness fragments is for us to grant people's wishes.

"Yeah. Now then, let's hurry," I said as I threw on a pink and black outfit. "I want to want those pancakes as soon as possible." Then I glanced to see Rein trying to chose between several black and blue colored dresses. "What are you doing Rein?"

"Well, I love all of these dresses, but I can't decide which on to wear. I mean, this one is good, but the bows on this one is so cute and then this one has such a cute design and then-"

"Okay, stop," I said as I clapped my face for her to stop talking. I glanced around the pile of dresses. "Why not wear this one?" I asked pointed to the light blue dress with the black criss cross in the front and the black frilled ribbon in the back. "This one's pretty isn't it?"

"Yeah it is! I can wear my favorite ribbon with this dress. Thanks Fine!" Rein quickly changed and we headed outside. So many leaves have fallen... I wonder if we can have sweet potatoes for a side for dinner. "It feels so nice outside!"

"Breakfast has been prepared ~de pumo. Please hurry and take your seats, Fine-sama, Rein-sama," the little white furred floating creature said.

"Pumo, didn't we tell you already? You don't have to call us using '-sama'. We're not princesses anymore," I said to him. But no matter what Rein or I say, Pumo always says-

"I cannot do that. You two are the descendents of Princess Grace-sama, the princess that I had previously served under, to treat you anything less than how I treated Princess Grace-sama would be insulting to your bloodline. Now please enjoy breakfast, I cook the pancakes to perfection if I do say so myself~ de pumo."

"Yes, it's delicious Pumo. I was right to give you cooking duties. Seconds, please," Moon said holding out an empty plate for Pumo to put more pancakes on.

"You already ate it all?!"

"Your cooking is the best that I've ever tasted Pumo. Ah, can we have doughnuts for a snack later? I love how you bake them into different shapes, I'll even help out with the tasting, so how about it?" Doughnuts?! I love how they're different shapes and the decorations are always cute too! It's like edible art!

"You're really selfish, Moon-sama."

"But it is very good Pumo," Rein said, taking a bite of the blueberry pancakes. I would have said something, but I'm too busy eating. The pancakes are really fluffy, and the chocolate and strawberry ones taste amazing! It's sweet but not that overwhelming to the point where it makes you throw up. Pumo's cooking is just wonderful!

"I'm honored to hear that Rein-sama," Pumo said as he started eating himself.

"You're honored to hear that from Rein, but not me? Insulting much Pumo? Anyways, I want more again. Some chocolate croissants too."

"Moon, you shouldn't eat so much or you'll get fat," Rein said, as she poured tea for everyone. "It's also bad for your skin if you keep eating nothing but sweets."

"But Rein, I'm perfectly fine and I eat even more sweets than Moon does." Rein worries too much about outer appearances. It's not like anything changes to us. No matter what we eat here, we don't get fat. I eat about 3x's as much as Rein, but I'm completely fine. Then again... I run around a lot.

"Does it matter? Anyways, I've got to visit some people. Thanks for the meal," Moon said standing up. "Pumo, I'm leaving you in charge. Make sure that Fine and Rein don't leave. Fine, Rein, tend to the customers while I'm out."

"Moon, where are you going this time?" She never lets us go with her to visit anyone. Pumo lets us go into town sometimes, but we always have errands to do and we always have to disuse ourselves.

"Don't worry, I'll be back in time for dinner. Later," Moon said disappearing. Oh well, at least she didn't eat all of the food this time.

"Nee Pumo, is there anything that you need today from any of the kingdoms?" Rein asked hopefully.

"We have everything needed for dinner~de pumo. Moon-sama just said that you two couldn't go out," Pumo said strictly. Pumo listens to Moon too much. "Anyways, Rein-sama please go clean the waiting room for the customers. Fine-sama please gather all the leaves. We can use them to roast potatoes."

"Yes, Pumo!" we both said at the same time as we quickly finished our breakfasts. Pumo went inside with Rein while I went the lawn and started gathering the Autumn leaves. Autumn's almost over already, huh? I wonder how much longer Rein and I will take to fill up the bottle. Happiness fragments are small and that bottle is no where near filled. Is it even possible to fulfill our part of the deal?

"Um...excuse me?" I looked over my shoulder to see a girl with a tiara in her long orange hair. Is she a princess? "Um... Am I still in the Flame Kingdom? Or am I in the Seed Kingdom by any chance?"

She must be the princess of the Flame Kingdom. "Neither is correct. Welcome to the shop that exists on this world but is not in any country that you know. This is a special shop that grants wishes."

"A shop that grants wishes? Is that really true?"

"Anything is possible, so practically any wish can be granted. Well, that's what the shop owner says. Please come in," I said leading her inside the shop. "Pumo, Rein, a guest has arrived! Hurry up!"

"Is it really okay for me to be here? I've already come onto your property without permission," she said.

"Of course, this is a shop after all. Whoever enters this shop is a customer, and all customers are welcomed. By the way, what's your name?"

"Princess Lione of the Flame Kingdom." So I was right. She looks around the same age as Rein and I. If we weren't blamed and ran away, I wonder if we could have been friends with her. "And your name is?"

"My name is Fine." Then Rein walked out. "And that is my sister, Rein. Rein, this girl is Lione."


"Wow, that's such a cute dress that you're wearing, Lione!" Figures that's the first thing that she notices. "Since it's a little uncomfortable just standing here, why don't we go sit down? Pumo will have tea ready in a minute. Then you can tell us your wish." Rein and I lead her to a Western style room that had comfy chairs. "Please sit down."

"Here's the tea de pumo," Pumo said carrying the tea tray in. I quickly grabbed it before he could drop it.

"Thank you very much, Pumo," Rein said. "Now then, Lione what is your wish?"

"Well you see, Bo Dragon has become ill and so it's been affecting my country. It hurts to see that he's been in so much pain. My wish is that he'll feel better soon so that the clouds that make snow fall will disappear," Lione said.

Bo Dragon... if I remember, he's a large dragon who lives inside a volcano that's in the heart of the Flame Kingdom. When we're sick...Pumo makes us rice porridge, but I don't think that a dragon would want to eat porridge. Oh right! "Now thinking about it, the Flame Kingdom is known for its healing hot spring water, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's true."

"I remember! Once we built a home made hot spring and used essences from the Flame Kingdom. The runny nose that I had earlier disappeared immediately," Rein said. "Moon has that, right Pumo?"

"I believe so," Pumo said, knowing what Fine and I were talking about. "I saw it last time we were cleaning. Please wait a moment."

"Wait, I'll go get it," Rein said. Rein held her hand out and chanted something then the box appeared. "This is it, right Fine?" I nodded. "This is filled with a huge amount of the Flame Kingdom's hot healing water. Open it where Bo Dragon is and he'll be rid of his cold."

"Thank you," Lione said as she took the box. "But will this really help? I don't see how this would have enough water to help Bo Dragon."

"It has enough, but only open it when you need to," I said. "Besides, didn't you just see the box appear out of no where? In this shop, a lot of things are possible here. Will you take it?"

"Um... how much is this?"

"Let's see... what would be good?" A box filled with healing water... "Then, can you do something?" Lione looked at her in confusion. "I would like it if you could make the same thing for what you made for the Best Sweets Princess. We will give you the box for that."

"Oh that! The Douhua with Flame syrup. That should be enough."

"Is that it? I don't think that it'll be enough, since there's a lot of water in here," Lione said.

"Your dessert is made with care for the person who's going to eat it and you put your best effort into making it. I believe it's the perfect thing as a price. Just make enough for 4 people," I said cheerfully. The look on her face still thought that it wasn't enough. "Then, also can you show us your winning dance for the Best Dance Princess?"

"Will that be a good price? If I do those things?"

"Yes. Ah, you're going to need a partner. Pumo, you can dance right?"

"Yes de pumo?"

"Good, then one second." I beg you, show me the form of a human that's best suited for this Pumo fairy's sprite. I snapped my fingers and Pumo became a handsome human boy with curly hair and purple eyes. "Does this form suit your liking, Pumo?"

"Thank you very much. Now Lione-sama, may I have this dance?"

"S-sure," Lione said dazed by everything. Well a tiny pumo fairy became human... so that is shocking to most people.

"And now, music," Rein said waving her finger as though drawing the music out. Beautiful music was playing and Lione's dance was really magical. It made me feel like flowers were blooming. When the dance was over, Rein and I clapped. "That was beautiful Lione!"

"Thank you very much."

"Pumo you danced well too. It kind of makes me wonder how you got that good when I've never seen you dance ballroom style before," I said.

"Please do not concern yourself, Fine-sama de pumo." Then a poof of smoke came and Pumo returned to his normal form. Looks like I still don't have enough power for Pumo to change for a long time.

"Um... I would like to make the Douhua now, so may I use your kitchen?"

"Of course. Pumo please show her the kitchen," Rein said.


"Remember, after that incident, Rein and I aren't allowed to go anywhere near the kitchen?" You burn something down once by accident and it's no more hanging around the kitchen. Pumo and Moon got so mad that day, even though Moon can use magic to fix it in an instant.

"U-understood de pumo."

"Fine, do you think that it was wrong of us to try to bake cookies in a 5000 degree oven?"

"We did want those cookies fast. But now I know the rain of sweets spell, so there's no need for us to cook anymore." It's such a nice spell where sweets rain down in the room that you're in. I have problems not stopping it from time to time. All the sweets are always so delicious.

"But when we leave this place, do you think we can keep the magic that we learned here?"

"Who knows, that is something unimportant right now. Anyways, do you think we can convince Pumo to make roasted sweet potatoes?"

"Ooh, that sounds good! We'll just say that we know about that and he'll make them," Rein said as sweetly as ever. I do not want to cross her, but she's smart for getting most people do what she wants. "But Pumo loves sweet potatoes too, so he'll definitely agree."

"Um... I'm not sure if this is to your liking, but please enjoy," Lione said walking in with a tray.

"Looks delicious! Thanks for the food." I took a bite. "Ah~ It's so good."

Rein elegantly took a bite while I ate by huge spoonfuls. "This is really good. Thank you for making this Lione."

"I'm glad that you like it." Then the clock rang for a new hour to begin. "Ah, I have to get back. Thank you very much for helping with my problem," Lione said smiling. Something came out of her. A rainbow colored gem. It went to our room.

"It was our pleasure. Please come back again," Rein said. "When you exist through the gate, you should imagine the place that you want to go. I hope that Bo Dragon gets better."

Lione smiled and left. The hours went by and dinner was served. Where is Moon? It's unlike her to be late for dinner. "Fine, Rein, Pumo! I'm back~," Moon said slamming the door open. "I had to get something." She snapped her fingers and a large cake with a buffet of sweets appeared. "Today, marks the 11th year that we've all been together." She hugged both of us. "I hope we can have some more great memories together."

"Moon... Thank you," Rein and I said at the same time.

"Moon-sama, I had already made curry, you're going to ruin their stomachs this way!"

"But Pumo I got your favorite cream puffs too. My stomach is still working, so it's fine. Look they're very good," Moon said stuffing a cream puff into Pumo's mouth. "Rein, Fine, what do you think?"

Rein and I smiled. "Thank you very much Moon."