Moon: This'll be the last chapter of this story. I really hope that you guys enjoy and there is going to be a huge author's note at the end, so please read it.

Normal POV

Everyone left the shop and they appeared in front of the castle. It's been many years since Fine and Rein have stood in front of this place. Shade and Bright could feel their tension. They grabbed the twins' hands as if to say that it was okay. A man and a woman appeared. "Fine, Rein?"

Fine and Rein turned to see two familiar faces. "Father, Mother!" They ran to their parents and Elsa hugged her precious daughters. Truth embraced all of them. After so long, this family could be finally together again. "We missed you so much!"

"Us too... Fine, Rein you've grown up so much since the last time we saw you. I'm so happy to see you."

"I'm glad for them," Bright commented. "Aren't you Shade?" Shade nodded in agreement with a soft smile on his face. Isn't it nice to see families together again? It's a warm scene.

"Ah, where's Moon-san? I want to give her our thanks."

Rein and Fine were about to say that she was coming, but Pumo interrupted. "She won't be coming, Moon-sama isn't coming..."

"Pumo it's bad to lie," Rein warned.

"Moon said she was coming soon."

"No, she's not. The purification process is going to kill her!"

"What?" Pumo said nothing. "Pumo, that can't be true-"

"Wait a second, Rein. If you think about it, it's not impossible," Fine said after thinking for a minute. "Because Moon's body right now is filled with impurity, and if she purifies her body..." Rein gasped in shock, realizing what that meant. "Her body's going to break!"

As soon as Fine and Rein left the shop, Moon walked outside. It was snowing. Moon smiled in satisfaction. Her last job was finally over. In her hands, was a cup half filled with a golden liquid made from the items she gathered. She sat down in the porch chair as half of the building collapsed. "Hm... You would expect these things to break more carefully. Ah, it's snowing!"

Without a witch to manage the building, it's only natural for it to disappear. Moon sipped the rest of her 'tea' and continued to watch the snow, instead of the building, fall. Three silver figures appeared. Two boys and one girl. "Moon, come here," the girl beckoned.


The blue haired boy walked towards her and extended his hand. "Come on, Moon. We've been waiting for ages."

Moon smiled at the boy, tears streamed down her face. "Sorry for the wait, Alex." She took his ghost like hand, but in the process, her soul came out of her body. She expected this. A younger ghost of herself came. "I've missed you all."

"We've missed you too, Moon," Grace told her as the old friends hugged each other.

"Let's go." They nodded. The four of them disappeared, no one knows where, but they still exist.

Meanwhile at the Sunny Kingdom castle, Fine yelled, "Pumo, why didn't you say something earlier?! We need to go stop Moon! Rein, do you have a spell ready?"

"It's impossible, I can't find the shop," Rein told her with her eyes glowing. "Pumo, where is the shop? We need to go make sure that Moon doesn't kill herself!" Pumo said nothing. "Pumo, please tell us something, Moon is our precious friend, we don't want to lose her!" Pumo still didn't say anything. "Please Pumo!"

"Actually, that person has told me once before," Elsa started, getting her children's attention. "She said, no matter how attached you two are, she had to leave no matter what and she can't come back after she fulfilled the wishes. Isn't that how you remember things Truth?" Her husband nodded.

"Mother, what are you talking about?"

"Moon-sama's real intention, her true wish was actually to destroy that body so her spirit could be free once more."

"Destroy... Why would she do that?" Fine and Rein asked him.

"There is a letter that you two were suppose to get, but I'm afraid that I left it at the store."

"Then we're going back to the shop!" Shade pulled out the glass rose from his pocket, thinking that there has to be some kind of use for it. "Pumo, where is it? Where is the forest of glass trees?!"

"Forest of glass trees? Why would you two want to go there?" But after seeing the look on the twins' faces, Truth had no choice but to explain his point. "That place was destroyed before you two were even born. There's no way that it could still exist."

"But it did exist, we saw it with our own eyes!"

As the two protest, Shade asked, "Hey Pumo. Why did that person give this to us?" Pumo looked at Shade. "What was the point of her words? I doubt that she would have simply disappear without saying anything to them without a reason. Wouldn't she have explained this to them?"

"Shade, that's..."

"I think there's this is a key to something. Fine, Rein, use your magic on this," Shade told them, holding the rose out in front of him. Fine and Rein looked at the rose. "I think the answer the two of you are looking for is in this. I'm sure that you two can figure out a spell to use on this."

"That is a possibility. From what I can tell from that person's personality, she seemed like the type to hide things," Bright theorized from what he's seen from Moon. "Didn't she seem like the type of person who loved to play tricks? I think that this is a good idea."

"Rein, you remember that spell don't you?" Rein nodded. Together, they chanted, "Inside this object, lies the truth of someone's soul, show me the truth of their heart!" The rose flew up and created an image of Moon. "Moon!"

"Fine, Rein, if you're seeing this from a glass rose... I'm sorry. Ah, I'm sorry for forgetting to give you the letter too Pumo," She started laughing. "My bad... I'm sorry Fine, Rein. It would have been better to tell you two from the start. I'm dead, if you're seeing this, then I'm dead."

"Stop lying to us!"

"This is a projection, so you can't yell at me for lying to you."

Pumo sighed. "Who knew she was going to be right about that?"

"It's been fun with you two. It almost makes up for the past few hundred years. I'm really sorry for all this. But I can't come back. There are people waiting for me, just like there are people waiting for you. Everything right now is meant to make you two happy. Truth, Elsa, Bright, Shade, Pumo. If something happens to Fine and Rein because of me, please erase their memories of me."

"You know that I can't do that, I can't do anything to Fine-sama and Rein-sama..." Tears began to flow down Pumo's cheeks. Pumo wants them to keep remembering those moments, because they were some of most important moments of his life.

"Projection. It's as a last resort. Fine, Rein, everything that you two loved from the shop is in the castle. The forest of glass does exist, it's west of the castle. I finally returned it to this world."

"That's impossible, I saw it being destroyed with my own eyes," Truth protested.

"Projection. Anything is possible as a wish witch. Ah, it's about time for this to be over though. I will always wish for your happiness, Fine, Rein. It's what you two deserve. I'm sorry if I hurt you two. But even if I'm gone, there are others, who will love you much, much more." She smiled and hugged them. The projection disappear.

Fine and Rein collapsed down with tears. Elsa hugged her daughters gently to try to comfort them. "Tonight, we'll all be together in the same room as before," she told them. Before, whenever Fine and Rein got afraid at night, they crawled into their parents bed and slept like that. "Then for a while, we'll all spend time together as a family while traveling to other countries."

"We're going to be together. I promise that this time no one will separate us," Truth told them softly, gently, like a true father. "Everything's going to be fine."

"Yeah..," the twins said with tears. "We'll always be together as a family. Always!" After so many years, this family can finally be together and this time they'll be at peace, that is what Fine and Rein had worked for. That was their granted wish. Of course, that will happen. That family will never taste misfortune again.

Shade and Bright decided to spend the night. It's only natural that they were in separate rooms. But in the middle of the night, Fine and Rein, at separate times, decided to explore their old home to find the memories again.

Rein was currently looked through the old ballroom, that's covered in dust. When she was younger, she snuck in here, and pretended that she was dancing with a wonderful prince. "What are you doing here so late, Princess Rein?" a voice in the darkness asked her.

"Please don't call me that. Call me how you always do, Bright-sama. Nothing's really changed. I'm still the same as I always am, so there's no reason to change the way you call me."

"I understand. Still, what are you doing here?"

"Remembering my childhood," she answered. "It's been so long since I've seen this place." Rein gave a small smile, but it was sad. "Bright-sama, when you found out that I was a 'traitor princess', what did you think? You must have been disturbed by that."

"To be honest, I was more shocked than anything, because I didn't realize your discomfort and fear at all with things. Like that night, I'm sorry Rein," he apologized. "I should have done something more to help you. Even though I was so close to you, I didn't know anything."

"No, your kindness was enough. I never wanted to tell you to begin with, because of fear. But you still treated me very kindly. I should thank you for this warm feeling," she told him as she put her head over her chest. Bright stepped towards her and took her hand, gently. "Bright-sama?"

"I promise that I'll protect you Rein, so that you can be happy. I promise that I'll say by your side."

"I'm already plenty happy from hearing you say that Bright-sama." Bright smiled a little. Slowly, he leaded in and gently kissed Rein who blushed right after. "Bright-sama..."

"I hope that I can make you happy, Rein. No, I will make you happy, no matter what," he softly declare.

"I already told you that I am. I'm happy right now with you Bright-sama," she told him with the most beautiful smile that he's seen. "You've already granted me so much happiness." Rein is happy. As long as he's by her side, she's at her happiest. He can protect her. Definitely.

Meanwhile, Fine was walking through the pretty garden. Even though it have over grown a little and had weeds, it was still a beautiful garden, only needing a little work here and there. Fine remembered when she was little, she and Rein often played here. They would run around and search for pretty flowers to give to their mother.

"You look cold in those clothes," a voice commented. A thick blanket was placed around her arms over her rather thin nightgown.

Fine wrapped it more comfortably around her shoulders. "Thank you, but aren't you cold as well, Shade?"

"I'm okay. I'm used to the cold."

Fine turned around and waved her finger around to give him warmth."You still look cold. Don't wear such thin clothing in winter." Shade gave her a small smile of thanks. "So, what are you doing here? I know that you like flowers and herbs but isn't it better to see them in the day-"

"Couldn't I ask the same for you?" Silence engulf them like the cold. Sorrow filled Shade's eyes. "Are you okay?"

Fine couldn't answer, but after a minute she said, "I'm okay. Nothing lasts forever, nothing we can touch."

"No, I meant when you were called a traitor princess..." Fine's eyes widened slightly, but he couldn't see her face. "Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine from that. People are going to figure out the truth eventually, so Rein and I are going to be just fine." Suddenly Shade hugged her. "S-Shade? What is it?"

"Once... Just once will you show me how you really feel?" Fine could feel regret from his hug. She let go of her defenses and started to shiver from fear while putting her head in his chest. "Fine?"

"It was scary... It was really scary! Being hated is the worst feeling, because it makes you feel so lonely, I don't like loneliness, Rein doesn't either. Even though we had each other, we still felt like we couldn't do anything but be hated by others!" There is not a single person in the world who can bear the pain of solitude.

"It's okay," he told her in a gentle hush tone, stroking her hair gently. "I promise I'll protect you. I'll always protect you, so you won't have to feel lonely anymore."

"Thank you Shade." Shade smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek. Fine looked up at him and kissed him softly. "I don't feel lonely right now," she said with a wonderful smile.

Those innocent wishes of theirs, wishes of happiness and hope are all going to be fulfilled by their own hands. That's the only way a wish can truly be filled, you must do what is necessary, no matter what that is. Those two, Fine and Rein will gain more and more wishes and they will grant others' desires in their own way with their kindness. These pure wishes will lead them to light towards their happiness and towards a bright future.

Moon: First things' first. I will explain the answer to the riddle that I put out. The 'light' that I'm talking about is actually the character that I've put in my FushigiBoshi No Futago Hime stories which is 'Moon', I made this character more to give hope ('light') for Fine and Rein. Moon also doubles as myself. For instance, the types of plots and the events that I write in my story often are due to the time of year it is. Christmas stories for winter, Valentines stories in February, etc. My character often changes to match the plot, for instance when I start school along with other things.

Now then, there's actually a reason why I made this little event. This is the first time I've killed a character of mind. When 'Moon' dies in this story, that means that's the end. In order words, I'm done. I'm sorry, but I feel like I can't write anymore. Honestly a year ago, I felt myself losing all motivation for writing and I've been trying to write amazing stories, but now I just feel like I can't move forward anymore.

This is goodbye, I don't know for how long and I don't know if I ever will come back. Thank you all for your support after this long. I know everyone's going to grow as a writer. Good luck everyone and even though it's a little early right now, Happy New Years.