A/N: Okay, I had this idea for a a day, but Jedi-lover's recent viggie pushed me into actually writing 's kind of depressing but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


Luke sat in the solitary confines of his apartment in the Jedi Temple.

He wasn't sure why he was there; everything surrounding him reminded him of his beloved Mara. Here he could almost smell her faint perfume, could see her as she gracefully danced; hear her as she slept soundly in the bed next him.

A datapad and a half-drunk glass of water remained on the bedside stand on her side. Her favorite pair of boots were placed beside their bedroom door in an orderly fashion. On the vanity, in the far corner of the room, his wife's hair brush was laid. A keepsake box he'd given her on their tenth wedding anniversary, held various jewelry items and trinkets he'd also given to her over the years. ..

His throat locked up at the thought of her and he could feel this raw ache in his heart.

It felt as if someone had jammed a hand into his chest and had gripped his heart all the while twisting it. He felt like it was torn to shreds and could almost feel himself bleeding out as it tried to pump in its natural rhythm.

Almost as if he was dying. It felt like it anyhow, he had been deprived of the other half of his heart, the other half of soul, the other half of himself. Of course he felt like he did. His beloved wife was gone and she had taken that part of him with her.

He let out a wrenched sob, squeezing his hand into a tight fist. By now, he had screamed his throat raw in his anguish and his river of tears had dried out on him. Yet his grief continued on even without those tears, it continued to rip and tear at him and drain him.

War was never fair and the Force gave no explanation for its mysterious ways—but he couldn't for once accept the unfairness of the whole kriffin' scenario.

His wife was gone forever, and no explanation would be given that he would—or could—accept. He couldn't accept that his wife and been so cruelly wrenched from him. He wouldn't!

No, this was something no one could fix. A broken heart like his couldn't be mended so easily. He feared he would have to live with this for the rest of his life.

"You know what the worst part is, Mara…" He said bitterly. "If I had trusted you….none of this would have happened."



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