Jackunzel (Corona exists in our time that's just how they dress and Mother gothel keeps her in the dark from technology because well then she'd know about the world)

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Bare feet took slow and calming steps upon the rigid ice below, yet not a chill in existence dared to assault the being that calmly treed upon its frozen surface.

The pale form pulled the modern azure cloak down over his head delighting in the intricate design that quickly sketched its way into the threads. He was something of an artist, leave it to this empty life to give him some kind of semblance of...what was that word he had forgotten. Oh yes, hope. Rolling his eyes at such dismissed notions he kicked the rocks scattered across the once green grass before him. So what if this wasn't his territory. As if he cared about what any of those other killjoy workaholics said.

He never saw any harm in spreading a blanket of white across the town. These people didn't have anything better to do anyway than hang decorations, sing songs about nothing for a month or so, and then go back to being just as cold and cruel as usual. He had nothing against Christmas. He actually quite respected it. I mean a birthday celebration was a birthday celebration be it a belated one or not. Not to mention it was the one time of year he managed to get some manner of recognition even though he'd only been lucky enough to steal one line in the song.

Curling his toes he hummed the little tune the cool wind beginning to pull him into the air as if preparing itself for the wave of winter the spirit was about to unleash.

"Jack Frost nipping at your nose." The softly sung melody carried itself into his ears. His felt his heart jump in anticipation for an abrupt moment. The sound of his name being spoken by another was such a rare occurrence. He always had to remind himself that it wasn't directed towards him. His name was nothing more than a fairy tale and an unpopular one at that. No one with half a mind would consider believing in an anomaly like Jack Frost.

Glancing downward the man in question rolled his shoulders brushing off that shock that always came. He was sick of wanting this, wanting some kind of answer or recognition. Why couldn't he just give up for once and accept that he had been and would always forever be...alone.

"Jack Frost." The soft whisper carried itself to him once again this time pressing at his already fragile state with vigorous abandon. So it hadn't been enough had it. Did the man in the moon seek to torture him now with a reminder of what he would never have? Glancing at his hunched reflection in the ice below Jack frowned deeply. What was he doing sitting here feeling empty as he was? Calling the wind to carry him he flew into the air feeling the rush of the cuurent whip through the strands of his silver hair carrying him towards the curious sound. Flying forward he descended towards the tower below briskly landing upon the roof a small patch of ice forming from beneath his toes to spread across the shingles.

The antiquated shingles slowly cracked from underneath his feet falling from the sturdy roof to land on the edge of a small balcony below him.

"Whoops." The silver haired youth stated wondering if perhaps it even would make a difference. It wasn't like one shingle would cause the whole tower to collapse anyway. Hopping down from his perch onto the balcony the spirit scanned the inside of the high tower. He had heard of high-rise living before but this was ridiculous.

"Hm hmm hmm. Jack Frost nipping at your nose. If only Jack Frost could find his way here. Maybe I'd finally get to see what a snowflake really looks like." The winter spirits eyes widened at the sight of the girl before him. She was dressed in colorful purple and pink dress her feet as bare as his own. But this wasn't what he found odd. What mystified him was the long flowing hair that extended down her back in a never ending golden waterfall. Her endless locks dragged behind her on the floor as she darted throughout the tower completing her mundane chores. The length was more than he could have ever thought possible given that there was enough to weave through the rafters above him. From where he crouched he could only manage to see half of her face. Her full pink lips were curling into a glowing smile everything about her emitting warmth as she fluttered about the empty space.

'She's cute.' He thought to himself leaning in for a better look. Who ever said there was any harm in looking anyway. Cocking his head to the side his ice blue eyes lowered in interest as he gazed at her. He placed a hand under his chin his eyes daring downward before heading up again. He hadn't spent much time or thought to find interest in anyone since this whole endeavor had begun. He'd been much too focused on trying to find someway to be seen.

"Heh you've never seen snowflakes? I guess you must not get out much." The spirit in question commented dangling his foot off the edge of the ledge he was perched upon. He'd gotten in the habit of answering others around him even though he never considered receiving a reply.

'The man in the moon, humans, heh it seems nobody wants to talk to me even after I've been brushing up on my good conversation.' He thought to himself.

"No hardly at al-" The girl turned toward him in surprise at the unexpected voice behind her. She jumped dropping the empty frying pan she held with a fright. Her eyes promptly began to grow wide as saucers at the sight of oddity in front of her. Its hair reflected off the sun like fragments of shining silver weaving shades of light into the strands with every slight motion of its head. The deep blue of its hoodie stood out plainly in contrast to its free standing hair yet still drew her in from the unique artistry decorating the sleeves and neckline. She felt her heartbeat increase for some peculiar reason as the creature cracked a sly half-smile and its head made a small tilting motion to the side. The pleased half-smirk seemed to be directed towards her as it leisurely rested its cheek upon the staff it had.

Thinking quickly the girl pulled herself together hurriedly searching for her weapon of choice to defend herself.

The youth of winter blinked in confusion at the reaction. Strange. Really strange. Why was this girl staring at him as if-as if she could...see him?

"Might as well get it over with.." Reaching out he prepared to wave a hand in front of her face content that would be enough to prove himself wrong. To his surprise the girl jumped back the moment he opened his palm grabbing a cooking utensil from the ground and pointing it aggressively in his direction.

"S-stay back! I'm not afraid to use this!" She stammered defensively preparing herself for an attack if need be.

"Ho...hold on a minute you can..see me?"

"Of course I can see you! Now don't come any closer to me. I'm warning you. Just-just turn around and go right back wherever you came from. I don't want any trouble."

"But how?!" He exclaimed walking towards her clearly without any thought.

"How can you see me? No one can see me."

"What are you talking about? You're, I mean why wouldn't I be able to see you you're standing right in front of me." She had no idea why she was having a conversation with the...whatever that was in front of her. Was that creature what they called a boy?

"I just cant believe it. Finally after...after all these years someone can actually see me." A small remnant of a smile traced its way upon his lips an odd feeling of joy creeping up inside him.

"Whoever or whatever you are. You're really freaking me out." The girl plainly replied her grip tightening on her frying pan.

"Listen, was that you singing before? That song about-?"

"You heard me sing? What else did you hear?" She asked fear creeping up inside her. Was this creature here to try to steal her hair. Mother had just said something like this would happen. She shouldn't have been so careless singing like that as if no one would ever hear and discover her.

"I heard you call my name."

Now it was reaching a level she didn't think she could handle. This thing whatever it was was definitely out of its senses. Danger a red flag. She had to do something quick before the plague came out of it or if it was boy it lashed out at her with those razor icisors mother had mentioned.

"Jack Frost." And suddenly Jack's entire world went pitch black.

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