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"Look here do you like it?" Rapunzel inquired, twirling on her heel to display the crafted garment.

"I saw it in the pictures you brought last time. Though some were a little...odd. I still have no idea what that girl's secret is, everything was really...err." Rapunzel shook her head, still unsure what Jack hoped to accomplish from plunging her into the throngs of her occasional shyness.

"But I liked this one and decided I should make it."

Jack's eyes analyzed her new creation wondering if it was just a shot in the dark that he'd been graced with such a sight before him.

With inquisitive purpose, his eyes tarried upward to gaze at the lace design, dipping into the modest u-shaped curve beneath her collar bone. A sheer panel of delicate blue lace added allure to the sweetheart neckline in the bodice of the dress. It was something added to her usual dipped neckline, however he found her hidden skin all the more enticing.

The downy material of the sundress was a deepened azure hue, that matched his own garment so perfectly. Intricate and feminine in an a-line shape, the delicate fabric cascaded downward into a ruffle that rested gently over her knee. Her appliqué, skirts lifted just enough in her twirl to make his heart leap with foolish anticipation. He'd seen the skin below her usual dress on multiple slices of treasured occasions but now it was assaulting him full force.

By now he wondered what the ideal reaction for this could be. Navy orbs darted about the room in search of her weapon, however seeing it was absent his eyebrows rose, his voice now eager to speak.

"Hmm well now, that's kinda sexy Punz. Maybe I should start bringing you more of those magazines." He stated with an appreciative nod.

Her fingers bunched in her shortened skirts, frivolously twirling the flowing material about; as she bristled at the comment.

"Sexy? ...That's a funny word. What's it mean?" Rapunzel questioned.

"Wait a minute do I even want to know?" She asked again, not quite sure if that were a compliment or an insult.

"I worked really hard on this you know. The least you could do is say something nice." A slight pout escaped her at the delivery, as she pulled at the edges of a folded ruffle on her skirt. Jack chuckled once again, finding delight in her innocent naivety.

"Well for one it means you're hot, two-"

"But it's cold in here, especially with you around more these days." She nested her fingers through her interlocked strands, as she patted the intricate braided arrangement atop her head. She'd spent so much time preparing for leaving the tower, finally managing to get her hair in some manner of portability.

She thought he was going to like the dress, she had hoped anyway.

Jack just shook his head in response. He neared closer to her, his fingers reaching out to trace a chilled design of frost along her cheek with unknown purpose. He knew exactly why he loved to tease her so. Watching her cheeks flush scarlet as her widened eyes analyzed his next movement, was an unmatchable joy to his lonely heart. Knowing he'd been the only one she'd ever felt this way with, it seemed all to be some foreign dream; that dared not solidify itself in reality.

Rapunzel's form trembled slightly at the action, the bitter scarcity of ice sketching itself on the surface of her previously unmarred cheek. She wondered what exactly he was drawing so aimlessly there. His half-lidded eyes reflected his visage of focus, with a certain kind of unique awe. It was as if they were entertaining some treasured oracle of artistic design, and not carelessly rubbing joined curves of haloed representation into her skin.

"Why would I be hot?" She questioned, her inquiring curiosity delighting Jack's mischief. More than anything she wished she could have been able to see his swift creation, as he brushed melted slivers of ice from her steadily burning cheeks.

"It means..." Jack's eyes drew toward the ground in careful thought once again. Obviously Gothel wouldn't have ever had the need to teach her terms like these.

"It means you look attractive to me." He stated plainly, perhaps putting it in a simpler term would be easier. Rapunzel had no reason to know the exact connotations behind his words, he had no idea why he'd leapt into it at full force. After all he was already attempting to get these abrupt feelings under control, clearly he was failing miserably.

"Really?" She stammered out the words, unsure of how to reply. Jack thought she was, attractive? But how could that be?

Looking through that magazine she could clearly see she looked nothing like the buxom wearers of Victoria's secrets. Whatever those secrets were they didn't seem to be very hidden. Why would Jack say such a thing about her, when everything about her was exceedingly plain?

Eyes of crystal jade tarried upward to analyze his guarded expression. Jack seemed as if he were stiffening under her intense look, his twinkling orbs of blue captured in some silent battle with her own.

"Rapunzel, you have no idea what you do to me." He half whispered the words in an off-handed state, certain that his quiet murmurs were just enough for her to pick up on. His fingers twisted in the wood grains, idly rolling the splintered rod upon his frigid palm. She might not of have known how much she affected him, but now at least she could have a vague idea. He'd spoken words of fragility against his inner disdain, certain that the admonition would eventually shred apart his treasured parade of lying friendship.

Her mind drew back to his earlier words and that subtle brush of quickened joy, as his lips had skirted across her own.

"I'm trying to figure out something like that too." Her reply held an air of careful thought and purpose. Jack had told her he wanted to give her everything, were their many encounters and chaste touches more than a brisk dance of lives intertwined? She cared about Jack more deeply than she had anyone. She wanted him to stay beside her, jovial and anointing her cheeks with cherries. She wanted him to never leave.

"I'm sorry about teasing you, about the cold." Her fingers nervously brushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear as she spoke the words, hoping she hadn't deterred him.

"You know I don't mind right...because I like seeing you Jack." Her genuine words hit that place again, locking in somewhere treasured in his memories. She kept saying things, doing those slight little...gestures. Like the way her fingers would careen along the lines in her skirt when he made her nervous or how they'd drift through her hair to clear it from a milky shoulder. He kept picking up on every silly detail in a way that both frustrated and pleased him.

Quirking an eyebrow at his silent response Rapunzel spoke up once again.

"I made it myself while you were away. Here!" She offered, pushing the present delicately wrapped in sewn fabric swatches out towards him.

"Happy Anniversary!" The voice before him was like an echo of shock that trailed through his ears, before trickling down to drip upon his heart. The delightful cruelty of it all didn't escape him as he held his breath. The realization that after 300 years he'd really had true companionship. He'd never received one gift until she'd come along. And he'd never heard the cheerful spoken evidence of a continued relationship directed his way.

People would only ask him for things, as if he were some manner of God? He was nothing more than a spirit who was part of the world's cycle, due to the man in the moon's careful discretion.

"Anniversary?" He questioned, carefully analyzing the hidden treasure.

"Yup! It's been six months from the day we met." She said with a fervent nod.

"You kept up with all that?" The tone of disbelief was heavy in Jack's throat, yet it didn't resonate with the strength his heart found in her words.

"Of course I did." She shrugged evenly, as it were of no consequence and not another spectacular weight to shatter crumbling hopes of the past. "Now open it."

Jack's fingers careened across the careful fabric before he discovered a weak point. His hands grasped either side of the material, ripping it open with unparalleled haste. His eyes widened at the sight underneath the scraps, wondering why such an unattainable visage rested in his frigid hands.

The thick surface on the canvas of the book was painted in an awe worthy collage of colors, all a variation of his own familiar hue of deepened blue. In the center of the dancing spectacle rested a familiar piece of art. It was a miniature sized portrait of Rapunzel herself and Jack facing each other, this time with delighted smiles on their faces.

Her tangles of illuminated gold danced along the cover, standing out in the multitude of blue. Sprinkles of glittering frost careened in various locations, all coming together to create an awe worthy design.

"I thought you could carry it around with you and maybe then you wouldn't ever feel alone? Go on open it."

Jack's natural curiosity quickly implored him, and he opened the new creation, already delighted at the painted memory. His likeness stood there with his hand extended, curved lines indicating a rush of wind and a prominent glittered snowflake landing on Rapunzel's nose. A delicate handwritten cursive graced the first page.

'To Jack Frost, the boy who brought light into my life.'

"How long did this take you Punz?" He felt another brisk stretch of happiness flow through the inner workings of his being, her face lighting up to match a brilliant smile.

"A few months. Wait!" She hurriedly reached to stop him from flipping through the book. "You have to save it, it's special, like a never ending gift. I want you to see the pictures one by one for everyday we're out of the tower and I'll keep adding new pages during our adventure."

"What happens when we get back to the tower?"

"I'll paint all our adventures we have here! After all just being beside you is enough of an adventure in itself." Rapunzel released the words with a brisk flicker of laughter, weaving her strands together aimlessly. She'd already started threading her hair together weeks ago, having hoped to leave the tower with her Mother. That answer no hadn't managed to stomp out her will, only strengthening her desire to want to see the floating lights with Jack instead.

"You put a lot of thought into this. I've never really collected my memories, none of them had anything worth remembering."

"I'm sure there are some things you cherish. What about when you create winter, you don't like that?" She kindly questioned.

"It's never really been a choice for me Punz. I've always been Jack Frost, nothing more or less." He gave a mild shrug of his shoulders, his fingers tightening upon the book. "I've never had the chance to become a memory to someone."

"Well you're more than a memory to me, you're a permanent part of my life now, an important part. I wouldn't want to take this journey without you Jack, you helped me decide to take a chance out there for my dream."

"You're right, without me you'd still be stuck in this tower, rejuvenating wrinkles until your vocal cords got sore. Maybe you should thank me with something a little more personal don't you think?" He arrogantly inquired, cocking his head to the side with a cheeky grin.

Rapunzel's gaze flickered downward for a moment before drawing upward to meet his own. There he went again, changing the atmosphere to something of that nature. If he wanted to issue her a challenge she wasn't going to back down, this was the time for new beginnings and she had long ago decided that she wanted to chance all possibilities.

"...Save a page in the middle." She half muttered the words as a crimson hue danced upon her cheeks and she turned away deciding her words were risky enough as it was.

The youth of winter widened his eyes at her unexpected response, fantastical scenarios whirling about in his mind. His chilled fingers rapidly skimmed to the middle of the book, imprinting words of promise with a frosted design, doting the damped message into the canvas page. Something Personal. Certainly his mischief would be the cause of his own demise, for the very words upon the page had already sent him past anticipation and drowned into inquires of the unseen future.

"Jack what are you waiting for?!" Rapunzel called out, having changed back into her regular dress and flittered about the tower in the dead space to collect the rest of her needed items.

"You." He evenly replied to save himself, pocketing the book in his hoodie pocket before gliding over to her place before the open door of the tower.

"This backpack you gave me is really handy. Who would have thought I'd ever need so many compartments!" She commented, stuffing her frying pan and folding in the blue lace dress within it, before happily slinging the article over her shoulders.

"I knew you'd like it, and there's much more interesting stuff in the world than that Punz. I'm gonna you show you more fantastic things than your books could ever help you imagine."

Jack curved the crook of his staff against his shoulder as he squatted down before her. A lengthy amount of Rapunzel's hair still extended from her braided tresses, however he was sure he could fly high enough to keep it from interfering. Her fingers reached down to comfortably rest around upon his shoulders, as his hands easily hooked underneath her knees.

Rising up with his legs, Jack settled her securely on his back, watching her attempt to scoop up as much of her excess hair as possible. Pascal had already secured himself into her golden strands, happily prepared for the journey.

"Don't mind that too much Punz. Just stuff as much hair as you can between us and cushion it down. When we're flying, it'll be so fast that it'll blow right out of your hands. Besides I'll make sure it doesn't get caught in anything."

"Well its better safe than sorry." She replied, glad to see she'd maneuvered her strands enough that they only trailed ten feet on the floor behind her.

"I promise I wont let anyone or anything hurt you out there."

"Oh so you'll protect me from anything my frying pan can't wallop?"

"Trust me Punz if anyone even thinks it, they'll wish for an eternity that you knocked them out with that thing, instead of dealing with me."

"Mmm so that's a yes then?"

"It's a yes."

With those words Jack effortlessly let the wind elevate them to the window ledge. "Hold on tight." He warmly instructed, feeling her nod and wrap her arms around his neck; holding herself to him in a secure grip. His hands flicked to his staff idly resting on his shoulder, gripping it in his free hand; he bristled slightly as her thighs clenched around his sides.

"Jack?" She questioned, wondering why he had stiffened up. Maybe she was squeezing him too hard.

"It's nothing Punz. Just keep holding on...like that." He uttered out in a muttered state, only receiving her innocent nod in reply.

In a quickened motion the wind swept around them both, lifting them high into the atmosphere above them. A tickle of flip flopping weight twittered in her stomach, as Jack cut through the turbulent atmosphere. Rapunzel glanced down as the tower below receded into nothing but a minuscule vision the higher they soared into the clouds. Her inclined body tipped back slightly and she felt Jack tighten his hold, dipping back beneath her in the wind to let her fall forward onto his back.

"Hey now, I don't want to lose my first passenger."

Her gaze reluctantly drew back ahead as the tower vanished from her view. "Sorry it's just, it's hard to believe its really happening." The harsh wind rushed over them creating a harsh clutter of a noise.

"What did you say?!" Jack yelled over the velocity, slowly gliding in mid-air so he could hear her more clearly.

"I said, it's hard to believe I really left the tower." Her eyes were watering slightly from the streaming wind, the sensation was odd but not entirely unpleasant. Her dress streamed around her ankles and she was more grateful than ever that she had changed to her regular purple and pink garment.

"Thank you Jack, I can't thank you enough." Her fingers intertwined from their position around his neck as she comfortably rested her head on his shoulder, admiring the ground below. Her hand gently reached out for the other side of his face, bringing his cheek close to her lips to kiss it with a gratitude of affection.

Jack didn't even try to force back the dopey grin imprinting upon his features, too elated from her gesture and the adventure ahead. He dashed through the wind, hurling flecks of frozen ice with each twist through the cotton clouds.

Rapunzel reached out her hand, half stretching off of Jack as she let it dance through the fluffy air before her. Her legs tightened reflexively around his waist, maintaining her steady grip there to keep herself latched onto him.

"Careful!" He called out, gliding into her movement. She merely gave him a shake of her head. He might have been carefree and always looking for trouble, but he was such a worrywart when it came to her. He thought she didn't notice how he bristled and his hands flexed just slightly around his staff, when she'd perch herself on the high ledge outside her tower.

"You worry too much, besides if I fall I know you'll catch me."

"Oh? How can you be so sure? I might not be feeling generous today." He chimed with a grin earning a playful nudge from her.

"Stop teasing." She pouted gently, leaning down to rest lazily against his back. "You'd catch me...right?"

"I won't." His voice was even as he tightened his hold on the instrument of winter within his hands. Rapunzel felt her heart plummet for a moment, had she made him angry? Was he upset that she was making their first flight so difficult for him? Her stomach churned for the pause of seconds he parted his lips, sure they would impart some utterance of exhaustion and regret.

"Because I'll make sure you never really fall." The kindness in his voice immediately broke apart her nervousness. She should have known that Jack wasn't the type to get frustrated so easily. She had to keep reminding herself that not everyone was like her Mother. With a sigh of contentment she tightened her hold around his shoulders, nuzzling her cheek affectionately against his neck as she stared at the flowing clouds below. She had never had a fear of heights, having lived her entire existence miles away from the ground, and dangling from the rafters to paint her high tower.

As she curled in against him Jack lightly nudged her with a smirk of ease, silently communicating for her to take it easy.

It felt liberating the higher they soared through the air, the ends of her wild strands singing a melodic chorus in the breeze. Every race of the wind broke another chain. Her eyes darted quickly to Jack's, seeing his slight chuckle of approval. She let out a sound of freed elation, and threw her spread palms up into the clouds. Fingers procuring the falling drops of crystal chills that danced around her.

Jack shook his head, chuckling at her carefree action. She was so completely unafraid that he feared for her entry into the world, yet he still wasn't foolish enough to keep her from it. He wanted this elation that bubbled in his heart from her giggles that encompassed utter glee, as she clung to him so close he thought his heart would shatter from pounding.

"So you like flying?" He yelled over the rushing wind. She leaned down to whisper in his ear to avoid him having to still his rushing speed, sending a jerking quiver of heat to his stomach. "Mm mm I like it a lot. It's better than I imagined, being with you up here."

"Oh man..."He muttered beneath the fierce wind, her words only making his heart more firmly crushed within her tender hands. He was grimacing again and she was unaware of his acute inner pain, as she rested shyly in the hollow of his neck. Maybe if she just was still here it would make it easier for him to fly, despite the embarrassment she was feeling.

She picked up his delightful scent of mint and sandalwood, the rising peppered aroma dashing through her elated senses. She didn't want him to notice as she breathed in just a little deeper, committing it to memory unknowing when she'd get another chance. Her heart always pounded like mad when near him, urgent hands longing to take him into her arms and embrace away all his hidden agonies. She cared about Jack beyond anything, she'd endure all his misbehavior for the chance to bring out that half moon smirk; that incited a sweet flutter of harmonies.

"Hmm?" She questioned again, almost wishing he'd slow his flight so she could hear him better.

"I said, me too. We're gonna finally have some real fun. Hold on! " He yelled back with the curve of a smirk. A cluster of heavy snowflakes cascaded from the clouds around them, as Jack twirled through the cumulus with a delighted sprinkle of laughter. Rapunzel's toes wiggled in his downy hoodie, flustering wind slicing through her extended locks. They careened behind them in mid air, strands of gold tossing in the expanse frozen crystals.

Now that he was sure she had a firm grip he could really soar, choosing to put his worries to bed. He nosedived beneath the raging breeze as Rapunzel let out a gasp of elation, curling in her toes from the featherlight tickle that rose in her belly.

"You trust me?" Jack suddenly asked with a mild chuckle. "Always." She answered giving him a light squeeze of reassurance. "Alright then, now when I say let go, let go." He instructed. She nodded excitably, her locked hands already preparing themselves to loosen. The thought of Jack finally trusting her enough for a little more adventure, was more thrilling than the surprise of his words.

With an incline of his neck he prepared to descend, "Okay ready? Just lean back aand...let go!" Rapunzel's legs detached from around his waist, her arms gripping his shoulders in a light squeeze before releasing. She leaned back to fall into the atmosphere; Jack sweeping down into a circular loop that would connect with her descent.

In those few seconds she felt an endless liberty, a delighted giggle escaping her lips as she curled on her back into the blustering current; descending among the snow flurries. She tossed her hands up freely to reach for the sun, her fingers catching an icy sting from the frigid pearls that danced through the atmosphere. A flicker of a second more and she saw him, finishing his ring shaped whirl and reaching out to her with open arms. In one easy movement she received him, her hands catching around his neck. His left arm easily dashed through the wind to land around her back, the right scooping through the turbulence and underneath her knees to catch her body weight.

A thrill of liveliness came over him at her form clutching him so happily, laughing in a delight beyond measure. He'd never thought he'd share his sense of free flight with anyone, certainly not Rapunzel. Even though he knew she could handle herself, even though she sailed about her tower and swung on locks of blonde like it wasn't anything difficult, he was still deathly afraid of the possibility of losing her. He couldn't let her become like his pet, trailing along only where he took her and guarding her smile. Doing this, letting her be free to chance and not trapped in another cage strewn together by his own fears was something he had to do.

"That was so much fun!" She cried out excitably, her hands bouncing where they were threaded around his neck. Pascal was whirling about at this point, having slightly dozed awake at the change in location. Jack chuckled at the idea and her dazed chameleon, gladly halting her turbulent path through their winter wonderland.

"Here." Jack stated, twirling the crook of his staff toward her to let her grasp it in her hands. "It'll make it easier for me to fly."

Rapunzel nodded, marveling as the tool of winter lost its glaze of ice blue frost, transposing into simple wooden grains. "It changes when its away from you, that's so interesting. How did you get this?" She asked, running her fingers along each groove.

"It was there the first time I opened my eyes."

"What do you mean?" She questioned, her brows rising in wonder, as she mildly kicked her bare feet in the frosty wind. They tingled each time another flake caught them and she found herself enjoying the delightful feeling.

"One day I just...woke up. I'll show you where, we're not really far from Burgess now."

Time flowed by easily for them, as they transposed the silence in careful thought. It would be the first time she'd ever see another person besides her mother. He being a spirit didn't exactly count.

Jack's mind tarried to other concerns. The first time she'd ever meet another man...what if his thoughts were true. What if she met someone else? He tried to reassure himself that such things would only be for the best, that his careless nature would someday put Rapunzel to the edge of frustration until she couldn't take anymore. Then there was that other little problem, he couldn't be seen. What would people say watching her talk to the air? She'd get looks, stares, and cruel accusations and it would all be his fault.

"Let me jump again!" She inquired, breaking through his reverie with her cheer as she passed him back his staff. The instrument peppered with frost at once in his hold and he gripped it tight with one hand under her knee. Pascal had long ago found sleep again and she had hoped he wouldn't be bothered by her next endeavor.

"Alright, jump on my back this time since we're almost there, in 3, 2, 1." Jack climbed to new heights in the wind to prepare for the drop, as Rapunzel lifted herself up by his shoulders, turning out of his hold to eagerly hop into the open wind.

Her arms spread out wide in her descent, twirling through the accelerating zephyr's littered with falling icy treasures. She wasn't able to slice through the wind with Jack's precise skill but she still felt like she was flying, indulging in the rushing velocity with a similar ease to sliding down her hair in the tower.

She looked up from her avid gaze on the ground below to catch Jack's eyes as he glided confidently in front of her. Glassy jade met his brightened cerulean with a perk of cheer as her fingers reached out to lace in a simple ringlet with his own. Jack relinquished his control over the wind and they descended together now, indulging in the blitzing euphoria of one another's presence.

He evoked her just a little closer with a delicate pull forward, his lips curling up in a half slice of misbehavior.

A flicker of peach wet his own callous strips of flesh, roughened from centuries of frigid chills; as they parted to allow him to commit his crime. His ivory weapons glared before her, so similar to the powdery snowflakes that surrounded them as he inched in closer. Her watering orbs blinked at the unexpected sight, her heart jolting as his teeth pillowed in a delicate caress; upon the tip of her receiver of scents. The affectionate incisors bit down on her skin, painting a frigid nip at her nose with wistful prospects.

He finished his taste of a tease with a toothy grin. The ballooning gusts in her ears silenced all other noise but of the two of them, before a whirl of laughter escaped both of their lips.

"Alright Punz hop on!" He called out, detaching from her hands and turning to fly down beneath her in the breeze. Her fingers reached out as she swept through the wind that nudged at her, rushing to land with a weighty plop of force upon his back. "Oof!" Jack grunted out, promptly receiving a light apology from the girl who was readjusting her legs around him.

"This is the best, and to think you do this everyday!" She joyously relayed, her fingers nesting around his collarbone once again. They tarried down to grasp a hanging string of his hoodie, lightly rolling the item between her fingers in interest. Clothing from the outside world was so different than her own and so lovely. That dress she had crafted was more unique than anything she'd seen before. She made it wanting to impress Jack and given his words she supposed she must have done something of the sort.

"I wish I could fly, nothing I've ever done is as exhilarating as this."

"It's actually kind of like skateboarding. At least from what I've seen. I've always wanted to try that, it'd be like gliding on the wind, but on the ground." He commented, slowly coasting through the precipitation now to engage in conversation.

"You could teach me that?" She asked curiously.

"Once I learn." He added with a nudge against her head.

"I could get with the whole package, dye my hair brown and stick on a beanie and a bad attitude." He stated with a confident smirk. "Although, there wouldn't really be a point, since no one can see me." He said with a shrug of his shoulders, the wind violently racing through his hair.

"I can see you." The rays of golden light reflected off her honeyed locks, as she pulled idly at her quarter-length sleeves; shifting once again to settle comfortably on his back.

"Heh, I know that Punz. I meant everyone else that doesn't matter." He recounted with a light smirk.

"You don't know Jack, there could be people out there you'll come to admire, people who will become precious to you with time. It doesn't have to be me." Rapunzel clutched around his neck tighter, halting his flight as she urged him back into a light hug.

"You might feel that way but no one in this world is ever coming close to the way I feel about you." He glanced over his shoulder to accost priceless emeralds as her forehead curved in to meet his own.

A palpitation vibrated into his skin from the back of his hoodie invoking his curiosity, only growing stronger as he watched the cheeks of his passenger sprinkle with rubies.

The town rose up below him, interrupting his thoughtful state at the subtle physical communication he had just received. A full smile curved upon his lips as he came to a realization with his next words.

Fate was weaving her design.

"Welcome to Burgess."

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