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~The Unlikely Path~

Prologue: Ringing

A storm just past leaving the wooded area wet, and somewhat eerie. A young woman proceeded to walk home. She appeared unsettled, her green eyes misted with tears that threaten to fall. The wind was harsh against her long dark hair, causing it move in disarray. So much has happened in the past week that left her distraught. Her pale fist tightened in anger. 'Nothing is what it seems anymore. I hate this town, the people in it are beyond fake.' A gasp left her, as she stumbled on a rock.

Sighing in discomfort she finally let her sight take in her surroundings. A cold shiver went down her spine as she recalled the creepy rumors about the wooded area. She bit her bottom lip as fear crept into her. As unhappy as she was with her life, there was no part of her wanting to give up her life and go chasing the big bad monster of this area.

Without warning she clutched onto her head, as it throbbed with an intense ringing. Her vision started to become a bit blurry as she felt someone watching her. Gaining all her strength she got up, and staggered through the forest, her heart hammering through her chest. She stopped as a voice entered her mind so clearly. It was male yet deep, with a slight accent. 'Running will make no difference to me. I'll find you in the end.' The voice left her shaking as she wiped the tears, trying to calm herself. Her fingers slipped into her pocket, reaching for the pocketknife that her mother bought her. No one can ever be too careful because you never know what kind of situation you'll be thrown in.

A laugh echo through the forest, making the woman cringe as she turned almost hitting a hard stone like wall. There was a piece of paper upon it; a sticklike figure was drawn upon it. The voice whispered into her mind. 'You take that piece I swear I'll find you a lot quicker.' The woman bit her lip, her hand trembling with the pocketknife. "I can't let my life end like this." Her soft voice cried out. She turned away from the page on the wall. Instantly she noticed a tall pale man across the yard in a business suit. It resembled the man on the page. Her heart sank as realization cut into her mind. "You want me to run, just so you can catch me in the end. I may be weak against something like you but I won't surrender. I won't play your sick game." She said through clenched teeth.

Deep green eyes narrowed as the figure in the suit suddenly disappeared. His voice crept inside her mind once more. 'You are different, what is your name?' He was curious yet his voice demanded. The woman shuddered as she felt a presence at the side of her. The wind blew through her dark tresses, as she stared defiantly at the tall faceless man with a business suit. "Isobel Bennett. I know you, the one who is everyone's worst nightmare. Slenderman." Isobel winced as she was suddenly pushed into the tree with long arms. Fear overrode her sense; her pocketknife fell out of her grasp. Slenderman's voice seeped into her mind. 'You are afraid yet you are willing to fight against me. Foolish woman.' His voice was cold.

Isobel cried out as the ringing in her head intensified tenfold. Tears escaped as she struggled against the monster before her. "Let me go!" She cried out, she was sick of everything. Since she arrived to this town, everything has been such a disappointment. Isobel wanted nothing more than to be free from it all. Pleadingly she stared at the inhuman being. Didn't he understand? Has he ever felt this?

Slenderman leaned in closer; he could practically hear the racing of her heart and smell the fear coming off her. It intoxicated him, he always enjoyed the chase but this was different. This woman, Isobel was putting up a fight. In a way he found it endearing. Some victims he would make the kill quick but he found he didn't want to do this to her. If anything he found that he could use her, it's been decades since he last had someone worth keeping around. Isobel will serve her purpose just as all of his prior victims whether she liked it or not.

Another painful cry escaped her lips as the ringing continued. He let her go as he watch her clutch her head. "Make it stop!" She yelled at him. A chuckle echoed around her. 'Well now what fun would that be? I find that I may have a use for you.' She glared at him. "Fuck you!" she said angrily and she picked up her pocketknife.

Without warning Slenderman knocked the blade effortlessly out of her hand using his long arm as he drew her body close to his. His voice spoke inside her mind menacingly. 'You don't have a say in this. Isobel since you entered my domain, you are as good as mine.' He could feel the shiver that rocked her; the childlike face was pale and full of fear and despair.

Isobel didn't expect anything good to come of this. She knew with her luck this monster would kill her in the end. Fear pulsed through her veins at the mere thought but what could she do? She was powerless and Slender wasn't even human. How does one outsmart a predator such as he? Despair stole her features, she knew that either way she was doom. Yet a part of her wanted to fight that, wanted to prove that even a human such as her can get past this. Here she was in the arms of a vicious inhuman killer, who wanted her. Wait he wanted her? She stared at him, curiosity laced within her fear. Just as she was about to ask her question, the painful ringing came back and everything faded to black.

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