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"Barrage!" Rin shouted as she released a single arrow from her bow. The single arrow then separated into ten arrows. A little farther on, those ten arrows turned into a hundred arrows before all landing on the wide target set out for her to practice.

"You are getting very good with the long bow, Rin." Kaede said as she watched. Rin's happy face turned to Kaede and smiled.

"I can't wait to show Lord Sesshomaru!" She said excitedly. Rin had just turned eighteen. She had gone from an adorable eight-year-old girl, to a beautiful woman with attractive features. Her legs had grown longer and her thighs had become thicker. Her hips were wider and more suitable for child rearing. Her jet black hair fell to her thighs, flipping out as it did when she was younger. Her brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, reflecting her joyful attitude and positive outlook. Her slender body and ample bosom made her a favorite in the village. She had been asked for her hand in marriage several times over, but always refused, saying that she wasn't planning on staying. She was going to go with Lord Sesshomaru when he returned to her.

She spent almost all of her time training with her spiritual energy and her bow. Kaede and Kagome had trained her well and she was skilled enough to be a Miko, though she would never wish for that position. She would go off on her own, killing nearby demons that threatened the village without any help from Inuyasha or the others. Rin also carried two Kodachi that were named the Dragon Fangs.

Kaede and Kagome never got a real answer about the two short swords that Rin carried with her at all times. She practiced with them every day, but they had no idea how she learned to use them or how it was even possible. The two swords belonged to a dragon demon from the Northern Lands. She had been cast out and chased down, left to die in the forest outside the village. Rin saw her and saved her life, much like she tried to do for Sesshomaru, but this time she was older and smarter and knew how to at least bandage a demon up. As a reward for saving her, the woman gave up her demonic powers and weapons for Rin to use. The demonic power was stored in two markings on Rin, one on each wrist, and it allowed her to use the swords properly and to their full advantage. The woman trained Rin in secret for two years before the dragon demons discovered her location; she left before teaching her the final secret of the pair of dragon fang Kodachi, but told Rin to keep training hard with them. Rin did not know why the demon gave up her powers or who she was hiding from, but she assumed the less demonic power she had, the less chance she had for getting caught.

Rin looked at her barrage of arrows that decorated the target. She smiled, "I'll prove to you I can be of use, Lord Sesshomaru. I promise!" she thought to herself. The last time Sesshomaru visited, she asked if she could go with him. It was about three years ago now, right before she obtained the swords. "You are not strong enough to go where I'm going." He said coldly.

"But I've had so much training. I know I can be of use to you Lord Sesshomaru!" She had begged.

"Why would he want a despicable human traveling with him in demon lands anyway?" Jaken had said as he threw his chin to the air.

Rin steamed and was about to argue with Jaken, but Kaede had cut her off. "You still need more training, Rin. I happen to remember a run in with a demon yesterday that caught you quite off guard."

Sesshomaru glanced at the old woman. He assumed she would know Rin's capabilities best, for they were both humans.

"Rin." Sesshomaru said. "If you cannot defeat the weak demons living here, then you won't stand a chance where I'm going."

"He must be doing something really dangerous. He always took me with him and kept me safe when I was a girl. Maybe he just didn't want to deal with me anymore. Maybe he left me here so I wouldn't be in his way." Rin shook her head, erasing the memory. "I'll show them all that I'll be strong enough. I hope he visits me soon." She thought.

"Rin!" Kagome called from across the meadow. "Come have dinner with us!"

Rin smiled and started running towards the homes. Once inside Kagome's home, she saw the large group of people assembled. Kaede was helping Sango and the twins prepare some of the vegetables. Sango and Miroku's twins, Yori and Yuki, were ten years old. Miroku had his eight-year-old son in his lap as they sat at the table waiting for dinner. Across from Miroku was Inuyasha with his three-year-old son and youngest, Katsurou, climbing on him and trying to grab his ears.

"Katsurou, I swear, you are the most hyper of the three." Inuyasha said frustrated as he continued to pull the little boy down. He was the miracle child. There were serious complications throughout Kagome's pregnancy with him and they were all relieved when he managed to live through the premature birth. Regardless, Kaede warned that Kagome shouldn't have any more children for fear that the next one may take her life.

Inuyasha's eldest, six-year-old Shinobu, was seated next to Inuyasha, waiting for his meal. His middle child, four-year-old Sayuri, was tugging on her mother's Hakama. "Settle down, Sayuri. You will eat at the same time as everyone else." Kagome said to the little girl. Her little white ears bent over in displeasure and she sulked her way to the table, next to her father.

Inuyasha rubbed the little girl's head with his large hand. "Dad!" she complained as she pushed his hand off.

Kohaku was there as well, talking to Sango about his demon training. He, too, had grown into a handsome young man. Rin was happy he still came to visit and didn't get too caught up with his training.

"Rin, come sit down!" Miroku invited. Rin sat down next to Miroku and spoke to them.

"So how are those swords?" Inuyasha asked curiously. He had been squeezing her for information whenever he saw her. He was extremely curious how a human could wield demon weapons.

"They are fine." Rin said nonchalantly.

Inuyasha slammed his fists down on the table. "Damnit, Rin! How are you using those things!?" Inuyasha half-whined and half-yelled.

"Sit, boy!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha's face hit the table and Katsurou laughed and clapped his hands at his father's pain as he landed on his head.

"Ow! What you go and do that for?" Inuyasha snarled angrily at Kagome.

"You need to mind your own business, Inuyasha." Kagome barked back. Inuyasha backed down and grabbed Katsurou off his head who, at this point, was tugging at both Inuyasha's ears.

The rest of the dinner went pretty much the same. The kids ran around rampant after they were finished eating and the parents struggled to keep control. "I should be going." Rin said after she had finished helping clean up. Rin waved goodbye to all and gave out a few hugs to the kids before making her way out of the house.

She thought about going back to Kaede's home to get some sleep, but she wasn't at all tired. She decided, instead, to visit the pond in the river. It was quiet there and the wild flowers that grew were beautiful.

When she arrived at the pond, she sat in her spot next to a flower that reminded her of Sesshomaru. The spot itself was worn and indented from all the time she spent there. The flower had a golden core with beautiful white petals and the littlest streaks of purple in the edge of the petals. It reminded her so much of his facial features, with the purple streaks going from his hair line across to the middle of his cheeks, the purple half moon in the center of his forehead, his delicate white locks that fell below his back, and his captivating golden eyes. She sighed as she thought about him. "It's just a stupid crush, Rin. Lord Sesshomaru would never think of you in that way." She thought to herself as she shook the images out of her head. "I'm human and he is a demon. He thinks humans are disgusting and can't stand that his father was killed because of his love for a human woman. He would never suggest such a thing." Rin continued to rationalize her crush for Lord Sesshomaru. "Who knows if he's ever coming back?" Rin suddenly felt abandoned. She hadn't seen Sesshomaru in three years. It felt like an eternity to her, but to a demon like him that was most likely nothing at all.

She looked up and saw a shooting star. Her expression changed and a smile fell across her lips. "I wish Lord Sesshomaru, Master Jaken, and Ah-Un would come back for me." She wished.

It was only moments after her wish left her thoughts did she hear something odd. She stood up to try and see if she could hear where it was coming from, but didn't see anything. It sounded like screaming, and it was getting louder. "Master Jaken?" She asked as she immediately recognized the voice. She became very excited. "Master Jaken, where are you?" She yelled throughout the trees.

Finally she recognized where the screaming was coming from and looked up. Jaken was falling out of the sky, and was very close to hitting her on the head. She quickly moved out of the way and noticed he was about to land on her favorite flower. She quickly grabbed him right out of the air and had him upside down. "Master Jaken! Oh I missed you so much!" Rin said happily as she squeezed the toad-demon.

"Rin, you fool! I can't breathe." Jaken mumbled while his head had managed to get squeezed into her cleavage.

"Oh. Sorry, Master Jaken." Rin said as she placed him down on the ground.

"Not bad for a human." Jaken said sarcastically. Her reactions had become much faster from when she was younger, even if Jaken refused to admit it.

"Well I couldn't let you land on my favorite flower!" Rin admitted as she pointed to her favorite white flower.

Jaken's face lowered in light disappointment, "Well I'm glad I'm less important than a flower, now."

Rin smiled at Jaken. She was so happy to see him again, despite his usual negativity towards her.

"Rin." That cold, serious voice called out to her from behind and she immediately knew who it was.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Ah-Un!" Rin called as she saw her other two long lost companions land behind her. She ran up to her Lord and smiled brightly. Her womanly features glowed and Sesshomaru thought she looked quite lovely, for a human. Her Kimono was blue with a golden flower pattern. It sparkled in the moon light. She was still barefoot even after all these years spent in a human village. She still refused to wear sandals. She said they slowed her down.

Sesshomaru's look still hadn't changed. He still wore his usual spiked pauldron armor that covered his left shoulder. His Kimono was the same, white with a red honeycomb and flower crest at the collar and sleeves. His Hakama, also, didn't change. His hair still flowed down just below his back and he still carried around the white pelt.

Sesshomaru peered down at Rin's swords. He grabbed her arm, and pulled it towards him. He pushed the kimono sleeve up so he could see her wrist. He saw the mark that was strong in demonic energy. He observed it carefully and then released her. The symbol of the marking was familiar to him. "Dragon demon," he whispered so quietly that Rin could not pick up the words. Rin had blushed slightly from Sesshomaru's touch. It had been so long since she had even gotten to see him, let alone feel his presence again. She was a woman now, and her hormones were raging through her body. She was significantly attracted to him.

Sesshomaru then peered into Rin's eyes, and she blushed more. "Where did you get these Kodachi?" Sesshomaru asked. He seemed slightly annoyed.

Rin sensed his displeasure and immediately answered him. "I found an injured demon in the forest about a month after you left last time. She was severely injured, but I was able to save her. She had been running from someone or something. As a reward she gave me her swords, her demonic power, and the training to use it all. She said she had to disappear." Rin finished with her head down. She thought she had angered him by accepting demonic power. She was also ashamed that she left out the tiny detail of who the demon actually was. Lord Sesshomaru would certainly be upset with her if she told him, though.

Sesshomaru stood there for a moment observing Rin. "How does a human accept Demonic power?" He asked curiously. Normally just touching a demonic weapon would destroy a human, how could it be placed inside her.

"She told me she stored it in these markings." Rin said innocently as she held up her wrists for her Lord to see." I can release it with the swords and use her special abilities. But I suppose if I ever lost the markings, then I wouldn't be able to touch the swords. The markings act as protection and as offensive power." Rin said as she struggled to explain the odd phenomenon. She really didn't understand how it worked to well herself.

"It's an odd technology I've never seen before. Jaken, I want you to research this after we finish our journey. If those markings ever fail, it could potentially do a lot of damage." Sesshomaru said as he continued to observer her. He could see the significant muscle gain since he last saw her. He noticed, also, her swift reaction time with Jaken. It was an easy thing to test, seeing as Jaken was unable to fly. Her body was slender and strong. She certainly was no longer the girl he had left here ten years ago. She had an aura about her that presented strength. It surprised him that she would train so hard just to go with him. "I knew she wanted to travel with me, but I never knew the extent she would go. Humans are such odd creatures." Sesshomaru mused.

While he was still curious about this demon, Sesshomaru chose to drop it. He turned to leave, when Rin's voice rang meekly in his ears. "Excuse me, Lord Sesshomaru, but why did you come back here?" Rin asked curiously. Her face had grown so beautifully and proportioned perfectly. Her smile was bright and her eyes sparkled. She had the same life filling energy that she possessed when she was a child.

He looked at her, deciding whether or not to tell her. "Come, Rin." Sesshomaru said as he turned to walk towards the village.

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said, filled with excitement. Her smile glowed as she followed her Lord. Jaken and Ah-Un were close behind. "Maybe he will take me with him!" Rin thought as they walked back.

"You haven't lost that goofy smile." Jaken grumbled. Rin only smiled at him. "Why are you so happy all the time!?" He asked frustrated.

"I'm not happy all the time, Master Jaken. But don't you think it's better to appear happy even when you are sad? It makes everyone else around you feel safe and comfortable." Rin turned her head and faced forward again. Sesshomaru glanced back in curiosity. "She's incredibly odd, even for a human." Sesshomaru thought.

"Bah! Humans…" Jaken began. "You are, by far, the strangest human I ever met. Most would pour themselves with self-pity and beg for someone to notice. They don't care about how other people feel as long as they are getting their attention."

"Since when do you know anything about humans?" Rin asked coyly. Sesshomaru looked slightly amused. Jaken grumbled helplessly as he searched for a come-back. "Besides, I've never had anyone who really cares for me or my feelings so what's the point in trying to get them to feel sorry for me? I don't feel sorry for me." Rin admitted. Again Sesshomaru looked back curiously. Her complacency and common sense did not fit for a human her age or her gender for that matter.

"Nonsense, I'm sure you've cried to that old woman time and time again." Jaken poked.

"Only once when I was defeated by a demon and she had to intervene and kill it. All she told me is that she did not feel sorry for me and that I should have been strong enough to destroy it. I let my emotions cloud my judgment." Rin said uneasily.

"See, you still looked for someone to feel sorry for you. All humans do." Jaken clucked in triumph. Rin glared at him.

"Why?" Sesshomaru asked.

"My Lord?" She asked, not understanding his question.

"Why did you let your emotions cloud your judgment?" he asked, slightly annoyed that he had to repeat himself to this foolish girl.

"It was a wolf demon. I was terrified. I didn't know how to overcome my fear." She admitted, ashamed. Sesshomaru didn't say anything, but just kept walking towards Kaede's house. Rin was silent for the rest of the walk.

Kaede had returned home and was waiting for Rin to get back. When Rin came in with her companions, Kaede looked a little surprised. "Lord Sesshomaru, I wasn't expecting you back so soon." Kaede admitted.

"So soon? It's been three years, Lady Kaede." Rin said disbelieving.

"Three years is not long for a demon, Rin." She said back. "Lord Sesshomaru has been living for hundreds of years and is not even in his prime, yet." Sesshomaru looked annoyed at the old woman.

"Kaede, I came to inform you that I'm preparing to expand my territory into the Northern Lands. I assumed it would be an important piece of information for you to know seeing as once I kill the dragon lord, the other dragons will be scattered and searching for places to reside. Your village could be targeted." Sesshomaru said coldly.

"My thanks, Lord Sesshomaru, but you must have another reason for coming here. Certainly you could have sent just a simple messenger." Kaede began.

"I was passing through, and besides, no demon would send a message like this to a human village." Sesshomaru scoffed.

"And, yet, here you are." Kaede said as she raised her eyes to him. Sesshomaru was too smart to let his tongue be beaten by a pathetic old human woman, but she was indeed wise with her words.

"The Dragon Lord? Dragon Demons?" Rin asked herself, lost in thought. She jumped excitedly and ran beside her Lord. "Lord Sesshomaru, can I go with you, please?" Rin begged.

"Absolutely not, Rin." Kaede began as she stood on her feet.

"Why not? I've proven to you that I'm more than capable of handling myself. I've cleared these forests again and again for our village and no weak demons dare move near." Rin began.

"The Northern Lands are extremely dangerous. Not only would you freeze to death up there, but the dragon demons are ruthless. They would tear you to shreds." Kaede continued.

"You said when I am old enough I can make the decision myself where I go, and I'm old enough now. I'm not a child anymore." Rin argued, her blood boiling. She wasn't going to let Kaede stop her this time. Sesshomaru watched, with interest, the argument that pursued. He was amused that Kaede had no control or say over Rin.

Kaede stepped back and calmed herself. "As you wish, Rin, If Lord Sesshomaru allows it, you may go with him." She said calmly.

Rin turned to look at Sesshomaru, waiting for a response. "Do as you wish." Was all he said and Rin became extremely excited. She buried her excitement beneath a smile and rushed to gather some things together.

Jaken's expression went from calm and collected to worry. "B-but my Lord!" Jaken began. Kaede cut in like he wasn't even there. "Certainly you can't take a child with you to the Northern Lands!" Kaede pleaded.

"I'm not a child!" Rin yelled from the other room.

"As long as she doesn't get in my way, I do not care what she does." Sesshomaru said coldly. He felt something inside him falter as the words left his lips.

"Well won't you at least stay the night so Rin can say goodbye to the others in the morning?" Kaede continued to plead. She thought for sure Sesshomaru would never bring a young human woman with him.

"There is no time." Sesshomaru demanded.

Jaken looked up at the old woman, annoyed at her interruption. "Lord Sesshomaru!" He continued.

Rin had finished gathering a small pack of things. It included some food, an extra kimono, and a blanket. Sesshomaru continued out the doorway and Rin followed, placing her pack on Ah-Un. Kaede waved from her doorway, but did not follow the group any farther than that. She was helpless to keep Rin. There was nothing she could do.

Rin waved wildly to Kaede, her facial expression showed her incredible amount of joy. "Say goodbye to the others for me, Kaede. Thank you for everything! I'll return someday to visit you all again soon!"

Kaede just faked a smile and waved back. "That poor girl has no idea what she's getting into. He better keep her safe."