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They came upon the barrier fast. As a precaution, Rin had dipped all her arrows into the poison. It was a good thing she did. As soon as Sesshomaru broke through the barrier, the dragon demons stirred from their dwellings. "We must hurry to the dragon lord." Sesshomaru said as he began flying in the direction of their castle. Rin and Jaken followed on Ah-Un. Dragons had begun to litter the sky and Rin knew this was a perfect time for a barrage.

Sesshomaru just watched as she drew three arrows and pulled them back in the direction of the dragons. "Poison Barrage!" She yelled as she released the arrows. Within the first few meters the arrows split into thirty arrows.

"Wow." Jaken mumbled.

Another few meters and they again split into 900 arrows. They flew a few more meters and again split into 810,000 arrows. Rin's three arrows had split into a full barrage of poison arrows. They hit their targets only a few moments after that and ripped many of the dragon beasts to shreds. The poison arrows had enough speed and force to instantly break through the scales.

Rin continued this process to keep the dragons off of them. Sesshomaru couldn't help but think how useful that technique was at keeping the dragons back. It would give him plenty of time to defeat the lord.

It didn't take long before they were hovering above the main throne room of the castle. "Bakusaiga!" Sesshomaru yelled as he hit the ceiling of the throne room. The entire ceiling crumbled as Bakusaiga deteriorated the stone. Inside was the dragon lord himself.

"So Sesshomaru, you've finally come to claim my land for yourself." He smirked. "I wouldn't count on it."

"You will die by my hand." Sesshomaru said as he charged him. Rin stayed on Ah-Un's back, keeping the dragon demons away as best as she could. She was running out of spiritual energy, though. She wasn't sure how long she could keep this up.

On the ground, Sesshomaru was struggling to pierce the dragon lord's skin. Bakusaiga failed to penetrate. Rin observed Sesshomaru's struggle and saw the dragon lord throw Sesshomaru across the room. "Lord Sesshomaru!" She yelled from above. The dragon lord looked up and laughed.

"A human? A human is keeping my army from aiding me. How amusing." With his long tail the dragon lord sent the sharp tip through Rin's left shoulder. She screamed in pain as she fell off of Ah-Un and into the throne room. She struggled to get up. "Not so strong now, are we?" he laughed again, enjoying her suffering.

Sesshomaru felt a raging anger surge through him. "Rin give me the bottle." He said. Rin took the bottle out and threw it to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru poured some of the poison onto Bakusaiga. "Let's see how you fair against this."

Sesshomaru charged, slashing the demon with his sword. The poison allowed for his sword to penetrate into the dragon's flesh. "Bakusaiga!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, his anger surging through his body. Bakusaiga was doing its job and the dragon's body began to deteriorate from the inside out until there was nothing left. The dragon lord was dead.

The dragon army stopped charging. They sensed the loss of their master and most retreated, fearing whatever had just killed him. "Jaken. Send a message to my men. Tell them we were victorious." he said.

"Yes, my Lord." Jaken said and he flew off with Ah-Un. Rin turned and smiled to Sesshomaru as she held her arm. She finally felt accepted by him. She felt as if she had helped him do the impossible. She was useful.

Sesshomaru felt himself getting lost in her warmth and in her smile. He felt genuine concern for her and her injury. He was being careless.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Watch out!" Rin yelled as the lady of the lands blasted Sesshomaru with her toxic breath. He did not even sense her. His concern for Rin had clouded his judgment completely. How foolish.

"No!" Rin yelled angrily as Sesshomaru was thrown across the room. She picked up her bow and aimed it at the demon. "Poison Aimed Shot!" She yelled as she pulled the string back.

"Pathetic human!" the demon yelled as she slashed at Rin, causing her to lose her bow, and slamming her into the opposite wall. Rin screamed in pain as the demon started squishing the poor girl.

"Rin!" Sesshomaru yelled as he quickly got to his feet. He was starting to panic. He slashed at the back of the female dragon-demon, but the poison he had on Bakusaiga was used up on the demon lord. Bakusaiga uselessly slashed at her back.

"There is no hope for you, human lover." The demon woman growled as she turned to look at Sesshomaru. Her tail whipped around from behind and went straight through Sesshomaru's back. His rage and concern from Rin had blinded his senses. Bakusaiga fell to from his hands, as he was whipped across the room, tumbling and bleeding.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin yelled, tears falling fiercely from her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the nearly empty bottle on the floor. She flung to it and opened it, shaking it wildly onto her sword. The lady of the lands walked slowly towards Sesshomaru, laughing sadistically.

"Hey you ugly, sorry excuse for a demon!" Rin taunted. She was standing in the middle of the room, with one sword in her hands.

The demon turned. "Why you wretched little brat. I will devour you right here and now!" The demon began to charge.

"Just try it." Rin whispered, waiting for the demon to strike. The demon was only a step away from Rin, when Rin pushed the sword through the scales and deep into her heart. The dragon's face was so close to her's, she could feel the last steamy breaths on her skin. Gurgling sighs left the dragon's mouth as she collapsed on the floor in front of Rin. She did it. She killed the demon.

Rin looked up after a few moments of shock. She saw her lord laying on his back, motionless. She ignored the pain in her shoulder and ran to him as quickly as she could. "Lord Sesshomaru!" She said as she kneeled down next to him. His eyes were closed and the wound was bleeding badly. She lifted his head into her lap and put pressure on the wound. "Lord Sesshomaru, please answer me!" She begged. Tears were streaming down her face and several drops had falling on to her lord's paling features. "Lord Sesshomaru! You can't let this happen. You would never let such a weak demon kill you. You would never let something that I could kill, defeat you." She said in a quivering voice.

"You're right, I wouldn't." He responded. He opened his eyes and saw her face light up. He saw the relief flow through her. He could barely move and cursed himself for not being more aware.

"You need to be aware of your environment, Lord Sesshomaru." Rin joked as she choked on more tears.

He couldn't help himself. He smiled and let out a quiet laugh. She never dared joking with him in that way before, but she was right. She was right. He was so foolish to let her smile distract him, to let himself fall into such a rage that he completely disregarded everything around him. He had never before made such a terrible error. The worst part was, he didn't feel bad about making the error. He didn't feel ashamed or weak. All he felt was a desire to feel her warmth.

Rin was shocked that she got him to smile, let alone laugh. She let out a sobbing laugh as well.

He lifted his hand to her cheek, still in a lot of pain. He gently wiped away a tear with his thumb. "Why the tears, Rin?" he whispered.

Her face turned beat red. She put her hand on his and held it there. "You know why." She said quietly. The warmth had grown significantly inside his heart. He was too weakened to fight it any longer. His spirit was broken and at this moment, he couldn't care less about his pride. Her concern comforted him.

"Tell me why." he insisted.

She looked at him with surprise. She thought he wouldn't want to hear the words that were breaking out of her heart. She couldn't keep them in anymore, not when he was insisting to know. Her eyes were staring off to the floor as she searched for the courage to tell him.

He pushed her face to look at his. He caught her eyes with his and she couldn't hold it in any longer. "I love you, Lord Sesshomaru." She admitted. "I love you, even if you don't love me back." He saw embarrassment flood over her face as she looked away again. She was ashamed of herself for being so weak. She was ashamed that she admitted her weakness to him.

"Rin." He said. She moved her gaze back to his. "I don't know what love feels like, but I know at the very least you do something to me that I don't understand. I feel warmth from you. I feel an unbearable desire to protect you. I need to see you smile and laugh and sing. I can't fight it any longer, Rin. You are my weakness." He said, his face looking defeated. He was disappointed in himself for not fighting it. The damage done to his body had weakened his resolve. All he wanted was to feel her warmth.

"I can be your strength, too." She whispered, moving her head closer to his. She was frightened, but she had waited for this moment for years.

"I knew it." A voice said from behind. "I saw it in her eyes when we first met. I knew she was in love with you, Sesshomaru. I just had to know if you truly loved her back." Kimiko entered the throne room from above.

"Lady Kimiko." Rin said as she helped Sesshomaru lean his back against the throne.

"You filthy human. You are his weakness. You are the reason he is injured." She hissed. "I will make sure he does not make this mistake again." Rin and Sesshomaru saw her readying herself for battle. "Here I come."

"Kimiko, no!" Sesshomaru shouted, but it was too late. She had already begun her charge to Rin. Rin dodged her charge, throwing herself to the ground, and Sesshomaru only felt a slight backlash. He felt so helpless watching them fight. He could do nothing but sit and wait. "That damn dragon! How did she do so much damage? How did I not sense her attack?" Any movement at all, and his wound would only get worse.

Kimiko charged again, this time throwing Rin across the room. The wound on her shoulder hindered her ability to move. Sesshomaru felt completely helpless. He never had wanted to feel this way. This was what his father had felt when he made the same foolish mistakes. He couldn't let this happen.

Kimiko jumped on Rin slamming her knee into Rin's chest. Rin gasped for air. "How does it feel, little human? How does it feel to be so insignificant?" Kimiko smiled as she began to wrap her fingers around Rin's neck. Rin fought it as much as she could. "I'm going to watch you slowly die."

Sesshomaru panicked. He saw one of Rin's Kodachi near him and he forced himself to it. It burned when he touched it, but he had no choice. "Rin!" He called as he threw it to her. She picked it up off the ground quickly and swiped it at her. Kimiko jumped back to dodge it. "I will not let who you are weaken me. I will fight to kill an attacker, no matter who they are. I will kill you even if you are the mother to Sesshomaru's pups." Rin said as she began a charge. Kimiko dodged and clawed at her as she passed. She slashed some of Rin's skin clean off. Rin fell down to one knee.

"Foolish human. You would only lead to his demise." Kimiko said as she charged for a final blow.

Rin felt a need to survive. She had waited so long to finally be with her Lord, and she was not going to let it be taken away. She got to her feet and side stepped slightly, allowing Kimiko to hit her, but also allowing her sword to stab into the demon Lady. Kimiko jumped back in surprise. She noticed a sizable wound in her right side.

Rin was feeling especially weak. The last charge Kimiko gave had opened Rin's shoulder wound even more. She felt blood dripping down her arm. She glanced quickly over to her second Kodachi that was only a leap from her.

"You will die for that." Kimiko roared as her eyes started turning red. She ran at Rin, as fast as she was able. Rin leaped towards the other Kodachi and managed to get it before Kimiko made contact. She grabbed the second Kodachi and raised it. She then crossed the two Kodachi blades together. "Dancing Dragons." She said quietly and swiped her swords in the direction of Kimiko. In an instant, two tornados came swirling out of the blades. Each one was black with poison and inside the spinning funnels were sharp round blades.

Kimiko was caught off guard and was never expecting a demon attack from a human. In an instant the tornadoes danced together, wrapping themselves around Kimiko. Her body was ripped to shreds by the blades and then poison engulfed the remains. They then dissipated.

Rin dropped to her knees, exhaustion overwhelming her body. She had taken quite a beating. She slipped the Kodachi away and held her wound. It was still bleeding.

Sesshomaru forced himself up, holding the large wound on his chest. He couldn't believe Rin's power. She was strong enough to destroy his mate. She was stronger than the mate who produced his heirs. He was beside himself.

He walked over to her, feeling slightly better from getting that little time to recuperate. She looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "I'm so sorry, Lord Sesshomaru. I…I just…"

Sesshomaru kneeled down and wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face in his chest and cried. "Rin…" Sesshomaru whispered as he searched for the words to comfort her. "I love you."

The words made her breath catch. She stopped her crying and raised her head to him. His face was sincere and she could barely believe the words that had come from his mouth after killing his mate.

"But I killed Kimiko…"

"That despicable creature has been abusing my pups since they were born. She was a poor choice and I regret not looking beyond her strength." He said coldly. Rin was almost frightened by Sesshomaru's cold attitude, but reminded herself that she was dealing with a demon here and this same demon had tried on several occasions to kill his own brother. "Besides, you merely proved you were stronger than her. She was a fool to challenge you." Sesshomaru finished.

Rin didn't know how to respond. It was so normal for Sesshomaru to speak like that, but it wasn't usual that he would be speaking in her favor. She smiled lightly and Sesshomaru felt victory from it. Rin wrapped her arms around him and buried herself into him. It felt so wonderful to have his approval.

Sesshomaru was slightly uneasy about Rin showing so much affection, but it did feel wonderful. He knew that giving in to the warmth was weakness, but he rationalized around it. He would prove he was strong enough to keep this weakness and still remain the strongest demon. His desire for her was overwhelming.

He lifted her face so that she would look at him. Her face was there, waiting patiently for him. He brought his lips to hers and gently kissed her. Rin felt an explosion of warmth flow through her, as the unfamiliar sensation coursed through her body. Sesshomaru had moved his hand to her face, cupping her cheek with his palm and letting his fingers caress her face. When their lips finally broke, their faces remained close. Their foreheads were touching and noses would brush up against each other often. They would move in close to kiss again, allowing the warmth to consume them both.

After several minutes, Rin suggested finding a place for him to rest, to repair the wound. "I am fine." He said reassuringly. "It is healing already." He pointed to the wound and Rin noticed it was already shrinking in size.

Sesshomaru turned his attention to the wound on her shoulder. "Rin let me fix that wound." He said as he gently touched the outside of her shoulder. She kneeled there obediently as he went back to the thrones that were set against the walls. There were silk throws that rested casually on the elegant seats. Sesshomaru took one and brought it back over. By this time, Rin had already slipped her kimono off of her shoulder to reveal the wound. She held her kimono under her arm and against her breast to hide any extra skin that didn't need to be revealed. She felt especially modest now that her feelings and his feelings had been let out into the open.

Sesshomaru ripped some pieces of cloth from the silk throws. He had Rin help him create some make-shift bandages. He had to clean the wound first. "I'll be right back, Rin." He said as he kissed her on the forehead. He flew out the top of the ceiling and headed towards a garden pond he saw on his way in.

He returned with some water and used it to clean her wound. "Thank you, my Lord." Rin said as Sesshomaru finished wrapping up the wound. He responded by caressing her face. "How are you feeling, Lord Sesshomaru?" She asked concerned. He seemed to be recovering quickly.

"I'm fine; there is no need to be concerned." He said. He spoke gentler and warmer. He had dropped his defenses around her, something he hadn't done before with anyone. "Are you hungry, Rin?" he asked after her stomach made a loud growl. She nodded as she held her stomach with embarrassment. "Come." He said as he took her hand. He lifted her to her feet and absorbed her smile.

They went out to the garden, where winter berry bushes filled the area. They were accompanied by winter flowers and shrubbery. Rin glowed as she ran from bush to bush, picking her favorite winter berries and indulging. When she had her fill, she sat in the middle of the garden and Sesshomaru joined her.

"What do we do now, Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked. Several hours had passed as the two continued to warm up to each other in this new found perspective.

"We wait. It will be six days before my men reach us. We have to make sure no dragon demons try to retake these lands." Sesshomaru said as Rin laid her head in his lap, looking up at his face. Her black hair flowed over his legs.

"And after that?" Rin continued.

Sesshomaru looked down at her, surprisingly contented at answering her curiosity. "My men will push any enemies out of our territory and we will settle ourselves here."

Rin smiled as she fiddled with a flower she had picked. She was spinning it in-between her thumb and forefinger. "I want to be your strength, Lord Sesshomaru." She said suddenly.

Sesshomaru was slightly startled at her statement. He ran his fingers through her hair. "You are, Rin." He said as he looked towards the castle. He saw his new empire. "Just knowing that you can take care of yourself makes it that much easier for me to open my heart to you. It's something I would have never imagined myself doing, especially with a human." Sesshomaru admitted.

Rin went from looking at the sky to looking at his face. "Do you wish to hide our feelings for one another when the others come?" Rin asked. He looked down at her, unsure.

"It would probably be wise, at least until they warm up to you as well." Sesshomaru admitted.

"At least we have six days alone together." Rin said sweetly. Sesshomaru leaned down to kiss her, his hair flowing over her. Now that he had revealed his desires for her, he didn't hesitate to show his affection. He thought he was being greedy, but couldn't help but indulge in his desire for her. He was starting to understand humans and their desires for affection with others. He now understood that demons don't have different hearts, they just choose to cover up their emotions to avoid weaknesses and death. They teach their kin to not value such things as love and friendship, for the cost was often much greater than the reward. "The cost is so much greater than the reward, but perhaps it's worth it. Perhaps the weakness they choose over and over again is worth the reward of warmth and...happiness." The thought scared him slightly. "Happiness?" He never thought he would know such a thing. Rin had shown him.

"I'm going to see if they have hot springs. I need to wash up." Rin said as she lifted her head off of Sesshomaru's lap. Sesshomaru didn't say anything, he just cracked a tiny smile as she turned to face him one last time before making her way back to the castle.

She knew there had to be a place to wash somewhere. Elegant demons tended to be very clean and these dragon demons were very elegant. After poking her head through several doors, she finally found one that lead to an outdoor spring. There was a windowless wall built around it to keep people out, but the ceiling was open.

Rin was extremely excited. She stripped her clothes and gently let her body float down into the spring. she made sure not to go too far down. She didn't want to ruin the bandage Sesshomaru had made for her. She leaned her head back against a rock and closed her eyes. "Ah, this feels so much better." she said as her muscles relaxed and the aches seemed to melt away.

"Enjoying the springs?" A woman's voice called. Startled, Rin grabbed her Kodachi.

"Who's there?" Rin called.

"Oh, put my swords away. It's only me." The woman's voice said.

"Miku?" Rin questioned.

The woman chuckled. "How did you guess?" She jumped down from the top of the wall in front of the spring. "Good to see you are alright, Rin. I came as soon as I sensed the break in the barrier."

"What are you doing here? Did you come back for your swords?" Rin asked curiously as she tightened her grip around the Kodachi.

"Rin." Sesshomaru said from the doorway. Rin jumped in embarrassment, realizing she was standing halfway out of the water. She sunk back down to hide her body from Sesshomaru. "Who is she?" He asked curiously.

"Her name is Miku and she's the dragon that gave me her weapons and demonic power." Rin said, her arms crossed in front of her chest and her face glowing red.

"Why are you embarrassed? He's your man isn't he? You shouldn't be modest around him." Miku said casually. It just made Rin more embarrassed.

"Why did you give up your power?" Sesshomaru asked curiously. If he was correct, Miku was the daughter of the dragon lord, the heir to the empire. No demon would give up that sort of power, especially to a human.

Miku let a coy smile show. "I suppose you might understand, if you truly wish to hear what I have to say." Miku said with a smile. Sesshomaru's face didn't change. He continued to glare at her. He was prepared the moment she entered the castle. He felt her presence immediately.

Miku didn't wait for a response from him, most likely because she knew she wouldn't get one. "My father raised me much like any other father would raise a demon child, with hate and anger. I knew nothing of compassion or love or anything of that sort. Much like you Lord Sesshomaru." She gave a sarcastic tone when addressing him.

"When I grew into my adolescent state I began exploring. I would destroy nearby human villages and laugh as I killed the helpless pathetic humans that lived in them. There was one, however, that caught my attention. I had killed his entire village. He was a young man, perhaps he was just stupid, but he faced me with no fear at all. I toyed with him, but no matter how many times he was struck down, he didn't lose that fearlessness. He didn't let his resolve break. He was going to fight me until his death."

"Perhaps it was a weakness on my part, but I kept him. He was my pet. I was curious about him, he was unlike any other human I met. Most just cowered and hid in the corner, but he was strong. When I brought him home, many of my brethren thought I was weak and pathetic. My father was furious with me and told me to get rid of him. I didn't, of course. Instead I left and traveled, allowing him with me." Miku was smiling at this point.

"During my travels with him, I let myself get complacent. I let my guard down and he found a way into my heart. He went from being my pet to being my lover. I had done the unthinkable, but he did something to me that I cannot describe. It was like my whole body would warm when he was around me. I would actually get giddy, or so he told me. It was as if he filled an empty place in my heart that had been empty since the day I was born."

"When I had grown bored of traveling, I returned home. By this time I had two of his children, half demons. I returned home to prove a point to my father, that not all humans were bad. I was very foolish." Miku let out a sad chuckle as if to laugh at her own mistake.

"When I returned, my father was absolutely furious. His rage overcame him and he slaughtered my love and two children with one swipe of his weapon. I slipped into a full-fledged rage, attempting to kill him. I failed and was forced out of my own homeland. I had nothing left." Miku's face turned grim as she remembered the horrible time.

After a few moments of silence, she looked at Rin. "Rin, I remembered you from several years ago. I had seen you travel with Lord Sesshomaru and grew curious. I saw the admiration in your eyes and it reminded me of my love. He looked at me with those same kind of eyes. When I had heard rumors that Lord Sesshomaru was looking to take the dragon lands, I saw my chance for revenge. I searched for you everywhere and was concerned when I did not see you with your Lord. I soon found you in that nearby village."

"I gathered information from the villagers and discovered he left you there to learn to be human since you had been traveling with him for so long. They also said that you were planning on going with him. I knew that Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't stand a chance against my father's scales. I gave you the power he needed and taught you how to use it. The fact that my plan worked so well actually surprises me. For one, if Lord Sesshomaru did truly care for you, I thought he would never let you go with him. Second, I thought he was too full of himself to actually let you assist him. I see now, though, that my fears were for nothing."

Miku looked up from Rin to Sesshomaru who was still watching her closely. "Lord Sesshomaru, you fell in love with this girl like I fell in love with that human man. You know what it's like to have that empty void filled. You know what it's like to be happy."

Sesshomaru cautiously responded. "Perhaps."

"Then listen to me well, Lord Sesshomaru. As easily as you obtained it, is as easy as it can be taken away. I've given my weapons and abilities to Rin in hopes that she can protect herself if ever someone opposed her for your sake. I want her to be your strength, because my love could not. Everything was taken from me and the same should not happen to you." She paused for a moment.

"Not all humans are bad. The majority are corrupt, cowardly, pathetic, evil, and stupid among other things. It is the few, however, that aren't that makes their race worth keeping around. It is those few pure and strong humans that make this world warm and it would be senseless to lose those few. Those few need to be protected, so that is what I must do. I use the little demonic power I have left to protect those that deserve to be protected, to make this world smile a little more."

Miku turned to leave. "You are welcome to stay here, if you wish." Sesshomaru said from the doorway.

"Thank you, but I have humans to tend to. Perhaps I will take you up on that offer for future visitations. I would much like to spend some time here." She had turned and smiled.

"Of course." Rin said.

"Oh, and thank you. You may have not done it intentionally, but my true family can now rest in peace. Now if you'll excuse me, I must repent for all the lives I have taken. Let the winds guide you." And with those final words, she was gone.

Rin sat there silently for a few moments. She was absorbing the tale that was told to her and was disgusted by the dragon lord that had destroyed Miku's family. She felt hurt for her.

"Rin, you should get out. You are pruning." Rin looked down at her hands and they were shriveled like prunes.

She let out an embarrassed laugh, "Oops."

Sesshomaru had taken off his armor and settled in to his new home. He was wearing his white kimono, which he now took off. He reached his hand towards Rin and beckoned her to take it. She did as she let her other arm cover her breasts. She came out of the water and as soon as her foot hit the stone floor, Sesshomaru wrapped his kimono around her naked body.

"You should get some rest." He said as he guided her out of the springs, her kimono was still hanging on the wall and her Kodachi were in her hands.

Sesshomaru had found the bedroom with the largest bed. The bed was huge and was covered with silk sheets. "Wow!" Rin said in amazement as she placed the Kodachi on the floor. "I get to sleep in that?" her voice was filled with excitement. It had been a very long time before she had gotten to sleep in anything so comfortable.

With Sesshomaru's nod, she ran up to the bed and jumped right in. She let Sesshomaru's kimono open up a little so she could feel the silk on her naked skin. It was wonderful.

Sesshomaru closed the door behind him and began making himself comfortable as well. He sat close next to her, watching her enjoy the comfort of the bed. Eventually he grew impatient with himself. He could not resist any longer. He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. He ran his hands underneath the kimono and gently caressed her sides and stomach. He eventually wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him, getting a little more aggressive and impatient. He felt himself wanting her, desiring her.

"Lord Sesshomaru, please wait." Rin called out nervously as he held onto her tightly. He had moved to kissing her neck and shoulder. He was losing himself in her.

It took every last ounce of energy he had to resist his urges. He stopped and looked at Rin. "What's wrong, Rin?" He clenched his one fists to help himself keep control. The kimono had opened up and her beautiful body had revealed itself to him. She was trembling in his grasp and he felt his control returning more. He did not want her to fear him.

"I-I'm just a bit nervous. I've never done anything like this before." She admitted shyly.

He couldn't help the small smile that appeared on his lips. It wasn't fear, it was nervousness. "I apologize, Rin. I'll go more slow." he said as he gently laid her on the bed. She was his, and he needed her more than anything.

Behind the closed door, Sesshomaru and Rin spent their first intimate night together. Sesshomaru took it slow and gentle with her, for it was her first time. He never imagined how wonderful it would be to mate with someone he actually loved and cared for. Kimiko was just there to birth his heirs, but Rin was his woman. She was what made him whole and it made a world of difference.

It was late and Rin had fallen asleep on his chest. Her small body moved slowly up and down with each breath he took. He looked at her, smiling, and completely content. "I owe you an apology, Father." He thought to himself. "This is what you felt with that human woman. This warmth, these feelings, this happiness is what you felt and it's what I feel now. How wrong I was." Sesshomaru paused in his thinking, too exhausted to really continue. He now had everything he could ever hope for, his empire, his pups, and a mate he truly cared for. He had happiness.

"Six days from now, my men will come, my pups will come, and life will have to resume as planned. But for now, I think I'm going to enjoy every minute I have just enjoying a warm heart."

The End

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