AN: This whole thing right here is going to be an author's note, because I owe some people some apologies and some explanations. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and are just terribly confused and would like to just go ahead and get to the story, skip this bit, because it doesn't apply to you.

So, yes, let's start with that apology: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I left without explanation, I'm sorry I took everything down without warning, and I really am so, so sorry. I really needed to focus, and I really felt like I needed something of a clean slate if I was going to clear my head (which is kind of what I left to do). That doesn't excuse anything, though. You all have been so wonderful to me, all of you, and I've been horrible in return. I'm sorry. I should have given you a warning, and I should not have taken everything I'd written down. I got several PMs from you all asking why I'd done it, and saying that you were sad that I had, and somewhat angry, and that meant a lot to me, and I felt even worse than I already did. You guys really are great.

I'm back, now, though. I've settled in, and I'm back. It may be a while before I'm writing again, but over the course of this weekend, I'll be doing my best to repost everything I took down. I'll be starting with this series (and will hopefully be editing it because it's bad and my first try at fanfiction and we aren't even going to talk about character development OK), and then move on to "Sound the Bugle", and "Something to Avenge" will be added back in somewhere in there. And before anyone asks, yes, this is Mac. The Mac. Honest, it is.

Again, I'm sorry. I'm not apologizing because anyone guilted me into it, but because I really am sorry. You guys handled this excellently, and you've always been way too nice and great to me, and I really appreciate that more than you know. Thank you. Thank you all so much.

- Mac