Hm. Because it's been so long since I wrote anything for this story, I've scrapped all the previous plans and have just uploaded a short epilogue. Because of that I also gave it a new rating. I hope that's not too disappointing, but it finishes off the story and I can focus on more Hiro/Ryuichi fun! It's such a rare pairing, so I encourage others to get into it too ^_^.

Crayon Maps

Chapter 6 - "Silver"


The room was silent except for the peaceful murmurs of breathing. Ryuichi pressed his cheek against the soft, damp skin of his new love as he draped his arm around the still clothed body next to him. The pair had fallen asleep together after a long night of talking and laughing. How he had dreamed of this day. This was the happiest he had been in years.

Hiro was nearly asleep and the sound of his beating heart curled Ryuichi's lips into a smile. Nothing could break this moment. But there was one thing that might cause a problem.

"Ne, Hiro?"

"Mm?" Hiro opened an eye to look at the man next to him.

Ryuichi smiled a shy smile. "I wanted to tell you something. I hope you don't get mad........."

Throwing Ryuichi a confused look, Hiro asked politely, "What is it?"

Hesitating slightly, Ryuichi asked. "Do you remember that map I drew you?"

Hiro nodded. "You mean the completely useless one you drew in red crayon?"

The smile on Ryuichi's face turned into a grin. "Uhuh."

"What about it?" A sleepy Hiro asked.

" didn't really think I'd forget where I live did you?"

Hiro was quiet for a moment before his eyes widened. "Nani?"

Ryuichi sat up and threw an arm behind his head, nervously giggling all the while.

Sitting up now, Hiro stared at his partner. "You was.........a setup!?"

Still giggling, Ryuichi looked the younger boy straight in the eye. "Sort of.........after what happened I thought it was a bad idea and that I had made a big mistake, no da, but now........." he smiled and lightly kissed Hiro's open lips.

Hiro thought in a stunned silence for a moment before breaking into laughter which lasted several minutes.

"Ryuichi..." he sighed, a smirk still on his lips. "All that time I thought you were so innocent and it turns out you have a dirty little mind. You KNEW I'd invite you home with me!"

The singer flashed two oversized eyes, pleading for forgiveness. "I just wanted to be near you, Hiro."

Hiro grinned and cuddled up next to Ryuichi. "Well, you're strange plan worked. You should be pleased with yourself."

Ryuichi took his spot next to the auburn haired boy and held him.

"Oh.........I'm pleased all right. Very, VERY pleased."



I hope to write more RyuichixHiro/HiroxRyuichi stuff, possibly continuing on with this one. Suggestions are appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed the fic (even if it didn't end the way I planned) ^_^.