Chronicles of Team Lucy

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T

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What if Natsu Dragneel, and Lucy Heartfilia grew up together? How would the story of Fairy Tail be different. Also what if Lucy was in training to become a Dragon Slayer and so was Lisanna. Lisanna will still have take over magic like her siblings, but she will be given a bit more. Find out in this AU story of Fairy Tail

Ages for Entire Story:

Main Characters: Lisanna Strauss, Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu(Dragneel) Heartfilia: 5/10/11/17

Episode 001: So it Begins: x772-x784

Arc I: The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail Arc Part 1

Pre-Chapter Author's Note #3:This chapter will start off in the present time July 1st of the year x784. The seventeenth birthday's of Lisanna and Lucy. Natsu is three months older than the both of them.


'Thoughts/ and letters to Layla'

Lucy's, Natsu's and Lisanna's Points of View

Luna's Point of View(Lullaby Arc Forward)

This is a story about how Team Lucy, otherwise known as the Strongest Team in Fairy Tail got it's start. Three young Wizards, two of them related by adoption and the other a friend of the young wizards related by adoption got their start in their wizarding lives about twelve years ago. Two of the young wizards were sleeping soundly while the other one, one with spiky pink hair was rendered useless by motion sickness. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't figure out why his two female companions weren't getting motion sick. His two female companions shared a room at the all girls dorm at Fairy Hills, but that's a story for another time. Right now three young heroes were on their way to break up a slave-trading ring in Hargeon.

Along with them were three cats, a golden yellow one, a snow white one, and a blue one. The three cats were sleeping peacefully, well the golden yellow and the snow white one were, the blue one was busy trying to comfort his friend that was suffering motion sickness. The three young human wizards had platinum silver keys attached to their waists. The platinum silver key was just one of seven keys that the golden blond had. The golden blond also had a leather whip on her left hip while her keys were on her right hip in a pouch. The golden yellow cat was the first one to wake up thanks to the moaning from the pink-haired wizard.

"Lucy, wake up, we need to give Natsu some of the Motion Sickness remedy that you and Lisanna took," the golden yellow cat scoffed with a sassy tone to her voice, "honestly how does he stand having motion sickness every time he gets on a mode of transportation."

"Li-Lisanna, wake up, th-that Natsu is keeping me awake," the snow white cat chimed in as she continued, "y-you think I would be used to it after six years, but I'm not."

The two girls stared and sighed as they saw the sorry state their friend was in. The two quickly started stroking the pink-haired guy's back trying to soothe his pain.

"Didn't we tell you to take your medicine like we did when we left?" The blond scolded, "Honestly Natsu-Nii over and over again Igneel has told you to take your medicine and so have I."

"Not to mention," the white-haired girl said looking toward her pink-haired friend, "I have told you as well. Happy has told you. Why are you so stubborn."

The train temporarily stopped allowing the pink-haired wizard to regain his equilibrium, he looked at the worried faces of his sister and his friend and understood what they were looking at him for, he had forgotten to take his medicine again. Realizing if he didn't take his medicine, he would never get his friends to stop nagging to him, he quickly took his potion and drank a sip, temporarily regaining his composure. As the train started moving again, he continued to sit up straight and not turn green.

"Okay, okay," the pink-haired boy said, "I get it, I need to take this medicine on a regular basis."

His two female friends, the two female cats, and the blue male cat nodded as they witnessed him taking the medicine.

It is July 1st, x784, my brother, best friend and I are on a mission to Hargeon to stop a slave-trading ring. Hi my name is Lucy Elizabeth Heartfilia(1).

We formed this team six years ago when I first joined Fairy Tail. My name is Lisanna Strauss, nice to meet you.

We have been on quite a few missions as a team over the past six years, the three of us are Dragon Slayers. Hi there, my name is Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia.

Lucy Elizabeth Heartfilia was a very beautiful young lady of about 5'5" tall. She was the spitting image of Layla. She had a Voluptuous figure heart-shaped earrings on her ears, and a Star Pendant with a gold necklace chain around her neck. She was wearing a white vest with a golden cross in the center with a matching golden skirt. Around her waist was a silver belt that had on her right hip her three golden keys, three silver keys and one Platinum Key. On her left hip was a brown leather whip with a heart-shaped end. On her feet was a pair of golden Knee-High boots. Her pink Fairy Tail Guild Mark is located on the back of her right hand.

Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia was a young man of about 5'10" tall. He donned an open black vest with no t-shirt underneath and a golden trim. He was wearing a pair of white loose-fitting pants. Around his waist is black belt that holds his lone Platinum key on his right side. On his feet is a pair of very simple slip on white shoes. His red Fairy Tail Guild Mark is located on his right shoulder.

The third member of the group was a young lady of Lucy's age with white hair she also stood at height of 5'5". She was wearing a blue three-quarter sleeved shirt and a pair of Dark Green Short Denim Shorts. On her feet is a pair of white sneakers. Her Fairy Tail Guild Mark is located on the outside of her left thigh and is white. The bottom of her shorts just covers about a third of the mark. Her name was Lisanna Strauss.

The three young wizards were accompanied by three cats but they weren't ordinary cats not by a long shot.

The three of us remember it like it was yesterday, our magical journeys beginning is very clear to all three of us.

Our magical journey for Fairy Tail started for all three of us back on July 1st, x772. It was a cool summer day and I had just turned five. Little did I know that I would develop lifelong friendships in the next twelve years.

It was July first of the year x772. Lucy's fifth birthday. Since she could hold things with her hands she had been pretending that she was a Celestial Wizard going out on missions. that's what she wanted to be, but then something else came along that she was also interested in. Lucy was wearing a one piece pink and white dress with pink slippers that she was able to wear around the house and that were also made to play outside in as well. Her pink dress had a bunch of star designs embroidered on it. Her hair was worn in her normal right side ponytail on her head.

Three people arrived at the Heartfilia Estate. One was male and one was female. There was also another male with spiky pink hair he seemed to be about the same age as Lucy. However he had been five for three months so he got a head start on his learning.

The young man that was about Lucy's age was short, about 2'9" while Lucy was a little bit taller, but not by much she was only 2'10" tall.

The adult male arrival was really tall at about 6'5" 215 lbs. He was wearing a red vest with white baggy pants. He had a white scarf around his neck He looked to be about 22 which is Layla's age, on his feet was a pair red slippers. His name was Igneel Dragneel.

Along with the two male arrivals a female arrived. She was about seven inches shorter than the red-haired guy was. She looked familiar to the little blond who also seemed to be investigating the pink-haired boy.

The female was about 5'10" tall and is also about 120 lbs with an hourglass figure, long flowing golden blond hair. Her bust is about a 38C Cup. Her eyes were a golden color. She was wearing a dress that was gold and strapless, as well as golden high-heeled shoes. She looked to be about 22 as well. Her body was beautiful her eyelashes were long and luscious. She had pouty lips with golden yellow lipstick on them. Her name was Celestia Starr. She was a real good friend of Layla's as they had grown up together. However, Layla went to join Love and Lucky while Celestia and Igneel joined Fairy Tail along with another person. The two adults were two-thirds of the Dragon Trio of Fairy Tail, however they concealed their guild marks.

"Lucy I would like you to meet two great friends of mine Igneel Dragneel and Celestia Starr," Layla introduced to her daughter, then continued as she pointed to the pink-haired boy, "I would also like you to meet your new brother that your Papa and I just adopted. His name is Natsu Dragneel, so I guess that makes Igneel an uncle to you or maybe a second father. Natsu is a few months older than you, three to be exact, so he turned five back in April. Anyway, I hope you two will get along. I need to talk to my dear friends for a bit. By the way, they will be living with us from now on. I will be in the house if you need me.

Mama was the top Celestial Spirit Wizard at one point. At this time she only had six of the Zodiac Keys left and several silver colored keys, in other words they were platinum. Her spirits were Aquarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Aries and Leo.

She had just released Virgo, Saggitarius, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio. She was also rumored to have the thirteenth Zodiac Key at one time, she released that one two years before I was born. She released the six I mentioned the year after I was born. Mama had been sick for quite sometime after she had me.

She also had a bunch of Platinum colored keys that she created herself and stored them in a special place. She had about nine or ten I can't remember. Two of them mysteriously disappeared from the collection she scattered to the winds five years later.

I met Lucy when I was about five years and three months old. We found something in common really quickly especially after my adoptive mother, Layla and my adoptive second father Jude came out and handed me some books.

Layla Heartfilia was very beautiful with a voluptuous figure. She was about twenty-two years old. She wore an elegant pink dress and always wore her hair in a bun. She was about 5'5" tall and very curvy. Lucy hoped that one day she would be as beautiful as her Mama.

Jude was a tall man standing at about 6' 2" tall, but three inches shorter than Igneel. After some coaxing from Layla, he allowed Igneel, Natsu, and Celestia to stay with the Heartfilia. He was still trying to marry Lucy off though.

Just like that, Igneel, Natsu, and Celestia were adopted into our family. I was so happy to finally have someone my age to play with. It was so boring around here until Natsu came along.

Oh, the thing we had in common, well it seems that both of us were going to be trained in a lost magic of sorts. Lucy would be trained in two types of magic. At the time I didn't care. I was just glad to have someone my age around.

"Natsu, Jude, Igneel," Layla started, "could you please leave the three of us alone for a bit? Celestia and I need to talk to Lucy privately."

"Understood Layla," Jude said as he motioned for Natsu and Igneel to follow him into the mansion, "don't spend too long out here, Lucy needs to get back to her studies."

Celestia and Layla nodded as Jude walked off with the two boys in tow.

"Mama, why did you want me alone?" Lucy asked curiously as she looked toward the two older blonds with curiosity, as she continued, "Am I in trouble?"

"No my dear, you aren't in any trouble," Layla said as she held her little girl in her arms and handed Lucy two of her six keys. They were Aquarius and Cancer, Lucy was worried. She couldn't figure out why her mama was giving her two of her spirits.

"Mama, why are you giving me two of your favorite spirits?" Lucy asked curiously with a hint of worry in her voice. The worry was unfounded for now, but Lucy new something was wrong with her Mama, she hadn't been playing with her as much as she used to, "are you giving up Celestial Spirit Magic?"

Layla giggled as she looked at her only biological daughter, then sighed as she wiped some sweat from her brow, which was odd since it really wasn't that hot outside, "I don't have much time left, you know how I've been sick, well there isn't much the doctors can do for me, you also said you wanted to learn Celestial Magic, so I am giving you my two most trusted spirits, well the ones I have left anyway. Celestia will be you teacher now, I have taught you all I can teach you of Celestial Spirit Magic, the rest of it you have to figure out on your own. I will be seeing you in the house my daughter, have fun with Celestia."

Lucy nodded as she held her first two Zodiac Keys to her heart. She hoped she would get Taurus someday.

Little did I know that the same day that Mama gave me Aquarius and Cancer, she would release the contracts of Leo and Aries later that day. Leo kind of reminded me of a friend of mine in the guild by the name of Loke. He was a playboy always willing to flirt with the girls of Fairy Tail, why do I have a sense of De ja vu every time that Loke flirts with me. Since she had just given me Aquarius and Cancer, she only had Capricorn and Taurus in her possession now. However also that same day she had given Capricorn's key to a house servant. For the next five years she would keep Taurus with her in case she ever needed to fight. She also at the time still had Lyra, Grandpa Crux, and Horologium in her possession. They too were given to me on my tenth birthday. However, I digress, let's get back to the story of my time with Celestia.

"Lucy if you look to the sky at night," Celestia said as she pointed to the sky, then looked toward the five year old Lucy, "what do you see?"

"On a clear night, the thing I see most in the sky is stars," Lucy said as she continued on, "lots and lots of stars."

"Your mother told you what they were made of when she looked at the stars with you ever since you could walk didn't she?" Celestia asked as she saw Lucy nod in understanding as she remembered what her mom told her stars were made of, "so what are they made of?"

"Gas is definitely a component of it, also several pebbles and minerals also unite to form the shape of them. As well as the sunlight shining off of them giving them their glow." Lucy said smartly as she continued to look toward her mother's friend.

"Exactly, but what are the things that sometimes fall from the sky as shooting stars and sometimes hit the ground. What creates the meteor shower and what are meteors made out of?" Celestia asked the young blond.

"They are called meteorites, and they burn up in our atmosphere and eventually cool off falling to the ground," Lucy said with knowledge well beyond her years, as she continued, "once they cool they are rocks and eventually get broken down into the soil filling the ground with minerals from outer space eventually as well as becoming pebbles. Pebbles sometimes get broken down into soil."

"Very good," Celestia said as she looked at her student with a happy smile on her face, then continued, "I am here to teach you how to use a lost magic, the magic is called Dragon Slaying magic, I myself am a unique creature that is very rare, but am currently in my human form. Can you guess what kind of creature I am?"

Lucy ran all the different types of magical creatures through her head, gods, demons, fairies, and of course, aha! That's it, dragons, Celestia is a dragon, realization dawned on her, her second mother was a special creature that could fly through the sky so elegantly.

"You are a dragon aren't you?" Lucy asked curiously toward the older blond, then continued, "A Celestial Dragon right? So what do you eat?"

"I eat pebbles, soil, rocks, minerals, and dirt, occasionally I will eat sand but not too often," Celestia said to her charge, then continued, "since I am teaching you Dragon Slayer Magic, which we must keep from your father at all costs, you will be able to eat those things too."

As the years went on, Lucy and Natsu excelled in their Dragon Slayer Magic. Layla even taught Natsu some Celestial Magic and gave the two young kids permission to teach Celestial Spirit Magic to others. Lucy's canines became more and more pointed as the years went on. She ate things like rocks, pebbles, dirt, and occasional minerals that she found. Soil was also a major delicacy for Lucy. Celestia eventually gave Lucy a star-shaped pendant for her to wear around her neck that was golden yellow in color. Lucy even managed to learn some Secret Dragon Slayer Arts as well. Natsu also learned some secret arts as well. The Quartet and Layla continued to train with their magic and and kept the fact that Lucy was learning Dragon Slayer Magic from Celestia as well.

My magical journey started when I was a lot younger than I am now back in the year x772 just like Lucy and Natsu's. My siblings and I had lost our parents at a young age and continued to live on our own. Little did I know that in the year x778 I would meet my six best friends. Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Elizabeth, Liz or Lizzie for short, and my own special companion Yuki.

Lisanna, Elfman, and Mirajane had a rough childhood before joining Fairy Tail, they lost both their parents at a young age because of a demon they encountered in a church. Mirajane was looked down upon because they thought that her and her siblings were nothing but demons. This eventually caused the Takeover siblings to flee and be forced to live on their own and learn magic. They did manage to learn takeover magic, but one special young lady by the name of Lisanna Strauss met someone that would change her life forever.

My siblings and I were cast out on our own and had nowhere to go and nowhere to go back to. Our parents were gone and our village had just exiled us. Then one day when all hope seemed lost we found a very special creature, the Snow Dragon known as Miyuki the Snow Dragon. She never really showed me her dragon form much because she was afraid we would shun her so she spent most of her time in her human form. She encountered me and asked me if I wanted to learn a lost magic known as Snow Dragon Slayer Magic. I accepted her invitation so my siblings and I went up to the mountains of Fiore to train because it snowed up there all year round. It was a tough journey, but it was worth it. In the short time of five years my canine teeth became pointed and elongated like fangs. My hearing and sense of smell became sharper than it ever was and I learned a wonderful lost magic known as Snow Dragon Slayer Magic. Miyuki gave me a special necklace with a snowflake-shaped pendant on it. I have never taken it off. Little did I know that I would eventually gain a way of summoning my foster mother Miyuki anytime I wished with limits of course. I was not only an Animal Take Over wizard, but also a Snow Dragon Slayer as well. Little did I know that six years in the future I would meet my most dearest friends of all. I also didn't know that I would soon forge a life-long friendship with one of the nicest girls in the entire world, but that's a story for another time.

Miyuki's human form is about 5'8" tall, and about 115 lbs. She appears to be around the age of 22. Her hair is a beautiful snow white with clear blue eyes just like Lisanna. She has a very voluptuous hourglass figure. Her outfit consists of a snow white blouse that shows a bit of her cleavage along with a mini-skirt of the same color. She also has snow white knee-high flat soled boots. She has a very light spattering of make up that highlights the most beautiful features of her face.

July 1st of the year x777, Big Brother Natsu and I couldn't bear to see Mama like that. She had just given me Taurus for my tenth birthday to commemorate five years of learning magic.

Natsu, Igneel, Lucy, and Jude looked on as they see Layla wasting away. Her Love and Lucky guild stamp fading away. Layla was a Dragon Slayer Queen as well as a Celestial Spirit mage. Her and Celestia, the celestial dragon, had been training Lucy from the day she turned five to be a Celestial Wizard as well as Celestial Dragon Slayer. Layla handed Lucy some Celestial Spirit keys. The colors were three Gold ones and three Silver. Aquarius, Cancer, and Taurus of the Zodiac, were the ones that the gold keys summoned. The three silver keys were Horologium the Clock, Lyra the Harp, and Crux the Southern Cross.

Layla had several more keys, but decided to nullify the contracts with them and distribute them around the world. She also had some Platinum Keys that had different Dragon heads on them. She got rid of all of them except for three the Fire Dragon Key, and the Celestial Dragon Key and one other key. Before she fell ill, Layla taught Lucy and Natsu how to use them. She explained to her children that she would soon have to leave this world to go to a better place. She also gave Lucy the Snow Dragon Key to give to someone who was familiar with and taught by Miyuki the Snow Dragon. Lucy accepted and stored the snow dragon key in her pink suitcase. She knew that someone had to be taught by the Snow Dragon Miyuki so she made it a point to find the rightful holder of the Snow Dragon Key to grant her mama's last wish.

Then came a fateful day that changed the lives of Natsu and me forever, July 7th of the year x777.

"My dear Lucy, I wish for you to continue in your training to become a Celestial Dragon Slayer with Celestia." Layla said as she coughed up blood. "You as well as Natsu have been a blessing to me. I am also very happy that Igneel is here to help Natsu.

Lucy,and Natsu had tears stinging their eyes. The two dragons were comforting the two rookie dragon slayers as Jude did the best he could to comfort both his kids.

As everyone watched, they couldn't bear to see Layla like this. The dragons and their students went into the woods and chose a spot by a river to train, giving Jude and the ailing Layla some time alone.

The newly christened dragon slayers continued to train as they heard crying from Layla and Jude's room. It was Jude. The Dragons transformed into their human forms, right after landing next to their students.

With the two dragons in human form, Lucy, and Natsu rushed into the house. They then ran up to Layla and Jude's Room.

"Papa what's wrong?" Lucy asked as she saw her mama with her eyes closed. "What happened to Mama?"

"Your Mama is in a better place." Jude said. "I can't take care of the both of you now. Also the housekeepers have to take care of the entire house. I want you two to find yourself a nice guild to live at and grow at. Come back in a few days for Layla's funeral. You and any friends you make are invited. Goodbye my children. You will find a suitcase in each of your rooms with your clothes in it. Take care of each other."

"Yes Papa." Lucy said sadly as Natsu comforted her just like a big brother is supposed to do. "We will take good care of each other."

"Hey don't worry little sister," Natsu said as he held his sister close and adjusted his scarf, "we will find a new home along with Igneel and Celestia. I hear there is a guild in Magnolia that anyone can join. No restrictions and no tests. The guild is called Fairy Tail. Do you want to come with me to Fairy Tail sis?"

"Natsu-nii, you know I do, this is the beginning of our new life," Lucy said sadly as she looked back to her papa to see him nod at her, Igneel, Celestia, and Natsu. Jude then spoke up again before his daughter could speak up.

"Lucy my dear, don't forget to give the Snow Dragon Key to whoever has met the Snow Dragon and been trained by her. It was one of your mother's last wishes, make her proud." Jude said as he kissed his daughter on the forehead and hugged his adoptive son.

Little Lucy nodded sadly and accepted the task that her deceased mother wanted her to complete, "I won't let either you or Mama down Papa! You can count on me, and Natsu-Nii will be there to help me along the way along with Celestia and Igneel as well."

Jude nodded and smiled and motioned for the two to go and finish packing.

The two nodded and smiled as they headed out the door with the two dragons in human form.

Lucy and Natsu went up to their rooms and got their suitcases. They were followed by the dragons in their human forms. As soon as they got their suitcases, the group headed away from the Heartfilia Estate in search of a guild. They were guided by the two dragons in human form.

Lucy is wearing a pink dress that reached to her knees with a light pink collar and a blue bow. She also had on a pair of brown soled shoes. Her hair is Golden Blond and shoulder length and she is about 4' 05" tall her hair is also put up in a right side pony tail with a Pink Ribbon in her hair.

Natsu is just a bit taller than Lucy, at 4' 07". He has pink spiky hair and is wearing a white vest, white t-shirt, white baggy pants, and white slip-on shoes.

It wasn't only a fateful day for Lucy and Natsu, but also a fateful day for my siblings and me as well. It was July 7th, of the year x777

Miyuki sat me down one day and gave me some sad news. She had to return to the Dragon World as well. She told me to keep my necklace that she gave me. She told me that I would soon meet two other people that were Dragon Slayers like me. She also told me that one of them had her Platinum key with her. She also guaranteed that I would develop a life long friendship with the two Dragon Slayers I have yet to meet. She also told me that there are several Dragon Slayers in the world who also had the ability to use special keys to summon them, but they had to be used sparingly because they took a lot of magic from the user.

I understood, and hugged my foster mother followed by my two older siblings. The three of us set off on our own journey to find a new home and new friends. To this day, I can't believe how far I have come with my new friends. This fateful day in the year x777 would be a major step in my short little life. I was wearing my favorite pink dress with the collar and bow on it that went to just above my knees, on my feet were brown flat-soled shoes. Around my neck was my snow white necklace with my snowflake-shaped pendant on the end. Mira-Nee was wearing a black bespectacled top with a black leather belt with a skull belt buckle that held up her black leather skirt. On her feet was a pair of black combat boots. Her hair was held in a high ponytail with a black ponytail holder. She had a tomboyish demeanor to her and always looked out for all three of us. Little did I know that it would be nearly a year before we finally joined a guild. Elf-Niichan had a very sharp blue suit with a red bow tie and black wingtips on his feet. His hair was kept in a nice, neat bowl-cut. It was just the three of us on our own with Miyuki in our hearts. This was the beginning of our Fairy Tail career.(2)

It wasn't long, about three weeks or so when Lucy, Igneel, Celestia, and I found a guild to join. The Wizard Guild known as Fairy Tail. It was July 21st of the year x777.

The two dragons in human form that were with the young wizards told them to send them back to the dragon world. They had something to take care of. They said it would be at least seven years before they could be summoned again. Lucy and Natsu accepted the terms and headed toward the direction they were pointed. Lucy couldn't help but wonder what the person that was meant to have the Snow Dragon Key looked like or was like. She hoped that he or she was easy to get along with.

I was walking close to Lucy when I spotted a big building on the edge of Magnolia. It was a very imposing building consisting of three floors and incorporating several architectonic styles: it took on a shape reminiscent of a pagoda, with each floor being smaller than the one below it and sitting on the latter's roof. The roofs also bore great resemblance to those of real pagoda, consisting of extremely long, arched tiles lined up one after the other and possessing simple curved protrusions jutting upwards on the building's angles. On the highest roof, topping the summit of the building, sat a simple, round and pointed dome, highly reminiscent of those seen on Arabian buildings, which bore a flag on its point. The roof below the one with the dome, the middle one, housed a large banner with Fairy Tail's symbol on it, held up by a pair of vertical poles. The building's large entrance was again Arabian in design, with its shape being reminiscent of that of the dome on the summit, and above it was the guild's name, topped by a protruding, stylized heart shape and flanked by a pair of carved fairies. Stylized heart shapes were also visible on the frames of the numerous, large pentagonal windows located on each floor, with the top floor housing smaller, arched windows partially covered by banners.

Lucy and I couldn't help but stare in awe at the building in front of us, Lucy spoke up, "is this it Natsu-Nii? Is this the Fairy Tail Guild Hall?"

I looked up at the sign and saw that it said Fairy Tail, this was the guild the both of us had heard so much about. "It seems it is sis, let's go in to see if we can join."

Lucy nodded as the two of us linked hands and entered the guild hall together. The two of us were also struck by surprise as we looked at the inside of the guild hall after closing the door behind us. The interior of the guild hall was similar to a large lunch hall, and mainly consisted of wood, possessing a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wood beams overlooking it. Several long benches and the related tables stretched across its length with a bar managed by an elderly man with a big mustache at the end. Several other waitresses also assisted request board was located beside the bar.

The elderly man was wearing wizard saint robe because he had just come back from a council meeting with the magic council. He noticed us and walked up and introduced himself. "Hey there, my name is Makarov Dreyar, I am the guild master of Fairy Tail, how can I help you two young people?" He inquired of the two of us.

Lucy was hiding behind me and was trying to be brave, I knew she was really afraid of this new place. She may have been brave enough and tough enough to become a Dragon Slayer like me, but she was still very shy when it came to meeting new people, however she decided to come out of her shell and introduce herself before I did. She walked from behind me to beside me and curtsied. Taking that cue, I bowed as well. She was the first to speak up, Ano, my name is Lucy Elizabeth Heartfilia, my mother passed away two weeks ago and I was wondering if I could join this guild, my Papa said that you accept all new members no matter what the age. I am ten years old. I'm a Celestial Wizard as well as a Celestial Dragon Slayer."

I then spoke up after her, I happily introduced myself with a grin as I gave the elderly man a thumbs up, "my name is Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia, I am a Fire Dragon Slayer and know a little bit of Celestial Magic. My sister and I would like to join your guild. It was one of our mother's last wish."

The elderly man then spoke up to both of us, "I am well aware of Mrs. Heartfilia's last wish, you see her sister-in-law, my daughter Ariana Dreyar Heartfilia married her husband Jude's brother Yuki. I'm sure you've met my Granddaughter, her name is Luna Fate Heartfilia. Do either of you recognize that name?"

Lucy and I immediately recognized that name, she too was a Dragon Slayer like us and knew some Ice Make Magic, but the last time we saw her was at Layla's funeral. The girl looked familiar, but we couldn't exactly remember her face. The two of us just shook our heads in confusion since we didn't really remember her name. The two of us didn't really have that best of short term memories.

"Sir, I vaguely remember a girl like her at Mama Layla's funeral, before her funeral, it had been about a year since we saw her. I'm sorry, we can't really remember her right off the top of her head."

"That's okay," the elderly gentlemen commented, I'm sure you will remember her someday when you meet her again. Just like the Dragons, her family disappeared on July 7th. Anyway, enough small talk, the two of you said you wanted to join this guild right? What color do you want your marks and where do you want them?"

The two of us had to ponder for a bit trying to figure out where we wanted it, I figured out where I wanted it while my little sister was trying to figure out the location and color she wanted, "I want mine to be red and on my right shoulder."

Eventually, my sister figured out what color she wanted it to be and the location, "Makarov sir, I would like my Guild Mark to be pink and on the back of my right hand please."

"Very well my dear, I must say, I'm surprised Jude let the two of you go search for a guild to join. I always thought that he was more into business matters than anything else." Master Makarov said to the two young Dragon Slayers as he pulled out the stamp kit with all the assorted colors.

He had me stand with my right arm facing him, while my sister stood with her right hand on the top of the counter. With expert precision, he managed to stamp both of us at the same time. He then inquired about the special keys we have mounted on the belt around our waists. "If I may inquire children," Makarov said curiously as he looked at our Platinum Colored keys, "would those happen to be the keys that the late Layla Heartfilia crafted to call upon some very rare spirits from and alternate world?"

The two of us looked at our platinum keys and nodded, Lucy of course spoke up before I could say anything, she tends to hog the spotlight sometimes, "yes sir, Mama gave them to us. You see they are Dragon keys. There are several in existence, but only three are known to exist, the Celestial Dragon Key, the Fire Dragon Key, and the Snow Dragon Key."

"I seem to recall a Moon Dragon Key existing as well, my granddaughter Luna has it," the old man said, then continued matter-of-factly, she said she found it behind a waterfall somewhere a short time after her parents and her Dragon the Moon Dragon Yue disappeared. Do you think there could be more?"

"It's possible," I said, taking over the reins from my younger sister, "Mama Layla did say that she made several and sent them off into the many winds that erode this world. However, it may be a myth, or it could be true."

Lucy nodded to the old man and looked around realizing all the people that had suddenly appeared in the guild. One was a wizard in full armor with Scarlet colored hair and a sword sheathed on her left hip. Underneath her plate armor she wore a blue knee-length skirt, with matching leggings and brown slip on shoes. She noticed the two new comers and introduced herself, "Hi there, you must be new members, my name is Erza Scarlet. I use requip magic and can change clothes at will, it's nice to meet the two of you what are your names and what magic do you use?"

"My name is Lucy Heartfilia," my sister said as she pointed to herself and then pointed to me, "that's my adoptive brother Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia. My mama Layla Heartfilia passed away two weeks ago and our Dragons disappeared as well."

"Dragons?" the Scarlet-Haired young lady asked, she looked to be about two years older than Lucy and me, "Does that mean that the two of you are-"

Erza couldn't say another word as I cut her off before Lucy could tell her, "Dragon Slayers, I am a Fire Dragon Slayer raised by Igneel and my sister over there is a Celestial Dragon Slayer raised by Celestia. She is also a Celestial Spirit Wizard, and I am also knowledgeable in some Celestial Magic as well."

Erza nodded in understanding at the two of us and introduced us to some of the other guild members that had just arrived, the one that surprised Lucy and me the most was the little girl that was about a year older than we were named Cana Alberona, we found out that she had joined Fairy Tail to be with her father, she told us that her father was an S-Class Wizard, the strongest wizard of all of them next to the Master. His name was Gildarts Clive and he seemed to always be going on missions. What was even more surprising was the fact that she had been a member of the Fairy Tail Guild since we first started learning our magic or in Lucy's case magics needless to say, Lucy and I became well accustomed to life as Fairy Tail Wizards. I even managed to strike up a rivalry with an Ice Prick that likes to strip a lot. We have our squabbles, but Erza always stops us by slamming our heads either together or into her armor, I really hope that Lucy doesn't pick up that habit, but something tells me she will.

Just like that, Lucy and I officially became members of Fairy Tail. We have been members ever since.

It really wasn't that long at all, Natsu and I started going on missions together, and eventually Gray and Erza joined in for a while forming Team Erza. At least a year passed by, and I finally found the one that was meant to have the Snow Dragon Key. The year was x778, however that wasn't the only surprise that Natsu-Nii and I would get this year.

It was a normal day in Fairy Tail, if you can call an all out brawl involving my brother and an ice-stripper as normal. Being raised up well, I opted to stay out of fights and spent my days talking to my best friend Levy about books we read and what magic she used. Levy was my age she always wore an orange-colored headband in her hair along with an orange shirt and blue jean shorts that went down to just passed her knees. Her guild mark was located on her left shoulder blade. Her magic was Solid Script Magic. It also seemed to suddenly quiet down as the fights stopped at the opening of the guild doors. A family of siblings stood in the entry way looking at all the chaos that caused the guild to be in shambles. The young lady in all black glanced around the guild, an annoyed demeanor to her face. She also seemed to have a scowl on her face and spoke up in sassy tone, "this certainly doesn't look like a famous guild, look at all the broken tables and benches." the girl with the scowl on her face and the high ponytail said.

"Now Mira-Nee, be nice, this is where we were told to go by Miyuki remember?" The younger white-haired girl said. She looked to be about my age, which at the time was eleven. She was wearing a short pink dress with red flat-soled shoes. She had crystal blue eyes just like the other two had, she motioned to her sister, well that's what I gathered from the situation since she called her Mira-Nee, to follow her over to wear I was sitting. The middle sibling seemed to be tall and male, he had a bow-cut style hair and was very polite as he spoke up.

"Please forgive my big sister," he said as he looked apologetically in the direction of Levy and me, and continued, "the three of us would like to join this guild if it's not too much trouble. We have nowhere to go, our parents have been gone for a long time now about six years. My name is Elfman Strauss." he said then turned it over to his calmer younger sister. The younger one was sweet and kind, the total opposite of the older girl who seemed to be about Erza's age about two years older than Levy, Natsu, and me. The sweet girl spoke up as she introduced herself and her sister.

"My name is Lisanna Strauss, " the youngest girl said in a calm clear tone as she looked toward her older sister in shame, "big sister, how do you expect us to get accepted here if you complain about everything you see."

The older sister now known as Mirajane sighed apologetically as she spoke up with a much calmer and softer voice.

"My name is Mirajane Strauss, I am the oldest of these three," Mirajane said to the rest of the guild as she followed Lisanna and Elfman over to Levy and me. Natsu and Gray immediately took their fight outside and Erza quickly followed them to keep them under control. Was that even possible with those two? "I use takeover magic and so do my siblings. I myself am a Demon Take Over Wizard, please don't reject me and kick me out."

"I use takeover magic as well, " the middle sibling, now known as Elfman, stated, "however I can't do a full body take over yet. My take over is Beast Soul."

Lisanna was the next one that spoke up with a smile, I could see that she had the same type of canine teeth as Natsu and I did, I knew right then that she was the one that was meant to have the Snow Dragon Key. Of course, the necklace with snowflake-shaped pendant was a dead giveaway,so I pulled the Platinum key with the snowflake symbol on it off of my key chain and held it out as I made my way over to the youngest sibling, she was looking around curiously and then headed mine and Levy's way after Levy had begun to strike up a conversation with Mira.

I curtsied as I held out the key for her to see, with my smile I introduced myself as I fumbled with my necklace that Celestia gave me with the hand that wasn't holding the Snow Dragon Key, "hi there, my name is Lucy Heartfilia, I am a Celestial Spirit Wizard and a Celestial Dragon Slayer. You wouldn't happen to be a Snow Dragon Slayer whose dragon disappered about a year ago would you?"

Lisanna giggled, nodded and introduced herself to me once again while reaching out to shake my hand. I released my hold on my pendant and shook hands with the other new girl as she spoke up with a smile just as bright as mine, "I am indeed, my name is Lisanna Strauss, I am and Animal Take Over Wizard and a Snow Dragon Slayer, yes you are right on the money, my dragon, Miyuki disappeared about a year ago."

I smiled and handed Lisanna the Platinum key, and spoke up, "I knew I would find you someday, you see, I lost my Mama to a terrible illness on July 7th of the year x777, the same exact day that Celestia and Igneel disappered. I will tell you a secret about them later. Maybe when we get older. My mama used to tell me all sorts of stories about another world where Dragons lived in piece when they weren't training anybody to be Dragon Slayers. I was wondering, would you like to be friends, we can form a team with you, my brother and me. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful Lucy," Lisanna cried with tears forming in her eyes, "I've been traveling a long time with just my Big Brother Elf, Big Sister Mira and the memory of my dragon Miyuki. The three of us really didn't make friends easily because of our main magic being Take Over. That's a story for another time though. Of course I would be your friend, and I'm sure that Mira-nee and Elf-Niichan would like to be your friends too. Also forming a team with you and this Natsu character seems fun. Is he a Dragon Slayer too?"

Lucy giggled and nodded toward the youngest Strauss Sibling as she placed her newly acquired Platinum key in one of the pockets of her dress, "yes, he is my adopted older brother by three months and he's a Fire Dragon Slayer, we could call our team the Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail."

"I like it, but shouldn't we stop the fighting that suddenly broke out? The three of us also need to get our guild marks." Lisanna said to me.

"Hey don't worry," I said to my new friend happily as I pulled out the stamp from one of the pockets in my dress, "I could give you it right now, where would you like it and what color?"

The youngest Strauss put her right index finger to her mouth in a pondering way, she sort of looked cute doing it too, but that's for another time, the azure-eyed girl removed her finger from her lips and smiled happily as she made her decision, "I want it to be red and on my right shoulder. If that's okay with you."

I nodded and giggled as she applied the stamp to Lisanna's shoulder, the stamp glowed for a split second and stopped, once I applied the mark to her shoulder, I removed it revealing that she had been officially inducted into Fairy Tail.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one that inducted a new member into the guild that day, Levy had done so as well. She had inducted Mira and Elfman into the guild. So that day Fairy Tail gained three new members, and I gained three new friends.

That was just the beginning of our adventures in Fairy Tail, little did we know later that same year, three more cute members would make our family grow even bigger.

After we formed the Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail, Natsu, Lucy, and I became very close to each other. We were the best of friends in a short time. I'm glad I could find someone else who had older siblings, or at least one. It was August 1st of the year x778.

The three of us, have been going on missions together for about one month now. Mira-Nee, Elf-Nii-Chan, and I joined right after I turned eleven on July 1st, of the year x778. Mira-Nee quickly adapted and found a rival in Erza-San,Elf-Nii-Chan got a parakeet that he absolutely adored. The three of us were adapting pretty well to our new home.

Lucy and me were exploring the woods in South Gate Park, Natsu was off picking a fight with Gray and Erza as usual and he was quickly beaten. Erza-San seems to be really strong, I'm sure she will become S-Class in no time. The same thing with Mira-Nee, she's strong as well, as for Lucy and me, who knows. Maybe we will sometime in the distant future, right now we're just happy to have friends. Lucy told me everything about Fairy Tail from where the request board was to the rules regarding the second floor and how no one below S-Class could go to that floor. Or you had to have an S-Class Wizard Escort you up to the floor if you needed to talk to Master Makarov when he was in his office. At the moment the only S-Class Wizard was Gildarts Clive, so none of us could go up there since Gildarts always seemed to be away on missions. Poor Cana, she told me that Gildarts was her father and every single time she got some alone time with him, he was always on his way to another mission. I hope she gets to tell Gildarts that she is his daughter sometime in the future.

"Hey Lucy," I inquire toward the blond as I continue on to my question curiously as I start to move my Platinum Key around in my hand, "why does Natsu always pick a fight? Does he feel like he has to prove something to Igneel? Also what is the deal with the special keys that we have. Are they tied to our Dragons somehow."

Lucy pondered for a bit and then took me to a secluded place away from the prying ears of Natsu, "I am only going to tell you right now because I don't think Natsu really understands why Mama gave us these keys. He still thinks that Igneel decided to abandon him, even though he was there when Mama explained things on her death bed."

"What are you talking about Lucy?" I asked curiously to my friend, wondering what Lu-Chan could be hiding, "The dragons didn't disappear like we thought?"

"No Lisanna," Lu-Chan said to me as she began to explain things, "you see, these keys that we have, the Platinum-colored ones," Lucy said as she waited for me to inquire more.

"Lucy, what about them?" I asked curiously hoping she is going to say what I think she's going to say.

"We can use them to summon our dragons, however they specifically told us to not summon them for at least six more years," my blond friend said to me as I couldn't help but ask another question.


"Because," She said being very informative, "they were running low on energy and couldn't stay in our world much longer, they need time to recharge. They are like my Celestial spirits."

Lucy then took her other keys out of her pouch and showed them to me, "they can only give us so much help before they need to return to the Celestial world to recharge, would you like to know more about being a Celestial Wizard? I have all kinds of books in my room at Fairy Hills if you want to read them. They aren't all of my books, I have to send for them when I get older and move into my own apartment or house. Speaking of which, I have an extra bed in my room if you are interested, that is until you are able to make your own money and pay your own rent, are you interested, and maybe when we are older we can continue being roommates in an apartment inside Magnolia. How does that sound?"

I couldn't help but feel myself blush out of gratitude, a friend I just met a month ago that had quickly become my best friend along with her brother Natsu, was inviting me to stay with her, she is so nice. I can't help it, I have got to talk to Mira. 'Wow, Lucy is willing to share her space with me. Once I talk to Mira and get confirmation that it's okay, I will go for it' I thought to myself, then decided to take her offer, "sure I would love to, only if it's okay with Mira-Nee and Elf-Nii-Chan. I would also like very much to learn more about Celestial Magic if that's okay with you."

"Sure, I can teach you some basics about Celestial Magic," Lucy said to me with her ever-present smile. I honestly couldn't help but smile back as she continued, "the rest of the stuff you will have to learn with time, I can teach you how to make a contract sometime. If that's okay with you."

I nodded happily to my blond friend. The two of us were about ready to head back to the Guild Hall when we heard grunting and groaning and a tree being hit, that only meant one thing, Natsu had lost to both Gray and Erza.

"Lu-Chan, I think I hear Natsu complaining about something," I said worriedly as I looked toward the blond, "what do you think it is?"

Lucy giggled and smiled, she couldn't help it, boy she sure was perky, I like that in her, it's kind of cute, I then listened to what my friend had to say, "knowing Natsu, he probably lost a battle with Erza and Gray, I think I hear his complaining coming from the East Forest. Let's go Li-Chan."

I nodded and stayed close to Lucy, being in Fairy Tail about a year more than I have, she knows her way around this place. Little did the two of us know, that three lovely surprises would be waiting for us in the East Forest.

It took about fifteen minutes, but the two of us eventually made it to the East Forest. We followed the direction of the sounds and sure enough, it was Natsu beating up a tree.

"Stupid Erza, Stupid Gray!" Natsu exclaimed angrily as he continued to beat up the tree, "I will show them! One day I will beat all of them!"

Lu-Chan and I couldn't help but giggle at the words from Natsu, I couldn't help it, I had to poke fun at him, I giggled along with Lucy and taunted him,"what's wrong Natsu, aren't you strong enough to beat an Ice Stripper? You're a Fire Dragon Slayer aren't you, why are you having so much trouble with an Ice Wizard?"

Lucy giggled just as much as I did, she decided to poke fun at her own brother, I can't blame her though, Mira-Nee and I do that all the time.

"What's wrong Natsu-Nii?" Lucy asked curiously as she observed her older brother with a cocky grin, "Can't the big strong man that knows Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Celestial Magic beat a little girl in armor?"

I knew Lucy was kidding, she was just messing with Natsu. She knew better than to underestimate Erza, she just wanted to have some fun with her older brother.

"Oh yeah?" Natsu retorted toward his little sister, "I would like to see you try and beat someone like Erza little miss Blond! You probably can't even beat me, not even Lisanna could beat me I bet, I challenge both of you to a battle right here right now!"

"Us fight?" Lucy and I chimed together in unison then thought to ourselves, 'we aren't fighters, we are good girls not bad girls, we are good girls not bad!'

"Natsu-nii," Lu-Chan responded to the pink-haired Fire Dragon Slayer, then continued, "this is no place to fight, besides that you know as well as I do that I am not a fighter like you."

"Natsu," I said to the boy, "I am not a fighter either, although if you want us to we could train with you. Would you like that Natsu?"

Natsu nodded as Lu-Chan agreed with me. Lu and I went to trees on either side of him and started punching them. Out of the trees we were hitting something fell out, they looked to be in the shape of egg with different designs on it. Mine had an ice blue snowflake engraved on it, Lu-chan's had a golden yellow star engraved on it and Natsu's had a blue design on it reminiscent of flames. How did we know they were meant for us? They fell out of the respective trees we were training on, not wanting them to break, the three of us gently caught them before they hit the ground and headed straight for the guild hall.

Unfortunately, the three of us would be faced with a major battle on our hands while we were en route to the guild hall. A battle involving a big green monkey, yes a big green monkey.

On our way to the guild hall after we found our eggs, we heard a rustling noise coming from some nearby bushes. Lisanna and I found ourselves cowering at the sight of the monster. A great big monster with green fur and white belly with markings up and down the arms.

Before we knew it, we came face to face with a nightmare. It was a giant green monster that had a monkey face, green and white fur all over the body and resembled a giant green and white monkey with pointy ears. It was a forest Vulcan, more commonly known as a Gorian.

"Lucy, Lisanna take my egg and go hide! I will take care of this monkey!" Natsu ordered Li-Chan and me, before the two of us could argue with him wanting to fight along side him as a team, he handed Lisanna his egg and shushed the two of us. Taking what he wanted us to do to heart, we listened to him taking our eggs to a safe place to keep it away from the huge green and white

That day our lives changed even more, the three of us had found what we thought were Dragon eggs, this got our hopes up thinking that maybe our dragons regressed in age and were about to be reborn.

Although, we would later find out that they weren't dragon eggs at all, but something else.

However, what we were about to receive was just as special, if not more so.

The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail had made their way back to the rowdy guild hall with big smiles on their faces. The three young wizards knew that they had just been blessed with a miracle. Happy as happy can be the three of them ran to the guild hall, once there Natsu kicked in the doors and announced our presence to everyone.

"Hey everybody!" Natsu exclaimed happily as he held up the prize that had literally fell into his hands while he was training, "The three of us found these in the East Forest! These might be Dragon Eggs!"

"DRAGON EGGS?!" Everyone in the guild hall questioned as they looked at the three young Dragon Slayers with skeptical looks on their faces.

"Hey flame-brain!" Gray exclaimed angrily as he glared at Natsu, "what would a dragon egg be doing in the East Forest? Dragons have been gone for one year now, there is absolutely no way that they would be dragon eggs!"

"Do you want to go Ice face?" Natsu asked as he started to flare up his fists, with quick thinking, Lisanna, handed her egg to Lucy, transformed her body into her half-bird form with green and pink wings and orange-colored talons, while she still maintained a human appearance with her torso and , she flew through the air and gently grabbed the blue engraved egg in her talons and glared at Natsu angrily berating him.

"Natsu, that is no way to treat an egg! You have to treat it with love respect and warmth or it will never hatch! Lu-Chan let's go back into the woods and make our eggs comfortable!"

Lucy nodded toward her friend and followed her out the door, there was no way she was going to get involved in another fight that her older brother started. Wasn't he supposed to be the mature one of the duo that her and him formed? He certainly wasn't acting like a suitable father by any means.

Before Natsu could say anything to his two friends, the two girls had already left the guild hall and headed back toward the East Forest. Natsu was too overcome with rage at Gray for scaring his friends away to even notice Mirajane and Erza looking at him with deadly malicious intent as they watched him and Gray once again get themselves in a fight which eventually ended up involving the whole guild with the exception of Mira, Levy, and Erza. The three girls were more mature than Natsu was and decided to go back to what they were doing, Mira scowling at how rowdy the guild was, Erza eating her Strawberry Cheescake, and Levy reading her book.

In the East Forest, the two girls eventually made their way back to where the three of them were practicing together on the trees, they gathered straw, sticks and anything they could think of to build a makeshift house for the three of them to raise their eggs in.

"Stupid Natsu!" Lucy exclaimed angrily as she gently set the two eggs she had down on two nests right next to each other.

"I know right," Lisanna said sternly and angrily to her friend remarking about how unfit Natsu was to raise an egg, "how does he expect to be a suitable father for his egg if he gets into fights at the drop of a hat?"

"I have no idea Li-chan," Lucy said as she held her egg close to her chest while Lisanna did the same to her own egg and the one that Natsu had found after she returned to her normal form. There was no way, these two girls were going to let what Natsu did impair their better judgment, they were raised much better than that. Natsu even knew better, but he decided not to follow his sister's example and always started fights.

Back at the guild, things had gone from bad to worse and now Erza and Mira were involved in the guild-wide brawl as well, Elfman got away from the fight and tended to his precious parakeet so it didn't get scared. Erza had gotten involved with the fight because Gray had frozen her strawberry cheescake and Natsu had melted the ice on it disintegrating it into ashes. Mira had gotten involved in the fight because she had now seen Erza as a rival and wanted to fight with her all the time.

Erza had eventually gotten sick and tired of the antics of Natsu and Gray and slammed their heads together knocking them out. She had motioned to Elfman to take Natsu in the direction of the East Forest where the girls had gone. Elfman politely nodded and left his parakeet in Master Makarov's care, picked up Natsu and headed toward the direction of the East Forest. Elfman had no problem getting there because him and his sisters had come through that way on the way to Fairy Tail about a month earlier.

Having finished their little house, the two girls were sitting quietly holding the eggs, the blond holding one egg and the white-haired girl holding the other two.

The two girls were brought out of their daze in taking care of the eggs when they heard a thump outside the entrance to their little home after they gently set the three eggs down in their respective nests. The two girls went toward the entrance and peaked outside seeing Elfman carrying a knocked out Natsu just before he gently set him down.

"Big Brother Elf?" Lisanna asked curiously as she looked toward her big brother with a very curious expression on her face as she looked at the condition that Natsu was in, "Natsu got into another fight with Gray, Erza, and Mira didn't he?"

"Yes he did Lisanna, apparently him and Gray made Erza mad." Elfman said to her younger sister as he continued, "and Erza knocked him out cold. She then got into a fight with Mira-Nee and told me to bring him to you, so here he is." Once Elfman was finished talking, he gently set Natsu down and returned to the guild hall.

Lucy and Lisanna thanked Elfman and looked at the prone form of Natsu just sleeping there. The two got mischievous looks on their faces and jumped on Natsu trying to wake him up.

The jumping had caused the pink-haired boy to stir as he groggily opened his eyes and saw the smiling faces of his little sister and her friend. The two seemed to have innocent looks on their faces which unnerved Natsu, "What's with the creepy faces girls, stop that or you will give me nightmares with such ugly expressions!"

The girls angrily got off of the Fire Dragon Slayer and forcefully pulled him to his feet and slapped him across the face. First Lucy slapped him across his face one way, then Lisanna slapped him across the face the other way.

"What didja do that for?" Natsu asked as he rubbed his swollen red cheeks on his face, he immediately knew that he did something wrong, "what did I do now?"

"Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia! You have to be ashamed of yourself!" Lucy scolded the pink-haired boy, then continued, you nearly fried your egg. If you want to take care of it, you can't be so reckless with your magic!"

Natsu sweat dropped realizing that what he did was wrong and uncalled for.

"Sorry guys, " Natsu apologized to his friends, then continued, "I see you built a nice house for all six of us, why don't we go in and check on our Dragon Eggs."

Lucy and Lisanna giggled and nodded as they smiled toward the pink-haired boy. The trio went inside and settled down on their beds and eventually fell asleep with their eggs in their arms. They did this day after day, night after night, week after week for two straight months. It was an average autumn day and the forecast was calling for clear skies all night. The three Dragon Slayers decided that they would camp out in their little hut again.

What the three of us didn't know, was that night an unexpected storm would pop up and our eggs would be left without the warmth from us.

The day went by like clockwork as the three friends enjoyed each others company. The trio fell asleep and eventually let their eggs lay on the cold ground while they were sleeping. That night three shadows, two female and one male, the male one being the tallest of the three, each picked up an egg and returned to the guild leaving the young Dragon Slayers to sleep peacefully.

The next day, Lisanna and I would be woken up by screaming from a certain pink-haired Dragon Slayer. I remember it clear as day and so does Lisanna.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" a male voice screamed shaking the little house he was sharing with his sister and friend. "Where are they? They're gone! Someone stole them!"

I was the first to wake up and looked toward my big brother, why was he screaming out loud so early in the morning?

"Natsu-Nii," I remarked as I looked toward my big brother, then inquired, "what are you screaming about so early in the morning."

"Didn't you hear me Lucy," my big brother stated looking straight at me, "our eggs are gone. Someone stole them!"

"What are you talking about Natsu-Nii?" I asked curiously as I looked around, I then noticed that not only my egg was gone, but Lisanna's and Natsu's as well, I was about to jump to a hasty conclusion when I realized something, "How do you know someone stole them Natsu-Nii, what if someone found them not being kept warm and decided to take them so they wouldn't get cold?"

Lisanna woke up groggily after she heard something she was curious about, "Lu-Chan what is all the racket? I was trying to sleep."

"Don't look at me Li-Chan," I remarked as I looked toward my older brother and pointed to him, "he is the one that was screaming."

Before Lisanna could say anything to the Fire Dragon Slayer, he completely took off toward the guild hall, no doubt looking for a fight with whoever supposedly took our eggs, as my big brother departed, I turned to my friend, "he is convinced someone stole our eggs, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions like that, someone from the guild probably found them on the ground and took it there to keep them warm. We better follow Big Brother Natsu to keep him from starting an unnecessary fight."

Lisanna nodded in agreement as she put her snowflake-shaped necklace around her neck and I put my star-shaped necklace around mine. The two of us then followed after Natsu not wanting him to go out of control. We had to keep him in check after all.

Within a few minutes, Li-chan and I arrived at the guild hall, we were too late to keep Natsu from fighting though. The two of us entered the guild hall seeing Natsu grabbing Gray by the collar of his shirt accusing him of something.

"Where are they Ice Prick?!" Natsu asked angrily glaring into the Ice Make Wizard's eyes.

"Where are what Flame Brain?" Gray asked curiously as he was being roughly manhandled by one pissed off Dragon Slayer, "What the heck are you talking about?"

"Our Dragon eggs Ice Queen!" Natsu scolded angrily, "the Dragon eggs that we have been keeping warm for the past couple months. You better not have eaten them stripper! If you did, I am going to kill you!"

Lisanna and I witnessed sparks flying between the frequently feuding mages as always.

"You wanna go flame Princess?" Gray asked angrily as he stripped out of his shirt breaking free of a certain Dragon Slayer. "Let's go then!"

"My pleasure!" Big brother exclaimed as he started using his Fire Dragon Iron fist on the ice wizard, who was now as always in nothing but his boxers.

"Gray! Clothes!" A certain brown-haired, orange dress-wearing card mage exclaimed.

Gray looked down at himself and gasped as he hurried to cover himself out as the two feuding wizards headed straight for the door. A calm voice then spoke up accompanied by two others as Lisanna and I headed to the bar to get something to drink from Master.

"Calm down Natsu, your eggs are fine, " Elfman said kindly as he addressed the Fire Dragon Slayer, "Erza, Mira-Nee, and I found your eggs on the ground last night. We noticed that they weren't being kept warm because the three of you must've dropped them."

"In other words Natsu," Erza said to him, then continued on, "we brought them here to the guild hall to keep them warm."

"So they're safe and sound you baby!" Mira-San taunted as she glared at him, this immediately caused Natsu-Nii to stop fighting Gray and pick on Mira.

"Now you want to go Demon girl?" Natsu asked angrily as he reeled back to punch, Gray noticed this and got annoyed.

"Hey Natsu!" he said angrily, "We still have to finish our fight!"

Having had enough, Erza went up between the two and slammed their heads together and went back to fighting Mira-San. Lisanna and I just rolled our eyes in annoyance at the two and took a sip of our drinks. It didn't take long and Gray and Natsu-Nii came to. Erza-San and Mira-San stopped fighting long enough to give Lisanna and I our eggs. The two of us gratefully took them and held them close to our hearts. We were so relieved they were okay. Elfman eventually handed Natsu his egg, and he too held it close to his heart.

As time went on, the three of us got closer together and took better care of our eggs. Then, about a week later the three of us were holding our eggs and they began to shake violently as cracks started forming on them, we were worried that maybe they were going to explode, when all of a sudden three cute little kitties popped out of them.

The kitty that came out of Li's egg was a gorgeous kitty with fur the exact same color as Lisanna's hair. She also had blue eyes like Lisanna. She also had little white wings of a darker color than her fur on her back. She seemed to be a little shy and nervous, just like Lisanna was when I first met her, she kind of kept to herself for a short time until I introduced myself to her. The kitty's personality seem to instantly bond with Lisanna's personality.

The next kitty that hatched was a beautiful kitty with golden yellow fur the exact same color as my hair. Her eyes were also cocoa/honey brown like mine were, she seemed to have a bit of an edge to her personality so I wasn't so sure that I would be able to bond with her. She too had little white angel wings on her back. The instant she saw me, we bonded and she immediately rubbed up against me with a content purr. The same thing can be said for Lisanna's kitty. I had a hard time thinking of a name, and I could tell just by looking at Lisanna that she was having a hard time coming up with a name as well.

The third and final kitty to hatch was the kitty that came out of Natsu-Nii's egg. He immediately seemed happy to meet Natsu. The second he looked up into the onyx eyes of Natsu, he let out the cutest word.

"Aye!" The blue kitty said as he smiled at Natsu and flew to the top of his head. He was so cute and everyone was so happy. He seemed to be just like a bluebird of happiness. That's when Big Brother Natsu immediately came up with a name and decided to call him Happy. Happy agreed and landed on his head and fell asleep. Happy's eyes almost matched Natsu's exactly. He also had white angel wings like our kitties had. When our kitties learned how to work their wings, they immediately flew over to Natsu's head and woke Happy up. The three flying kittens had Aera magic. Magic that is used for flight. The three chased each other around the room, the snow white kitty overcame her shyness somewhat and just like with my kitty, she flew around the room chasing after her little brother. Erza-San then walked up to me and addressed me curiously.

"So Lucy," the scarlet-haired Requip wizard addressed me as she looked at me in the eyes, then continued with her question, "have you thought of a name for your little furry bundle of joy?"

"I've been trying and trying, but I really can't seem to think of an appropriate name for her," I said with a bit of panic in my voice then calmed down a little bit, "what do you think Erza-San?"

I could see the wheels turning in her head for a few minutes and then she snapped her fingers, "I got it, why not name it after you, obviously it can't be your first name, but how about your middle name, it's Elizabeth isn't it?"

I nodded happily and looked toward my golden yellow bundle of joy and motioned for her to come see me, "hey cutie, what do you think about the name Elizabeth?"

It was then that the golden yellow cat spoke up with a sassy tone, "why would I want such a dumb name like that? Can't you think of a shorter name?"

I felt tears coming to my eyes as I looked at the cocoa brown eyes of my kitty, I then started talking through sniffles, "why are you so mean to me, I want to call you Elizabeth because I want to name you after me, I guess if you want me too I can shorten it to either Liz or Lizzie. What do you think?"

The golden yellow cat then spoke up, this time her tone is much happier, she was attached to Lucy the minute she hatched, so she can't really be mean to her. "I like both of them, I guess being named after you wouldn't be so bad, I mean Elizabeth is a very pretty name. Did you have any other names in mind?"

I then pondered for a few minutes then smiled at her, "actually, I was thinking about naming you after my late mother Layla as well, she was as beautiful as you are, it would be great if I could pay respect to her that way, but it's your name sweetie you will have to go by that for the rest of your life, I for one am fond of both of those names, but I will only use one or I could use both of them and make one of them your middle name."

"It would be cool to have a middle name," the golden yellow kitty said with a smile in her voice as she nuzzled up against me, then spoke up, "well I would be honored to be called Elizabeth Layla Heartfilia, but please call me Liz or Lizzie."

I nodded happily as I held my kitty close to my chest, it was settled, I knew what I was going to name her, "Sweetie, your name will be Elizabeth Layla Heartfilia, I will call you Liz or Lizzie for short."

"Thank you so much Lucy! When I get older you need to get me some clothes though." Liz said to me with a smile as she looked into my brown eyes with hers. I couldn't help but giggle and nod as I agreed with her.

"Don't worry Liz, when Li, Natsu-Nii, and I start going out on more frequent missions and earn enough money, we will get clothes for all of you."

I then walked over to Lisanna and looked at her holding her beautiful kitty, I could see in her eyes that she had finally came up with a name. Letting curiosity get the better of me, I walked up to my friend and inquired about her decision.

"So Lisanna," I said immediately gaining her attention as well as her kitty's attention, "have you thought of a name to give her?"

Lisanna nodded, smiled and hugged the snow white winged kitten, "I have Lucy, I shall call her Yuki, it means snow, just like Miyuki does. The name is also suitable for her because of the color of her fur as well as her crystal blue eyes. So our family has gotten even bigger."

The newly named Yuki talked through stutters, but surprisingly everyone could understand her just fine, "I like that name Lisanna, it's perfect for me as well as you, from here on out I shall be called Yuki Strauss."

Happy then spoke up with a smile on his face, his dark eyes filled with cheer, "Aye Sir! From here on out I shall be called Happy Dragneel Heartfilia, just like Natsu is Natsu Dragneel Heartfilia."

The whole guild was so happy that they all broke out into a party and sure enough several fights broke out in celebration. Yuki, Liz, and Happy were promptly inducted into the Guild. Yuki's guild mark was an ice blue color right in the center of her back. My sweet Liz's guild mark was pink just like mine is and is located in the center of her back as well. Happy's guild mark was green and also in the center of his back. Once our three newest family members were officially inducted into the guild, all three of them started flying all around the guild hall greeting everybody, eventually the three youngest Fairy Tail members got tired and landed on our heads and fell asleep. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Reedus Jonah painting something on his easel. This guild is my home now, and hopefully it will remain so for a long time.

As the years went on the three of us got more efficient in the use of our Dragon Slayer Magic, I even managed to teach Li the finer points of Celestial Magic. Natsu-Nii already had a good understanding of Celestial Magic having spent most of his life with Mama and me when we were practicing Celestial Magic together. Eventually the three of us added keys to our collection. The three of us continued to go on missions for several years to come, both Erza-San and Mira-San became S-Class, Erza-San in the year x780, and Mira-San in the year x781. We were having a great time, then something drastic happened in the year x782 it was about mid-November and a pleasant late fall day.

This day stands out the most in all my time in Fairy Tail. This day will live in infamy. The day that I nearly lost my big brother and best friend to a terrible incident. The three of us were fifteen years old.

It was November 15th, of the year x782, the day started off like any other day in Fairy Tail, well not every other day, Natsu-Nii was away with Happy fishing. Happy was now four years old just like Lizzie and Yuki were. While Lisanna was the youngest in our group, I'll be it by only a short amount of time, not really worth mentioning, Yuki was the oldest of our three flying kittens being born before the other two were. Just like me, Lizzie was the middle of the group, but Happy was the youngest of the group. Don't ask me how that works, I really have no idea. Lisanna and I were training when our enhanced Dragon Slayer hearing picked up some yelling over by the fishing hole. The two of us motioned for Yuki and Liz to pick us up and fly us over by the noise, sure enough we saw the two most important people in our lives with scowls on their faces and their backs toward each other.

Lisanna had decided to wear her short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Up on her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from it. She wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes, around her neck she wore her necklace that Miyuki had given to her. I was wearing an outfit similar to hers, the main difference was the color combination. It was a bigger version of my favorite dress from when I was a kid. It was pink with a white collar and blue tie. Embroidered upon it was several stars and planets silver and gold in color. On my feet I wore tall pink stockings that went up to my knees, along with black shoes. The fabric above my elbows was golden yellow and flowed down toward my forearm, I also wore my necklace that Celestia gave me. Natsu was wearing his standard gold trimmed black vest with white loose-fitting pants, and flat-soled shoes.

"Are you two fighting again?" Lisanna asked of the duo and smirked and giggled, "You're just like Father and Son!"

"Father and Son?" Natsu asked in surprise, "As if that would ever happen! We look nothing alike!"

"It's okay for families to fight," Lisanna said with her infinite wisdom well beyond her years it seemed, "the only thing that matters is making up at the end. What are you two fighting about this time?"

"Natsu overcooked my fish! He should've asked me how I wanted it before he just fried it with is Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. I can't believe I saw him first thing when I hatched, I would've much rather been the cat of one of you girls."

I just smiled and giggled and then looked at Happy sternly as Lu reached for one of her Zodiac Keys, "don't talk like that Happy, Natsu is good to you, he feeds you, bought you that sack and loves you no matter what. Like Li said, it's natural for friends and families to fight, but don't take it too far or you will regret doing that to your comrade when he's gone, now hug and make up before I have to send out Aquarius to cool you two down."

The second I finished that sentence, I reached for my Aquarius key and was getting ready to put it in the water to summon her. Natsu and Happy have a major fear of Aquarius, one time she tried to drown the both of them in a swimming pool because the noise they were causing was so loud that she could hear it all the way in the Celestial World while she was on her date. Over the years, I have become really close to my three Zodiac Spirits and my three Silver Key spirits, not too mention my second mother, Celestia. I wonder what her and the other Dragons are doing in their dimension, I bet you they are having a good time. Oh well, I will have to ask her another time, right now Lisanna and I had to play referees between Natsu and Happy. The two of us had to play referee between the two when Erza-San and Mira-San weren't around, not to mention having to keep the peace between Natsu-Nii-Chan and Gray as well. I glared at the two with murderous and malicious intent which was very unlike me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Li-Chan had the same intent as me if the two didn't stop fighting and make up.

"Now you two, " Lisanna ordered sternly as she looked toward the Fire Dragon Slayer and the blue flying cat, "make up with each other, none of us are going anywhere until you reconcile!"

I couldn't help but agree with Lisanna, I was just as sick of their fighting as she was, I spoke up in much harsher tone than before and glared at the two, Yuki and Liz also had the same look of malice in their eyes as Li and I did, "you better do as Lisanna and I say, or we won't fix you any dinner tonight, we will just help Mira-San fix dinner for the rest of the guild hall!"

The two immediately stopped fighting just as Elfman and Mirajane came into our area, Mira-San was the first one to speak up toward us.

"Elfman and I are going on an S-Class Mission and Master Makarov recommended that we find at least three more people to go with us. It's a real tough mission and may take a while."

Elfman was the next one to speak up as he looked at the three younger wizards and the three cats, "I was opposed to it at first because I felt that I could protect Mira and Lisanna, but I finally gave in and realized that Master was right. Lisanna, we want you, Lucy, Natsu, and the cats to come along with us."

"We can't, " I said with a precautionary tone to my voice, "we aren't S-Class yet, it would be a Suicide Mission for us. What are you trying to pull Mira-San?"

"Lu-Chan is right, " Lisanna said to her sister, then continued in a precautionary tone much like her friend, "we aren't allowed on those kind of missions."

"I have to agree with my little sister and her friend, " Natsu remarked matter-of -factly as Happy and the two girls nodded in agreement, "are you sure that's wise?"

I giggled as I saw Mira-San wag her finger and wink at us, "you can go on an S-Class Mission if you have an S-Class Wizard with you, and I just so happen to be one. Think of it as a once in a lifetime experience, you may just find yourself learning something."

"What made the mission so dangerous that it had to be moved to the S-Class floor?" I asked curiously as I kept my composure on the outside, but trembled on the inside. From looking at my fellow teammates, I could tell they were in the same position I was in.

"We are taking on the king of all beasts to protect people of a nearby town through evacuation, Mira-Nee and I will take on The Beast while the three of you evacuate the nearby town, " Elfman said as he continued, then asked us for confirmation that we were going, "do you understand?"

"Aye Sir!" The three cats chimed together as they looked at the three of us with pleading eyes, the three of us had no choice but to comply since our Kitties were willing to do the mission with those two.

"I guess it's a good idea," I said as I gained a determined expression on my face then chanted, "we are Fairy Tail, nothing can take us down! We are the best!"

"Agreed!" Lisanna stated with a smile as she looked toward me, her crystal blue eyes shining with anticipation, I could tell that my own cocoa brown eyes were shining with anticipation as well.

"I'm all fired up now!" Natsu-Nii exclaimed happily with his fists aflame, "let's go slay that beast and save the people of that town!"

Lisanna and I along with Liz, Yuki, and Happy nodded in agreement with my big brother. Let's just see how this mission will go. Why do I have such a bad feeling about this mission? I then looked toward my older brother and my friend and they seemed to be experiencing the same bad feeling I had. This mission was not going to end well. I could already tell that.

I was about to go with them when I saw Liz fly in front of me and scoff with her little arms crossed over her chest, "I am not going to let you go!"

"Why?" I asked my partner, "I'm part of this guild too, I need to go on missions to improve my magic. If I want to be a great Dragon Slayer like Natsu-Nii and a great Celestial Wizard like Mama. I can't stay behind and risk losing my big brother and best friend. What kind of friend and Guild Mate would I be if I let them go on a mission without me protecting them, especially Lisanna." I said as I could feel myself blush when I mentioned Lisanna. This is an awkward situation, I could see that Lisanna found it awkward too because she was blushing as well.

"That was awkward," Lisanna said with a very apparent blush on her face, "thanks for being willing to protect me Lu-Chan, but I think Natsu-San and Elf-nii-chan not to mention Mira-Nee can do that job just fine. Don't forget I have Yuki with me too. Besides, this will give you a chance to spend some time with Levy and Cana, I mean you met them first before you met me, you and Levy are both really into books. I am too, but not as much since I really hate studying. I would listen to Lizzie if I were you Lu, you already are a great Celestial Wizard and a great Dragon Slayer, the three of us have been on so many missions together, we had to have improved our magic somehow, besides what would your mom and dragon think if you were reckless like you are trying to be right now? You're smarter than that Lu-Chan."

Natsu looked at me in what seemed to be agreement with Lisanna, he smiled at his younger sister and patted her head, "Lu, think about it, the guild wouldn't be the same without you, and besides, I promise I will protect Lisanna with my life, Elfman will too so will Happy, Mira, and Yuki. Lisanna and I will bring you back something from our mission that I think you will enjoy, we promise we will come back to you unharmed!"

I looked toward Lisanna, Natsu, Elfman, and Mirajane with a concerned expression, especially toward Lisanna and Natsu-Nii, I held my pinkies out to each of them knowing that I could trust them, they never let me down before, but I had to make sure they were telling the truth, "I believe in Mira-San Elf-San, but I need confirmation from you two, you are the closest ones to me in the guild, mainly because I spent most of my time in the guild with you. I guess I do owe Levy and Cana some time, but I just hope that Cana doesn't drink while I am spending time with her. As if that would ever happen, Cana not drinking? Yeah right. Anyway, I got kind of off track, you two have to pinky swear to me that you will come back unharmed, if you are hurt when you come back, I will blame myself for not going with you. Do you promise not to get hurt seriously? You two have to pinky swear to me."

My brother and friend nodded and linked their pinkies with mine, I had no choice now, though I would rather be with them, I had to admit that going on an S-Class Mission right now would be dangerous, especially since I have no experience with them, but neither do Li-Chan and Natsu-Nii, but Natsu is stronger than me in every way since he started his Dragon Slayer training three months before me, I knew he would be okay, but I couldn't help but wonder if Li-Chan would be okay. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. Especially since I am still struggling with the loss of my Mama, even though it has been five years since that incident.

"Pinky Swear!" they both exclaimed with Yuki, Liz, and Happy as witnesses, "don't worry Lu-Chan/Little Sister we will come back safely."

Finally giving in, I hugged them both, knowing that they would be okay especially since they had Mira-San with them. Then I looked with worry toward Yuki and Happy, they were like children to me, Liz saw my expression and grabbed both of them by the scruffs of their neck and scoffed with a look that would make even the toughest flying cat look on with fear, "you two are not going anywhere, it's too dangerous. Got it!?"

Yuki stuttered, even though she was the oldest of the three, since she hatched first, but was terrified of the silver sundress wearing cat, "I-I understand, th-this is too dangerous for cats like us."

"What are you saying Yuki?" Lisanna asked in shock and surprise, then continued, "why do you all of a sudden listen to a cat that's younger than you. I need you at my side. Please come with us."

Yuki shook her head no as she looked toward her partner, the stutter was gone and she looked at Lisanna with confidence, though she still stuttered occasionally throughout, "I-I would love to do that Lisanna, but think about it, though Lizzie may be younger then me, even by a few minutes, she is the most mature of all three of us, and besides that, the two of us wouldn't be much help since we are still not sure how to use our weapons. You're in good hands with Mira-San, Elf-San, and Natsu-San."

Despite putting on a brave face, I could tell that Happy was terrified as well, not only of Liz, but the mission itself, he immediately looked toward Natsu-Nii and hung his head, I knew he knew that he wouldn't be much help either, I then heard him speak apologetically to Natsu-Nii, "I'm sorry Natsu, but Lizzie is right, with all four of you going on the mission, who would protect Liz and Lucy, we have to stay behind. From what Mira told us, it's best that just the four of you go. Just protect Lisanna, because I have a feeling if she gets hurt and ends up in the infirmary while you were watching her, Lucy's temper will get the best of her and she will pummel you into the ground with her Rocky Star Fist or bury you with her Celestial Dragon's Roar. Protect Lisanna with your life! Got it!"

I could tell that Natsu was even terrified of his own cat, not too mention my temper sometimes, yes I admit it, I have a temper and it is usually taken out on my older brother for his idiocy. He may be a strong Dragon Slayer, but he's not exactly the smartest genius in the class always trying to destroy things. I heard him act like Happy does when he flinched while saying it, "Aye Aye sir!"

Natsu and Lisanna, even though they were sad, undererstood where Yuki and Happy were coming from, they even understood Liz, I do have to admit, and this isn't just because she's mine, because I'm not really that mature, but I have more maturity than Natsu-Nii and so does Li-chan, Lizzie is the most mature out of the three of them, which is odd considering she's the middle one of the three. The three cats and I hugged everyone before they were off, the four people going on the mission waved to us, and we waved back. I just had to pray that everyone comes back safe.

Little did I know, that not everyone would come back unscathed, Natsu was fine, but what, no who, he held in his arms when he returned with the group shocked me. Why did I have to be such a wimp and stay behind? I should have been there to help.

Lisanna and I went on the mission with Mira and Elfman, little did I know that not even I would come away from this unscathed, but not in the way you may think.

Lisanna and I were off to evacuate the town like Mirajane asked us to. The two older ones were going to find the beast and slay it. The two of us managed to finish evacuating the town when the two of us heard a scream, Lisanna was the first to notice it.

"Natsu, that scream can be only one other person, " Lisanna said with an extremely worried expression on her face, "it has to be Mira-Nee! We better go check on her! Takeover Animal Soul, Bird!"

Lisanna then transformed into her bird form, this bird was green and pink with large wings of the same color and pink talons. She was off in a hurry and I just took my time.

"You go on ahead Lisanna, I have to get something for Lucy like I promised, " I said to my friend. I then heard her sneak up behind me and use her talons to grab me by the shoulders with her talons, this was very unsettling for me, "What are you doing Lisanna, I have to keep a promise to Lucy. I have to get her something, what kind of big brother would I be if I didn't keep my promises."

Lisanna, speaking up while carrying me talked to me in a stern tone of voice, "she just wants all of us back home safely, what if you were to get hurt or worse and I came back without you, Lucy would never forgive me, and I couldn't live with myself if she didn't."

I could tell by the tone of her voice that she really cared deeply for Lucy as more than a best friend, but I decided to keep it to myself, but I asked her anyway, "Lisanna, are you trying to tell me that you lo-" I was promptly cut off by her reaching down with her beak and pecking me on the head as she spoke up.

"I'll tell you later, right now we need to see if Mira-Nee and Elf-Nii-Chan are okay." Lisanna said to me after she stopped pecking me on the head. Resigning in defeat, I just shut up and let her take me to where the screams came from. She set me down first and then landed beside me returning to her normal form.

"Mira-San what's wrong?" I asked with worry toward the Demon Wizard, "where is Elfman?"

Mira shook and pointed to a large, blackish-green beast that looked to have no pupils and seemed upset about something, she spoke up through her tears, "the beast it started to attack me and Elfman jumped in front of me to protect me and attempted a full-body takeover, he did succeed, but now it's like he doesn't even know me."

Lisanna saw the beast in front of her and looked questioningly at her older sister, "Mira-Nee, you're telling me that this beast is Big Brother Elf? How can he not remember you if he is Big Brother Elf?"

"Lisanna, " I said with concern, "I think the beast took over Elfman completely, we best just let Mira handle trying to bring Elfman back to reality, Lucy would never forgive me if something terrible happened to you."

Lisanna just looked at me, and started walking toward the beast Elfman, I immediately grabbed her shoulder trying to stop her, she kept on moving forward. Speaking up with venom in her voice that reminded me way too much of her older sister she caught me by surprise as she suddenly used her Snow Dragon's Icy fist to punch me off of her, "No Natsu, I have to try, I'm going to keep my promise to Lu-Chan and make sure all of us come back safely, I know I can reach him, he is my big brother after all."

I couldn't really argue with that because I was in pain from the hit that Lisanna got me with, it wasn't a very strong hit, but it still hurt so I relented and let her get by me and walked up to Mira and pointed to her, "Lisanna is going to try and bring Elfman back. I hope she can do that."

"So do I Natsu, so do I." Mira said to me as I just sat beside her comforting her and watching. Lisanna walked in front of us and held her arms out to the side and smiled.

"Big Brother Elf, it's me, your little sister Lisanna," Lisanna said with her ever present smile. It was always a sweet smile unlike Mira's were, "Mira-Nee, Natsu, and I all love you and always will, please come back to us and let's go home together safely to Fairy Tail, Lu-Chan, Yuki-Chan, Liz-Chan, and sweet little Happy are all waiting for us to return. We have to keep our promise to Lu-Chan and help everyone get home to Fairy Tail safely. Please come back to us."

I could easily tell that Beast-Elfman was beyond reason, he reached his left arm out to the side and was about to slam it down on Lisanna, I tried to go save her, but Mira stopped me letting me know that Lisanna had this covered. I relented and let Lisanna go about her business.

"Please big brother Elf, don't do this to us, we all still love you," Lisanna said with concern still holding her arms out, unfortunately, she could not deter Beast-Elfman and ended up paying for her mistake.

Beast-Elfman reeled his left hand back and plowed it into Lisanna causing her to fly several feet in one direction, Mira was about to go after her, but I stopped her, "no Mira, Lisanna is my responsibility, Lucy isn't going to be happy, but I have to go see if she's alright, I promised her, Happy, Liz, and Yuki that I would protect Lisanna with my life and I failed, so I have to go after her to make sure she's okay."

Mira nodded and smiled . She motioned for me to go after Lisanna, just as Elfman regained control and returned back to his normal self.

Seeing Mira nod at me, I headed off into the direction where Lisanna flew off too. When I got there, I rushed over just in time to catch Lisanna before she hit the ground. It looked to me that her guild mark was fading away, thinking the worst, I held onto her, "Don't you dare leave me Lisanna! Lucy is expecting you to come back safe and sound, not to mention Lizzie and Yuki. If I don't bring you back to the guild, Lucy will kill me. She may be a few months younger than me, but she certainly packs a punch when she wants to, especially when she uses her Celestial Dragon Slaying magic to increase the strength! Don't you dare die on me, I can't imagine life in the guild without you, what about Elfman and Mirajane, I would hate to see them be so sad because you didn't come back, you have to hold on Lisanna for not only me, but Lucy, Lizzie, Yuki, Happy, Mira, and Elfman, don't you dare leave me at all!"

"All living things die, it's part of life, that doesn't mean we won't see each other ever again, " Lisanna spoke up with a weak tone to her voice, I held her close to my ear so I could hear her better, thank goodness I did because her voice barely above a whisper as she continued, "we just will have to wait until some other time to see each other. I don't know if I can hold on much longer, my magic is fading, and I'm injured. I'm also exhausted, I need to sleep, maybe that will help me recover much more quickly, I am just out of magic, I will be just fine, I just want to know if Elf-Nii-Chan and Mira-Nee are okay. Please tell me they are okay and I will be happy. Please tell me they are okay Natsu-Nii."

I nodded toward my friend with my normal smile and finally spoke up so she could hear me, "they will be just fine, and so will you, we will get you to the infirmary where you can recover nicely, and maybe get yourself a new guild mark. How does that sound to you?"

Lisanna smiled at me with tears in her eyes as she nodded and spoke up, "I will be just fine, I just need some rest that's all. Don't worry about me, I will be just fine."

I nodded as whatever was taking her guild mark finished and caused her to fall unconscious. I quickly picked her up bridal style and headed toward where Mira and Elfman were. Once I was there, I told Mira and Elfman what happened and even though Lisanna was out cold, she was breathing and just needed some help as I noticed her bleeding from her arm and quickly pulled my scarf off and wrapped it around her wound like a tourniquet hoping that it would stop the bleeding. I knew in my heart that Lisanna was going to be just fine.

Little did I know, that it would be about two weeks or so before I would see her smiling face again. Oh no what was I going to do, Lucy was going to kill me.

Now that Mira and Elfman knew that everything was going to be alright, the three of us, with me carrying Lisanna in my arms bridal style, headed back to the guild hall.

It was later that day, November 15th of the year x782. The sight I saw in front of me brought me to tears as an all too familiar girl was taken to the infirmary by an all too familiar guy. This didn't sit well with me as I was really close to Lisanna, and have been becoming closer to her over the past six years. At the time I had only known her for four, but it was just as heartbreaking to see my best friend being carried in the arms of my big brother who had a somber expression on his face.

I rushed up to Natsu and motioned for him to give her to me so I could take her to the infirmary, he proceeded to tell me everything that happened, which will be addressed in the future. I didn't know all the details of the situation myself so I had to wait. My first priority was getting Li-Chan to the infirmary safe and sound, it was then that I noticed that Natsu-Nii had wrapped his scarf, the scarf that Igneel had given him before he returned to the Dragon World with the rest of our dragons. I wonder how the other Dragon Slayers were fairing with their parents missing, were Li-Chan, Natsu-Nii, and I the only Dragon Slayers in this world, somehow I doubt it considering Mama made several Platinum-colored keys, but I digress, the most important thing at hand was making sure Lisanna was safe and could recover quickly and efficiently. I then spoke up toward my older brother, "so Natsu-Nii, what exactly happened or would you rather not talk about it and focus on getting Lisanna to the infirmary in a timely fashion?"

I watched Natsu's gaze linger on me for a split second and then his attention quickly turned to Lisanna as he smiled with a somber look to his eyes and spoke up for the first time in about ten minutes since he and the other two returned. I will have to ask about all the details of what happened at a later time I guess, I then listened to what Natsu-Nii had to say, "I-I couldn't protect her completely and she was bleeding from her arm profusely so I had to use my scarf to form a makeshift tourniquet to stop the bleeding, I really hope the blood comes out, but I'm not sure it will, we will just have to see."

"The blood will come out," I said hopefully, to tell the truth, I really didn't know if it would come out or not, but I guess we will never know unless we try, continuing to look his way, I spoke up continuing on, "I think it will definitely come out, right now we need to focus on Lisanna to make sure she gets better."

With a nod and a smile from my older brother, the two of us stayed close together as we took turns carrying Li-Chan to the infirmary, yes it wasn't too far to get there, but we did get tired every once in a while and had to switch tasks.

"So," I said to my older brother with a worried look on my face, I really didn't want to lose Lisanna like I lost Mama, "what exactly happened with Lisanna?"

I had no choice, I had to tell Lucy exactly what happened. So I flashed back in my mind and began to tell her what happened.

"Well you see..." Natsu said as he started his tale.

"Lisanna and I were evacuating the nearby town when we heard a woman's scream. At first we thought it was just some random citizen, but the closer we got to the location, the more it sounded like someone we knew."

"We finished evacuating the town Mira-Nee, " Lisanna said to her older sister, but then she saw a somber look on her face, no Lisanna could tell it was one of fear as she decided to ask her sister a question, "where is Elf-Nii-Chan?"

"Mira didn't say anything as she just pointed to a huge monster in front of her, she then spoke up through tears," I continued telling Lucy, " Mira then told me everything that happened."

"Elfman, he tried to protect me when the beast started attacking me, he jumped in front of me and tried to fight the best he could, but it wasn't getting him anywhere," Mira said with tears flowing from her eyes, I was surprised that I could still understand her through her sniffles, she then continued on, "he decided to attempt a Full Body Take Over of the monster, and then he completely lost control and attacked me."

"Seeing her sister's distress, Lisanna jumped in front of Elfman with her arms stretched out, "Big Brother Elf?" Lisanna asked toward her possessed brother, "It's me, Lisanna your little sister, Mira-Nee and Natsu-nii are here as well, we all three love you, and Lucy loves you too, so please come back to your senses and come home with us back to Fairy Tail. We love you big brother."

"No matter what Lisanna tried, she wasn't getting through to Elfman. She pleaded and she pleaded with her older brother, but to no avail, eventually the possessed Elfman raised his left hand and slapped Lisanna right across her waist and into her face, luckily her arm was in the way so the possessed Elfman caught her arm instead of her face, he swung his arm so hard that he knocked Lisanna up into the air and a fair distance away, Mira tried to insist on going after her, but I told her to stay with Elfman until he recovers, it wasn't until she acknowledged she would do that, that Elfman regained his senses and stopped attacking Mira. On the other hand Lisanna wasn't so lucky, following her ascent into the sky, I followed her to several thousand feet away, it seemed like she was sent at least a mile in one direction. I chased her down and when I finally got there, I noticed how bad she was bleeding, so I took my scarf off of my neck and wrapped around the gaping wound in her arm and side with it, it was then that I noticed that something was taking her guild mark, I did manage to keep her alive, but she eventually fell unconscious and I ended up carrying her all the way here, while Mira helped Elfman out by letting him lean on her shoulder."

"And the rest you know, we finally made it here and now we are on the way to the infirmary." I said to my little sister, then continued, "I want you to stay with her as long as you can Lucy, she was asking for you with what little strength she had left."

As I was looking toward Lu, I noticed that she was blushing, I've never seen her do this before not even to all the guys that have been flirting with her, she must feel a deeper connection with Lisanna, so I decided to get an answer, "Lu, do you Lo-" I was quickly cut off by a blushing and flustered little sister who eventually calmed down.

"I will tell you later, " she said to me with a smile and a blush, then continued, "right now we need to get Li-Chan to the infirmary."

Taking her concern for the white-haired girl in stride, her and I continued taking turns carrying her to the infirmary. When the two of us finally got there, we teamed up and gently set Lisanna on the bed. Seeing that my sister wanted some time with her best friend, I decided to leave them alone as I witnessed Lucy stroking the hair on Li-Chan's head, She really cares deeply for that girl, and it seems that Lisanna cares deeply for Lu, but I can't help but wonder, will their care toward each other lead to something later? Only time will tell. I quietly closed the door behind me and made my way downstairs to help Mirajane and Elfman tell their story. Right before I headed downstairs to the main floor, I saw Lizzie, Happy, and Yuki just make it inside the room to keep the injured girl company.

I don't really know what to think even to this day, it's really hard to live with myself knowing that if I would've gone with them along with Liz, Happy and Yuki she wouldn't be in this position.

I sat beside Li-Chan's bed for what seemed like hours, and it was about three hours, she then finally woke up and smiled at me, I knew she was okay. She was still seriously injured, but at least her condition was stable.

"Lu-Chan what happened?" she asked me, as I continued to run my fingers through her hair, "I remember talking to my possessed brother, and then nothing after that."

"You were knocked out by your possessed brother and seriously injured, " I said as I continued to gently run my fingers through her hair, I looked out of the corner of my eye to see the cats looking on with smiles on their faces, Lizzie can be sassy at times, but she truly cares for all of us, along with Yuki in her shyness, and Happy with his always positive outlook on life. We are Fairy Tail, we can't give up hope, I then continued speaking toward Lisanna, "conserve some of your strength Li-Chan, you have been through a lot today, your guild mark being taken by something zapped you of your magic strength. I'm just glad you are alive. I am going to stay with you every minute until you get better."

With that, Li-Chan nodded and smiled toward me, and closed her eyes. At first I thought she was sleeping, but then realized when she wouldn't wake up when I tapped her, that she was in more dire health than I thought, she had slipped into a coma. Please be okay Lisanna.

Li-chan's coma lasted about two weeks, and it took her about six months to fully recover. I stayed with her as much as I could and so did the cats keeping watch over her. It's hard to believe that it has been almost two years ago(3).

And that about gets everyone up to speed on what happened to us over the past six to seven years. Eventually Lisanna got the strength back to go on missions and even got a new guild mark.

I decided to change my guild mark after I woke up from my coma. I decided to go with white and have it on the outer side of my left thigh just like my big sister.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Now we are on our way to our next mission in Hargeon. Little did we know, that we would meet a new friend in Hargeon on July 3rd, of the year x784.

So the story of Fairy Tail begins... What is in store? Only time will tell.

To Be Continued...

Hargeon port is the next stop on the mission for Lisanna, Yuki, Lucy, Liz, Natsu and Happy. As they seem to here rumor of Salamander being in town. Also the group meets a new friend. Who is it?What will happen? Only time will tell.

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Author's Notes:

(1): Made up Lucy's Middle Name. Lucy decided to name her Exceed after herself by giving her her middle name.

(2): This idea was come up with by my friend and Beta Reader OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09. He also was instrumental in me deciding to use Elizabeth as Lucy's middle name.

(3): I will cover the entire mission in more detail in Episode 021(Covering Episode 020: Natsu and the Dragon Egg): Triple Dragons, Dragon Eggs, and More!

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