I know I'm starting a week late, but I'll catch up!

I know I posted the first chapter already, but I was too tired to write this little intro last night. So a couple of things real quick...

1.) Jack is said to be 17-18 in the movie, in these, he'll be a bit younger, around 14-16, just because he's so cute.

2.) Most of these I will have made up, some will come from what is said/implied in the movie.

3.) This will NOT be a Bunny/Jack story, but a few chapters will have that pairing. I know a lot of people don't ship them (I can't explain why I do...), so for every chapter that is Bunnymund/Jack related, those will be the days I post TWO CHAPTERS A DAY, so that everyone can still have something to read each day.

4.) The rating for each story will be listed at the top, along with the title, main characters in the chapter, genre and summary.

5.) Of course authors love favorites and alerts, but we also enjoy criticism! I'd really like to improve my writing and get back into my habit of writing so often! So please, so where I need improvement, where I'm lacking, what I need to re-do. (Compliments are nice too though :) )

6.) The chapters will not have anything to do with one another, think of each one as a separate story. Some chapters may reflect back on a previous fact or fore-shadow an upcoming one.

7.) I only have so many ideas for this, so if you have something to suggest writing about, leave it in a review!

Thanks so much for clicking on this, so let's proceed to the actual stories!