Title: Habit

Rating: K+

Characters (besides Jack): Bunnymund

Genre: Friendship/Humor

Summary: He wasn't sure how much more of the noise he could take.

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He was an animal, a bunny to be exact, but an animal nonetheless.

And animals had super-sonic hearing.

He could feel the pounding of the mini-fairies wings in his ears, the the rumble of North's stomach, sometimes he even imagined he could hear Sandy blink.

But he knew he definitely heard every soft click.

It didn't make much sense; he always thought those would stop growing like their hair, fur, feathers etc. But no rule seemed to ever apply to Jack Frost.

It wasn't just once or twice either, it was every time he saw the winter spirit! He wasn't sure if Jack was even aware he was doing it since the boy did it often enough for it to become sub-conscious, but the pooka was more than aware of it during each visit he made.

The other guardians had no idea; they could see it, but he doubted the image had been processed in their minds. He wouldn't have committed it to memory either if it wasn't for each obnoxious and driving-him-to-the-brink-of-insanity snap.

The kid was doing it right now, slouched in his seat as North spoke of things they needed to be on the look-out for in the children. The topic was important - it really was - but he couldn't focus with that noise!

"Frostbite," he whispered in his thick Australian accent and the boy peered over at him, one dark brow arched in question and thumb still between pale lips, "if ya don' stop bitin' ya nails, even ya be able to conjure 'nough ice to heal what I'm 'bout ta do ta ya."

The other brow raised in shock, perhaps amusement, to join the first and a smirk curved around the thumb, lips curling back to reveal teeth as they opened slowly and came back down on the nail, already uncomfortably short, breaking another piece off.


RotG Fact: Jack actually enjoys the beach (but only when he freezes the waves).