Title: Vegetarian

Rating: T

Characters (besides Jack): all of the guardians

Genre: General

Summary: It's dinner time.

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Favorites (as of this chapter): 1408

Set directly after People Person

True to their word, North and Tooth hadn't left him until they absolutely had to and sent Jack in the direction of Sandy. North was calling guests into the giant dining hall while Tooth was instructing her fairies on the last night of the year, but Sandy was floating in a seat toward the head of the table and waved to Jack, who took a seat beside him.

"Hey Sandy," Jack greeted. "How's the party been?"

Sandy nodded and gave two thumbs up. He shot a question mark over his head and pointed to Jack.

The winter spirit shrugged and leaned back in his seat. "Ah, I just got down here. Too many new people, I guess I'm still not use to being seen."

The sandman gave a solemn nod and patted Jack on his shoulder. He understood Jack's stress about the party with so many spirits; he had never been invited to one of North's famous end-of-the-year parties, something the jolly man still felt horribly guilty over.

"Hello, boys," Bunny hopped into a seat across from them. "Where's the grub?"

As if to answer his question, North's voice boomed across the room. "Everyone! Is time for celebration feast!" Spirits were quickly settling into their chairs, murmuring between each other. Jack saw a few people point at him and hid his face. "One grand meal to end one grand year! Tooth! Come leave fairies be, take seat!"

Toothiana, followed by a few fairies, drifted over to her seat beside Bunny. Naturally, North sat at the head of the table, clapped his hands, and the yetis brought out trays of food.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed. "Everything looks amazing!" A passing yeti made a noise of pride and stood straighter. "I've never seen this much food before!"

North gave a small smile. "Eat as much as you wish, Jack. Leave no room in belly!" He clapped his own bulging stomach and laughed heartily.

Spirits dug in as soon as the food was placed before them. Jack waited for the other guardians to move before doing so himself, reaching out for the salad bowl before him, but his hand collided with Bunny's.

"Sorry, mate. You first."

Jack grinned and scooped the salad onto his plate before grabbing some rolls and fruit from a bowl. He settled back into his seat and dug in.

"Oh goodness," Tooth gushed. "This chicken is amazing! Try some, Jack." She offered the plate toward the boy, but Jack shook his head.

"No, thanks. I'm good."

"You have only vegetables, fruit and bread," North noted. "You need meat for your bones!"

"We can't gain weight, remember?"

"Still, is healthy for young boy! Your plate looks like Bunny's!"

Jack peered across the table at the Pooka's plate and noticed the similarities in what they had grabbed.

"I'm not big into cannibalism," Bunny rolled his eyes. "I'll stick with my fruits and veggies. Besides, look at how big I am without eatin' meat!"

Tooth answered Jack's questioning look. "Animal spirits don't eat other mortal animals. Bunny and the groundhog are both vegetarians."

"And that's the only thing we have in common," Bunny uttered petulantly.

"Well I am too," Jack said in between bites. The dinner rolls were amazing, he had to get the recipe from the yetis (and then get his ban from the kitchen lifted...).

"You are?" The four guardians turned to look at him. "For how long?" Tooth asked.

Jack flushed. "I'm still kind of a newbie, I stopped eating meat about 50 years ago." He raised a finger to his chin. "Maybe 60?"

Sandy gestured a question mark over his head.

"Well, I had to get my own food a lot," Jack admitted. North seemed to have his kitchen stock piled and Tooth and Bunny both grew their own food. "I didn't really like killing things. It was too...sad I guess. I didn't want to hurt anything. So I just stuck with what the woods provided a lot."

"Yeah?" Bunny's ears were perked with interest. "No animals?"

Jack shook his head.

"Ha, ha! I always knew you were alright!" Bunny grinned and Jack snickered.

"I'll remind you of that the next time I ice over the Warren."

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