Kovu's Betrayal

"No! I called out to Kovu. Why are you doing this?!" I had found him over my father's lifeless body. "I had no choice." He whispered, shaking uncontrollably. "How didn't you have a choice to kill?! My father no less! I loved you!" I screamed out at him, my mind willed me to attack him but my body and heart refused. My mother, Nala, moaned and roared as she leaned over Simba's body. "My love!" she moaned. "Come back! Come back! I love you, come back!" she shook his body, breaking down into a complete mess.

Kovu watched in horror. Lions started creeping out of the shadows and prowling towards him, their eyes glowed with hatred, entrapping him.

He ran, and I watched helplessly as tears streamed down my face, blinding me. He ran, breaking through the wall of bodies roughly and raced for the border. Everyone raced after him yowling with rage and pain.

"you will pay for what you have done, heartless fool!" I heard my aunt growl.

I broke out of my trance and joined the chase. My heartbeat pushed me to go faster than I had ever gone before, my muscles bunched together and I skipped over the land and bypassed everyone else. Slowly I passed one lion than another until I had reached the front and then even faster onto Kovu only yards away.

"I will kill you!"I yelled out, willing everyone within a mile radiance to hear. I could hear him panting and noticed his breathing thinned and became shallower so he had a rough time.

We were far ahead of everyone else now and beginning to enter his territory. He started slowing and I was inches away from him when I jumped, my body spanned out completely and my claws latched to his back end, digging in. I heard him screech and smelled blood. We went down in a tumble but I refused to let go. I could hear us both breathing hard and my heart wrenched until I remembered what he had done to my father, then it was replaced with anger.

"You can't escape Kovu. I will kill you." I panted.

He looked back at me with clear pain in his eyes, pain and regret. "I'm sorry!" his voice cracked and he stayed where he lay, vulnerable. I scowled "sorry doesn't bring my father back." Or mend my broken heart." I thought to myself.

I dug my claws into the cold dead earth "why?!" I asked again when he stayed silent. Still minutes went by and I approached him. He didn't move. "Kill me," he said "you have a right to."

My anger subsided, if only a bit, to what I had felt only a few hours ago when everything had been wonderful… "Answer my question." I choked out.

"We needed food, and Simba wouldn't let us...We didn't know what to do, we're dieing." I pitied him and his family, but killing my father wasn't the right way. "Killing my father, your king, was not how you solve things! You made them worse. Now you and everyone of you fiends will pay your lives for what you've done." I growled coldly, now I was queen.

"Don't forget Simba killed scar, the rightful king." He threw those words at me like they were daggers.

"Scar was never king, and never would have been. Scar killed Mufasa and lead my father to believe he had killed his own father! What cruelty is that?" I asked now.

I placed my paw on his soft muzzle, raking my claws through the skin making him flinch and bleed. I smiled, almost enjoying the moment. Now I would kill him, my father would be avenged. I licked my muzzle, running over my razor sharp teeth. I was the hunter and Kovu my prey. "May death accept you for what you righteously are, my love." I thought.

"Wait!" he cried out as I was about to strike. "Forgive me" he pleaded. Tears now streamed down his blood stained muzzle covering the ground with them along with blood.

"I'll forgive you when you're dead." I said plainly, strongly. "We can fight them together" he pleaded.

"Why would you kill my father then fight your own family?" I doubted his words but didn't let my guard down, he wouldn't fool me. "I can-"

The bushes around us ruffled and out stepped most of the evil cats.

The hyenas laughed cruelly and glared at us. "Well, what's going on here, Kovu?" Zira growled, shooting daggers at me. "What are you doing with my son, Kiara dear?" she gave me a mocking smile.

"I'm going to kill him, then you and everyone of you little bastards."

They growled, all lowering into offensive and defensive positions. Zira laughed "you stupid girl, your only one against us all, a woman no less. You can't even kill Kovu you're so weak." She sneered.

I bared my fangs and hissed, flicking my tail back and forth. They all laughed, mocking me.

Kovu suddenly got up, knocking me to the ground. They came closer. "Foolish girl." The hyena Shenzi almost looked as if she felt bad for my situation. "Very foolish lion, now you're gonna die." Banzai, another hyena, smirked. "Fool lion die!" the last and stupidest of the trio of hyenas, Ed, giggled and nodded dumbly. I couldn't help but think "great. Some dumb $$ is going to kill me. Some noble death." If I had to die I would take a few of them with me.

They edged in closer and closer.