Cats and dogs

The Return of


Paris, France

2200 hours

An orange cat was waiting, sitting in the roof of an old building. Then a black cat appeared from behind the orange one. "Oh gee you almost gave me a heart attack" the orange cat almost screamed "you must be Jackal right?"

"So you bring the package?" the black cat asked the orange one.

"Yeah don't get your nerves up I got it" the orange cat said as he handed him a little envelope with his paw.

"Perfect, the boss will be extremely happy" Jackal the black cat said as he looked at the envelope with a grin.

At the building next door a crouched Butch looked at the meeting with night vision goggles. "HQ I've got Jackal on sight" Butch said "and he's holding some kind of envelope. The drop took place"

"Okay find out where Jackal will take that envelope and then fetch and retrieve it" Lou said through the other side of the comm.

"Copy, over and out"

"Good luck Butch" Lou said.

Butch turned off his comm. He put on his goggles and zoomed in on Jackal at the roof of the other building.

"So who is your boss anyway?" the orange cat asked.

"Don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answer to?" Jackal said as he put the envelope in his backpack.

"Okay you don't have to be so cryptic, gee" the orange cat said as he turned to leave. He jumped to the fire escape stairs and left.

Jackal looked at the horizon; he saw the Eiffel tower and gave just the hint of a smile. As Jackal stretched his paws a knife spat out of his left paw and went straight to the other building. Butch crouched just as the knife passed by his head. He then lifted his head "Just in the nick of time" he said looking at the knife.

"Let's see if you can catch me Butch" Jackal said as he started to run. "What?" Butch looked back. Jackal threw himself off the building and as he was falling wings sprat out of his backpack.

"Oh no you don't" Butch said as he opened his jetpack and flew off. "HQ Jackal is on the run, I'm in pursuit"

"What? How? Were you compromised?" Lou asked preoccupied.

"Somehow Jackal knew I was onto him"

Jackal flew to the top of a building and quickly hid his wings and ran.

"Sorry Lou gotta land I'll check in later"

"Be careful Butch"

"Copy" Butch landed. His jetpack turned off. "There's nowhere to run Jackal" Butch said as he walked slowly towards an entrance door. He entered slowly, walking with a steady pace. There were no lights inside the building. When he got inside he noticed he was walking through a cat rail. Below there was nothing but air.

"Wow the great Butch coming to arrest me?" Jackal mocked.

Butch quickly looked back. Nothing was there. Jackal's voice was heard with an echo.

"I'm not there" Jackal said.

"Show yourself cat" Butch demanded. He put on his night goggles. He looked everywhere in the building but Jackal was nowhere to be seen. Then a clawed paw extended from the roof where Butch was. Jackal grinned. When Jackal threw himself to scratch Butch, the Anatolian Shepherd quickly dodged and turned to face Jackal.

"Hey there Butch" Jackal said in a position ready to fight.

"How do you know my name?" Butch asked.

"I know a lot of things about you" Jackal smiled.

"Where is Tinkles?" Butch angered.

"You're in no position to ask, when I'm your prisoner then you can ask me" Jackal said sarcastically.

"Let's go then hotshot" and with that Butch ran towards Jackal and Jackal towards Butch. Jackal jumped and scratched Butch's back. Butch complained but threw a back kick and hit Jackal in the back.

"Nice one" Jackal complimented. Butch turned to face Jackal in fighting position. "But what about this one" Jackal started to run and he jumped to a rail and then zigzagged between rails. He did this so fast that by the time Butch reacted a kick was already in his face. Butch fell to the floor. "You're not as quick as you used to be, old dog"

Butch saw Jackal's paws as he looked up

"It's about time you got here" Jackal said to an unknown figure. Butch stood up and looked at the unknown figure "Huh? You? So that's how Jackal knew I was onto him. You sneaky…" a sleeping dart interrupted Butch's speech. He fell to the floor.

"Poor mutt didn't even know what he was getting into" Jackal said as Butch finally closed his eyes. "Sleeping time little doggy" Jackal mocked.

"Butch, Butch you okay" Lou asked concerned through the comm "Butch"