Chapter one

The Mission should you choose to accept it…

San Francisco

Shane Residence

1200 hours

Shane, Diggs's cop partner and now owner, stood in front of the barbecue cooking some sirloin steaks. "Hmm something smells good" Shane's wife said coming up behind him. "Oh hey honey yeah they're almost done" Shane said.

A black nose smelled the air "Ahh yeah they're almost done alright" a laid down German shepherd said "my man Shane sure knows how to handle that meat converter thing." Diggs lay down beside the sleeping one-year old baby in his stroller.

"Diggs, want some buddy?" Shane asked while moving the steaks to a large plate.

"Oh ho you don't have to ask me twice" Diggs stood up and ran towards his master. When he got to Shane he sat. Shane sliced a little piece of meat and showed it to Diggs "Here you go buddy" and threw the sliced meat. Diggs saw it fly right in front of his eyes. He let out his tongue and jumped. He grabbed the piece of meat in midair. "Wow atta boy Diggs" Shane gasped

"Hey go get this ball boy" Shane grabbed a softball and threw it. Diggs studied the ball's course following it with his eyes until its landing beside a tree "Hmm you're mine ball" Diggs ran as fast as he could towards the ball. He grabbed it with his mouth and stopped a little further "Oh yeah."

"What a pointless activity" he heard Catherine's voice in his head recalling what she said on the ferry a year ago about fetch. "Catherine hehe I hope you're okay" he said as he dropped the ball.

The bushes in front of Diggs moved. "Huh? Who's there? Show yourself?" he said in fighting stance. Beside his right side squishy sounds could be heard. He looked beside him and he saw a squirrel walking over to his dog house.

"Oh HQ" he looked back at his family. Shane was sitting down on the table having his baby in the middle between him and his wife. "Oh man" he ran towards his dog house and entered it.

The squirrel turned to face Diggs "Your mission agent Diggs should you choose to accept it will be revealed at HQ. This squirrel will self-destruct but first a little dance" the squirrel started dancing hip hop. It threw itself on the floor and started giving kicks "Oh gee not this again" Diggs said frustrated. The squirrel stood up "Okay I'm done" the squirrel exploded.

Diggs pushed a board. The floor went down and he got seated to a turbo charged mobile. The mobile quickly fired away. "Wohoo, I'll never get tired of this" Diggs shouted.

The mobile quickly stopped at the port. Diggs climbed down. At the entrance door of D.O.G HQ he stopped "Breath required for identification" an automated voice said.

Diggs let out his breath to a little hole in the computer "Welcome Agent Diggs" the computer said as the doors opened "Please get a mint" the computer said.

Diggs walked "Hey there Diggs" a terrier greeted Diggs "Hey there Ter looking good." He stopped in the middle of the large room where all agents where walking.

"Diggs" Lou shouted from the second floor. Diggs looked up. Lou commanded him with a gesture to come to his office.

All the windows from the office closed. "Um Lou what are you doing?" Diggs asked concerned.

"I can trust you right Diggs?" Lou asked as he closed the last curtain.

"Um yes sir when have I let you down?" Diggs reassured.

"I can't believe this" Lou said as he sat in his office chair.

"Sir what's wrong? Is it that Tinkles again?" Diggs angered.

"Yes it's him but there's also something else"

"Oh no not Kitty Galore too?"

"Butch is missing"

"What? How did…? What Happened?"

"He was on a mission in France investigating where Mr. Tinkles was and what he was planning" Lou explained.

"So then what happened?" Diggs asked in desperation.

"Then he encountered one of the top feline assassins in the world" Lou said as a screen popped up from beside them. It showed Jackal on various photos across the world. "Meet Jackal. He may look not so tough but he has taken out dogs twice his size with only his paw."

"His paw? That's an exaggeration right?"

Lou looked at Diggs seriously. "Oh right sorry" Diggs said.

"We think he was employed by Mr. Tinkles to gather some information for his next attack which we don't know yet what it is. Butch was on the verge of discovering what Tinkles was planning but then he got bested by Jackal"

"Butch wouldn't let himself be beaten up by a cat" Diggs said sure of himself.

"It wouldn't have happened if a mole didn't infiltrate HQ"

"A mole? But we could have seen a cat infiltrate HQ from miles away"

"I didn't say it was a cat" Lou said frustrated "This may have happened only once or twice in our lifetime. A dog has turned."

"From inside HQ how's that even possible?"

"That's why I'm assigning you to go to France and investigate what happened to Butch and what is Tinkles planning?"

"Whoa France's a long way isn't it?"

"Don't worry I've got a mobile that will take you right to the heart of France"

"Awesome let's go get Butch"

"Hey listen before you go, I've asked one of the operatives from France to help you on the investigation. He will greet you upon your arrival"

"I though you said there was a mole in HQ"

"Yes inside HQ feeding information to Tinkles but this operative is in France and I trust him" Lou said as he got closer to Diggs.

"Oh man okay but my partner is still Butch right?"

"Yes he will just be there to help you"

"Okay let's go kick some cat fur" Diggs said excited "Butch here I come" he said as he walked out of the office. The curtains opened.

"Follow me" Lou said.