Chapter 5

Thank God for Catherine

The sun was rising. Both Diggs and Poodle walked with their inflated humans from Trim's place across the streets of Paris. They walked for it seemed like hours. Diggs's eyes were closing "Oh how much further?" he asked in desperate need of an answer.

"Keep your head up we're almost there."

"I thought Trim said it was three blocks away."

"Yes and three blocks we have passed, we should see the warehouse any minute now" Poodle reassured a sleepy Diggs.

After a few more minutes Poodle saw atop a building a sign that read Doggie Corp. "Hey Diggs I think that's the warehouse. Daylight had broken, the balloons were visible now.

"Finally let's go before someone sees us with balloons on our backs" Diggs said as they both ran to the entrance of the warehouse and put the balloons away. They opened the doors. A wind quickly passed by Diggs's back. He looked back and saw shadows that quickly dissipated in the building.

"Diggs come on before someone sees us" Poodle said.

Diggs closed the doors and ran towards Poodle "I thought I saw something."

The warehouse contained a lot of boxes but there were no employees in sight. "Hey cool there's no one" Diggs said.

"What did you expect, it's a Sunday" Poodle said as he started to walk towards the boxes "we need to examine what's inside these boxes."

"Do you think Tinkles is planting some kind of chemical in dog food?" Diggs asked preoccupied.

"That's what we wanna check out. This is the last place Butch came before they dognapped him" Poodle said as he studied the warehouse. It looked abandoned.

"Hmm this place looks like it hasn't been used in a while" Diggs observed as he saw cobwebs in the boxes. Poodle looked at him. "Trim told us that this place was in use right? It looks as it hasn't been used in months"

Poodle looked up. He saw a cat jumping from the second floor with his sharpened claws about to grab hold of Diggs. He pushed Diggs aside and the cat touched the floor and ran away. "Whoa what the..." Diggs said without realizing what had happened.

"A cat was about to sharpen his claws with you"

"Wha… Wow thanks. Where are you cat? Show yourself" Diggs growled.

"Well well" a black cat came up from behind them. They both turned and growled.

"Attacking from the back huh, typical of a cat" Diggs said.

"Don't take it personal, it's just business" the black cat said.

"Wait I know who you are" Diggs recognized the cat. He remembered a photo he saw back at D.O.G HQ. "You're Jackal"

"In the flesh" he bowed.

"There's two of us and one of you" Diggs said.

"Oh?" two cats appeared from behind Jackal. He looked at them both "Correction, there's three of us and one and a half of you if you count the lady dog"

Poodle growled more furiously.

"Boys bring me their furs" Jackal said as he cleaned his claws. The other two cats stepped forward and ran towards Poodle and Diggs.

"Get ready Diggs" Poodle said.

"I was born ready" Diggs said.

The two cats jumped and as they were about to hit Diggs and Poodle in the face, they dropped to the floor knocked out. Diggs and Poodle both tried to punch but saw that the cats were already on the floor. Jackal looked back preoccupied "What happened?" Jackal asked. Both Diggs and Poodle looked at each other. From behind them both a cat jumped and appeared in front of them "I happened Jackal" a recognizable female voice said.

Diggs looked at the cat in front of him. The cat looked back at him. It was Catherine. She smiled and turned to look at Jackal. "Well well Catherine long time no see" Jackal chuckled.

"Another cat?" Poodle asked.

"Wait you're not a female?" Jackal asked Poodle.

"This cat's a friend" Diggs said to Poodle.

"With M.E.O.W.S" she said to Poodle.

"Oh cool" Poodle said then turned his head back top Jackal.

"Wait you two know each other?" Diggs asked.

"Unfortunately, we used to date" Catherine said.

Diggs felt his rage about to explode.

"Used to date? Catherine you're being modest. We used to be more than dates" Jackal said.

"Enough Jackal, you and I are done" Catherine said.

"Ah but Catherine"

"You heard Catherine Jackal she said enough" Diggs growled stronger.

"It's three against one" Catherine said.

Jackal looked angrily at the three of them and then he seemed to remember something and smiled "I'll see you all at a later date au revoir" and he quickly ran through a window and sprat out wings just like Catherine. Catherine ran to the window and threw what looked like a rock.

"Come on Catherine we'll hit him harder with bigger rocks" Diggs said.

"I didn't throw him a rock, I threw a transmitter and it seemed to work. He'll lead us right to where Tinkles is"

"Oh wow cool didn't think of that" Diggs said. "So Catherine how've you been? It's been a while that I haven't seen you"

"Oh you know here and there" she said looking down.

"What's wrong?" Diggs asked.

"Catch up later we need to start moving before we lose the signal" Poodle said.

"He's right" Catherine said. "But how are we gonna move in the daylight without attracting attention?"

"I know" Diggs remembered "we can use my Chameleon three thousand. That way we'll be invisible and could move with ease without being watched by spies"

"You have one of those?" Poodle asked in astonishment.

"Yeah I just said"

"Sure give the rookie a Chameleon three thousand and give the veteran a telescope"

"Why would they give you a telescope?" Catherine asked.

"Hello the older I get the blinder I get"

"Stop being such a crybaby and come on" Diggs said.

Poodle sighed and went with Catherine and Diggs.