You plug in the USB to the battered old computer and open it. The file 'Diaries' is the only thing on it. You click on the folder to reveal numerous video files, their names only numbers; one, two etc.

You click on the file named '1'.

A tall, well-built man with short brown hair and deep blue eyes settles in front of the camera. It's like he's looking straight into your soul.

"My name is Terra Leonhart," he tells you, "and this is my video diary." He sighs. "It's been 74 days since the Incident. Since that idiot Dr Xehanort released that virus that wiped out most of humanity. How cliché is that? Then again, this was a different kind of virus to what you see in the movies. The Geostigma Virus. He worked on it with that crackpot Hojo." Here he paused. "I'm actually glad that guy got whacked by his own son." He didn't look proud of the fact. "Anyway, only a certain few survived. People who had some…some natural immunity to the Virus. Luckily my brother and I were among them." He clenched his fists. "My parents were outta town, so I have no idea whether they're alive or not. The whole city's been quarantined."

Here he grabbed a framed picture and held it up to the camera; you see a younger version of the man, as well as a toddler and two adults: one who looks very similar to Terra, the other with long dark hair and brown eyes. "This was taken about thirteen years ago. I was ten, my brother, Sora…" He points at the toddler. "…was three." He pointed to the adults. "That's my mom and dad, Squall and Rinoa. Dad used to be in the army, but he retired after he found out Mom was pregnant with Sora."

He smiles at you, or rather, the camera. "I'm making this just in case something happens to me or Sora. My old friend Axel always used to be telling people his name and saying 'Got it memorized?' afterwards. When I asked him about it, he said, 'If people remember me, I can be immortal.' So I'm making this. Not so I can be immortal. Just…so somebody can remember me."

He looks around suddenly; you hear a faint voice. "I'm coming, bro!" Terra calls. He looks back to the camera. "Sorry. Duty calls. If anyone's watching this…" He gave a sardonic salute and a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow."

The video ends.