You return to Terra's video diaries and double-click on the file marked '2'.

The camera is immediately on Terra. He's smiling, but his eyes are serious. "I can't believe I'm about to do this. Sora's desperate for me to buy some stupid stuffed moogle or something. So I'm gonna break quarantine and go to the only open market in the city." He chuckles. "I still can't believe that people are selling things they might need to live on. Anyway, while I'm looking for this moogle doll – Sora's sixteen, for God's sake – I'm gonna get some more supplies. We need more food, so I may as well get something useful outta this thing."

He pauses. "I guess I better explain this whole plague thing. The Geostigma Virus is an extremely contagious airborne virus that almost always kills. The first symptom is black sores on the skin. As soon as those show up, you know you're dead."

His eyes glaze over. "My…" Terra clears his throat. "My friend Axel was one of the first to get it. I…" He seems to be on the verge of tears. "I watched him slowly die. There's no cure for Geostigma, so me and Axel's family had to watch him die from a distance." His fists clench.

Eventually Terra breaks out of the sorrowful reverie and looks back at the camera. "Well, that's all I have to say. Unless something amazing or horrible happens, you won't see me 'til tomorrow, so…" He gives his – what you assume to be – characteristic salute. "Bye."

You're about to return to Aqua's diaries when you realise that next to Terra's second diary entry is a video called '2.5'. Curious, you open it.

Terra's eyes are shining with a life they didn't have in the last entry, and his smile is real. "So I got the moogle doll – I still don't know why Sora needs it – and I got some supplies. And…" He chuckles. "You're never gonna believe this. I met a girl. I know it sounds like a cheesy thing from a crappy rom-com, but I did. She told me her name's Aqua Branford, and she's a little like me. She's taking care of her sister like I'm taking care of Sora. I offered for her and her sister to come here tomorrow so we could chat." He shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe they'll stay here." He broke off. "Okay, that sounded a little creepy, but, you know what I mean." Without even saluting, he turns off the camera.