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Sour Cherry

Part 6: Punishment?


"What," I began, my brain feeling fuzzy from fear and rage, "are you doing?"

Ichigo stiffened visibly, the packet falling gracelessly from his fingers as he stood to his full height. He looked like he was shivering. He looked like a mouse that had been cornered by a cat with no way out.

Not far from the truth.

"I asked you a question," I bark, coming closer to him to see my hard work on the floor by his feet.

"I was just…looking," he mumbles, getting down on his knees to start picking up the papers he had flung around.

I'm pissed. I'm pretty fucking livid right now. Sure, I'd expected him to snoop a bit, but not like this. I felt fucking violated right now; like someone had just caught me with my finger up my ass.

Not that I've ever had my finger up my ass.

"Y-you…you're…this is your work?" he says shakily, still not making eye contact with me. His face is as red as his namesake and I feel most of the anger leave my body like a punch to the gut.

Shit. This kid was gonna be the death of me.

I grin internally, because even though I'm not that mad, I'm still gonna fuck with him.

"Do I look like a fuckin' mangaka to you?" I say with a tilt of my eyebrow. I approach him and snatch the packets from his hands before slapping them onto my desk, "My stepbrother is. I manage his shit; that's why it's in here. I told you I was busy with work."

Ichigo's eyes become the size of saucers, his adam's apple bobbing, "Your brother is Pantera?"

I nod my head, impressed that the berry keeps up with the yaoi manga world. Because I hadn't wanted my identity to get out, my agent had insisted I created a pseudonym, a fake name.

I'd been pissed off because I hadn't been able to come up with anything that I liked, so my stepdad had suggested I get away for a while and come with him to South America for a mini vacation for myself while he did some business.

Being bored out of my ever-loving mind after a few days of laying on the beach and tagging after him, my step dad hired a hot-as-hell tour guide to take me around and show me old artifacts and historical places. After I'd fucked his brains out I'd asked him about one of his tattoos which was of a pretty big panther. He'd explained to me the history of the mystics and the shamans of the old times and how panthers had been the predators that could prowl the bridge between the spirit world and the actual world.

The conversation had actually enlightened me. I'd proceeded to go to a library and actually look at books, and not only look at them, read them too.

The pseudonym had been born. Panthers are sexy. I'm sexy. 'Nuff said.

I'm brought back to the present by Ichigo tugging on the front of my shirt, his eyes glassy like he's seen Jesus, "C-can I meet him? Can I talk to him? I need to talk to him, Grimmjow. I need to. Please?"

This confuses me. "Huh?"


I feel like I'm going to die. I'm the kid that makes fun of fan girls, the kid who laughs at how people fawn over celebrities, the kid who doesn't understand why some fans are so crazed over their idols that they're willing to do just about anything for a picture or an autograph.

I'm in full-blown fan-girl chick mode right now.

My hands are shaking so bad I think I'm making Grimmjow shake, my fingers still locked on the front of his shirt.

He's staring at me like I've lost my goddamned mind, but I don't care.

"Please, Grimm? Please?" I whine, and I think it's the way I whine that makes a light bulb go off in Grimmjow's head.

"You're a…fan of Pantera?" Grimmjow says slowly, lifting an eyebrow.

I let go of him to tug on my own orange locks, "Fan? Fan? I'm obsessed with his work! Oh my god, seriously, this can't be happening to me right now! Ah, and he walked in on us making out like that, and now what? He's gonna think I'm some kind of obsessed stalker person, going after his agent like that! What? Oh shit, what am I gonna do?"

I babble on and on for a good ten minutes, pacing the large room while Grimmjow stands there with his arms folded across his chest.

"So, wha'd'ya like about him so much?" Grimmjow says coolly and I catch the grin on his face and I lift an eyebrow because I'm surprised that he's not livid with me anymore.

"What isn't there to like? His artwork is amazing, the smut is spectacular, and the language…shit, a fucking genius. I've memorized all of them, every word."

I didn't think it was possible, but his smirk got bigger, "Oh really?"

I nod slowly, my face turning bright red, "W-why are you looking at me like that?"

Grimmjow walks up closer to me, close enough that I can feel his warm breath on my face, "You like 'im that much, huh? That's kinky."

I try to ignore the incessant throbbing between my legs at the sound of his voice. Fuck but the sound of that voice makes me harder than a cinder block, and he isn't even touching me, and this reminds me of a scene from STICKY BITCH where the seemingly-innocent kohai succeeds in seducing the masochistic upperclassmen.

"Shit…" I breathe, which jolts me back to the present because as soon as the word has left my mouth, Grimmjow's pushing me back against his ridiculous bookcase, his hips rocking into mine, aligning our bodies like they were made for each other and I let out a strangled gasp.

He's hard. Really hard.

This thought makes me harder.

Grimmjow brushes his nose against mine, his deceptive eyes full of playful lust, "What's wrong, sem-pai?"

He draws the word out, making me suck in a breath and nearly bite my tongue. I whine, a really long, nasally whine that I didn't think I was capable of.

"Gods, Grimm…" I breathe, putting my hands on his chest in an effort to separate us enough so that I can breathe.


Oh fuck no. I'm not ready to give up this new exciting little game.

The game just started. I loved our little games, and here was another one Kurosaki was about to lose.

But before that, I had to remember the tally:

The Cake War: Ichigo. I could argue, but fuck it. He totally won.

Race Track: Me in all my sexy glory.

Infirmary: Me in all my sexy glory. Again.

Janitor Closet: Ichigo. No one had ever given me blue balls before. Touche.

Ichigo's Room: A draw. We'd both come out winners in that one.

So right now, according to my calculations, we were tied for champion.

And if there's one thing anybody knows about me, it's that Grimmjow fucking mother Jaegerjaques never fucking loses.

Not to anyone, even a tempting sexy redhead that's moaning like a porn star simply from my heated murmured rehearsed lines from my own bloody yaoi novel.

Sometimes I loved my life.

I continued, shifting my weight to my other leg, grinding our covered cocks together. I was gonna fuck this kid through the floor if he didn't maul me first. His hands had moved from my chest and were now tangled in my hair, gripping hard enough to make me snarl.

In a good way, of course. I like shit rough, too.

"Relax, sempai," I husked against his neck, nipping his ear lobe.

Ichigo almost squealed at the words and actions, his grip on my hair bordering a kind of pain that made tears prick to my eyes.

"D-don't touch me…" he murmured back huskily, his eyes drooping to half-mast.

Shit fucking dammit but this kid didn't play fair.

Not only that, he was playing into the fantasy. I don't know when I consciously made the decision to tease him about being a fan of my yaoi work, but hearing him murmur back the rest of the script was making me leak in my suddenly way-too-tight jeans.

Maybe role-playing wasn't for pussies.

"But if I can't touch you…" I said with a grin as I nipped his bottom lip, tugging on it playfully before sucking on it, just like my drawings in the manga, "…how'm I supposed 'ta fuck you?"

Ichigo shuddered so violently at the action and the words he rocked his hips forward, driving against me in a thrust that made me swallow an animalistic growl.

"This is wrong…you're my kohai…" he whimpered, all the blood obviously having rushed to his other head that was probably as hard as mine right now.

I growled deep in my throat, my hands running down his sides before digging into his hipbones as I gently swiveled my hips, listening to his gasp, "Why don't you let me teach you something for a change, you dirty slut of a sempai?"

By this point Ichigo's eyes were practically rolling in his head, his hands locked on my shoulders before putting them on either side of my face, tugging me into him for a kiss that took me by surprise.

Wasn't in the script (actually I was the one that was supposed to kiss him first) but I could work with this.

My hands moved around to cup his ass. He whined into my mouth as I forced my tongue into his mouth, battling his tongue easily before he tried to nip back at me.

I drew back slightly for air, locking my eyes on his fierce brown orbs, brown that looked like it would melt me.

Shit it was hot.

"You're a naïve little kid, two years my junior. What could you possibly teach me?" he said evenly, his voice sounding as seductive and velvety as the sempai I had created in my book.

Well shit, berry, you win the Oscar for this round.

"Snarky lil' bitch, ain'tcha?" I crooned, hefting him up by his ass, his legs locking around my hips as I started walking backwards, "but I know how to put that voice 'ta better use."

Ichigo made this choked whining sound and I just about shot my load right there.

We both huffed as we fell into my too-inviting bed. I'd gone back first so that he could land on top of me. He was busily attempting to suck my face off, my hands still roaming his perfect ass through his tight jeans when suddenly our fantasy was cut short by my bedroom door being thrown open. Again.


I was on cloud fucking nine, trying not to gasp like a virgin schoolgirl as Grimmjow mercilessly ground against me, his hands hot on my ass as he continued to tug.

The only thought running through my mind at that point was the need to remove clothes, the need to touch skin, but that was all dashed to bits the second I registered the sound of the bedroom door opening. Again.

I froze, whipping my head towards the door, terrified it was his stepbrother, the mangaka I worshipped like a god.

Thankfully it wasn't.

Unthankfully it was someone I had never seen before, someone so huge he was hulking up the entire doorway and had to bend over to step into the room.

He was staring intently at us with cutting silver eyes, his grin like a shark's.

Staring at us with an all-too-big smile.

Staring like he could eat me alive at any time he wished, and this, ladies and gentleman, is what prompted me to scream like a girl.



Suddenly Ichigo was no longer on top of me. My cock did not agree with this. Not one bit, and I was suddenly furious with my stepfather for choosing to interrupt what would have been mind-blowing, spine-melting sex.

Ichigo's suddenly on his feet next to the bed, shaking slightly and still staring at my stepdad. He's a kick ass guy, love him to death, but Jesus, the man was such an ass sometimes. He knew exactly what he had just interrupted, and this made me growl in anger.

"What the fuck, Kenpachi? I never cock block you!" I seethe, which only makes the giant man chuckle.

"Cuz 'ya know better than 'ta do that. Me and 'yer mom would have 'ta scar 'ya fer life," he replied, hands in the pockets of his dark charcoal grey Armani suit. His tailor deserved a fucking award, considering how huge my stepdad is. He sure as hell ain't no tiny Japanese man like his old man was.

But Ichigo's obviously scared out of his everlovin' mind, but really when you got to know the giant ox, he was more like a scary-lookin' teddy bear.

"So is there a reason ya chose today of all days ta' give me blue balls, or have 'ya just missed me?" I said, throwing my legs over the side of my bed and giving him my best Jaegerjaques glare.

It barely phases him. Should piss me off, but I still got a lot of respect for this man. He never backs down, not ever, so I can never quite lose my complete temper with him.

He shrugs, "I was comin' 'ta see if ya wanted 'ta join us 'fer dinner. Rara didn't tell me 'ya had company."

I ignore Ichigo's current state of panic as I stand up next to him and fold my arms over my chest, "Depends where 'yer goin'."

"Shunsui's," he replied smoothly, shifting his weight to his other leg as he turned his stare onto Ichigo who visibly flinched at the eye contact, "Yer lil' orange friend here will come too."

"Maybe he doesn't wanna-" I started.

"I'm not askin', I'm tellin'," Kenpachi said with a tilt of his eyebrow. I was hoping at this point that Ichigo wouldn't piss on my white carpet. Fingers crossed.

I sighed, knowing it was easier to just humor Kenpachi over dinner with the family and let him sniff my current boy toy out rather then try and fight against his iron will.

Besides, I was starving, and Shunsui's steak house was the best in the city. Not to mention Shunsui was one of Zaraki's oldest pals, so we got treated like royalty at the expensive bar and restaurant. Ichigo'd probably love it.

"Yeah, sure," I finally agreed, rubbing the back of my neck to get rid of a sudden crick, "Mom's gonna meet us there?"

Zaraki nodded, "Yeah, we got some shit 'ta discuss."

"About the adoption?" Ulquiorra said monotonously from somewhere behind the giant, making Zaraki turn slightly to see his only son.

I tried not to laugh out loud as I watched the different facial expressions flicker across Ichigo's face: it was always entertaining when people got to see the unbelievable father-son combo. They looked nothing alike, yet they were genetically compounded to care about each other. Kenpachi's first wife had been bone pale and slight like Ulquiorra, so I knew he'd taken after her, even if I'd never had the chance to meet her. Kenpachi had been married to my mom for a while now, but he still carried a photo of his deceased wife in his wallet for memory's sake. She'd been hot, with Ulquiorra's big green eyes. The only physical traits he seemed to share with Kenpachi was the midnight black hair and long, straight nose.

Zaraki nodded once before locking his eyes on Ichigo again. I knew I'd have to get the introductions over sooner or later, so I picked sooner.

"Ichigo, this is my stepdad, Zaraki Kenpachi. Ass hole, this is my boyfriend, Kurosaki Ichigo," I said blandly, motioning between the two males with a swipe of my hand, "So can we go now? I'm fuckin' starving."

"Nice 'ta meet'cha, Ichigo. Don't let this fucker break 'yer heart, yeah?" Zaraki said before bellowing out a laugh and turning out the door and running a hand to muss Ulquiorra's hair like he was a little kid, "Let's go, Rara. You can ride with daddy."

Ulquiorra swatted his father's hand away but remained silent, and it was only then that I noticed all of Ichigo's attention was suddenly on the receding back of my stepbrother.

This made lava move in my gut. I finally knocked Ichigo in the back of the head to get his attention. He scowled at me before rubbing the back of his head, "What the fuck was that for?"

I narrowed my eyes, "Didn't want your drool all over my carpet. Ya got the hots for my stepbrother, Ichi?"

"What? No," Ichigo defended, his face starting to look pissed before his eyes widened slightly, "An-and your stepdad just saw us…dammit! And what the fuck, is he part VIKING? He's fucking huge! And that's really your stepbrother's real dad? And – wait, did you just call me your BOYFRIEND?"

Too many questions. Obviously my family had just short-circuited the poor kid's brain, so I distracted him by tugging on the front of his shirt and pulling him into a kiss. He struggled for only a second before giving in, running his tongue soothingly over mine, making me wish we could stay here and I could eat him instead.

But I really was hungry, and Kenpachi had given me an order, whether I liked it or not.

And, believe it or not, call me Corny McCornster, but I was actually kind of anxious for Ichigo to meet my mom.

"Yah, he walked in on us. Not a big deal. As for part Viking, I have no fuckin' idea. I think my Gramps is from Sweden, so it's possible. Yeah, he's pretty fucking huge, but you'll get over it, and yes, he really is Ulquiorra's dad, even though they are about as alike as a space shuttle and a toaster. And yeah, I called you my boyfriend, 'cuz that's what you are, right?"

Ichigo stared at me like he was watching a walrus eat a baby, his eyes wide and deep and…well, so Ichigo, so I gave him a moment to clear the fog in his brain, shake himself a minute, and watch his cheeks turn an impossible shade of red.

"We are? I mean, going out out? As in, being exclusive? Together?"

Idiot. What did he think I was gonna tell my stepdad? 'Hey, cock-blocking dick head, meet my new fuck toy'?

My stepdad knows I'm a horn dog, but I usually have him believing I'm dating the people I'm fucking. I'm not, of course. I've never dated anybody in my life.

But telling the berry that would probably be a bad idea, considering he was already getting his dick wet for Ulquiorra.

I'd have to remedy that, but not right now. Right now, keeping things simple was best.

"I don't share," I said seriously, honestly, as I wandered over to my desk and grabbed up my car keys and my wallet before walking back towards the door, "Ya worried I can't be domesticated?"

Apparently the shit-eating grin got him out of his little psychological funk because he snorted before shoving me in the shoulder, "Ass hole."

I nipped him on the nose before dragging him out the door.