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Chapter 46 - Epilogue

In the realm of Asgard, the All-Father stood on the highest balcony of his palace. The balcony gave Odin a majestic view of his entire realm. But it was its atmosphere of solitude that made it one of his favourite locations for quiet contemplation.

Heimdall had earlier sent him a message that Thor had returned after being missing over the last four days. Odin's son and heir wanted an immediate audience to discuss a strange new realm he had discovered.

Despite the opposition of a number of isolationists within Asgard's court, Odin now felt vindicated in his decision to set up a direct line of communication with the Midgard agency that called itself 'SHIELD'. The line allowed Asgard to coordinate with SHIELD the rescue of its Crown Prince and two of his friends. Although Odin recalled that a number of his scientists expressed that working with a certain human named 'Stark' for the first time was once enough even for an immortal.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned to see that his Queen and beloved wife Frigga had decided to join him.

"Milord," she curtsied before him.

Odin bowed his head to her in return, "Milady."

Frigga walked to stand beside him. Odin placed his arm behind her waist.

"Thor's just returned?" she asked while looking at the view in front of her.

"Yes," Odin replied. "He'll be joining us shortly".

Odin turned his face to his wife. Frigga wore a dignified but joyful smile as she contemplated the reunion of the three of them. He hated then that what he had to ask her.

"How was He when you visited him today?" he asked Frigga in a neutral tone.

As Odin predicted, Frigga's smile immediately evaporated. By 'He', Odin meant Loki. Frigga bit her lip to prevent herself from sobbing at the memory of the murderous glare Loki gave her. Despite being gagged, Loki did not need words to bruise people's hearts. Frigga gave Odin a sorrowful look and shook her head. After giving a short sigh in response, Odin returned his gaze to the view in front of him. He thought he should perhaps try some other advice of Frigga's – Loki might be more cooperative if his gag was removed and had some books to read.

After her immediate grief had passed, Frigga looked at Odin and asked, "What were you thinking about before I arrived?"

"For some reason, Thor's return made me recall a strange vision I saw during the last Odinsleep," Odin informed.

"What was the vision?"

Odin then gave Frigga an enigmatic gaze with his unpatched eye.

"Thor was residing on Midgard and was visited by an old man dressed in white".

Just as all the recent Marvel Films have had a tidbit following the credits, I had to add one of my own. I wonder what the All-Father's vision means?

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