Okay so this was written in literally 20 minutes, but I felt it necessary to share

complete fluff, I own nothing. Have fun

Eugene felt the bed shift in his slumber. He cracked his eye open slightly and confirmed his expectations. She was gone. He rolled over onto his other side and tried to fall back asleep. If he was entirely correct; it was way too early to be up.

Why or how she did that without feeling at all tired remained a mystery.

Finding no slumber on the other side of his, now, weirdly discomforting and empty bed, he snuck a glance at the clock. His suspicions were, once again, confirmed. Seven a.m.

He groaned and rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling.

Right now, she would probably be badgering the servants to let her use a broom or mop or something to help clean. Then, later, she'd be off to practice some guitar, then paint, play a game of chess with Pascal, paint some more and do who knows what else. He certainly didn't.

Considering the amount of sleep he was missing at the moment; he wasn't in any condition to be thinking deeply.

After failing to fall asleep again, he reluctantly tumbled onto the floor. He felt physically incapable of actually getting up.

Although, somehow, he found the strength in him to do so.

He stumbled around the room a bit to get used to walking again, the early morning numbness was starting to go away now. He, then, set his course for the kitchen, where he'd most likely find her dusting something or other.

As he walked he smugly thought to himself a saying that he never really understood until now: Old habits die hard.

Goodnight/morning/evening/afternoon whenever it is you are ;)