When morning came, John woke up alone on the floor. He rubbed his eyes, groped around for his glasses, and put them on. He crawled sleepily through the pillow fort and stood up. Well, time to go find everyone else. it was Saturday today so at least Jade should be home. Rose would return to the house by 1 or 1:30, and it was always a different story for Dave. Usually all four of them were home by 4.

Boy did John love Saturdays.

John sat on the couch and pulled up his legs and sat like a certain sugar-loving detective would. He looked out the glass window and into the backyard. It was decent sized, maybe it could satisfy a smaller dog or maybe a toddler... Maybe. John looked down at his stomach and sighed. This was a terrible thing, yet a wonderful thing to have happened to him. John just hoped that the child would look human enough to go to school without being teased or feared of.

Soon, Jade was heard coming down the stairs. John diverted his attention to her descent down the staircase. She turned her head towards John and smiled. "Good morning, John! Did you sleep well on the floor?"

"Mhmm! How'd you know I slept there?"

"Rosie and I checked in on you when we got home! You looked pretty happy." she said as she sat down on the edge of the couch and put John's feet in her lap.

"Where'd Dave go? He was with me when I fell asleep..."

"Oh, he wanted to go with Rose to the library. So it looks like we have time to ourselves!"

"Sibling bonding fun time yay!" John said. "What're we gonna do first?"

"Hmm... Since you're with grub-baby, we can't do anything crazy like hike up the mountain..."

"We wouldn't do that anyways! It's too chilly for me... I'm cold natured, remember?"

"Oh yea... Hmmmm! How about we go shopping for baby things?"

John looked down. "I kinda wanted to do that when I had a better idea of the gender and what the baby will look like and if he'll be there..."

Jade nodded in agreement. "It must be ultra sucky for you... I hope Rose, Dave, and I can support you at at least a satisfactory level!"

"You already are, Jade..." John looked at her and smiled.


At the library, Dave was glued to one of the library computers. Everytime Rose walked by him, Dave would change the window at a lightning speed. Obviously, Rose was suspicious, but would confront the matter when Dave and her were in the car and driving home.

Rose walked behind Dave with a cart of biography and autobiography books, and tried to sneak a look at Dave's computer screen. What she saw was two tabs open. The one open was a lengthy looking document written in Alternian, the other tab seemed to by Google Translate. Rose scrunched up her eyebrows. Was Google even capable of translating an alien language? No need to worry about it now, she decided to look into it in the comfort of her own room.

Dave somehow sensed her presence and quickly opened up another Google tab and turned around to look at Rose. "'Sup Lalonde. When we leaving this joint?"

"Well, since the time is 11:30, we have about 30 or 40 minutes left. Is that enough time to finish your studying of the Alternian language?"

Dave stared at her for a while before saying, "You fucking saw my shit, didn't you?"

"Yes, and refrain from using such language in the library, thanks. Why are you even researching things in the Alternian language? It isn't about John is it?"

"Why else would I be busting my balls copying and pasting all this shit into Google Trans?"

"Poor Dave and his never-ending first world problems." She rolled her eyes and started going towards the back of the library. "I have to go put these books up, by the time I'm done, it should be time to go. Maybe you'll have all of your information in your bass-dropped brain stuffed inside." Rose walked away.

Dave sighed and spun around back to his Pesterchum log.

TG: so
TG: what youre telling me is
TG: this long as shit document you sent me
TG: is only about the making and hatching the egg?
GA: Yes
GA: I Do Fear That It Is Quite A Lot Of Reading
GA: But I Believe You Can Overcome It Out Of Your Controversial Flushed Feelings For John
TG: shut up about that
TG: rosie posies walking around me
TG: she looks suspicious as fuck
GA: I Can Imagine Why
TG: anyways
TG: is this all the info i need?
GA: Yes I Do Believe So
GA: I Will Pester Another Time
GA: Karkat Has Entered My Hive Uninvited For He Wants More Explaining About Human Pregnancies
TG: whoa sounds like fun
TG: aight i have to go anyways
TG: talk to you later kanaya

turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering grimAuxiliatrix

Dave sent the URL of the information and the deciphered information to his email and logged off. The library was mostly empty, just a few college students were standing in the checkout line with at least 4 books in their arms. Dave decided to wait for Rose out by the car, and left the library. He had time to check his iPhone to see that he had received three text messages. All from different people. Dave slid his phone to unlocked mode and checked them.

Sonny Moore: I'm in town next week and you better be at the concert! Last time we hung out you were pretty kickass and dropping basses and throwing out sick rhymes like it was nothing. So be there. I'll get you in, so don't worry about paying or anything. See ya, dude!

Dave texted back with an 'sweet ok im already there' Then he went to the next text.

Joel Zimmerman: if Sonny hasn't dished the shit out yet, we're gonna be in Seattle next week. it'd be the best thing ever if you could come! see you there.

Dave sighed and replied, 'yea im going. dont take my spot on stage like you did last time dude. not cool'

John Egbert: dave! kanaya skyped me and jade and said that tonight she would have equius and maybe sollux over to talk about the portal thing! you and rose better be there! got it?

Dave sighed. Oh yea. John wants Karkat to be the legit dad of the grub-baby. Not some random gay(?) best bro to fill in the slot instead. Dave understood why, yet he wanted to be in John's life rather than Karkat. Regardless that the offspring wasn't Dave's doing, but he doubted he could've made such a thing otherwise. Maybe someday Dave would get his way... Maybe.

Rose soon came out and got in the car. Dave sat in the passenger seat and yawned. "John texted me and Kanaya wants a Skype party with us tonight. He didn't say what time but he wants us to go."

"Naturally he'd want us there. We're one of the few people he knows that would understand his predicament without finding him to be a complete and total mutant. What will the meeting be about? Did he specify on those details?"

"Uhhhh... Kanaya, Equius, and maybe Sollux were showing up and talking about the portal we all want Equius and Sollux to make so Karkat and Johnny can get to each other."

"Oh! Well that will be a very interesting meeting indeed. I hope Sollux and Equius agree to making the contraption... I know how much Karkat and John would like it..." Rose said as she pulled out of the library parking lot and into the busy streets of Seattle.

Dave nodded and looked out the window. Soon they got back to the house and went inside. John was sitting in the living room, watching 'Jake the Dad' Adventure Time episode. "Hello John," said Rose as she placed the car keys into a light purple bowl placed on the counter that had a bright green, red, and dark blue bowl beside it. "Where's Jade?"

"Oh, she went out to her greenhouse to check on her pumpkins... Dave! Have you seen this episode yet? Jake and Lady finally had the babies! I like TV, but Jake Jr looks really creepy..."

"That's cool." Dave hopped over the back of the couch and landed right beside John. "What time's the Skype party?"

"Umm... 7ish? That's what Kanaya said." John said, shoveling hand fulls of popcorn into his mouth.

Rose walked down the hallways and to her bedroom. When pulling sticks to choose out who got which bedroom, Rose scored the master bedroom. So she got a bathroom and a large space to keep all her various possessions. "Perfect, that leaves enough time for me to shower and put all of my observations on human and trollian pregnancies into one easy-to-follow packet."

John and Dave sat in silence and watched the television. The five puppies were saving their exhausted father from the foxes who wanted to eat babies. Soon Jade came in from the blistering cold of a Seattle winter, ear muffs on and scarf nearly off of her neck. She shivered as she closed the door, and looked at the living room. "Hey guys! What's up?"

"Nothing. Just watching cool cartoons." said Dave.

"Sounds like fun!" Jade exclaimed as she sat cozily in the arm chair and pulled a soft green throw over blanket from off of the ground and snuggled into it.

The three of them spent the next five hours watching Cartoon Network and sometimes Animal Planet for Jade's sake. Sometimes Jade or Dave would get up to get a snack for each of them, but they really were addicted to the Adventure Time Rose came out at 6:30 with a folder filled with many papers. She looked at the trio with stern motherly disapproval. "Look at you three, wasting away your precious lives with eye LSD. All of you better put on accepting clothes and be back down here before 6:45. If you aren't then prepare fro Lalonde level punishments. Now go on! You have 10 minutes!"

John and Dave scampered up the stairs for their bedrooms, and jade squealed and ran down the same hallways Rose's bedroom led to and went to her room. Dave changed into a fresh pair of blue pajama bottoms, for they fit better around his slightly rounder belly than regular pants. He changed shirts and put on one of Karkat's cancer symbol long sleeved shirts. Meanwhile, Dave just changed from one shirt to a wifebeater and slid on a red pullover and walked out. Jade undressed into her her underwear and changed into her most casual dress she had and went back out into the living room.

Once the four of the young adults had taken their spot in the living room, Rose once again set up her laptop to where it was showing on the TV screen. "Alright," said Rose. "She should be calling any se-"

The Skype ringtone began playing through the TV speakers. Rose smiled a little as she turned on the call. Kanaya had arranged the computer camera to where it showed Sollux, Equius, and herself sitting at an orange table. Sollux had a jar with three bees inside, creating the poisonous mind honey necessary to make his lusus smarter. Equius was dabbing his forehead with a olive green towel, probably a gift from his morail. Kanaya smiled at the humans through the camera. "Good evening you four and a half. I got Sollux and Equius to get here at the expected time, but Karkat was busy with Gamzee and won't be here for a little while. Is that ok with you all?"

"Yup," said Dave, casually putting an arm around John. "Yo. Smart tech dudes. How goes the portal to the Nether?"

Sollux gave him a smirk. "Shut up about that. And good. I think it's a huge waste of time going there, though."

"What! It's no such thing. You gotta get things there in order to beat the game!"

"...You can beat it?"

"I do not wish to hear you two talk about a pointless game with graphics about as amazing as Pac-Man. Sollux and Dave, if you wish to talk about the Eye of Ender and how stupid looking a Ghast is, go on Pesterchum and discuss in depth. I want to hear if it's possible to make a gate to transfer Karkat and slash or John to Alternia and Earth." ranted Rose.

Dave and Sollux gasped. "You know about-" stated Sollux.

Kanaya sighed. "Who doesn't? You talk about it all the time in our full meetings. Anyways! Sollux. Equius. Inform them of what you've gotten so far."

Equius sat up straighter and tightened his grip on the blue towel in his hand. "Certainly, Kanaya. We have made the blueprints for such a contraption, but it will take quite some time to make it."

"Yea," piped in Sollux. "We thtill gotta make sure it'th thafe enough to tanthport KK or you, John. Ethpecially thinthe you're preggerth and all."

John nodded glumly. "I understand... How much time do you estimate this thing to take?"

"Without food, thleep, or breakth for anything... A good three or four months. And that'th only if e dedicate our whole pathetic liveth to thith thing." Sollux smirked.

"But for the things we have been promised from both Karkat and Kanaya, I will work my hardest to get it done for you, John." said Equius.

"What were you promised, Zahaak? A solution from sweating a disgusting amount? That would sure be worth it." said Dave.

Equius stayed silent as Sollux snickered. Kanaya rolled her eyes and yawned. "I do fear it's getting pretty late... Sollux and Equius need to prepare for making the teleporter tonight so they need to get to their beds. I don't understand why Karkat hasn't shown up, perhaps he got caught up with important Karkat business... I shall ask him on John's behalf tomorrow when I see him. Ok, goodbye Rose, Jade, Dave, and John. Talk to you all another time." The screen went dark.

John sighed. "I know it's early, but i just want to go crawl in my bed and fall asleep..."

Rose looked at him with a frown. She and Dave helped him up to his room and made sure he was comfortable. After Rose left the room, Dave turned and looked at John, sighing a little. John looked up from his blue blankets. "What, Dave?"

"Just...nothing, bro." Dave grinned. "See ya in the morning."

"'Kay, I'll see you tomorrow...bro." John smiled.

Dave waved slightly at him as he left, sealing away the image of John dozing off deep into his mind.

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