The second David had heard the person at the door say, "David ... My son David ..." he knew that his journey was worth while. He had found his mother and that's all that mattered. He had found his mother and they could no longer hurt him while he was with her in Denmark.

He knew the first thing he wanted to ask her, "Madame, mother, may I come in and rest?"

"Of course my dear! Um ... David?"

"Yes, Madame?" David was curious what his widow mother had to ask him.

"Please, call me mother. And David, son, you may stay if you like. I understand it may be difficult in the beginning to stay in one spot from being used to moving and leaving a different town everyday, but I would very much so appreciate if you were to stay with me. I can bathe you, cook for you, buy you new cloths, any thing you would like except..."

"May I have some soap?" David interrupted.

"David, I understand you may want soap but that is the one thing I cannot get you my dear son." Davids mother said disappointingly.

By this point David had been welcomed with open arms into his long-lost-mothers house. He had walked around it for a while noticing it was not as big as the mansion he had stayed in or as small as Madame Bang's house was. It was a decent size, but David had noticed something on his self tour ... two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and walk in closet. David had first thought it was a spare if his mother had friends come to spend the night with her at times. That is until he looked in the smaller bedrooms closet. It was full with cloths for a four-year-old to a thirteen-year-old.

"Madame, were you expecting me?" David asked, forgetting his earlier question of why he can't have soap.

"Yes, I always hoped that you were still alive even if the odds were against you." She sighed in relief of finally seeing her son.

"Mada-Mother, I shall stay but you must help me with one thing. I need to call this number," He said passing her a card with Sophie's number on it, "and I must tell her I am safe and have found the circus, but please mother do not ask me of my lie. I am a shamed of it."

"Do not worry son you may do as you wish, I am just happy to see you again. Here is the phone." David's mother then passed him the phone and he called Sophie.