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Chapter 1

Wastashitachi no Kokoro...An ROKKU!

A world, a Dimension of endless stars and sparkles with a purple background appeared around me, I stared at my body, which I flushed brightly to see I was naked, but I was glowing such a immense white color in hid it pretty well, my hair color glowed brightly along with my eyes, where was this?

"Watashi no kokoro….An…Rokku!" I shouted and began to spin arching my arms behind me as my hair which the band that held it up had disappeared twirled and spun with my body gracefully, a Phoenix flame flew around my body and wrapped around me, something entered from the outside into my heart and it didn't hurt, but felt strange, I felt a transformation coming, black leather pants faded into view on my legs and a tight black leather tube top fitted around my form, a black jacket popped on with chains on the sleeves, Several buckles formed on my waist and a chain wrapped around my right leg, knee sleeve boots came up and fit tightly around my muscular legs as the boots had heels that were only 3" high popped on. A Chain with a small scythe appeared on my hip, Two sword sheaths formed on my back in a X like cross, the swords appearing into view, On the side of them, a Large Semi-automatic sniper rifle appeared on with a holster and a Hydra-shotgun appeared on my opposite hip with a 9mm pistol on my left leg and a Automatic machine gun on my lower back.

"Kyarakuta Hentai….Weapon Huntress!" For some reason I swung the scythe chain so it sort of did a wrap around me or more like a twirl for a pose, what the hell was this? Also, what was it that I said? What the hell is going on! I don't have any magical powers that allow…I stared down at myself and gestured my hands down for dramatic effect. THIS!

The world faded and I pulled my sniper rifle out unwillingly and aimed it up at a shadowed figure that was a mystery to me, unidentified. What was this, why am I aiming at this, thing? Person, animal, HYBRID I can't tell what it is! My eyebrow furrowed in supposedly anger and internally I was confused, all this was being played out before me like a movie, The shadowed figure seemed to crack a maniac like grin that 'it's' white like teeth shimmered in the dark night. It made me shiver and sick to my stomach, this person was EVIL obviously. The grip on the rifle tightened at the sight and I could hear the finger being moved closer to the trigger.

The rifle was a big one, with a precision scope that had a zoom scope, thermal scope for heat vision and a cross hair to add on, to make sure of a one-hit kill. It made my stomach do a flip at seeing that, but I couldn't help be interested by it. It seemed very unique and fun to use, set aside from all the fire magic I use, it'll be a nice change to use something like these long & close range weapons.

The shadowed figure cackled strangely and I winced, would've been visibly if I had my own body I could control, I heard a growl come from the person who was apparently me but transformed, she, well I was a lot taller after that transformation, I looked more human and my hair was on the verge to turning a Raven-colored type color. I raised an eyebrow, even though I was young now and my magic was basic, this form of me looked nearly human, if not for the sharp canines I would've said I WAS human in this apparent form, I looked to be around 18 years old after that transformation, but I myself in reality was only 15. What the hell is going on?

"Back for more…?" My voice drawled out slyly but with a icy tone that gave me Goosebumps, I shivered and was confused by my more darker and sadistic type voice. It was so, different…

The shadowed figured charged and where my view was from behind my transformed self moved to a side view of the figure and Myself charging at each other with now blades withdrawn, Swords almost reached and clashed to bring about a vicious battle, then-

Alarm clock ringing. Birds singing, I hear kids outside swinging giggling and playing, I growled slightly before slamming a hand down on the buzzer which was annoying the life out of me. I was in the middle of a heated and amazing dream only to be pulled out of it by the Alarm. Worse invention…EVER!

"Ugh! Why'd I even leave the stupid thing on?" I got out of the bed and stretched the kinks out of my body as I got up out of bed. "It's a flippin' Saturday! What was I? Drunk when I went to bed yesterday? BAKA!" I yelled at myself as I bonked myself on the head for my stupidity. I went to walk forward but my foot tapped something warm, then I heard rolling.

"What the-.." I looked down on the floor seeing a Grey egg with a Silver and Phantom Black sword crossed against each other in an X-formation. I visibly paled. That was a dream…right? The egg was warm, a chain extended out from the area where the Swords were around the entire center of the egg. What an interesting looking egg, but where did it come from?

I began sweating slightly and tossed my blankets onto the floor and seeing two others egg scattered on my bed where I was sleeping. My mouth opened and I made incoherent sounds trying to decipher what was going on. There were eggs, in my bed, and they sure weren't from hens. Did these come from me?

"AGH! WHAT THE HELL!" I scrambled away childishly away from my bed on the floor, my back banging against the closet door. I panted heavily and freaking out slightly, I had laid EGGS! Humans didn't do this! Where had these come from? I was the only one in the room from them to come from. It was really confusing.




"Miharu you okay?! I heard yelling and some banging against the wall! I'm coming in!" Aisha's voice called and I blinked twice, realization settling in before I started spazzing out like an idiot again. "NO AISHA! NO NEED!" I rushed to the door slamming my back against it when I heard Aisha begin to turn the knob, sweat beaded my forehead, and how would Aisha react if I had laid EGGS! She knew I was a half-demon but she still knew I, reproduced the way humans did, speaking of such, I never did an act like that! So again I ask for the nth thousandth time, how did this happen?

"Miharu! Let me in! I got something to tell you anyways! It's important! Come on!" Aisha pleaded and it was getting to me, the mages pleads were always rather persuading, even though she was a good 2 years older than me she still looked as if she were 13 years of age. How was that possible, I have no idea, something apparently stunted her growth, using magic maybe?

I sighed; I opened the door slowly, only to be pushed back by Aisha barging in and falling onto the floor, clutching her arms and legs together to make her self look almost like a human ball. My jaw twitched at the sight making it seem like I was giving off a more deranged type of smile, Aisha just beamed at me brightly, but nervousness was in her features, so she really did have something to talk to me about.

"Miharu, please don't freak out," Aisha pleaded, sighing and sounding really desperate, my heart gave out sympathy for her, "but," She pulled out 3 eggs from behind her, Rather special eggs. Ones that had strange designs and colors just like mine had but ones extremely different from mines, she had a Dark violet like colored one, a regular purpled colored egg, and then a Bright lavender one. All of them consisting of their own unique designs.

"Y-you too?" I breathed out, I realized what I said shortly after and my jaw began twitching again, that wasn't supposed to slip out, though I had let it. "Wait, what do you mean you 'too?'" She pressed, I sweated slightly at her fierce tone and questioning, her expression changed to pure curiosity.

"Uhm, no use of evading it now…" I sighed, showing her the one that I picked off of the floor, the one with the weapon designs on them. She stared at it in shock. I picked up the other two off of my bed, a darker colored one. With a blue backdrop and purple like flames rising from the bottom to the center. What seemed like Souls floated from the flames, which were moving infinitely on the egg strangely, I raised a eyebrow but handed it to Aisha anyways. The 3rd one confused me slightly, it had a Red Heart, a big Red Heart in the Center on one side, with a Purple Radiant backdrop and a variety of different color sparkles decorating the rest of it. It was really pretty, it had a brilliant radiance glowing from it that made me smile oddly, and I handed it to her after observing.

"This one is really pretty…" Aisha breathed out staring at it. I smiled sheepishly and gave her a simple 'Thank you'. It was mine obviously. "They're all warm like mines, does that means something is going to hatch?" She turned to me with curiosity embedded into those large eyes. I stared at her, thinking for an answer that was THE only answer, if it was warm, hatching was soon. I nodded and she seemed interested.

"I wonder what'll hatch, don't you Miharu?" I nodded softly and then both of us turned our heads towards my bedroom door hearing feet running hastily down the hall towards our way. We exchanged glances and when we turned back, Elsword stood there, breathless, He was still extremely short and that boyish face still there, he panted, after he caught his breath he looked up and stared at us intently.

"YOU GUYS!" He ran up to us in fast steps and I scowled slightly at him for rushing into my room without asking, I didn't mind any of the girls, but Elsword, would have to ask for entrance, even Raven and little Chung didn't even need permission, since they're responsible gentlemen, Elsword hadn't quite reached that yet.

"What is it Eldork?" I growled out and he pouted at me childishly, it looked kind of cute on him. He shook his head and gave me a bright grin that made me smile, he may be irresponsible but he was surely was uplifting.

"Look what was in my bed this morning!" He held up 3 Red colored eggs in his hands up cheerily, me and Aisha exchanged glances, doing a double take. "EEEEHHH?!" We both shouted and grabbed his eggs, ignoring his protests we glanced hard at all 3 of them, again, they all had their own unique designs, and that they were warm.

The 1st one we looked at, It was a bright like red, It had grey designs, sort of like Metal engravings actually, a single well designed sword was planted on the egg with a gem that glowed. It seemed to give off that, charming knight feel, where that came from I have no idea. The next one, It was a Slightly darker red, From the bottom to the center, regular flames blazed up from it, but unlike my egg, it wasn't moving flames, a Fire rune hovered in the Center of the egg, I knew this because I've seen a fire rune emitting from Aisha once. This egg was ESPECIALLY warm. The 3rd and final one. It was a Dark Red, with a Evil black that swirled in decorated like fashion on the egg, A regular sword was there, relatively similar to the sword on the 1st egg, then the 2nd sword, which the overlapped the 1st one, was a special kind of sword, it was larger and had a special design that I saw in a book somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it, that one felt warm, but It gave off a cold aura.

"Oh god, does everyone have one?!" Aisha shouted out of no where, I figured probably everyone did have one, Me Aisha and Elsword having one coincidentally was too much of a coincidence. I got up, walked over to my closet and put on my usual outfit. I put my hair into a Ponytail using my special band that I loved. Letting the bangs fall into place, I braided my hair on the sides that were pretty long. Went down to my stomach actually. I put on my flame necklace; I put on my dark orange stomach revealing top along with my beige cargo bust-cut jacket, with sleeves that only reached to my elbow joint. Slipping on black fingerless gloves which red hearts swayed on a chain from. I quickly put on shorts buckling them up and putting on a extra belt and put on a bag to hold my eggs in until they hatched. I slipped on my knee-length boots with 5" heels and a large belt buckle going diagonally down both of them. I snapped them on, staring at the white lotus on both of them. I checked myself in the mirror and smiled, I poked the blazing gem that was embedded on my chest and it glimmered.

I never knew why I was born with this thing, it was weird, it blazed on like an eternal fire, like it was my heart or something. I wish I could've learned something about it before I left the Phoenix demons. I sighed and shook my head, I didn't want to think about then, it was only mood bringing downwards. I didn't need that in the morning.

I turned around and smiled at Aisha, who had forcibly turned Elsword around while I changed. Aisha and him had changed oddly already. I didn't remember them being early birds. I shook it off and walked out my room going to the bathroom to wash my face of the grogginess I still had from waking up this morning. After freshening up I headed downstairs to see Rena putting the breakfast on the table. I smiled brightly and she returned it, something was in her features though, Nervousness.

"Rena…? Did you by any chance…" I started out and Rena gave me a sad smile and nodded, she brought up 3 Green colored eggs in her hands. So 4 out of 7… I stared at one. It had a Bright green color and white like lace designs on the top and bottom. The center had the design of a well designed powerful bow.

The next one consisted of a healing design circle with a base green backdrop, the healing circling designs colored with a very bright green, Ruffle like designs decorated the top and bottom and a White lotus with spikes surrounding it, decorated the center. It looked really nice, I really liked that one.

The 3rd one was a very dark green, with a seeming black shadow floating around in it. A Red gem circled around on both top and bottoms of the egg, in the center laid a single sword, well made with a bright red gem where the hilt was. It was a very long blade too; I began to recognize the blade after I stared at it, that's Erendil!

I remained quiet as Rena examined her eggs with a content smile on her face. She smiled at me and put the eggs back to where she kept them in a side pocket. Her long white boots clacking against the floor as she walked her hair swaying. I sat down at the table and began eating while I heard a set of foot steps on their way down. When I looked up, Raven Eve and Chung were all sitting down at the table with thoughtful looks on their face. Them too huh?

I stared at Raven for awhile, he looked to me in surprised then sighed amusedly, I always knew when something was wrong with the man, he decided not to put up a argument and placed his 3 eggs on the table. I stared at them with intense focus and he gave me a amused expression, which I rolled my eyes at, my focus went back to his eggs.

The First one was mostly all white, with black zigzag like lines decorating the egg on the top and bottom. A Furry grey like wolf covering went horizontally on the left and right sides of the egg giving the egg more of a noble look. A Long and slightly curved blade with a relatively well designed hilt which was more of a handle for easy access.

The Next one, It was a Black egg, which seemed kind of scary, it was black with orange designs curving up from the bottom and some curving down from the top, some flames shooting out from the spike of the oranges designs giving off a sort of vicious beast like aura, I put that egg down not wanting to really stare at it any longer, it was making go a bit crazy just looking at it, let alone holding it.

The final one that was Raven's was Also a black egg, but it had Red like streaks going horizontally with a gold brimming the edges of the Red and orange flames rose from the bottom, a Crow like red and black blade laid in the middle of the flames, sort of resembling Raven's name, which is actually a bird. I found this egg kind of interesting, it seemed nice.

I set it down and stared at Raven, he looked away, almost in a embarrassing like way, I raised an eyebrow and he looked further away and blush forming on his face, and a sort of like pout forming on his lips, I smiled in amusement at this.

"Raven what's wrong?" I said trying to not let my little laughs become to noticeable, the way Raven was acting, was just not Raven, it was cute, how like Chung was, which was adorable. I wonder what had him so flustered though, kind of odd for him.

"How does a grown man lay eggs? Explain that to me!" He shouted hysterically throwing his arms in the air for dramatic effect and then slammed them down on the table, I blinked at him once, twice, and then rapidly before a stupid grin formed on my lips and little fits of laughter came out before they became boisterous to the point where I keeled over and fell onto the floor laughing.

After several protests from Raven and my actions of being inconsiderate apparently were forgiven, I took a seat at the table again, Eve shyly pushed her eggs to me, I looked at her and smiled, Eve was such a sweet girl, well Nasod. I stared at her 3 eggs. All of them had a White back drop, with very little designs to decipher which egg was which.

I picked up her first one, which of course like I stated, had a white backdrop, Black lace like designs wrapped around the top and bottom that were about a inch thick. Black spikes from the bottom of the egg spiked up around it, pink marks decorating the spikes in some places, this egg seemed to give off a sort of mean feeling, I set that one down.

The next one I picked up was relatively similar, except the lace was yellow and there were no spikes. Instead a sword laid in the center. While a pink like magic circle surrounded it. Pink slightly swirled around in some areas of the egg. It looked very pretty and I smiled at it. I set it down though.

The last one, which was sort of different from the other two. The top had a baby blue glow, a crown like design decorated the top, what seemed to reflect on the bottom. Black swirls decorated the sides and pink flared some areas, I noticed in the front, bright baby blue numbers glowed out, it seemed like a Binary system code that I couldn't decipher. I smiled at Eve once more before handing them back, "They're really pretty Eve," she smiled and nodded at me.

I glanced at Chung who raised an eyebrow and gave off a playful smirk, "What? You Wanna see mines too Miharu?" I rolled my eyes but I nodded regardless, he sighed playfully and put his 3 eggs into my hands. I stared at them, The White backdrop just like Eve's. I set them down on the table and stared at them.

His first one, blue like strips went horizontally across the egg on top and bottom. The sides had a medallion with blue markings and pink ruffles on the bottom. In between them, laid a very large cannon, different to the one he used now, It seemed something a powerhouse person would use, like a tank.

The second, It had Blue strips going along top and bottom too, except black decorated the insides of it. Gold like buckles went along the sides, in the middle. A cannon that looked similar to a Rifle, with a stock and iron sight. Lying in a X cross formation on the center of the Rifle like cannon was Two silver guns that was well engraved and looked like magnums. This one interested me, maybe more than it should've. I shook the thought away and set it down.

I picked up the last one, this one, for some odd reason, felt relatively heavy. A blue like fade came in from the sides, while a glowing shell that looked different from what Chung usually used for his cannons laid in the center, a large space sort of looking cannon laid in the center next to it. This cannon was bigger than the one I saw on the first egg! Gold brimmed around the top and bottom.

I slid them back and fell deep into thought. So everyone had gotten 3 eggs, this was so weird, why had these eggs appeared? Also, why did they have all these special designs on them as if it meant something. I shook my head and put up my dish after I finished my meal. Everyone else, after they finally came downstairs, finished eating and did the same. We all sat on the couch thinking about what had happened.

"Oh right, We have a mission going on in Elder, we need to leave out of Ruben and head there to help them, apparently some issues popped up and sightings of El being there as well, So everyone pack up!" Rena commanded, we all nodded and headed for our rooms, packing the few things we had before we all stood outside, and waiting for Aisha to come so she could teleport us there.

Once we were ready, Aisha teleported us there, Rena walked up to a man named Hoffman getting a building for us, so we could sleep and relax, I let out a sigh of relief, I'm so glad that Rena is so charismatic, if it wasn't for that we would be sleeping outside every night. We had been hired to help return the El due some stupid bandits taking it for a trade-off.

Once we got to our building. We all decided our rooms and unpacked quickly, we grabbed our weapons and headed right back out, and we talked casually on our way to the outskirts of the city. Strangely though, everyone had brought all their eggs, they felt like they needed them, honestly, I felt like I needed mines too, so I wasn't going to complain like an idiot.

We edged to the beginning of the dubbed named Shadow Forest, I looked through, feeling a dark presence, I was first to walk forward, it was drawing me in slightly to it, everyone followed briefly behind me. Trusting I would lead to the cause of the terror, as we walked, I swore I saw little Wisps floating around, that may have been the cause of people getting freaked out, and those Wisps can possess objects that can't move.

I walked through between two trees to see, a Giant Ent moving around? I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes, I was imagining this right? Everyone followed in and stared dumbly at it, we all walked together towards it keeping our weapons ready for a attack. I heard vibrations, I looked towards the ground seeing holes appearing suddenly.

"EVERYONE JUMP!" I commanded, everyone jumped up, but something strange happened, like in that dream, that purple radiant like Dimension appeared again, I floated with my own body, I looked down to see I was radiating white so brightly you couldn't tell that I didn't have clothes on. I looked around seeing everyone else was here too! I blinked seeing all of their hair and such floating around glowing immensely, their skin glowing brightly as well. Eyes as well, was something going to happen?

"Watashitachi no Kokoro…! An ROKKU!" We all shouted at the same time, I remembered something along those words, but it was different. 'Our Hearts, Unlock?' my mind faded from those thoughts as my body twirled around, my back arched with my arms back and my hair flowed around, it fading to a close to Raven like color, the same clothes from that dream began fading onto my body. I couldn't see anyone else anymore! I did that same pose as before for some odd reason, it seemed like it just happened.

"Kyarakuta Hentai WEAPON HUNTRESS!" I shouted it this time, everyone else began coming into view slowly through the purple dimension, and everyone was fading into different clothing that I never saw before! I noticed something when I looked on my side, one of the eggs was missing… So the eggs brought on these transformations? They seemed powerful…

"Kyarakuta Hentai, RUNE SLAYER!" I heard Elsword shout, his voice seemed surprisingly deeper than usual, when I looked over, I almost began drooling, and he had gotten a lot taller wearing a outfit that would have girls all over him. I shook the thoughts and focused more.

"Kyarakuta Hentai, VOID PRINCESS!" Aisha's voice came next, I looked to another side to see her in a kind of revealing outfit but looked adorable on her, her hair in ponytails on the left and right side of head. The staff she had altered to something that had a sort of bat like creature on it. It was cute! Kawaii Aisha-Chan~!

"Kyarakuta Hentai, GRAND ARCHER!" Rena's commanding like tone that I loved shouted through and I turned to see a breeze of white feathers blow away to reveal Rena in a beautiful dress that fanned out and white like heels that came up pretty high. Her hair flowing down nicely and a incredible bow in her hand, the SAME bow I saw on her egg,

"Kyarakuta Hentai, BLADEMASTER!" Raven's deep baritone voice pierced my thoughts and I turned to see a almost dreamy like white backdrop with Raven holding that sword with the special hilt and a extremely fancy coat with wolf fur on the collar and several buckles that came down to his lower legs, he wore a black shirt and pants and his hair was cleanly cut and came down nicely, his Nasod arm covered with a white sheet. One word I had to say, Seeeexxxy. And I mentally slapped myself afterwards.

"Kyarakuta Hentai….Code: Nemesis..!" I heard Eve's soft and demanding voice next, I looked over to see a short black like dress with pink on the sides, Black spikes shooting out from her back, and her hair was now a lot longer. Her expression was extremely more serious and now scary, it must've been that egg I got a bad vibe from.

"Kyarakuta Hentai! DEADLY CHASER!" I heard Chung say in sort of a princely like voice, I looked over to see his hair had a real boyish cut, his expression hardened and he had armor on and a chest plate that sort of looked like a bullet proof vest. He had gotten A LOT taller and those two pistols I saw, held in his hands, he was twirling one around, and the Rifle like cannon holstered on his back. I stared a gape, and I used to call him a girl…I saw Chung look over and smirk at me slightly and I flushed looking away. That damn flirt.

We all faded out of the world and landed softly on the ground, we all stared at each other before we smirked, "EVERYONE ATTACK!" Rena shouted the smirk in her voice, we all charged feeling a accumulation of power coming.

"QUICK SHOT BARRAGE!" I shouted I pulled out my Hydra Shotgun and tapped furiously flipping and evading around shooting into the Giant Ent leaving large gun bullets piercing the bulk of its body.

"STORM BLADE!" Elsword shouted, he balled his fist up and leaned down as large blades summoned around him and spun around rapidly and viciously cut up the Ent leaving big gashes on him after the attack.

"PLASMA CUTTER!" Aisha shouted next, large plasma beams spilled from the back piercing the Ent leaving singe marks on its body where the beams had struck him. Still steaming with smoke from the strike, I saw Aisha blow her finger off as someone would a gun. I smirked at her.

"GUNGNIR!" Rena shouted next and did a spin shooting the beautiful bow she had into the air, shortly after she stood straight up bring the arm that was raised in the air down harshly pointing to the ground allowing her hair to whip around as the arrows crashed to the ground in hard vibrations, some striking the Ent and causing a slight Earthquake.

"HYPERSONIC STAB!" I flinched, I saw Raven there one moment and on the other side of the Ent the next, soon after, several flashes of sword strikes appeared at the Ent's base at rapid speed that blinded me slightly to where I had to cover my eyes a bit. Raven moved faster than the speed of Sight! Okay you're a master in my book.

"JUNK BREAK!" Eve shouted calmly and a large drill came out piercing the base and violently twisting causing quite a bit of mess. It wasn't anything pretty, though Eve didn't look like she was going to show mercy to the Ent.

"COMET CRASHER!" Chung leaped into a Air making a 180 degree point at the Ent and firing his Cannon rapidly releasing shockwaves and blue light flashing from the impact, obliterating the thing completely. After only ashes remained of the thing, we all looked at each other, panting slightly from the powerful moves. We all laughed happily.

"So those eggs unlock these special forms, I wonder if we can control which ones we use, and I wonder what other powers these forms here have." Raven stated, holding up his blade loving the stainless steel that shimmered brightly and that allowed him to move gracefully on a battlefield.

"I hear ya! I can't wait for our next mission! Come on Something big happen!" Elsword whined and I rolled my eyes, I couldn't keep myself from smiling though, We walked back casually, getting weird glances from some residents because of our new appearances but we brushed the awkward feeling away.

"My what happened to you guys?" Hoffman asked standing up from the desk and walking over to us.

I smirked and smiled brightly. "Just this…."


Rena: I liked that, the whole Idea that we can switch classes WHENEVER we want to is amazing!

Raven: Who're you telling? Do you know how helpful that'll be?!

Chung: OP as hell but hey I'm not complainin.

Eve: I like this idea, now I can get whatever I want like the Queen I am!

Aisha: Eheheheh...Eva-Chan don't get into your modes again.

Eve: Sorry Ai-Chan!

Aisha: Don't worry~!

Raven: Just so you people know...Orignally, we all are our base classes. So without the Transformation we'll be plain.

Rena: Ahhhhh, that'll clear some things up with readers.

Elsword: Ah, I wish I had a longer part in the story, why is Miharu so mean to me?

Aisha: She's tsundere, she acts cold to the main character, which you are in the game Elsword...

Elsword: EH! NOT FAIR!

Eve: Isn't there another part to the definition.

Aisha:...I'll leave that unsaid.

Miharu: -talking to Rena on the side- So yeah I'm waiting for the bus after school, I'm standing out in the cold with the school kids waiting for the CITY BUS yeah CITY. For about 15 minutes, when it finally comes, The bus driver slows down, waves at us, and keeps on driving, one thing that was annoying, bus was not crowded, it was almost empty actually. Second, He stopped at the next stop. Third, AINT THAT A BITCH HE DID THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! I GOT PLACES TO BE! PEOPLE TO SEE! GAMES TO PLAY AND STORIES TO WRITE! TO COLD FOR ALL THAT!

Rena: -sweatdrop- Wow, Humans can be really mean...

Raven: Miharu's inner ghetto came out for a second.

Miharu: Shut up Rae...

Rena: Anyways...Review us Maybe?



Elsword: -cowers- I stand corrected...