A freshly showered Carol stood before Daryl, her clothes sticking to her damp skin as she crossed over to her small bed. Carol stopped, bending over to pick something up off her bed. In her hand, was her pink head scarf. She smiled, a small laugh emitting from her mouth as she looked back at Daryl. "You actually saved this?" she asked, her eyes sparkeling. Daryl nodded. He didn't know why the fuck he kept the scarf. Why did it mean anything to him?

"Daryl?" he heard Rick's call throughout the cell block. They were about to head out.

"Almost time for you to go." Carol murmured, her hand rubbing the dirty scarf. After a split second, she held out it out to him.

"Take it. Stay safe." she told him, meeting his eyes as his fingers brushed hers, holding her gaze for a minute more. He nodded, folding it slowly and sticking it in his pocket.

"I will."