The shadows hid the commander as she slipped down the hallway, her body pressed tight to the wall. Her footsteps fell in soft, calculated, strides as she hurried up beside an enormous statue hovering over Grissom Academy's main lobby and poked her head around just enough to get a peek. The lights were off; only moonlight spilled through the towering windows of the school's front side. Not a person in sight.

Shepard grinned, pleased with those results, and rounded the corner, hurrying up the double flight of lobby stairs that led to another hall; this one lined with closed doors on either side. The commander moved through quickly, crouched for stealth, and found the room she was looking for around the far end beside a little window that peered out into the darkness of the night. She removed an electronic, hand-held, tool from within her black jumpsuit and had the locked door open in seconds. She took one last glance behind her, bit her lip, and slipped inside – the door pressing closed gently behind her.

The studio apartment welcomed her with the same darkness the rest of the academy had. Shepard moved slowly, quietly, through it until she came upon a large mattress sprawled out on the floor at the far side. The commander's heart quickened and her breathing came in shallow, excited, gasps. A sheet was spread across the bed, but beneath it were the curves and valleys of a body; lifting and falling with the sleeping beauty's in and exhales. Shepard reached gingerly for a corner of the sheet at the foot of the bed and peeled it away. A naked leg, covered in tattoos, greeted her; the soft flesh looking shimmery beneath the moonlight that poured through the window.

Shepard had to bite her lip to contain her excitement. She reached down and gently lifted the leg at the ankle before bringing her lips near and kissing the wrinkled sole of the woman's bare foot. The sleeping figure stirred and tossed a bit, but remained in slumber. The commander held back a giggle, lowered the leg, and crept up along the side of the bed. She peeled away the cover there too, and found a long, naked, back—also tattoo-covered—waiting for her. She ran her hand down the middle of it, letting her fingers trickle over each bump of the woman's spine.

A brief moan escaped Jack's lips and she began shifting to her side. "Hey, wha-?" She groaned, freshly awoken and appropriately disoriented. "Wait, what the fuck!?" She shouted upon seeing the commander's silhouette beside her bed.

Shepard reached forward and clamped a hand down over Jack's mouth, firmly pressing her head back down to the pillow. "Shhh, Jack. It's me. Shepard," she explained, giving it a moment to sink in before taking her hand away.

"Shepard!?" Jack snapped. "What are you doing here? Why are you in my bedroom in the middle of the night? What the hell is going on!?"

"I had a great idea," Shepard whispered enthusiastically. "And you're part of it!"

Jack frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm going to throw a party, and you're invited. In fact, you'll be my first guest. Isn't that exciting?"

"Shepard..." Jack groaned, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "If you really snuck into my room in the middle of the night and woke me up to give me a party invite-"

"Not just any party, Jack," Shepard explained. "A... special party. A... sexy party. You know what I mean? Like... a very special, sexy, party. And I'm gathering up all the right players. You... Miranda Lawson... Liara T'Soni."

Jack lifted herself onto an elbow and glared up at Shepard. "Are you fucking serious? Shepard, I... shit, get the fuck out of my room! Talk to me in the morning about your dumbass sex party or whatever it is! Fuck! I was sleeping!"

Shepard bit her lip, an awkward smile coming across her face. "I actually... I'm not really asking you, so-to-speak. As much as I am, kind of, like... taking you."

"Taking me!?" Jack snapped, sitting up in bed, fully awake now. "What the hell is that supposed to mean!?"

Shepard grinned and stood up, towering over Jack's bed. She reached into her jumpsuit's vest pocket and pulled out a bundle of thin, dark, rope.

As she dangled it cheerfully in the moonlight, Jack's eyes widened with apprehension.


She turned the nozzle, and a spray of hot water poured down over her face. Miranda Lawson winced at first from the heat, but then welcomed it; it had been a long day, and this was as good a reward as any. Her head fell back and her lips parted, letting some of the water gather in her mouth. She swallowed a bit, turned, and let the shower head spray down over her hair as she gathered a handful of shampoo. The Cerberus Operative moaned a bit as she massaged it into her scalp, running her fingers in long lines down the length of her hair. She rinsed, turned, and welcomed the now-steaming water to rush down over the curve of her breasts.

Movement behind the glass wall of the shower caught her eye.

Miranda's eye snapped open, her head turning to stare out at the dark figure. It was a person, standing, and... watching. Miranda cursed under her breath and looked around the shower for a weapon. How could she have gotten so sloppy? This wasn't very 'Cerberus' of her to be caught unaware, unarmed, and unprepared for-

"Miranda?" A female voice called over the top of the glass. "Don't be alarmed. It's your Commander."

Miranda froze, confused. "Shepard?"


The tension slipped from her body like the removal of a heavy jacket. "Oh, thank God, Shepard. I thought... well, never mind. What, uh, what are you doing here, exactly? You've caught me in a bit of an awkward situation. Is it... trouble?"

"No trouble," came the reply.

Miranda lifted an eyebrow, confused, and watched the blurry shape of the commander take a few steps closer to the steamy glass. "No trouble? Shepard, then what are you doing here? Can it wait a second?"


"Is this a game of some sort you're playing?"

"No, Ms. Lawson. Far from it."

Miranda folded her arms across her chest and frowned. "Well you're acting very strangely, Shepard. I'd appreciate it if you leave the bathroom so I can finish up in here and get dressed. Then we can talk about... whatever it is you want to talk about. Alright?"

"Dressed? With what clothes?" The commander's voice came playfully over the top of the shower.

Miranda slid the door back an inch and peered out to the clothes rack beside the shower. There was nothing there. "This isn't funny, commander."

Shepard took a quick step towards the shower and slid the door back forcefully. "I agree."

Miranda covered what she could as the water continued to pour down over her. "Shepard! What the hell!? Get out!"

Shepard bit her lip, smiled, and winked. "I'll leave you your bra and panties... the rest of your clothes are coming with me, Ms. Lawson," she explained, and with that, slid the door shut again and walked out of the bathroom. "Sorry. I had to get a little sneak peek at the goods."

Miranda stood still, nonplussed for a moment. Then she decided Shepard had to be on some new drug and finished her shower. When she was done, she found the commander to be true to her word: the only items remaining in the bathroom were a pair of her panties and a bra. She felt a flush of anger rinse over her as she pulled them on and then wrapped a towel around her waist.

Outside, in the living room, the commander was waiting, leaned up against a pillar with a glass of wine in her hand. She sipped at it and gestured to a painting on the wall. "This is nice. You've got a really classy place here, Miranda. A shame you never invited me to come see it."

"Give me my clothes, Shepard," Miranda demanded, stomping over to her commander, glaring.

"But I like you like this," Shepard confessed. "You've got an amazing ass, and a hell of a rack, too."

Miranda stopped and squinted at the commander. "Are you drunk? High? Both?"

"Only on an idea."

"What idea!?"

"Come," Shepard said with a playful grin. "I'll show you."

"I'm not taking another step without my clothes."

The commander sighed. "Yeah, alright, alright. Just know – if I had your chest..." she whistled. "I'd show it off."

Shepard tossed Miranda her pants and shirt, and she was quick to pull them on. "Now where are you taking me?"



"Yeah, I landed my shuttle there."

Miranda sighed. "And then will you explain what's going on."

"Absolutely," the commander confirmed.

They reached the roof a few minutes later. It was still early in the night, and there was a chill in the air. Miranda hugged her arms around her body as Shepard led them across the lot to the little, blue, shuttle parked at the far end. The thing could only be a six or eight-seater, tops. Miranda took quickened strides to fall in line next to the commander. "It's freezing out here, can we take this a bit faster?"

"I'll keep you warm," Shepard told her and pulled her close.

Miranda almost pushed away... but the warmth was a welcome feeling to her shivering body. She walked on in the commander's arms.

"Here we are," Shepard said when the reached the shuttle. She popped the hatch. "I've got a guest with me!"

Miranda leaned forward to see. "Oh... my."

Jack was tied up in the front seat; her arms pulled behind her, her ankles and knees bound with a black rope. She was clad in only a dark blue shirt and a pair of panties. The tattooed woman snapped her head around furiously when Shepard opened the hatch, and Miranda could see her mouth had been covered with a wide strip of black tape. "MMF! MMMPH MMMM!" She mumbled into the tape, her eyes filled with a deep rage.

"She's kind of cute when her mouth is shut, eh?" Shepard asked, smiling. "Let's see if she has anything new to say. Last time it was just a bunch of curse words loosely strung together with my name."

The commander leaned into the shuttle and peeled the tape partially from Jack's lips. Jack immediately began shouting. "I'm going to fucking kill you when I get out of this, Shepard! You piece of fucking- MMMPH!" The tape went back down.

The commander shrugged and slammed the hatch shut on the still-protesting Jack.

"Shepard... what the hell do you have Jack bound and gagged in your shuttle for?" Miranda questioned, utterly perplexed by the situation.

"Bound so she can't get away. Gagged... well, I think that's pretty obvious now. And she's in my shuttle because I'm taking her to my new mansion. Same as you."

"Me!?" Miranda snapped, instinctively taking a step backwards – away from the commander. "What are you talking about, Shepard?"

"I'm talking about you getting you all tight 'n tidy like Jack there and bringing you home."

"For what!?"

"For a party, of course. The biggest, bestest, most sensual party you're every going to experience, girlfriend. Believe it."

Miranda took another step back, her face frozen in confusion. "You've lost your mind. My God, Shepard, you've lost your bloody mind!"

"No, babe. I'm thinking clearly. Maybe for the first time ever. I know what I want. And you know what? Commander Shepard gets what she wants," Shepard said and began walking toward her.

Miranda spun to make a break for the rooftop exit-

-but found a half-dozen Volus standing, blocking her path. She frowned down at them, more confused than ever.

"They're with me," Shepard explained. "I had them meet me here since I figured you'd be awake and alert, and with all your training... I couldn't take a risk of you getting away. These are my friends, my... servants. They live with me at the mansion. You'll get to know them in time."

One of the Volus, a little chubby guy in a pink and red suit, waved a hand. His voice came distorted through his suit's breathing apparatus. "Hello!" He sounded cheerful enough, but then him and his little buddies were moving forward – toward her.

Miranda backed up-

-right into Shepard's waiting arms. Shepard hugged her tight, leaned forward, and nested her nose against Miranda's neck. "We're going to have so much fun."

Miranda opened her mouth to say something, but found no words worth saying. For the time being at least: she was in Shepard's hands.


Shepard set the shuttle down on the planet Illium just as the sun was coming up. The commander banked around a low set of buildings and eased the ship down onto a private loading dock behind an apartment complex. Outside, another group of Volus were rushing excitedly to meet and greet the commander. She popped the hatch and stepped outside, laughing and giving the little aliens hugs.

Jack grunted and twisted at the ropes binding her. She'd been moved to the rear of the shuttle, where Shepard had tied her and Miranda up back-to-back on the floor of the cruiser. They leaned up against each other, the rope digging tightly into their arms and chests. Jack jerked from side to side, desperate for something to loosen.

"Would you stop it, Jack," Miranda's voice came over her shoulder, annoyed. "The Commander knew what she was doing. I saw the ropes she used on us. They don't even use knots. It's some new technology that simply tightens on whatever it's fastened to. You're struggling is only making it worse."

"Mmmph mmmmph!" Jack mumbled into the tape that still sat across her lips, keeping her quiet. She was angrily trying to explain that they had to try something, because there was no way she was getting dragged all the way to some mansion for Shepard's weird sex game. "Mmf!"

"You know that I can't understand you," Miranda said.

Jack grunted and stomped her feet.

"Let's just sit here, quietly, and think this through," Miranda said. "Do you think Shepard's lost her mind?"

"Mmm," Jack groaned.

"Just stomp your feet once for yes, twice for no, alright?"

Jack grumbled her displeasure with the notion, but listened anyway. She stomped twice.

"I thought so at first, but now..." Miranda said, and Jack could feel the woman's back tense against her own. "I don't know. She doesn't seem to be on any drugs or anything. Did she take any in front of you."

Jack gave two stomps.

Miranda sighed. "She was talking a lot about some sexual party... and now she's taking the two of us to it. I didn't even know Shepard was... gay? I mean, is she?"

Jack sounded one, enthusiastic, stomp and grunted for further emphasis.

"How do you know? I mean, other than the way she's acting right now. Did she ever... hit on you or anything aboard the Normandy?"

Jack thought about it. The commander had certainly been playful with her a few times, but... nothing she'd call serious flirtation. Two stomps.

"Then how can you be so sure?"

Jack groaned into the tape and rolled her eyes. It was impossible to explain without being able to speak. She knew, though. She'd seen the way Shepard looked at her, the way the commander bit her lip, and touched her body. Shepard wanted to do nothing more in the world at that moment when Jack had first woken up then fuck her.

There was a long moment of silence, and then Miranda finally said, "Do you think we're in trouble here, Jack?"

One, hard, stomp.


"Oh, yes, Shepard! A thousand times yes! This is perfect!" Liara yelled cheerfully.

Shepard smiled and put her hands on the asari's arms, pulling her closer. "Are you sure? You'll be gone for a long time. Can you stay away from work for awhile?"

Liara looked around her office. Things has been... slow for a while now. Since Shepard had helped her tidy up some unfinished business a few months ago, Liara had been practically praying for something new and exciting to come her way. Nothing had, though, and she'd wound up spending most of her days daydreaming in her office. Sometimes about the commander herself and that one, wonderful, night they'd spent together what seemed like ages ago. And now the commander had returned into her life and was asking to take her away. Take her to a party! "I can take time off. Of course, Shepard. Anything for you."

Shepard smiled and pulled Liara close to her body. Their cheeks touched, and Liara could feel the commander's warm breath on her neck. "Good," Shepard said. "I've missed you and your... lips." She lifted Liara's chin with her hand and stared into her eyes.

Liara felt her body flush with warmth. Her nipples felt sensitive. Her heart fluttered. The commander still had that way about her... that way that made everything seem right. "Oh... Shepard. Kiss me. Just once. For old time's sake."

"Oh, I'm going to be kissing you a lot more than once," Shepard explained, running her long, slender, fingers across the asari's bottom lip.

Liara giggled playfully. "What do you mean, commander?"

"Liara this isn't some regular, old, run-of-the-mill, party I'm throwing here," Shepard explained as her finger moved to Liara's neck and stroked the tender skin beneath her earlobe.

Liara's eyes closed and her mouth fell agape in pleasure. "What kind of party is it?"

"I'm going to shoot straight with you, Liara. It's a sexual party. And the guests are all female... like me. Not all of them will or have come willingly. In fact... I've got two women I'm not sure you've ever met, Miranda Lawson and Jack.. well, Jack, in my shuttle. Their hands and feet bound. One of them has her mouth taped shut. I've taken them by force. It... hell, it turns me on. You know about my kinkier side. And when I get them back to my mansion, well... the games will begin."

Liara stood, quietly absorbing all this information.

"Well? What do you think?" Shepard asked.

"I think..." Liara began. "That it sounds exciting." Shepard smiled, and Liara smiled back. "But I'm curious... if I had refused..."

Shepard laughed. "Yep. I'd have taken you anyway."

"Really?" Liara asked, a playful twinkle in her eye. "Just like that? You would tie me up? Gag my mouth so I couldn't speak? Stuff me in your little shuttle and whisk me away against my will to a party in a far away mansion. Then... you'd have your way with me?"

Shepard nodded. "That's right."

Liara leaned in and kissed the commander on the lips. When she pulled away, she was grinning. "Then I refuse."

Shepard smirked and pulled out a length of rope.