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Title: Time to move forward


Cancel the ship's "Edo Connection". O Ark, open the Gate.

Finally, it was time to be somewhere you could consider as "home".

"It wasn't over yet…" – excerpt from the diary of Clarith's daughter.

She was mad, very mad. She'd always known that Luke was an idiot, but she couldn't imagine he was that stupid. Travelling into another dimension, he was definitely crazy. Come to think of it, why did she call him her friend? Not only that, he brought his little sister with him.

She really really wanted to punch him. The problem was… she didn't have any strength left. (It didn't stop her from mocking him.)

If she had some strength left, she would have joked Komui for smiling so broadly, such as: "It takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile" in her typically flat tone.

In short, it was Luke's damn fault. Her sense of humor had gone because of him. (Never get to understand her 'sense of humor'). And somehow, she had the feeling that she'd lose her title as "the High Queen of sarcasm.

It wasn't important.

"Welcome Home!" Komui exclaimed, spreading his arm and pulling Lenalee into a hug.

"Brother…" She muttered. "I'm back." She was home.

They were home.

The female Exorcist – Miranda scanned around with worried eyes. If she deactivated Time Record, the wounds would come back.

But they nodded encouragingly.

"Time Record." She hold back a sob. "cease acti…"

The pain came quickly than Clarith had expected. And she was proud of her endurance.

She guessed she should have practiced harder.

She collapsed. Her back and head was bleeding heavily. Everything was just black out.

Perhaps, she could feel some peace in her dream.


First: There is no silent moment in Black Order, therefore, don't ever think of enjoying your nonexistent peach.

Second: The source of noise in Black Order is the Supevisor and your fellow Exorcists/Finders/Scientists. In this case, it's your Supevisor, aka Komui freaking Lee.

Third: He can kill you with his tool. He is normally overly cheerful. But I like him better when he's serious. The less noise, the better.

Fifth: Your Supervisor has sister complex, which means you can never rest in Black Order. You're sick? Don't worry, your illness will disappear naturally.

Sixth: The males Exorcists are stupid. Not all of them, though. The one with red hair is annoying, but the one with long silky hair is even dumper.

Seventh: Even you're completely healthy, if the Nurse Head says you're not, you're not. You must stay in bed, no matter what. If you protest, you'll regret being born.

-Observation of Clarith Oak-

You needed an excellent method to wake up from your sleeping time to do your business? Clarith Oak would willingly introduce you one. Just secretly (SECRETLY) injure his sister physically, and he'd wince and wince and keep you wake. It worked, and you'd give Clarith cookies.

As then, he was near Lenalee's bed, sobbing and crying and hiccupping.

Clarith didn't like people crying, but still found it rather moving. Except her aching hurt refused to let her go in peace. Komui unconsciously made it worse.

Lenalee was embrassed by her brother's actions:

"Brother, you're crying far too much." But Komui didn't stop, wetting her bed with his tears.

"But… Lenalee… your lovely hair… the most beautiful hair in the world… it….!"

"Stop saying such embarassing thing!" Her cheeks flushed.

The Nurse Head scolded.

"Stop it! You're the disturbance here, Supervisor. If you dirty the bed any further, I may have to remove you from the ward."

"Besides, you're dirtying Lenalee's bad." Clarith mumbled.

"Nurse Head, you're terrible." Komui said, and turned to the trainer with his still-crying face. "Glad to see you awake."

"How the hell can I sleep with you being the disturbance?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I've taken care of your Pokemon." He said, causing Clarith's eyebrow back to its normal height.

"Whatever." She closed her eyes, attempting to sleep again. But she knew she could never grant her wishes as Komui continued crying.

Lenalee sighed:

"I'm sure you have plenty of works you should be doing, brother." And the she smiled. "I'll make sure to bring you coffee when I'm feeling better."

Komui smiled too, ruffing her hair. But then, when he turned to leave, he offered the Nurse to let his handmade pillow be there.

"No need." The Head Nurse said flatly as she looked at the pillow with a Komui-looking head, which was singing loudly: "Good night, my sweeett Lenaleeee!"

Lenalee turned to them, smiling apologically:

"Sorry for all the noise, Miranda, Clarith."

Clarith decided to keep her mouth shut. Miranda smiled warmly, said:

"Don't worry. And it must have been nice to see the Supervisor. You look so happy."

No doubt, Lenalee was wearing a bright smile on her face.

Clarith questioned:

"Where's Lilia?"

"The girl with blonde hair?" The Nurse Head said. "She's with General Klaud."

Clarith almost fell from her bed:

"Who?" She asked in terror.

"General Kloud, Kloud Nine."

Great, she was about to face her demise.

It took her few minutes to recover as she hastily stood up:

"Ok, so I'm visiting Luke!"

"You can't…"

But the Nurse Head didn't have to say it. Clarith regretted the moment she stepped out of her bead. Her head was spinning and everything became dizzy.

"Damn it!" She reluctantly laid on her bed, using some choicest swear she learnt from her uncles.

It didn't help much, seeing how noise the boy infirmary was.

"Are you sure that you'll recover?" Lenalee asked.

"If I tell I'm fine, I must be the worst liar in the world." Clarith replied. "Lenalee, for once I agree with Komui, your hair is supposed to be long and beautiful."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"I don't always insult people, you know, except when it comes to that annoying swordsman."

"Just promise that you won't burn him."

"Burn him? No way will I let him die easily like that. He must suffer for being a totally jerk."


"Yes, I'll shut my mouth now."


Lavi stared at Luke, looking deadly serious:

"So, you're Lari's childhood friend."

"Ye…Yes!" Luke replied nervously, wondering what was up with the guy.

"You was brainwashed because of saving your sister?"


Lia was watching them in amusement. They were sitting in the cafeteria with Allen, Lenalee and Clarith. But they just couldn't catch a sight of Allen, he was hidden behind the empty places, that was still full of fool a moment before.

Lavi let out of a sigh:

"You almost made her suffer nervous breakdown."



Clarith growled:

"Shut your mouth, Lavi. I want to enjoy my first day after dismissing from the ward. Do me a favor, please."

Everyone gaped at her, even Allen had to stop eating.

"What?" She asked, slightly taken back.

"You said please?" asked Lavi in shock.

Luke shook her by shoulder:

"Who are you and what have you done to my friend?"

"Damn it, Luke! You're being dramatic!"

"But… but…" Lavi spluttered.

"I do know how to say please." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Without sarcasm?"

"Not you too, Lenalee." Clarith grimaced. "Am I that bad?"

"Of course not, we were just surprised." Allen said, back to eating.

"Jeez… thank you so much, Allen."

"Found her." Luke said.

Clarith turned to Lia:

"Am I really that bad?" The younger girl was unable to answer.

After the Noah's Ark accident, you can't eat in peace anymore. The moment she was about to eat, a man appeared in front of them. He had long blond hair which wore back in a ponytails. To perfect his image, he brought pumpkin pie. He was saying to Allen:

"Nice to meet you, my name is Howard Link. I'll be supervising you. I baked some pumpkin pie, please help yourself."

Her brain worked immediately. He said what?

They all stared at him in utter astonishment. And then, Allen broke the silence as if it hadn't affected him at all:

"Oh, that's my pleasure!"

"Pleasure?" Clarith twitched. Didn't he heard what Howard Link had said?

"Allen! Get hold of yourself!" Lavi said in disbelief.

Lenalee stood up with wide eyes. And without a word, she ran off.

Clarith stated flatly:

"What is the Central doing here?" She had enough experience with them, and had no desire to deal with them again.

"This time, the Inspector won't deal with you, miss Oak."

"Wonderful." She said sarcastically. "Because his face gives me cancer."

They glared at each other for a moment. Luke elbowed her arms. Finally, only Allen was brave enough to break the silence.

"What's problem here?"

Link turned his attention back to Allen, said:

"The 14th."

"The 14th." Allen asked at the same time Luke said: "What?" Link glanced at him and Luke waved his hands.


With that, the blonde man answered Allen's question:

"It's the Noah that was erased from Noah Clan. The Noah Clan we knew only had 13 members, but a 14th was born. Have you not heard of this?"

Allen silenced for a moment, then asked:

"So how is this related to my supervision?"

"First…" Out of nowhere, Link presented to them a mountain of paper, making their faces turn white. "Answer these. Hand in all the documents in the morning after you wake up."

Even Lavi had to shout:

"Holy crap!"

"How the hell?" Allen asked, terrified.

Lavi looked at those papers:

"Well, they must be done in one night? Aiyah…"

"Since it's noisy here, let's move to the library."

Allen looked absolutely horrified at the idea:

"In the library until the morning?"

"What's problem with that?" Clarith asked. "It has books!"

"Then I will too read some books…" Lavi said, but Link cut in harshly:

"Please hesitate."

"We'll eat, right?" asked Allen.

"Is it what you're worried? Not having dinner?"

Gazing their retreating form, Lavi and Clarith exchanged glances. It wouldn't be good for Allen.

Luke commented:

"That guy has the most rottenest luck I've ever known… Oops!" He exclaimed as Clarith punched him mercilessly. "What was that for?"

"For being ridiculous." She simply stated. "Anyways, when Central is here, it never means good."

"What did they do to you?"

Clarith looked at Luke as if she had never seen him before:

"How many people you know is from another world?" she asked.

"I guess… three…"


"Hurtful, hurtful."

"I don't care."

Lavi said, smiling:

"And I thought your argument with Yuu is the worst."

"Shut up, Lavi. I don't know what will happen to Allen, but if that crazier is here, well… nasty things will happen."

"You hate him." Lavi shrugged.

"The moment I saw him, he is in my 'to kill' list." She replied, taking another bite of cake. "I have think of many painful ways to kill him, you know. Besides, I don't know of hatred, so I don't hate him."

Luke laughed, and his face became serious:

"I've always wanted to ask you. Where are our Pokemon?"

"Komui's place, the Supervisor. Don't worry." She added, seeing Luke's face. "He knows how to take care of them. As much as I hate to admit, that guy is a genius. By the way, where's General Klaud? She was supposed to be huddled round my sickbed.

"You wish." A furious voice appeared behind Clarith, making her jump in her feet. The girl turned her head, only to face a very pissed off Klaud Nine.

Clarith tried to appear cheerful:

"Long time no see, General. How have you been doing?"

Never thought Clarith would come up with such a lame excuse. Luke faked his laughter by coughing awkwardly.

Lia kicked his legs under the table. She is glaring at you.

Klaud stared at Clarith:

"Thank you. You expected me to be fine with Cross around, huh?"

"Well, you don't hate him that much, I assume. But what's problem, General?"

"You're still my student. I have a ton of reasons to see you, Clarith. Anyways, your partners have been back in their normal state. You can train with them."

"Oh, great!"

Klaud had a small smile on her face, she said:

"I need you to trainer harder. And… I think you should know." She leaned towards, whispering. "Walker is prohibited to meet Cross." The elder woman cleared her throat. "I think you should know."

With that, she turned on her heels.

Lavi noticed Clarith's face turned pale:

"What's matter, Lari?"

She lied. "Nothing."


Observation of Clarith Oak: Nothing is secret in Black Order.

Those days, Black Order had some typical conversation:

"Did you hear? Allen Walker could be a tool of Noah…"

"I heard that Central has started poking around the place… Even General Cross is under house arrest. They're placing him under suspicion with his student."

"No way! An Exorcist…?!"

"But I have heard that Noahs have strange powers. Don't you think they would be able to sneak one of their underlings into the Order as an Exorcist… to attack us from within?"

"Cross was always a little weird, but a kid like that…"

Lia looked around anxiously. The little girl wasn't used to the place, yet she must have heard bad things from her saviors.

Luke placed a hand under his chin:

"What was that atmosphere? People don't have things to do but gossip?"

"They're like that, ignore them." Clarith said, but she wasn't so sure if she could keep herself from all of this. Oh gods, Allen was her friend. "Besides, there are people who believe that Allen's a good guy."

"Like us."

"Finally, you say something intelligent."

"I'm clever enough to understand what's going on. And you know, the girl…"

"Lenalee." Lia corrected.

"Yes, Lenalee. I have heard that they're examining her Innocence, right?"

"I suppose so." She tried to focus on her book. "Still, I don't think they can harm her. They're busy with Allen."

Luke considered that a bit. Finally, he spoke:

"You know, you should be eating instead of reading."

"None of your business."

"Come on."

Lia said, mischief twinkling in her eyes:

"You two can get a room."

Luke exclaimed in horror:

"Lari! Your brother has corrupted my sister!"

"How dare you blame my brother, you dunderhead!"

"Too lame, Clarith. I thought you can come up with a better insult."

"You dimwit…" She clenched her fist. "It's not time for joke!"

"Oh, please. Breath and live, Lari! You should feel lucky because I'm here to keep you normal!"

"You're insufferable!"

"Thank you!"

"It's not a compliment."

"You thought so!"

She opened her mouth to retort, but suddenly, Allen's voice caught her attention:

"AKUMA! There's an immense reaction from the laboratory Reever was in before!"

Clarith cursed under her breath:

"Can't people eat their breakfast in peace?"


Next chapter will be full of fighting with Akuma. How hard! And I have university to worry about, haizzz.