Leap to Fly: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but I'm a faery so stop crying maybe?


Twelve years ago, on my third birthday, my mother vanished. No she didn't die, nor did she decide one day to pack up and leave. Twelve years ago, my mother and I sat on the swings in Flowery Park. She left to get my juice box from the car. The thing was, she never returned. A woman with her child found me an hour or so later wailing for my mother. The police checked everywhere for her. The rivers, lakes, and woods. It was almost like she never even existed. Like there had never been a Lillian Rose Kircheck James.

My name is Trinity James, and I am sixteen years old. My entire life has been based on being moved from school to school, state to state. My father, Aaron James, and I never stayed in one place for too long. When I asked why, my father would smile and say we just need a change of scenery. I never missed the fear that was hidden deep in his eyes. Like something or someone was chasing us where ever we went.

In school, I was considered the cliche "emo" or "mute". Which wasn't my story at all. I'm not socially awkward, which is what my father wishes to call me. I prefer quiet. I like keeping to myself. Or I'm scared of finally connecting with a person, and have to move across the country only to have them forget about me. People come with attachments and feelings. Not something I'm interested in. I was this way until they came into my life. They changed everything. My view on the world, and my view on the people around me. My name is Trinity James, and this is my story.


Step one, head down. Step two no physical or verbal contact with anyone under any circumstance. Step three, deep breaths. These are my three main rules when entering a new school. It avoids people and automatically makes people reject me. No attachments. No feelings. Something I don't need with the way I move around.

My hand gripped the sheet of paper in my hand tighter as I passed by a group of sneering cheerleaders. They snickered and whispered once I passed.

"Eww, omg, who is that?!"

"I don't know, but she reeks!"

"She fits right in with swamp girl!"

Their harsh whispering burned my ears. I grimaced. They seriously nicknamed someone swamp girl? Pathetic girls. A bit of anger surged through me, and my fist tightened around the paper. Though I did not turn to say anything. I continued fiddling with my locker combination. The combo was right, and the tab was lifting but the door wouldn't budge.

"Here." A deep voice snickered behind me. A muscular arm reached past me, and hit the locker so that it swung open. "I had this locker last year. It can be a pain in the ass."

I turned to say my thank you, but was brought up speechless. This man, boy, guy was beautiful. His eyes gleamed a bright green, and his hair was a spikey flame on top of his head. He was a foot taller than me, very lean but muscular. His eyes widened a split second before returning to normal.

"I'm Robbie Goodfell." He said shoving his hand out. I placed my small hand in his.

"I'm Trinity James." I said with a quick unlike me shake. I grabbed a Physics book from the locker and tucked it into my elbow. Robbie was still standing there when I turned around.

"You must be new."

"Um, yeah. I'm not sure what gave it away though, the schedule or the fact that I couldn't open my locker." I smiled, another thing I don't do. Especially at guys. I glanced at him, and I saw that his eyebrows were scrunched together.

"I guess those are good reasons too. I just noticed that the cheerleaders were drooling over the new piece of meat." Robbie smirked playfully ate me, then made a biting motion. His teeth clicked together with a small snap.

I tilted my head so that my hair covered the side of my face then glanced over at the girls. They stared at me with a weird interest. It wasn't the good kind of interest. More like a pack of starved wolves staring at the last piece of steak. I repressed a shiver as we passed.

Robbie led me over to a striking boy and a beautiful girl. The girl had blonde hair that was long and layered, and her eyes were a vibrant blue. The boy was blindingly beautiful, like Robbie. His hair was a dark brown, as were his eyes. They all looked similar with sharp angular bone structures, and I suddenly felt out of place with all these beautiful people.

"Trinity, this is Meghan and Ash. Guys this is Trinity James. She's new." Ash rolled his eyes at Robbie, but offered me a small smile. As did Meghan. Robbie slung his arms around their shoulders. "We're kind of the misfit toys of this high school."

"You're welcome to join." Ash said quietly. Meghan shrugged and nodded. Despair and uncertainty filled my chest. What do I do? Feelings and people weren't something I associated with. I really don't want to get attached.

"I'll think about it." I whispered.


My day passed by uneventful. Robbie was in each of my classes except for computer design. Meghan and I had gym together. Ash and I had Algebra, French, and Physics. During lunch, I noticed that both of the boys looked at Meghan with a soft loving, though Ash was already with her, and they also bicker like brothers.

They all seemed over all nice with different personalities. I did not fit in at all with their little group. Ash was a broody quiet man. Puck was a prankster. Meghan was stubborn. I am awkwardly quiet. An artist as some might prefer to call me. They didn't notice though. They accepted me into their group like I belonged. It was the most comfort I had in years.


Ash, Meghan, Trinity, and I all hopped off the bus later that afternoon. Princess and Trinity were going on about the new I-pod. Something human. While Ash kept his eyes out for anything suspicious. I watched Trinity out of the corner of my eyes. My breath was once again gone. She was outstanding looking. Somewhere through our walk, she tied her dark brown hair into a side braid. When Meghan said something funny, Trinity's head would toss to the side and her brown eyes would reflect with the sun.

And that's what it was. Her eyes were what captivated me when she first walked into school. There was a dark brown ring on the outside, and a reddish brown filled the middle. Of course they were inhuman. Just like her. She was half human, half fey. She had an undertone of strong power, but it wasn't the same as Meghan's. It was odd.

Trinity stopped aruptly. Her eyes widened, lips parted. She stared out into the distance. We all looked to see something slowly making its way towards us. I couldn't make it out, but Trinity clearly could.

"W-what is that?!" She shrieked. The thing's head snapped up. Its razor sharp teeth glinted in the mid-day light. A redcap.

It began charging at us with as much speed as it could. Ash grabbed Meghan's hand, and I grabbed Trinity's. Together we began running in a horizontal line. Meghan threw up tree roots in its path. Trinity pointed to a small farm house off in the distance. I half dragged Trinity to it. She Shoved the door open, let us inside, then shut it. She locked it before turning around and gasping. The home was completely trashed. Trinity's eyes scanned the foyer. Her feet seemed to carry her around the bottom half of the house. We followed in case something was lurking.

Picture frames were on the floor, shattered. Plates and cup were thrown around the kitchen also shattered. The stuffing from the couch littered the floor with shredded paper. Trinity stopped in the middle of the kitchen, stricken with horror. Blood covered the counter tops and walls.

"Daddy." First it was a simple whisper. Then Trinity jerked a drawer open, and yanked out a very scary knife. She sprinted through the hall to the stairs. She took the stairs two at a time, screaming, "Daddy!"

"Trinity, no!" Meghan yelled after her. We all chased her again. Trinity was frantically bounding from room to room. Tears skidding down her cheeks as she found nothing. After coming out of the master bedroom, she screamed with frustration and drove the knife all the way to the hilt into the wall.

"He isn't here." She sobbed, her brown eyes looking like broken glass. Her bottom lip trembled. "Why isn't he here?"

A note seemed to fall out of no where into our hands. Trinity rushed to my shoulder to read it.

It is amazing how ignorant mundanes and fey can be alone, but when they are combined they are completely blind. You're father is in the same location as I. It is right under the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts noses. I do wait for you, Princess Trinity, to rule with me. Please follow this trod into your new domain. Once you come, your father will be set free. Kisses.


Trinity sprinted back to her room, then to the kitchen, and back to the top of the stairs without a word.

"I'm going. I have to." She said staring at the opening. I lunged at her as she jumped into the opening. Ash and Meghan jumped in after me. Together we all landed in a tangled pile on the soft ground. I growled in frustration and looked at the girl pinned beneath me.

"You never jump through a portal to an unknown world!"

Her eyes were red and watery again. My gut twisted as I remembered how I had been in this same situation with Meghan forever ago.

"It is almost nightfall, Robin. We should make some sort of camp and explain everything to Trinity." Ash said in an obnoxiously calm voice.

I worked on the fire, Meghan got wood, and Ash tried to comfort Trinity that we would get her dad back. She didn't seem to listen though. Her sad brown eyes watched the flickering flame. She was either too deep in thought to listen, or too in shock at how fast all of this happened. She barely knows who we are, and her dad has been kidnapped.

"Okay, Trinity, we need to you to sit still and listen to the story before you run of screaming. Which I don't suggest incase there are some hungry ogres near by." I got two harsh glares. Together, we explained the story of how I am Puck, Oberon's jester, Meghan is his daughter, and Ash is the Ice Prince. We are all exiles because of love. The entire time Trinity listened.

"If you told me that this morning, I would request all of you be put in an insane asylum." She sighed. "But under the circumstances I need to. I need you to help me find my dad."

It took work for all of us to agree, but soon we did. Trinity had crawled away from us a bit later. The small sounds of her sniffling filling the clearing. I laid on my back, looking at the deep black sky.

Meghan laid next to me, her gaze on my face. "You do realize we have no idea who this Oren guy is, or where."

I nodded with a sigh. "I know, but right now she needs at least some sort of hope. This is a lot to take in in one day."

"This also means we have to go to Oberon tomorrow before we do anything else. He might be able to help us."

It was much to my distaste to go to my old Lord, but Meghan was right. If we wanted to have the slightest of idea's on where to start, he is the answer. After agreeing on the plan, each of us rolled seperate ways and into the world of sleep.

This is not following the Iron Fey series. It is just something I thought of. I really like Ash/Meghan but I felt bad for Puck so I added a romance for him :) Please give me feedback! It motivates me.