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SONG: Madness by MUSE.


"I, I can't get this memories out of my mind, and some kind of madness is starting to evolve."

Izaya Orihara stared down at his lovely humans below, the large glass of his apartment showed every movement the humans made. It has been a while since he "Wrecked havoc" in the lovely Ikebukuro, and he missed the protozoan.

How long has it been since they've started this chase? Sometimes he wondered how did they able to keep this up for so long, they were so bent on killing each other that they tend to forget the reason why they hated each other, wait- there was none. They just started killing each other the moment they met.

It made him wonder why "Shizu-chan" wanted to kill him in the first place. He seemed the type to forgive and forget easily. The only thing he knew was his own reason of annoying the damn brute; he could never get tired of the face he always make whenever they encounter each other. It was a pattern they have made for nearly a decade.

"I'm going out~"He said to his secretary with his usual Cheshire grin, taking his coat from his chair.

"I hope you get killed by that brute of yours."She muttered back, typing away on her laptop.

"If I do get killed, you won't get you dear payment~"

"Go to hell, Izaya."

"Aw… But you'll miss me. Ja ne~"

As he stepped out of the lush lobby to the cold air of the streets, he breathed in deeply and set out to find his Shizu-chan. But before could search for him any longer, he got-dare he says it? He got distracted when he passed by the Russia Sushi.

"Izaya, Ootoro, very fresh. Sushi good, very good."Simon said in his usual broken Japanese.

"Really? Maybe it won't hurt to grab a bite right now…"He trailed off, walking inside.

When he sat down, a plate filled with Ootoro was already on his usual table. He split his chopsticks and rubbed it to get rid of unnecessary splinters, and took a bite of his favorite treat. He sighed in extreme delight. He could never get tired of it.

When he was about to eat his last piece, as they say, "Speaking of the devil", his monster came to him instead.

"Simon, step aside, something reeks inside."The growling voice of Ikebukuro's strongest man echoed inside the restaurant. The fortissimo growled, struggling to side-step Simon without hurting him. Izaya smirked, placed the money on the table and approached the exit.

"Shi-zu-chan~"He sang, grasping his flickblade inside his pocket if the monster tried anything unpredictable as always. He nearly laughed when he imagined Shizuo with steams coming out of his ears and nose just like in the cartoons, or the anime that Erika loves to watch.


"Gotta go, thanks for the sushi, Simon."He said and took off, narrowly missing Shizuo's punch that was held back by Simon.

"Fighting not good. Sushi good."

The informant laughed at how Shizuo was being held back.

"Shizu-chan! Don't you think you have to do better than that to catch me? I might just get bored if you don't do your best!"He yelled over his shoulder, taunting the so-called monster for more.


He would never get tired of that.

He skipped here and there, though he could never find anything as interesting than Shizuo, he tried so hard to find something or someone to replace him, but he always failed. He stopped abruptly and looked up, Sunshine 60, one of his favorite places. He grinned and went up to the rooftop of the tall building.

Feeling pleased with the evening weather, he let his legs dangle on the building's edge. This was one of his favorite places in Ikebukuro. He could watch his lovely humans and feel the nice weather around him for being so high up.

He remembered his last thoughts about the past ended, so why did Shizu-chan hated him again? He couldn't remember-or know for that matter as to why. He could vaguely remember the brute saying, "You piss me off". Izaya chuckled when he remembered it, who in their right mind chase someone for so long who just pisses them off?

Though he was thankful enough that the brute managed to entertain him for nearly a decade, though he wanted to know the real reason as to why the brute hated him, he had a reason, so why can't the brute think of one? It was driving him crazy!

"Why do you really hate me, Shizu-chan?"He murmured to himself, not expecting an answer from anyone but the brute-if he was present that is. He could accept the reason of hating him because of all the things he did, the gangs the frame ups, and the truck incident, but he wanted to know why did he hate him before all those things happened, the time they met each other. Shizuo threw the first punch, so why?

"You just piss me off."Was he hearing things now? Was he crazy now?

'Wait-'He thought, snapping his head around to see the monster himself standing there.

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