George was a good little monkey, and always very curious. He lived with his friend, The Man in the Yellow Hat.

One day The Man in the Yellow Hat decided to take George out for pizza.

At the restaurant, the owner was making pizzas. He made a big pancake of dough, threw it in the air, and sprinkled cheese on it. Then he shoved it in the oven.

Just then, the phone rang. "The shoe factory wants a large pizza," said the waitress, "Hurry, they're closing in 10 minutes."

George wondered if he could make pizza himself.

He made four large pancakes of dough and tossed them in the air, using all four of his hands.

One fell right onto a woman's pizza.

One fell on the coat rack.

One landed on the jukebox.

And one landed right on the owner's head.

"Who did that?" the owner shouted, angrily.

He took it off his head.

"The shoe factory is about to close," the waitress shouted.

"I forgot all about that," the owner said.

George went outside, and found a truck.

He went inside the truck.

He was locked inside it!

Just then, the owner came outside.

He put the pizzas in the back of the truck, not noticing George.

When they got to the shoe factory, it was already closed.

The owner opened the back of the truck.

"Get out of here, you bad little monkey," he said.

"Wait," said the owner, "I could use a monkey."

He handed George the pizzas, and George climbed over the gate with them.

The factory guard was surprised to see a monkey delivering pizza.

"Thank you," said the guard.

"You're actually a good monkey," said the restaurant owner.

They got inside the truck.

Back at the restaurant, the owner, the waitress, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and George all had a celebration, and made George a special pizza.