As much as I like the AnubisxSadie pairing, I have to say that I don't exactly see them work so well since Anubis is a God of Death and Sadie is a mortal girl. I know he could always visit her and stuff but I just sort of see it as a Long distance relationship and those don't work out too well. And I kind of leaned more toward WaltxSadie than AnubisxSadie. But I gotta say, I like how Rick Riordan just does "Oh hey, this is definitely complicated so why not just do a Threesome!" and I was like "Fuck yes!" because Threesomes solve everything! lol! Anyways, I always thought this song fit with the Anubis x Sadie pairing. It's like how I imagined their relationship would actually be like in the books during the progress of the series. So yeah, here ya go readers. enjoy!

You're Beautiful

When he first saw her, he immediately thought her beautiful.

The girl with a fierce and stubborn soul that would not bow down to another, not matter how much the odds weight against her. Speaking her mind to the point of being out right rude, mouthing off whenever a chance was given, and held a fiery passion in her eyes that told all to not underestimate her, ever!

But what truly made her beautiful was how she held so much emotion and stayed true to herself no matter what.

He made friends with her and soon fell in love with the fiery young girl, admiring her strength and determination even with the odds against her, and that made her all the more beautiful in his eyes. It was not until later, when the rising snake of chaos would soon come to do damage onto the world, did he find the boy who had also caught the attention of the girl's heart. And he knew then and there that it was impossible from the start. How it would never work out for them, the God and the Mortal.

It was simply not to be.

Yet he still sought her out, convinced the boy who held the same affections for the girl to agree with his plan and save his life at the same time, even if it is just prolonging it. He still wanted to steal so many moments with her, with the girl who captured his mind and made him feel so many things he had never felt before.

Years later, he found himself watching the boy now turned man propose to the girl now turned woman, two kissing and smiling brightly with delight at each other, he knew it was over. He knew that his time spent with her has ended. The story is done, the tale has come to an end, now it is time to close the book and move on. He had no place in their lives, none at all. There wasn't any room for a God of Death in their marriage and he knew it…he accepted it…

That was when he learned of heart break and how it felt like.

And he had to say goodbye to the mortal woman he fell in love with, knowing that his time here has ended and must return to the Underworld where he belonged.

Before he left, however, he shared one last moment with her. And that moment was enough to last forever for them both.

"You're beautiful" he said. "You're beautiful…you're beautiful it's true…"

He kissed her one last time.

Then he left, whispering softly to himself as he made his way home, recalling the very first moment he laid eyes upon the girl, the mortal girl who would soon capture his heart. How Anubis fell in love with Sadie Kane.

"But it's time to face the truth…"

He closed his eyes.

"I would never be with you…"