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It was a cool December evening in the small town of Burgess, with many adults strolling down the streets, either chatting with friends they had coincidentally ran into or eager to go home to see their families after a long day at work.

One particular teenager, looking to be around the age of seventeen or eighteen, stood by the statue in the center of the town, playing with the shepherd's staff he carried around with him. Nonchalantly twirling the crooked wooden stick in his right hand, his left hand was jammed in the pocket of his blue hoodie, which was tinted with frost on the collar. The slight breeze was blowing, leaving his messy, snow-white hair softly swaying. His bare feet were planted firmly on the barren ground, one leg crossed over the other. His face was contorted into one of contemplation, observing his surroundings. He eventually decided that the temperature was not low enough, and with a simple wave of his staff, snow began to gently descend.

Due to the drop from cool to cold, adults hurried to find warmth in shelter, while kids whooped and started playing in the snow and catching snowflakes in their mouth. The ones who ran by the teenager responsible for the new weather waved at him happily, calling out, "Jack Frost!" Jack, although being slightly surprised at how famous he was with the younger residents of the town (He suspected that Jamie's belief in him must have set off a chain reaction), gave a small wave back to each one. A triumphant smirk dominated his face, as he was proud of himself for giving such joy to children. Oh, if only Bunnymund could see him now.

The wind picked up and Jack let it pick him up off the ground. He flew over to one particular house and landed on a windowsill on the second floor. As he had expected, the window immediately swung open, revealing an eleven-year-old boy inside, clad in pajamas and a toothy grin.

"I knew you'd come, considering it suddenly started snowing," he remarked, as he let the older boy come in.

Hopping down to the floor, Jack replied back jokingly, "You said you wanted a snow day, Jamie, so I gave you one. I only came here to get my thanks."

"And just when exactly did I say I wanted snow?"

"Are you saying that you didn't?"

"No, that's not what I meant."

"Good, now zip it before I freeze your lips shut."

Despite knowing that Jack was kidding, Jamie subtly shuddered at the thought of being unable to separate his lips. "I think I'd live without that happening."


Both boys looked toward Jamie's bedroom door, now wide open, with a certain little, blonde, four-year-old girl's hand resting on the doorknob. She sprinted to Jack, jumped up, and wrapped his arms around his neck. Jack, hugging her back, whispered to Jamie quietly, "I still don't get how she's able to jump so high without having superhuman powers or something." His arms trailed to the girl's waist, and he attempted to pry her off of him. "What's even more unbelievable is how she clings to everyone like this."

Jamie chuckled lightly. "Try living with her everyday. She does it to everybody she likes."

Jack, finally succeeding into getting Sophie to let go of him, set her down carefully. She ran out of the room and downstairs, about to blab to her and Jamie's mom that Jack Frost was here to visit again. Not that the grown-up would actually believe her.

Jamie turned back to Jack. "So what brings you here?"

Jack merely shrugged. "It's December now, and I hadn't made it snow here yet this year. The weathermen on TV would probably be saying how it's the first time in 300 years that Burgess didn't have any snow during the winter. Can't let that happen."

Jamie crossed his arms, unconvinced. "Did you really come here for the weathermen like you said you did, or were you just bored?"

Jack gave a mock gasp. "Why, Jamie, I'm insulted. I would never mess with the weather out of plain boredom."

Jamie rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right! My mom says that it actually snowed once on the Fourth of July before I was even born! I obviously didn't know it back then, but that had something to do with you, didn't it?"

Jack raised his arms in defense and fake innocence. "I'm sorry, but I don't seem to remember anything like that happening." Lies. He totally remembered that year. Just like Jamie had accused him of, he had done it because he had nothing better to do. Plus, he wanted to see everyone's reactions to the strange weather phenomenon that he had created, especially the meteorologists who were all cracking their brains trying to explain the logic behind it. And for extra effect, he made it happen on none other than Independence Day. And for even more extra effect, he made it happen during the fireworks. He still laughs about it from time to time.

Jamie frowned, clearly knowing that Jack was lying, but dropped the subject. "You know, Sophie's birthday is coming up in a week or two. I would invite you, but then my mom would be all confused to why there's an extra slice of cake sitting on the dining table eating itself."

Jack waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. I might come by Burgess the previous day and sneak into her bedroom at midnight so I could be the first one to wish her a happy birthday. I might even try and sneak one of Bunny's Easter eggs as a gift to her."

"Bunny wouldn't like losing one of his eggs."

"So? He'll be totally fine with it once I explain that it was for Sophie. He kinda has reserved a soft spot for her ever since she accidentally ended up in his warren."

Jamie looked surprised. "She was in the warren once?"

Jack, realizing that Jamie was never informed of Sophie's own fantasy adventure in Bunnymund's homeland, just said, "I'll tell you the story the next time I see you. I kinda have to go now. Spreading winter and all of that junk."

Jamie nodded understandingly and waved. "Bye."

In a winter palace made completely out of ice far off in the clouds, an old man growled in a low, menacing tone as he peered into his snow globe, which was creating pictures for him in order to see what was going down back in the human world. This old man was Old Man Winter. He saw the white-haired teenage winter spirit leave a small boy's house through the bedroom window, and now he was simply floating in the sky, courtesy of the wind, laughing to himself as he called out more snow. This old man absolutely despised Jack, and for many reasons.

His first reason was at young Jack was. This old man would never admit it to himself, but he was old. In fact, so old, that he looked older than Santa (He hated North too). It wasn't fair how Jack died young in his past life and the Man in the Moon decided to keep him looking as young as a brand new Cadillac, even when he was already 318 years old.

His second reason was because Jack had the same occupation as him: to spread winter throughout the world. Due to Jack's eagerness to bring snow and cold wherever he went, Old Man Winter had been sitting in his palace with nothing to do, because Jack's extreme quickness would always leave him out of the fray to spread the winter season. This irked him to no end, even more so because all the children were having such fun in the snow that Jack brought. The older spirit's goal with snow was to cause blizzards every year in every town imaginable, so every human out there would be housed in for all three months of winter, too afraid to leave the safety and comfort of their homes. But Jack's objective with winter was much different, and it left Old Man Winter twitching at the very thought of people enjoying the coldest season of the year.

His third and final reason had to do with the other Guardians. Despite his hatred for North, Winter had always dreamed of becoming one with them. He yearned for their superiority among the other spirits and sprites. However, eight months ago on that time around Easter, Jack came into the picture and shattered that dream. Winter became angrier than before; angry at himself for not making a move sooner, angry at the Guardians for accepting Jack in the first place, and angry at the Man in the Moon for choosing Jack to be the new Guardian. But most of all, he was furious with Jack for taking away his chance to become the winter spirit Guardian. The fuel was added to the fire once he took in the fact that Jack originally didn't want to become a Guardian in the first place, while he himself had been wanting the spot ever since the first ice age.

Winter stood up from his giant chair and strolled over to a window on the side. He dispersed all the clouds blocking out his view and glanced down at Earth. He scowled in scorn when he could just barely make out sheer whiteness rapidly spreading across the North American continent, knowing it was Jack's doing. He paced back to his chair and sunk down in it. If only there was a way to change Jack's fate so he was the one who had nothing to do all year round...

An evil smile sprouted on to Winter's lips as a plan finally formulated itself in his mind. All Guardians were chosen by the Man in the Moon because of their heroic acts in their previous lives. If he could figure out what Jack did to make himself so special, he might just know how to change Jack's fate so he was the one at the bottom of the sprite class.

The smile never left Winter's face as he sneered quietly to himself, "Time to pay Father Time a visit..."

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