He stood in post-op, his hand resting on Hawkeye's shoulder. Hawkeye didn't seem to notice. Nobody seemed to notice him around here anymore. He'd remembered looking down at the water below him. Then he was here. 4077th M.A.S.H. He shrugged and turned back to the scene in front of him. They were all huddled in front of a young soldier. He'd come in D.O.A., with a toe-tag courtesy of Battalion Aid. He was alive though, good catch by Mulcahy. Good going Father!

"It's the first the first time I've heard of where being dead wasn't terminal."

He smiled, yeah don't I know it. The tall guy had a point. B.J. He'd never gotten a chance to know him, he liked him. Not better then Trapper John, just different. The new C.O. credited for saving the boy's life. Mulcahy protested, but then again he was in contact with one who did save his life. C'mon, Father give yourself some more credit!, the man thought walking around to the wounded boy. No one saw him, he put his hand on the wounded man's forehead gently. The young soldier would be okay, he'd watched over him until the Father found him. He'd lingered here to long but he'd wanted to be sure the kid was fine before he left. He learned two rules in command school. one was that young men die in war and two was that doctors can't change rule 1, but hell if he wasn't going to try.

"It's weird I've never seen anything like it."

You don't know the half of it Hot Lips - Margaret, he thought.

"This is definitely one ghost story know one's gonna top!" Hawkeye said.

Henry Blake sighed and left them where they were.