The More Things Change

After Jesse's phone call, there isn't really time to venture into a further discussion about the sexual dynamics of their newly modified relationship with Rachel.

"I have to go sign some paperwork and pick up the script. I already know the book, but I should review it before tomorrow." He's already pacing around the room, digging through the closet for seconds at a time whenever he passes by it. "What should I wear?"

Quinn sits with Rachel on the bed, just watching him. Even though Jesse and Rachel both have been performing wherever and whenever they can, this is a huge deal. This is Broadway. Even though Rachel's workshop production of The Breakfast Club: The Musical has been eyed by a few major producers, it still isn't the same as actually being cast in a current show.

Jesse's holding two shirts up as he looks at himself in the full length mirror.

Quinn laughs. "J. Babe, you're going to sign some papers. You don't need a wardrobe consult-"

"-The one of the left," Rachel says. "With the Rock Revival jeans you bought last month."

This is exactly why they're going to work well together. Or, why they've worked so well together for all these years.

The more Quinn thinks about it, not a single thing has really changed, aside from the concerns about sex and intimacy. Granted, it's been less than twenty-four hours and she's sure there has to be a learning curve ahead. But perhaps it's more gradual than she initially assumed it would be.

They agree to meet in Little Italy for dinner. That gives the girls time to shower and change while Jesse does all of his official business at the theater.

It's not until they're about to leave the apartment to meet up with him that Quinn realizes something.

"Uh, Rach?"

"Hmm?" Rachel's bent over, trying to zip up her boot, which means Quinn's momentarily distracted, because her eyes are fixed on Rachel's backside in the skirt she's decided to wear for their evening out.

"Um," Quinn blinks and centers herself. "What about out there?"

Rachel tips her head up to look at Quinn. "What out where?"

"Us. When we're... out there."

"Oh." As Rachel straightens back up, she's right in front of Quinn, which puts her close enough to clasp their hands together. "Yeah, I meant to cover this today and then... the big news." She tugs Quinn closer and slips her arms around Quinn's waist. "I guess it's a coming out process, just like any other. We're just... three instead of two."

"So, and I know we'll have to run this by Jesse, but we're saying that, as long as all parties concur, then something like this would be acceptable in a public forum?"

Quinn tips her head down and catches Rachel's lips with her own. When Rachel nods, Quinn's hands shift from resting on Rachel's hips to grabbing her ass, which causes Rachel to break the kiss.

"Quinn Fabray!"

Quinn smirks and mimics Rachel's tone, "Rachel Berry!"

"If you care to cop a feel in public, I suggest you buy me dinner, first."

"Then we'd better get going."

Yes, this is different. But then, not even two months ago, she gave Rachel a piggy back ride home from their favorite neighborhood bar, because Rachel claimed her knees stopped working.

So, maybe it's not really that different, at all.

Dinner at their favorite bistro means red wine. They've all had at least three glasses by the time they finish dinner, which means Jesse's cheeks are a little flushed, Rachel can't stop talking, and Quinn's been staring at Rachel's lips for the last ten minutes.

Part of their dinner conversation covered what Quinn and Rachel discussed back at the apartment. They've all agreed that, when it comes to PDA, they shouldn't feel obligated to hide anything, but they also want to be careful, given that both Jesse and Rachel are still trying to build their professional careers. Really, though, it's not an issue, at this time. But as Jesse takes on his role at Newsies, he'll be in the spotlight more often and they're going to have to agree on just how public they want their relationship to be.

But that's later.

Right now, Quinn's eyes are on Rachel's mouth and her hand is resting on Jesse's knee under the table.

"Quinn?" Rachel's looking at her.


"What do you think?"


Rachel's brow furrows. "Have you even been listening?"

Quinn's had just enough wine that she doesn't even care about trying to backtrack and figure out what Rachel's asked her. "No. I was thinking about your mouth."

Jesse laughs and there's the slightest hint of a smirk on Rachel's lips. "Well," Rachel leans on an elbow and inches closer to Quinn. "The question was about going out somewhere or going home."

The unanimous vote is that they head home and, one cab ride later, that's where they are. The second they're in the door, Rachel leans down to unzip her boots and Quinn nudges Jesse, very indiscreetly observing the sight that is Rachel's ass.

"Have you seen this?" she asks.

He nods. "I have."

"Why do I feel like I'm being objectified?" Rachel asks, still struggling with her boot.

Jesse is suddenly down on one knee, helping her slide it off as she balances herself by gripping his shoulder. "Appreciated," he corrects.

"Very appreciated," Quinn confirms.

"Yeah, you've been giving me an appreciative look since we finished dinner," Rachel says, catching Quinn's eyes. Her hand's now on Jesse's head as he removes the second boot.

"That's because she thinks you're pretty. She looks at me that way, too," Jesse says, rising to his feet.

Quinn takes one of their hands in each of hers and begins walking backward. "I'd much rather look at both of you in the bedroom."

"How many glasses of wine did she have?" Rachel asks Jesse, the arm not being pulled by Quinn looped around Jesse's.

"Three and I'm not drunk," Quinn replies before Jesse has a chance to speak. She kicks off her shoes somewhere by the bedroom door and releases the hands she's holding. "I've just been thinking a lot about this today."

"Hey, how come when I've been thinking about you two and get turned on, all you do is tease me?"

"I don't think anyone's teasing now," Rachel says, taking a step closer to Quinn, but keeping her arm linked with Jesse's.

Quinn slips an arm around Rachel's waist and rests her other palm against Jesse's chest. "Would it help if I told you how wet I've been since dinner?"

Jesse slowly nods, as if he's still processing what she's just said and then he finally says, "Yes. That's helpful."

She kisses him and pulls on the front of his shirt before she whispers. "You're going to want to take your pants off, by the way." Then she leans down and presses her lips to Rachel's ear. "I'm still thinking about your mouth."

She hears Jesse says, "Hey, no secrets," and her attention is immediately right back on him.

"It's nothing you aren't going to know in about thirty seconds," she says. Rachel's already tugging down the zipper on the back of Quinn's dress and, in moments, the garment is on the floor and they're all stepping over it on their way toward the bed.

Rachel's shirt is up over her head with a little assistance from Jesse and while Quinn's busy pulling her skirt down, Rachel pushes Jesse's t-shirt up over his abs. "I thought she told you to take your pants off." Her hands drop to grasp his belt and she tugs so hard that he briefly loses his footing.

"Damn, Rach." Quinn's now sitting on the edge of the bed, just watching them.

Rachel continues to unfasten the belt, then she unbuttons Jesse's fly. "If you can handle the rest of this, there's something I'd like to do," she says, looking up at him.

Jesse nods, not taking his eyes off of her. It's not really a difficult task, given that Rachel is standing there in her underwear. Or, she's standing until she's crawling on top of Quinn.

Rachel's breath is warm against pale skin before her mouth connects with Quinn's neck, her knees on either side of Quinn's hips. One of Quinn's hands is in Rachel's hair and she pulls the other woman up for a kiss, because she's been staring at those lips all night and she just wants them against her own. When Rachel rocks against Quinn's lap, Quinn can't help but groan, her tongue sweeping across Rachel's.

There's motion on the bed and Quinn can tell that Jesse's behind Rachel. When she opens her eyes, she sees him brushing dark hair off a tan shoulder and then he's kissing bare skin.

It takes everything she has to pull back, but there's something she really wants and she needs to say it now. "I want to watch you."

"Who, babe?" Jesse asks, from behind Rachel's shoulder.

"Both of you." Quinn says. "Together." She realizes, though, that maybe they're supposed to work up to something like this. Jesse and Rachel have barely even been together, like this. "If... that's something we think is... okay. Maybe I should have waited to-"

"Hey," Rachel cups a hand over Quinn's cheek. "We have to bring these things up if we're ever going to... do them. And I'm definitely open to this." She glances backward toward Jesse. "Are you?"

Jesse nods. "Yeah."

Quinn releases a sigh and Rachel turns back to look at her, a soft smile on her lips as she says, "You are exceptionally gorgeous when you're this turned on." There's no chance to respond, because Rachel's mouth is covering hers and there are two delicate hands cupping her breasts through her bra. She's absolutely breathless when Rachel moves, to the side, sitting next to Quinn, leaving Jesse and Quinn face to face for the moment.

Jesse grins at her, leaning down to kiss her then mumbling, "She's absolutely right."

"Shut up and do something productive with this," Quinn says, sliding her hand over the bulge in his boxer briefs. "Shit, I mean not actually productive. Oh my god."

"Gracie," Jesse laughs. "I love you, but maybe you should shut up."

She doesn't say anything, although she does poke at his chest in mock anger only to slip her hand behind his neck and pull him in for another kiss. And then she's moving back to lean against the pillows, because she wants to leave them room to work. She has absolutely no idea what to expect out of this, and it seems, at first, neither to Jesse and Rachel. Quinn wonders if she's set up a moment that's simply going to be awkward, but then Rachel's head tips back as Jesse kisses her neck and it's obvious that things are in motion.

The only problem is, less than a minute has passed and Quinn's already moving away from the pillows and toward the action.

Rachel reaches over and picks up Quinn's hand. "Thought you were watching," she says, bringing the hand to her lips and casually darting her tongue over the tip of Quinn's index finger before pulling it into her mouth.

"I... am." And she is. She's now just watching from her position behind Rachel, her legs on either side of... her girlfriend, she supposes. When she leans back, she pulls Rachel with her, and she has a very clear view of Jesse kissing Rachel's breasts.

He looks up at Quinn. "You missed us too much?"

She shakes her head at him and tweaks the clasp to Rachel's bra, causing the fabric to slacken and he's all the more interested in the exposed breast in front of him. Rachel's back arches when his mouth closes over her nipple and Quinn's hand cups around the bare skin of the other breast.

It isn't long before Rachel's whimpering and pushing his head further down as she stretches her body out across the bed. Jesse leaves kisses across her stomach and then he's tugging at her panties, but not before he takes a moment to appreciate what he's about to do. He even looks up at Quinn and she's suddenly a little jealous, not the bad kind of jealous, just wishing she could be the one going down on Rachel, right now. But that desire is sidelined by the fact that she wants to see all of this, she wants to watch it happen while she's up here, holding Rachel against her.

She doesn't know how she missed Jesse actually removing the undergarments, but next thing Quinn knows, she's watching him settle between tan legs and then Rachel's moaning and gripping at the sheets with one hand and Quinn's leg with the other.

From this angle, it isn't that different than when she's watching Jesse go down on her. She knows his technique, she can tell when he grips Rachel's hips and pulls her closer that he's trying to maintain control. She also knows that when one of his hands disappears from his grip on her hips that it means he's-

"Fuck!" Rachel cries out, her hand releasing the sheets and blindly gripping his hair. Her hips rise and fall more rapidly now and Quinn can see the pace Jesse's set with the movements of his arm.

She feels a tremor move through Rachel and then the body leaning back against her relaxes. Jesse looks up at both of them, his chin resting on Rachel's leg for a moment until he moves to climb up the bed and lie next to them. Rachel turns so she's resting her head against Quinn's chest.

"That..." she nods and lazily pats Jesse's arm. "Just give me a second."

Quinn snugly secures her arm around Rachel and leans over to kiss Jesse. She can taste Rachel all over his mouth and she's even more aroused by it, knowing what he's just done, what she's just watched. "Lie down, babe."

Jesse's quick to comply and Quinn kisses Rachel's shoulder before nudging her aside. Rachel cozies up to Jesse while Quinn turns to open the dresser drawer where they keep their condoms. Quinn's been on birth control the entire duration of their relationship, but she's still incredibly cautious about pregnancy.

She rips open the packet as she kneels over Jesse, Rachel on the opposite side. Jesse's already shed his boxers, so there's no stalling as Quinn rolls the condom down over him.

As spent as she was just moment's ago, Rachel's eyes light up as she observes what Quinn's doing. "Guess it's my turn to watch," she comments. She makes herself comfortable against Jesse's shoulder and adds, "Which, given as much as I've heard from you two, it's about time."

As much as she's teasing, there's genuine interest and arousal in Rachel's expression as Quinn straddles Jesse, groaning as she sinks down onto him. There's no need for foreplay, right now, because the whole evening, the whole day, really, has been getting Quinn worked up.

"You only think you've heard a lot," Jesse says, "but when she... fuck... when she really gets going, there's plenty of stuff that... you wouldn't initially expect."

"Stuff like what?" Quinn asks. It's ridiculous to feign innocence while he's inside of her like this, but she can't help herself.

Jesse turns his head to look at Rachel. "You want to hear this?"

"Please," Rachel says. She has her arm outstretched with a hand resting on Quinn's hip as Quinn maneuvers with Jesse, her knees digging into the mattress.

Jesse sits up and Rachel follows him, not wanting to miss whatever it is that's about to happen. His arms arms around her and after what's now a very practiced motion, Quinn's on her back and he's on top of her with her legs wrapped around him.

"Fuck, J..." Quinn whimpers.

Rachel smirks. "I've heard that one."

"Harder, please... fuck..."

"Also, that one." By now, Rachel's re-positioned herself so she's reclining next to Quinn.

The next string of words out of Quinn are, "Please, make me come, make me come, oh god..."

"Okay, that I haven't heard... but that's hot."

Quinn wants to say something to Rachel, to have some kind of comeback, but already so focused on making her own orgasm happen. And then there's the fact that Rachel's hand has disappeared between her own legs and, "Oh fuck, J, she's touching herself."

"Huh?" Jesse's extremely dedicated to the task at hand, both in fucking Quinn and trying to draw out the aforementioned phrases, but when he sees Rachel with two fingers slipping over herself, he reacts with, "Oh. Oh, fuck."

"J..." Quinn's fingers dig into his shoulders and she knows he's coming, because he's shuddering. She also knows he was completely caught off guard by Rachel. But then, so was she. "Rach," she finds herself saying, trying to keep her eyes open as she comes, because she wants to keep watching the way Rachel's body moves, but she finally has to shut them, because it's too much.

Jesse kisses her as she listens to the pants and whimpers happening next to her and once Jesse rolls off of her she turns on her side as he wraps an arm around her from behind. From here, she's facing Rachel and she's able to trail one hand down toward where Rachel's been touching herself.

"Don't stop," Quinn says, "I just want to know what you're doing."

There's a breathless laugh from Rachel. "It's nothing out of the ordinary."

"I just meant..." her hand molds itself over Rachel's, feeling the way Rachel's fingers move and navigate until, finally, the movements are rushed and Rachel's hips twist, turning Rachel to where she has her face pressed against Quinn's shoulder.

Quinn falls asleep, feeling sated and secure, surrounded by the two people she loves most.