Terror Among Us

Written by Sharon and Melissa(T&MFan)

He chose his victims carefully. He would study them thoroughly…find out their daily routines…their weaknesses…anything that would give him the power to exploit them to his advantage…and then he would watch them…watch and wait. That was exactly where he was tonight…watching her take a shower…the warm water cleansing her skin…her naked flesh so ripe for the taking…watching her make love to her husband for the last time…it would be the last time she did anything…he would make sure of that…

He would take pictures of her and hang them on his board…the body count, he mused. So far there had been twenty five deaths and counting…he pinned her naked picture on the board and crossed it out with a red x…it was time for his next move…his next conquest…and this time, it would be historic…he wouldn't just stop with the rape…he would torture her so bad that she would beg for him to kill her…and then he would…slowly and painfully…so he could get a high off the murder…he would rape her again as he killed her…and then he would bury her in the garbage where no one would find her…that was the plan anyways...

Picking up the red scarf he would use to bury her in…to strangle her with…he returned to the usual spot…the spot where he knew she would be breaking down…because he had siphoned her gas to run out there…everything was planned perfectly…he was already getting an erection thinking of what he would do to her…the things he would make her do to him…he was grinning wickedly as she walked onto the docks, looking for help…she would get nohelp from him.

She realized she was in trouble too late…they always realized too late…and this one was a fighter…Nora Buchanan had always been a fighter…she fought him…fought him until his hand covered her mouth with the rag and she lost the fight…This was his favorite part…taking the fight from them…he loved the power and the high of having them at his mercy…she would be at his mercy now…and she would get none…

He breathed down her neck as he held her limp body in his arms…"Don't fight it sweetheart," he said. "Things are about to get extremely painful for you…You don't want them worse do you?"

She wanted to scream at him…her eyes looked at him with that fire she gets when she wants to tell someone to go to hell…except she couldn't fight this…if she tried to then he would punish her severely…He dragged her down the docks until he reached his boat…and after cutting her clothes off with a knife, he removed his belt and pants…forcing her to watch as he got naked…

And without another word, he started to move towards her…warning her with his eyes that it was about to be the most intense pain of her life…


She didn't make it to work and the police and her husband were concerned…With a serial rapist/killer on the loose, every woman became a concern…but when it was the commissioner's wife and the D.A…then it became a top priority to find her…Bo called her cell phone a dozen times…still no answer…There was nothing left to do…

"We need to assume that she's in trouble," he said. Somehow he knew she was…he could feel it in his bones…"Every available officer is out there looking for her you understand? We have a serial killer on the loose and I'm pretty sure he's got my wife…let's not waste any more time…find her."

Bo only knew one thing for certain…Whatever it took…he would find her…alive…there simply was no other option…couldn't be one…not when his whole life depended on it.

"I love you baby…I'm coming for you…hang on a little longer," he said, just as he picked up his gun and went to join the search. If it came down to it, he would shoot to kill…


He slowly walked towards her, feeding off of the look of panic in her eyes.

"Please...please you don't have to do this. Just let me go and I promise that I won't say anything," she whimpered as tears streamed down her face.

Her tears and pleas for mercy only added to the sweet pleasure that he could feel surging through his hardening cock. "I'm afraid I can't do that Nora...Oh yes, I know everything about you." He whispered as her eyes registered shock at hearing him calling her by name. "You are after all my girl," he whispered as he roughly grabbed her arms.

"Somebody help me!" She screamed.

"It's no use baby, nobody can hear you out here except for me and the fishes," he stated as he backhanded her and forced her down to the bed.

She fought him as hard as she could, but she was no match for his strength and he was able to pin her down. He loved when they fought him...it gave him a high knowing that they were no match against his strength and power. He placed her hands in the steel chains that were tethered to the bed around her wrists and her ankles.

"First I'm going to show you pleasure and then I'm going to show you pain," he stated as he walked over to the drawer and pulled out his many instruments and toys.


"I'm not letting you go, not when a serial rapist is on the loose" he stated as he stood in front of the door.

"I'm not letting you stop me, Nora is my best friend and I'm going to go look for her whether you like it or not. Are you going to get out of my way or am I going to have to shoot you?" Marty asked as she pointed her gun at Todd.

She was so stubborn and he knew that she would never give up until she got her way.

"Fine, but I'm going with you," he stated as he opened the door.

"Suit yourself," Marty said as she stepped out into the night. She would do anything it took to bring Nora home safely.