Author's note- This chapter was written by Sharon and Melissa.

Terror Among Us

"Don't worry sweetie…I'm not going to hurt you…I'm just going to remind you how good it can be," Vance said, as he unhooked the cuffs and gathered her into his arms. She was kicking and screaming so he used a knife to gain control. It was placed against her temple as he lifted her onto the operating table and tied her down. "This can go one of two ways London dear…you can fight me and it will hurt…or you can surrender to your inner desires and it will be so sweet…your choice."

Tears streamed down London's face and Rachel couldn't stand it any longer. "Stop it…Stop hurting her…leave her alone…leave my sister alone."

"What's the matter Rachel…Are you jealous…don't worry…there's plenty of me to go around…?"

"When are you going to have enough you sick monster," Marty cried? "When are you going to stop hurting us…she's just a child for Gods sake…you already took her virginity…leave her alone…leave her the fuck alone."

"Ladies, ladies…you need to be using less of that tongue for talking and more of it for fucking…now get back to fucking or you'll pay the consequences…"

"I think I'm going to be sick," Rachel said. Marty did her best to comfort Rachel as she heaved onto the floor but Vance's threat had come true. He had placed electrodes into her clit and it caused her body to shake violently. "Stop…stop," Marty cried. "Whatever you did to her, you can reverse it. I'll do whatever you want…just don't hurt her like this."

"Very well…I will give you five minutes to start fucking…then it will be your turn."

Rachel and Marty knew they had no choice and so they pressed their lips together and started the process of having sex. They were both in so much pain it was nearly impossible…but they had no choice…they were being forced to fuck at gunpoint. Vance meanwhile, turned to London. "Now Darling, where were we…have you made up your mind yet…do you want this rough or easy?"

"London began to shiver as Vance took the knife and tore through her clothes. She was so scared when he forced his tongue into her mouth and lowered his body on top of hers. She felt so sick now…he was hurting her so bad…she knew she had to avoid throwing up or she'd be punished…she just didn't know if she could. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Vance started to rape her again.


"What are you going to do to him," Nora cried? She was so tired of the violence. John was London's father. She had loved him once. She couldn't let him get hurt because of her. "Please don't hurt him…please."

"Oh how touching," Vaughn said. "What a faithless whore you are," he said, as he slapped her across the face. She cried in agony as she stared up at the man she had once loved and the man who was just as bad as the person who put her here…"I hope you burn in hell," she yelled. You and your father both...This isn't right…none of this is right."

"It's okay Nora. You don't have to worry about me. I know you don't love me back," John said.

"You're in this because of me…you shouldn't be here John…what's going to happen to our daughter if we don't make it out of here?"

"That's a valid point Johnny boy," Vaughn said. "Maybe you should explain to your lover that you would rather fuck her then be a father."

"Shut up you piece of scum…you know nothing about me…you know nothing about her…Why don't you just let her go…let her go…if you need a prisoner then keep me…Nora needs medical attention…she needs help…don't you care that she could die in here?"

"Oh now you are really going to pay," Vaughn said. "You need to be cured of this misplaced love you have for our toy…"

Nora cried as she watched Vaughn handcuff John to a wall standing up. He un-cuffed her and shoved her against him and then handcuffed her to him. "What are you doing," she cried? "What the hell are you doing?"

"You two will be begging for mercy by the time I'm finished…"


Bo had just left the kids with Viki and was headed out the door when he heard his phone beep. He thought he would be sick. It was a photograph from an unmarked cell phone. It had the caption…"Betrayal times two." He knew what this guy was doing. He was trying to make him doubt her. That would never happen. He put his fist through a wall when he looked at the picture of John on top of Nora… kissing her…he was pretty sure they had been forced into it…he also knew John was enjoying it…he knew what it looked like when a man was having an orgasm…"I'm going to kill you Mcbain," he said. He tossed the phone in the bushes when Molly and Maddie came out.

"Daddy what is it….daddy," they asked?

Molly picked up the phone and gasped. "What is this," she cried?

"Is mom…is mom cheating on you," she asked?

"NO…NO, she's NOT," he said emphatically. "What you see here is John taking what he wants…what he's always wanted…"

"But…but why would he do that," Viki asked?

"Because whoever has Nora wanted him to…if it was anyone else, I might be able to leave the blame on the mastermind…but John…he's never stopped lusting after her…he's using this as a way to get close to her…even when she could be dying on the table…"

"Don't say that…don't," Molly said, breaking into tears.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry kids…Daddy just really needs to find your mother…and when I do…John Mcbain better hope he's nowhere in sight…because if I find him anywhere near her, I will break every bone in his body along with anyone and everyone who has hurt her…she nearly died because of one man…I won't let her be a casualty…if I have to kill John to do it then I will…Nora's coming back to me in one piece…"

He stormed off after thinking better of it and taking his phone. Molly and Maddie broke down in Viki's arms. "Do you think he'll be okay," Molly asked?

"Is he really going to kill Uncle John," Maddie added?

"I don't think so sweetheart. Your dad's a good man…he's just hurting. He loves your mom so much. On top of that, his unborn child and surrogate are missing. He's under so much pressure. How about we cut him some slack? He'll calm down…"

"I sure hope your right," they said. They both knew their parents wouldn't survive if their father killed their half sister's father. And for all they knew she wouldn't survive anyways. They needed their father more then ever right now. Almost everyone they loved was missing.


When Vance was finished with London, he looked over at Rachel and Marty on the bed.

"Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, it's obvious that you can't do anything right," he said as he grabbed her by the hair. He unchained her and threw her in the dog cage and locked the door.

"I'll punish you later, but now I have to show you how to really make love to a woman as exquisite as Marty," he said as he looked at her with desire.

"Please don't" Marty whimpered. She was tired and raw and she didn't know how much more of this she could take.

"Shhhh baby," Vance whispered as he covered her mouth with his hand. He climbed onto the bed and pushed himself into her over and over again.

"What was that?" he asked as he felt a rush of fluid followed by Marty's screams into his hand.

"I think that my water just broke," Marty whimpered as another contraction hit her.

"That's fabulous...I can't wait to meet my little girl, but first, I really need to finish making love to you," he said as he forced his tongue into her mouth to keep her quiet.


Vaughn pulled a knife out and shoved it into John's back.

"I want you to fuck your lover as he bleeds to death like the faithless whore that you are," Vaughn spat out as he spit on Nora.

"Please, we have to get him to a hospital. You can't let him die."

"Fuck him or you're daughter will end up an orphan," Vaughn said as he pulled the knife out and pointed it at Nora.

"It's okay Nora, if I have to die then I can't think of any better way then being intimate with you one last time," John whispered as he pushed his erection into Nora.

Todd and Victor showed up at the address that Irene had given them. They knew it was the right place from the trail of blood that ran up the driveway into the house.

Todd and Victor crept in and motioned to Rachel and London to be quiet as they entered the bedroom. They felt sickened as they saw Vance raping Marty.

"Get off of her you sick fuck," Victor said as he placed the barrel of his gun against Vance's head.


"Please you can't really be this soulless, please don't let John die," Nora continued to plead.

"I think that I'll leave that decision to my mother," Vaughn stated as he looked up at his mother.

"It can't be," Nora gasped.

"Hello Nora, I've heard that you've been having the time of your life fucking my son and all of his friends," Lindsey stated as she glared at her nemesis.